The Victory Will Appear As…

The Victory Will Appear As…

February 13, 2017 A.D.

The following takes approxmately 10 minutes to read, but is well worth the understanding gained. – Medjugorje.com

Our Lady has come calling Herself Queen of Peace. Our Lady has been appearing everyday for 35 years to effect change in the world. At some point, this change will begin to take place. So after 35 years, when do we expect to see it begin? What form will it take? What does one think this change will appear like? As light becomes stronger, according to Our Lady’s plan, and darkness fights against the light, division will be the sign of changes beginning. How will the manifestations of Her victory appear? Our Lady said:


November 2, 2014

“…My Son promised me that evil will never win, because you, the souls of the just, are here; you who strive to say your prayers with the heart; you who offer your pain and suffering to my Son; you who comprehend that life is only a blink; you who yearn for the Kingdom of Heaven. All of this makes you my apostles and leads you towards the victory of my heart…”


How will the victory appear? It will look much like when Jesus walked the earth and said:

“…Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s foes will be those of his own household…”
Matthew 10:34-36


And yet the Scriptures state that He will be called King of Peace! Is this a contradiction? It is a contradiction as man thinks, but not as God thinks. There is a common misunderstanding regarding how God acts. “Out of division comes unity.” However, many, including those who follow Our Lady of Medjugorje, do not recognize the changes Our Lady is bringing about, just as most all did not recognize the changes when Jesus was changing from the “ruling class of evil.” We are in a moment of evil being uprooted. Yet still, few see the sources God is using. Those who are doing the uprooting are not recognized as God’s instruments. The victory Our Lady has been leading us towards will appear as division. As this division manifests, are we reading the, “signs of the times” as Our Lady has called us? The Hand of God moving in our midst. Think of this as you read the following, which was published on May 2, 2016, the day on which Our Lady said, “observe well the signs of the times”:


Melania Trump, First Lady of Grace and Wisdom: “Mother First”
By Noel Irwin Hentschel, contributor to Huffington Post
Published on May 2, 2016


Hailing from the Republic of Slovenia, a European country rich in history and culture, Melania Trump is well prepared to represent the United States of America as First Lady with grace and wisdom. Her elegant presence, global work experience, international mentality, deep appreciation and great love for America are strong assets in the modern diplomatic role of First Lady. She brings a particular personal understanding of a complicated region in the world, which historically has a significant bearing on the ongoing geopolitical crisis in the turbulent Middle East. Mrs. Trump’s dedication to her primary role as devoted wife and “Mother First” is inspirational to mothers who often feel the pressure to place career goals before family. Melania Trump knows her priorities and clearly communicates the importance of imparting “virtues and values” to our children as the number one priority of parents, just as she learned from her mother and father, married for more than four decades. Mrs. Trump brings to the White House a unique perspective. She has lived in a once communist-socialist state of the former Yugoslavia and she knows first-hand the merits of life in a free, capitalist, entrepreneurial America. Mrs. Trump will be an exceptional American First Lady for the world stage.

Tale of Two Worlds and Where Dreams Do Come True!

Melanija Knavs was born in 1970 in Sevnica, a charming village-city, when it was still part of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Slovenia has been inhabited since pre-historic times. The history of Slovene territory dates back to 5th Century B.C. until present. Once upon a time it was in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, then the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and later ruled under the Hapsburg Monarchy. The Slovenes, mainly of Slavic background, maintained cultural autonomy throughout their long complex history. Although Melanija Knavs personal story began with a humble origin, the picturesque setting of her hometown’s historic Sevnica Castle, a favorite stop for tourists, looks like a scene from “The Sound of Music” or an enchanting fairytale. Slovenia on the north borders Austria and has also experienced German influence including being occupied by the Third Reich in World War II. Sarajevo in another nearby former Yugoslavia state was the site where Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated, triggering World War I. Slovenia’s western border is Italy and it was once part of the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Predominately Roman Catholic, there are also Lutherans and Orthodox Serbian Christians, Muslims and a small Jewish community as well as reportedly a growing number of atheists in this interesting to visit nation.

Every young girl dreams of meeting her Prince Charming and being swept off her feet to a castle. Melanija Knavs became the successful fashion model Melania Knauss, fulfilling one exciting chapter in her life. But it was meeting and marrying her “true love” that made her dreams come true. She became his “Princess Bride” and he her romantic and adventurous Wesley. She became Mrs. Donald J. Trump in 2005 at The Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida, with the expressed mission: “to experience the clear and strong presence of God, and to understand and spread Christ’s teachings through collective worship, learning, and service.” Her desire is to “love and serve,” first as a loving wife and mother of their son Barron. And if chosen, “to love and serve” the American people as First Lady of the United States of America. Her blessed life was complete with her happy marriage, but her full destiny is yet to be revealed. Humble beginnings with an independent professional background, combined with the inimitable exposure and life-style of being married to the extremely successful New York Real Estate Developer Donald Trump, helps Melania Trump relate to people of all demographics and life stories.

On The Road of Wars and Peace

It was in 1970 as a teenager that my best-friend Bobbie and I visited central Slovenia and Sevnica, a special place in “The Green Heart of Europe,” with lush hills on the Sava River-the greatest tributary of the Danube. We travelled to Ljubljana and drove throughout the entire seven states of the former Yugoslavia. Being from California, the magnificent Adriatic Coast reminded us of Pacific Coast Highway 1. We visited Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia on our way to Greece, Turkey and finally Israel. I can recall how it seemed that everyone of different ethnicities and religions at that time in former Yugoslavia seemed to get along, although the economic conditions were severely strained. When Tito passed away in 1980, so passed any semblance of unity. Marshall Tito, President for Life, ruled with an iron fist and purportedly kept all factions in line and cooperating, albeit under a failed economic system. Yugoslavia was more open than the Soviet-controlled countries we visited. On a subsequent visit to this war-torn region in 2001, I discovered Medjugorje, a special peaceful place on a “holy hill” where “Our Lady of Peace” appears to villagers in apparitions and miracles abound since 1981, shortly after Tito died, promising peace and good when there is more prayer and love of God in the world.

Some analysts would argue that the Middle East, other than Israel, should be governed similar to the former Yugoslavia. That a “benevolent” dictator (if ever achievable) is necessary to protect the rights of minorities. It goes counter to our American Constitutional principles of freedom and democracy which guarantees the people the right to decide, but so does Sharia Law counter basic freedoms.

Hail Mary in Slovenia and The U.S.A.

May is the month of Mothers. For Catholics, May is dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus and Queen of Peace. It is interesting to note, Holy Mother Mary is the Patroness of America and Slovenia. Our Lady of Brezje, “Marija Pomagai (Mary, help me)”, is venerated at The Basilica of St. Mary, Help of Christians. This sacred place is located just over an hour from Sevnica near Bled. Many miracles have been attributed to Our Lady of Brezje since 1863.

Our Lady of Brezje

In Washington D.C., at The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, there is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Brezje with the image of the original painting found in the National Marian Shrine of Slovenia.

“Slovenian” has the word “love” within it and “American” has “can.” Perhaps, the graceful “Slovenian-American” Mrs. Melania Trump, will be the First Lady of “Love Can, conquer all, bring us together and Make America Great Again.” Born on April 26, appropriately the Feast-day of Our Lady of Good Counsel, lovely Melania Trump can lead us in “The Hail Mary” prayer to help our nation unite for peace, good and prosperity.

Zdrava Marija, milosti polna, Gospod je s teboj, blagoslovljena si med ženami in blagoslovljen je sad tvojega telesa, Jezus. Sveta Marija, Mati Božja, prosiza nas grešnike, zdaj in obnaši smrtni uri. Amen

Hail Mary, full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.1

As relayed at the beginning of this writing, Our Lady is the shining star bringing us the light of Jesus, which is to light up the darkness of this world. However, there are many small candles. This story above is just one candle in the darkness. Yet, a small lone candle by itself can be seen from one hundred yards away, and these small candles are to shine for Our Lady’s victory. Our Lady said:

June 2, 2007

“…recognize the signs of the time in which you live. I will help you to come to know the love of My Son. Through you I will triumph…”

Our Lady is lighting many candles in our world. Are we looking enough at the “signs of the times” to see them? 

Friend of Medjugorje


1. Melania Trump, First Lady of Grace and Wisdom: “Mother First”, by Noel Irwin Hentschel, Huffington Post Blog, May 2, 2016

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19 thoughts on “The Victory Will Appear As…”

  1. What a lovely article!!! This is confirmation for me because I knew when the First Lady elect who hails from Slovenia showed up for the inauguration dressed in blessed Mother-Blue…that it was no coincidence but was her way of acknowledging Our Lady on this very important in hers and her husband’s, President-elect Trump’s life. Mary, Queen of Peace and reconciliation, I consecrate this Donald Trump’s presidency too you….use it to accomplish all your plans for the United States and the world. Thank you Blessed Mother!!

  2. What a lovely article!!! This is confirmation for me because I knew when the First Lady elect who hails from Slovenia showed up for the inauguration dressed in blessed Mother-Blue…that it was no coincidence but was her way of acknowledging Our Lady on this very important in hers and her husband’s, President-elect Trump’s life. Mary, Queen of Peace and reconciliation, I consecrate this Donald Trump’s presidency too you….use it to accomplish all your plans for the United States and the world. Thank you Blessed Mother!!

  3. M. Raphael Vantine

    This writing is so beautiful and touches me because it is factual as well as a beautiful tribute to what Melania Trump will bring to us as our new First Lady. The evil and hatred aimed constantly at our new first family will gradually be healed by the medicine of truth, love and forgiveness.our continued prayers for them will help to bring this about. When the author pointed out that Slovenian contains the the word “love” , and American contains the word “can”, I smiled at our Awesome God’s Mercy and Love for us! And the fact that Melania was born of the feast of “Our Lady of Good Counsel” is another “Godincidence”.

  4. The beauty of Melania Trump radiates through her eyes, movements, and voice. A joy to behold. Simple, beautiful, composed. Lets all ask Jesus to protect her and her family with our prayers.

  5. A friend introduced me to Medjugorje in December of 2017. I had heard of Medjugorje, but never really knew much about it. I read Wayne Weible’s latest book “The Last Apparition” and it answered all my questions. I thank God for showering me with his grace and for President Trump and His lovely God loving wife Melania Trump. God help the world and may we continue to pray for our President, his family and his staff. God help us and have Mercy on us.

  6. Thank you for sharing this hope, love and positive direction in this crazy, unloving world. Each day, just pray. Together we can overcome evil. God bless

  7. Thank you for this writing, so happy to see many others are seeing the light that change is taking place. I have been praying for Mr Trump since before he was elected and continue to pray for his administration and family. I knew he would win and so good to read more about his good wife

  8. Mary Ann Cecilia Golden

    Thank God we have a great First Lady that dearly loves God. We wish you all that HE has to offer you and your family.

  9. How wonderful to read something nice about our first lady and our new president. Thank you for this hopeful feeling I now have in my heart. I am a supporter and a prayer warrior for this couple and I’m heartened to see others. God bless you all.

  10. What a beautiful article, maybe Melania will help to lead us to Mary also. We all need to watch for the signs God is sending us at this time.


    Dear Friend, Please when you visit the site of Mother Mary pray for me that I can visit the place and pray to the living God. I pray for peace and unity for the people of America and President Donald Trump to lead successfully as a good servant of God like Jesus Christ did.

  12. Thank you for this insightful article about the signs of the times. I was concerned about all the violence erupting all across the US and a possible coup d’etat by the left, mainly through activists judges. Your article made me realize that the division is part of a process that our Lord is using to bring unity and peace to our land. I also was fascinated by your description of our First Lady Melania Trump. I believe that, like Esther, she was born for a time such as this. God bless, Laura Santos

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