The Sun Dances Before Our Lady’s Apparition Today

The Sun Dances Before Our Lady’s Apparition Today



Medjugorje visionary Marija describes the Apparition with Our Lady
in the Field of Apparitions for Our Lady’s apparition

It was a beautiful, mild evening in the Field for Our Lady’s apparition this night. Visually, when one entered the Field, there were thousands already gathered in the center circle, but many smaller groups located throughout the Field, preferring to find a spot away from the crowds. About 20 minutes to 6:00 P.M. many of the pilgrims broke into applause and exclamations as they pointed to the sun. The sun had begun to “dance”, strongly pulsating and sending out bright rays. It sent a ripple of excitement throughout the crowd. Many burst into tears and others began to pray out loud, still others stared in awe at the sight. Among those attending these apparitions at Caritas, there were many new people who had discovered Medjugorje for the first time. They had never experienced the apparitions, and such things as the dancing of the sun. They were deeply moved by the manifestation of God’s grace, just before Our Lady’s apparition.

The apparition, which began around 6:40 P.M., lasted about 3 minutes. When Marija rose to explain what happened, there was a deep joy on her face and in her countenance. Though Marija likes to speak in English when she comes to Alabama, she asked her friend and translator, Kathleen, to translate for her tonight, from Italian into English. Marija then proceeded to speak to all those gathered for about 20 minutes, expressing so beautifully the deep love Our Lady has for each one of us. It was obvious to anyone who could see Marija up close that Our Lady had touched her tonight with a grace of joy. It overflowed from her heart to the crowd of thousands who stayed quiet and still so to capture all that Marija was saying.

Following is Marija’s description of Our Lady’s Apparition the night of March 20, 2011:

At the moment when Our Lady appeared, She appeared as She always does – beautiful. Our Lady remained in silence, and then She said, “Praised be Jesus.” I responded, “Praised be Jesus and Mary forever.” Our Lady remained in silence and I was able to recommend each and everyone of us, with everything that we have in our hearts, with all the people that we love and that we want to recommend to Our Lady. Our Lady looked at all of us and She listened. Then Our Lady began to pray and She extended Her hands over all of us. I asked Our Lady to bless each and every one of us and all the objects that we brought with us for blessings. Then Our Lady prayed again over us and She blessed us. She made the sign of the Cross and She said, “Go in peace.” And at the moment Our Lady left. Today, I really wanted to go to Heaven with Her.

Our Lady said tomorrow’s apparition will be in the Bedroom, at 6:40 p.m. Pilgrims will gather in the Field at 6:00 p.m. Our Lady will bless them in the Field, from the Bedroom.
Pilgrims attending Our Lady’s apparitions at Caritas of Birmingham this week filled the entire expanse of St. Mark’s Church in Birmingham, from the choir loft, to standing in the isles, to the overflow gathered in the back vestibule. Despite so many people, there was a peaceful silence that filled the church. One of the readings in Mass today was from Genesis 12:

“Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and him who curses you I will curse; and by you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

This is Medjugorje.


Today was the day the Bedroom of Apparitions was opened for pilgrims to visit and pray in for the first time of these five days of prayer. They first gathered on the front porch of the house to listen to stories of the apparitions from the first visit of Marija back in 1988 and 1989. They felt it a great privilege to be able to pray in a room where over 140 apparitions have taken place with Our Lady of Medjugorje. Many leave in tears in experiencing the peace of Our Lady in this room.

Also today, several “walk-throughs” for Our Lady’s Tabernacle were made available for the pilgrims who wanted to se e the different areas of the mission and especially the retooling equipment. Here they are gathered in the print shop with the new bookbinder in the background, and a demonstration is given showing the capability of this amazing machine—a machine completely dedicated and consecrated to the Queen of Peace to spread Her messages around the world.


The Five Days of Prayer at Caritas, March 21, 2011

Schedule for Monday, March 21, 2011

5:00-6:00 A.M. Silent prayer in the Field
6:30 A.M. Holy Mass at St. Mark’s Catholic Church
9:00 A.M. Prayers and Announcement in front of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages
10:45 A.M. Two Mysteries of the Rosary in the Field
12:00 P.M. Lunch
1:15 P.M. Climb Up to Our Lady’s Grotto in the mountains behind the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages
2:00-5:00 P.M.

Bedroom will be opened

6:00 P.M. Meet in the Field for the Rosary in preparation for Our Lady’s Apparition. The Apparition is in the Bedroom tonight
6:40 P.M. Time of Our Lady’s Apparition, followed by prayers and singing


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100 thoughts on “The Sun Dances Before Our Lady’s Apparition Today”

  1. What a beautiful night. I am not sure if Halloween has always been an evil celebration but it definitely is now. God bless the community at Caritas. You are in our prayers.

  2. What a beautiful night. I am not sure if Halloween has always been an evil celebration but it definitely is now. God bless the community at Caritas. You are in our prayers.

  3. Hello, Just reading these articles and looking at these pictures here gives me goosebumps and peace as well. I feel so happy and peaceful everytime I visit the medjugorje website during my lunch break – for me to see these pictures and to have a readthru here brings me peace already as if I’m right there. Hoping and waiting for one day to be physically there. I love Mama Mary’s messages – may she continue on giving us messages and continue to be with us here on earth. God Bless! Cathy-Edmonton

  4. Roberta vasquez

    I want to ask our beautiful Mother to pray for All the people in Alabama. Dear Mother please protect And help the poor people that were in that tornado. J.M.J

  5. angela casebier

    I prayed since I was a little child that I would be able To see Our Blessed Mother because I love Her so much and now im 58 years old and went the 19-21 to caritas and Oh My God On the 20th Of march 2011 I got to see My Most Beatiful Mother Mary on the Sun and the sun was radiating such beautiful colors.I cried with happy tears and fell to the ground and Thank God For this miracle of the sun And Letting me see My Mother. I receieved the Graces that were sent and pray the Rosary all day long.

  6. It happened miraculously when I was opening my email to find this site. The inside of it has opened my EYES, EARS, HEART and BRAIN; I feel EXHILERATED, OVERJOYED, AND FULL OF OUR LADY’S INSPIRATIONS. I want to share this experience with my colleagues, family and friends to whom I will email these articles; the pictures above make me shed tears for their wonderful MESSAGES !! Hail Mary Mary, Mother of GOD and our Mother and protector, Pray for US Sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

  7. Oh,how I wish I could go to all the apparition sites of our Lady.We call her Mama Mary here in our country.She is very much loved by all Catholics.Praise be to God.And honor and respect for our Mama Mary.

  8. Carole Chamberlin- Meredith

    Thank you so much for an amazing 5 days! Admitedly, I came a bit doubtful, because I had read the negative website under Caritas, but soon was blest by the Holy Spirit with the Gift of Understanding! The miracle of the Sun was surely a gift from God to help us to know the Truth! The week is still “playing” in my heart & mind! My Daughter, Becky is the one who encouraged me to go with her & I certainly thank her for this! She enjoyed the climb up the mountain to the Grotto, also!

  9. Thank you very much for the pictures and info. its great to be able to share with others whats happening and to see that there is more happening than we think. Although I must admit I couldn’t continue with the fast so I felt I let Our Lady down. continue the good work. Maybe one day God willing I may be able to visit Med. again.

  10. Thank you for this beautiful event. Thank you Mother Mary in touching our hearts who could not be with you in Caritas during this special time. Thank you for showing us the way to your Son Jesus and for blessing us and keeping us in your divine protection.

  11. We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful event. We were only able to be there Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but it has forever changed us. Only now looking back do I truly see the magnitude of what we witnessed and felt while in the presence of Our Blessed Mother! We too saw the miracle of the sun and are still amazed at the gift we were given. What a beautiful sign from heaven. We also had an amazing experience climbing to the grotto. Thank you Caritas!

  12. People are waiting for the Lord to appear yet he is already here. He walks through the fields of Medjugorje with his Mother blessing each farm and home. It is not a future event it is always now.

  13. I was there this past week. I was one among many who witnessed the miracle of the sun spinning & pulsating with a red glow around it that kept moving in & out, expanding and then decreasing in size. God Almighty was confirming that what was happening there at Caritas, the apparitions of our Blessed Mother Mary, are real. This was convincing evidence from heaven. Praise be to God, the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for sending Your Momma to warn Her children to be prepared.


    thank you .our dear mother MARY IN TOUCHING OUR LIVES WHO COULD NOT BE WITH YOU IN CARITIS during this special time.THANK YOU caritis for the great work you are sharing to the world with the vidos and message of this great event.MOTHER..MARY..has touched our hearts as well.I pray for the world to change and turn back to our DEAR MOTHER…MARY and to our dear savior ..JESUS who loves us DEARLEY..PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE.THANK YOU STAFF OF CARITIS FOR THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING .

  15. Thanks for all the pictures and articles that keep us up to date. Although we could not physically be there this time, our hearts are with our lady and we thank her for all her blessings.

  16. grace schnakenberg

    Thank you for a beautiful 5 days in Caritas. Our Lady has called many new people to Caritas and they are in awe of the beauty of Caritas, more imortantly, the beauty and love Our Lady has for each one of us. I am renewed for a few months as I always am. Thank you for the work and the love you give to us. Pray for us as we do you. love, grace schnakenberg

  17. Marieta Trinidad Pardalis

    Wish I could be there to experience such blessed events. I love Mama Mary, not just She prays for me and my family but she is our Mother forever!

  18. Maxima Migisha

    This is God’s last chance to the world. We either change now or never. May the Mother of God help us take this opportunity. Rgds maxi

  19. Mary mother of god,Queen of peace,Queen of heaven and earth thank you for showing us the way to your son.Bless my family and all that is yours with your abundant grace and may the rays that shone from the dancing sun draw non belivers to your son.Amen.



  21. I too just learned about this apparition! I would have loved to be there and share in this blessed event! I truly love and respect the Blessed Mother and Her Beloved Son. I ask that she keep my family and me in her divine protection and to please bless us all with good health and steady work. Thank you… Amen

  22. Words alone cannot describe my visit to Caritas for the 19th – 21st, 2011. Only tears of Joy. My life has been changed forever. Thank you Caritas – you are most certainly doing Our Most Heavenly Mother’s blessed work. The sorrow of not being able to stay indefinitely is painful but I must do Our Lady’s calling. May God bless Our Lady’s intentions, the valley, and each and every pilgrim here and afar. Praise be to Jesus and Mary for eternity.

  23. Alan and Claire Fafard

    Friends, Wish I could be there to share this special moment in life. Due to knee replacement couldn’t go. Some ladies from out parish have gone. Our Blessed Mother Banner is on the side of our home and we know that she is always with us. She answers all our prays. My husband has prostate cancer and should of died 3 yrs. ago. He is a walking miracle from God. I know Mary walks with me during my days. Please pray for us and we pray for all of you Alan &Claire Fafard Colchester, Ct.

  24. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on what is happening this special week. I cannot be there because I am a teacher but so wanted to come. Please remember those of us who couldn’t come, in your prayers.


  26. Thank you brother caritas for your beautiful message. At present dev sitting near me my husband . I told him that this the message from us medjugorge. He is preparing for his media exam. I plead you all to pray for him to write the exam very nice way and good way. thanks for the prayers you are offering for me and for dev. He is uttering the “praise the lord, just now that is his own prayer. Hope Mother

  27. Thankfully we sent our petitions to Caritas where friends will place them in the bedroom to receive the graces that Jesus will bestow upon the request of His mother Mary. Being unable to come to Alabama this week makes me want to come as soon as Marija returns again. Let’s give daily thanks for all of our blessings!

  28. monica and paddy

    we have decided through the grace of God to continue with the 3roaries every day thanks for all your encouragement Monica and Paddy Ireland

  29. Why didn’t I find this earlier – I just happen to see a billboard a couple of weeks ago and I was drawn to go to the site – I want to be there so badly but my husband is very ill (in the hospital for 6 months) I pray to so many for a miracle – I hope and believe the Blessed Mother will hear and answer my petition! I am asking everyone there to please add me to their prayer list and I will add them to mine. Thank you for this most beautiful experience!

  30. Aideen O'Connor

    I have been to Medjugorje twice & I hold a special place in my heart for this holy place! Now I place our country – Ireland in The Loving Hands of Our Blessed Mother & I know for sure She will take care of it!

  31. Dr. Tom Calhoun

    2 weeks ago today I had left Hip Replacement surgery and am now recovering at home. This is a great blessing to be able to pray with The Caritas Group this week and to thank our Lady, through Caritas, for all the blessings She has given my family. Thank you. Tom Calhoun

  32. Thank you for sharing this special time with those that could not be there. Thank all of you for your time and work spreading our Lady’s message to the world. God Bless!

  33. It is so nice to read and learn of what happened today.My heart is filled of joy though am broken today. I have been there and have witnessed the arrival of Mother Mary.Love you Mother and continue to be with us. Thank you.

  34. I have been to Medjugorje many times. Praise God. What a wonderful blessing you are receiving in Alabama. Our Blessed Lady please heal me of my illness if it be God’s Holy and Divine Will.

  35. I would like to thank you all for the wonderful works of God you are doing, this is another way of spreading the gospel and l would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart…it helps most of us who fail to go to Medjugorje to see the peace of Our Lady and experience such a warming experience of the apparitions..My wish is to to go to Caritas and experience the same. Lord Jesus Christ, please hear my plea and prayers. Thank you beautiful people for feeding us with the good news.

  36. thank you for making something so dear close enough for all to enjoy with great love and hope in such trouble time

  37. navita barretto

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful moments with our Mother Mary. May God bless you all dear people.Please keep us in prayers.

  38. Thank you very much Caitas team for sharing the love our mother Mary brought to us.How I long one time to be in such a congregation.Pray for my family deliverance.We love you mother.

  39. Praise Be God & Our Lord Jesus the Holy Spirit for the wonderful visions of our Mama Mary our most beautiful ray of hope and our friend who leads us to our salvation.How blessed are those who can be there at this place.How blessed are my eyes who can at least read and see these profound events and experience God’s love so closely.How fortunate we are who have eyes and can see; a heart and soul to feel God’s mercy.Oh how I pray for conversion of sinners and grace never to be seperated from Jesus



  41. I am filled with peace and joy after reading Our Ladys apparations, the pictures and Her messages. I truely believe the grace we have through Virgin Mary, that the Lord is with us and to give us His love thru His Son Jesus. Lookingforward to read more hence 23rd March is the last day of her apparations. May God be with us all.

  42. merlyn Rodrigues

    Thank you for sharing these pictures with me.l LOVED watching them,I felt something inside me while I watched the pictures.It was amazing,how I wish I was there.Praise the Lord.Thankyou Jesus.

  43. I enjoyed reading the message given blessed all those who sending to me . Especially it is because i love mother mary i wish to visit the medjugorje and i wish my dream will come true, i will share with all my family members and my close friends. thanks for sending me the messages. AND MOTHER MAY BLESS ALL OF US.

  44. As I moved through the pictures I was compelled to touch my hand to the photo of the bedroom where Our Lady has visited many times, I prayed for peace among my family as we are riding out a storm that’s just starting to form. I could feel the peace right through my hand and all the way to my Heart. Thank you Blessed Mother.

  45. Please offer one Our Father & Hail Mary to all soul in purgatory during apparition of Mary on behalf of my family. Also, pray to bless all the nations on this earth. With God Love and Pray Joseph D’Souza Kuwait

  46. Words can’t express the feeling that goes through one.Thanking you so much for bringing the messages of our Blessed Mother to us,please relay to her that we continue to pray for her intentions,and ask her to bless our family,and all our chidren

  47. My husband, and three teenage children drove 400 miles there and 400 miles back within 24 hours to be with “Our Lady”. We are so blessed to have had this opportunity. It was well worth the trip for my Children to see and understand the Miracle of the Sun. We are so blessed. Thank you for having us! The Moreau’s of Baton Rouge

  48. Thank you for responding to my heart’s wish to know what are the messages. I wish I was there. Please don’t wait so long to let us know. Thank you for responding with pictures and words. Pilgrims-people -real living people

  49. Caritas is a most wonderful Catholic community! I had the pleasure of visiting there during the July 2009 apparitions, where we prayed the Patriotic Rosary. It was a very special, blessed week. I did not get to see the sun dance, and don’t believe I ever have. Could someone who did see it on Sunday, March 20, please describe it with more detail? And if anyone has photos of it, could they post them, please? Thank you. This is surely the time of the Mother, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary!

  50. In Jesus and Mary ..Thank you for this wonderful messages.I am unable to be there but please keep me and my family in South Africa who were fasting and doing the Novena too in preparation for Our Lady’s Apparition.May God’s will be done!!

  51. Gloria SaoBento

    Oh how beautiful to read what took place. I wept with joy. I wish I could have been there to feel Our Lady’s presence.I’m saying the 9 day novenas and thank you for all you do for Our Lady. I made the 54 day novena and spreading the word and I’ve been giving out miraculous medals that have been blessed. Praise Jesus!

  52. We were there on Saturday for a day of prayer and thanksgiving and Sunday for morning mass. St. Marks Church was overflowing. I cannot stress enough what a great and inspiring experience this was for us, to solidify our faith and to respond to Our Lady’s call. We are so blessed and thankful to God, Our Lady, Marija and Caritas. We hope and pray we get another opportunity to do this again.

  53. Thank you so much for all your kind work for spreading love of God. Please, continue to be extended hands of Our Gospa.

  54. Mary Ann Cecilia Golden

    What a beautiful day in Alabama where our heavenly Mother wishes to grant us graces..thank you for this day.

  55. Kelly Rechtlich

    I am so happy to hear of Our Lady’s visit in Caritas. I only wish I could have been present. I have already experienced many miracles in my own life and Mary continues to give us so much in this time of grace. I desire with my whole heart to be an apostle and that I will have the strength to continue on this path. Please pray for us in the USA. I have followed Medjugorje since 1985 and am a believer in my Lord and my God.

  56. I was there during the dancing of the son. I have been set on fire for Mary and Jesus. I always believed but I am no longer luke warm. I have so much peace and hope and love. Thank you Mary, Jesus, Marija, Caritas for setting the altar of my conversion. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ… King of Heaven and Earth and Prince on Peace.

  57. Thank you Caritas of Birmingham for sharing the happenings of Our Blessed Mother Mary’s apparitions in Medjugorje. I feel so blessed that I am part of this. I’ve been immersing myself with, and sharing the messages with family and friends since I started receiving them. Thank you Mother Mary for coming to us, we love you so much. May God bless your work in our lives. Praise be to Jesus and Mary forever, Amen.

  58. Hello, after reading this i had to pray a rosary to Jesus and our Mother Mary just to remind them i am on their side ( a little joke i know they know ) and i wish i could be there but whilst praying the rosary i felt very close to Jesus and Mary. You guys are doing a lot of good work and with the machine ready for the book binding you all are doing great work. Please look after the little kids there and stay true to the path so as to silence those critics.. Maria from Australia

  59. Thank you for sharing the wonderful love of our Blessed Mother Mary. Linda and I would loved to had been there. Please offer our prayers for peace, love, charity and unity of family to our Mother Mary and thank our Mother Mary for us for all the blessings she gives to everyone. God Bless Always, Maria & Family 🙂

  60. I hope the Blessed mother will bring us some word of peace. It is so lovely to read what is happing and her words. I hope I can start to be a better person, and my whole family will be blessed.

  61. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. such a touch of Medjugorje! I was unable to be there with you, but I asked Our Lady to let me feel the graces and blessings that would be granted during the five days at Caritas. God bless you all at Caritas. Ronni

  62. Thank you for all your update, it is wonderful to see all the pictures My Love goes out to Our Lady. Thank You

  63. judith marshall

    How blessed you are to have our beautiful lady appearing,I do wish I could be there, you are so blessed

  64. Great Article! Miss being there this time. . . So glad to be able to read all about it! God Bless Everyone there. Thank you for all your efforts to make this available to so many.

  65. My heart is with all of you though I am not able to attend for my work for the Lord grows with each of you. I love you my Mother and will be your servant, as I place my prayers at your feet. Thank you for coming to Nation that needs so much prayer and need to come back to your son.

  66. Just the realisation that these apparitions of our Blessed Mother is so true, astounds my understanding of this unnatural phenomena! I am overwhelmed by our Lady’s profound love for us so weak in faith and love. This is encouraging and awesome. I long to be the person that her son, Jesus, desires of me. Please pray for me. Thank you CARITAS Zena Ave Maria House

  67. I would like to humbly pray to receive the blessings and healing from Our Blessed Mother as those that are there this week. For all of us who cannot be there in person. Thank you.

  68. How grateful we are that you can share this experience. It brings tears of joy to know that Our Lady is blessing you all, yet also tears of longing to be there. With the beautiful pictures and writings, however, it is consoling to read and see the familiar faces of the community members whom I met on my pilgrimage to Medjugorje last year. God bless you for all that you do. My prayers are with you.


  70. Sandra Padilla

    I loook forward everyday to read about Our Lady’s Apparition and hear Her words. It’s as close to her that I can get. Last year I was able to make the pligrimage to the Holy Land so I know how spiritual this all is..God be with everyone for a safe and beautiful experience of Our Blessed Mother. I Love You…Sandra Padilla

  71. Mary Kay Mahowald

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us through your photos and descriptions of the supernatural events happening at Caritas in Alabama! It brings tears to my eyes as I remember being with you in the field and the bedroom of apparitions in July of 2008. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you…

  72. My friend and I were there this past Saturday. We got there around 5:30, and asked our lady to bless us with a sign and make that one day feel like the entire 5 days. She blessed us with the amazing dancing sun at 6:40 A.M., for 15 minutes, and appeared in the bedroom at 6:40 P.M. as promised. It was BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL. As our mother, she knows how to handle each one of us who goes to her with an open heart. Hallelouiah! I’m forever consecrated to her! I’m overwelmed with joyful emotions!

  73. Thank you for the rich media experience. Even though we can not be present the pictures and stories bring Mary’s peace to us. Peace be with you.

  74. The description of Our Lady’s apparition and the setting was so clear that I could imagine being there like I was in 2005, I would have been one on the hillside, away from the crowd. Our Lord this evening also saw to it to give a gift to all there, a celestial prelude to Our Lady’s apppearance. Praise be God and all His Glorious Wonders and that we are gifted with these. Thank you! May such signs and wonders bring Glory to God.

  75. mary beth miller

    Since I cannot be there I look forward each day to seeing the photographs of Maria, the pilgrims and the Community of Caritas! The photos and the schedule allow me to focus on the days events during my prayers! Thank you for posting it all!

  76. Speechless…. What a great site the moon rising and the sun dancing for Our Lady – a great achievement by the Holy Spirit and you all. You are giving me great hope for our Nation too. God bless your Nation. I’m with you in Spirit. Sandra

  77. Glenn Villanueva

    I am Bless during the 1st day of apparition and were in the field because my family is w/me. On or about 16:40 I feel different and the weather is cold I know the Blessed Mother extend her hands to touch and Bless every each one of us.

  78. Thank you for sharing this awesome experience with us, who are unable to come over there. Please offer a ‘Hail Mary’ for me during any of the Apparitions of our Blessed Mother. May God bless you all abundantly.

  79. Thank you for all your information telling us about Our Lady’s visit. As we could not come, but we saw the dancing sun, with red, white and blue. Also, hearts and dots. Thank Our Blessed Mother Mary for us, as my family has not been to Medjugorji and they also saw the dancing sun. It is so wonderful to be apart of this event and that Our Blessed Mother is blessing us. We also Thank and Bless Her and Jesus.

  80. Zulma L. Valenzuela

    I wanted to be there for I cannot go to Medjugorje but things didn’t work for me either; I acknowledge the impulse you put in spreading the Word here and the love you demosnstrate for Our Lady.

  81. Jacqueline Courchesne

    Praise be Jesus and Mary. I can imagine myself in the bedroom of apparitions and/or in the field with all the people there and my heart feels like it will burst with love and longing. How I wish I was there although I do think that Mother Mary is also here with me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow along with all of you. May God bless all your enterprises! Jacqueline

  82. i really wept at the account of our ladys visit on 20th march, my birthday,. the sun, the moon, the ‘whole of nature’ rejoicing with her visit. the readings in church-truly our mother is speaking so clearly to us, and with joy!!! we need not be concerned about world events and all the evils if we are truly following her. i was blest to be at caritas for our ladys july 09 visit, and could only join in thiis one spiritually-the 9 day fast, etc 54 day rosary … thank you for sharing all this on m

  83. Thank you for sharing and for your wonderful ministry Caritas! As i was looking at the pictures from yesturday I felt Mary’s love and presence even though i live all the way in Norway. Thank you all and thank you Mary!Please pray for us! love, Becky

  84. thank you for your hard work god bless you all..i realy wish if i could be there with you ..please pray for those of us who couldn’t be there………..thank you our lady we love you…intercede for all of us.

  85. Thank you for your very interseting write up about Our Lady of Medjogorie. I have been to Mejugorie three time with a group from Malta. God willing I will return again this year. Continue the beautiful work you are doing in spreading devotion to our Lady. May God bless you. Joseph

  86. Praise be Jesus and Mary. Thanks a lot for this wonderful work in spreading the messages and work of our Lady through your kindness. I felt I am present with your all in the field. Please lift up myself and my family to our Blessed Mother at the time of the next appariation. Jesus and Mary bless you always. Keep the good working going. God Bless Lots of love Nisha

  87. Thank you again for sharing these pictures and bringing us right along with you for the day’s activities. A blessed peace has filled my home and my day today….. I know that Mary is near.

  88. Thank you all in Caritas!!! You bring great joy to us here in the United Stated who have a special devotion to Mary….and know that she is truly appearing here in our very own United States of America. This is profound. Awaken America! The reign of Mary is here! No one can reignite our faith in Jesus and our Heavenly Father like our own Mother Mary. She is our guide to the Light of Jesus. She brings us gently back to the Sacraments. She revives us so sensitively and sweetly. Thank you.

  89. I stopped for a moment to take a breath. I was going to hear from my mother Mary. A tear came to my eyes. I imagined how beautiful our Lady is such as Marija said. I hoped she blessed me just as all in the field were blessed and prayed over. Tonight I will sit with our Lady and ask her to show me herself; to show me her heart and ask her to hold it near mine. I love you Mother Mary.

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