The New Mej v3.0 Will Launch In…

The New Mej v3.0 Will Launch In…


“Thank you for having responded to my call!”


Thursday August 17, 2017 A.D.

10:00 AM Alabama Time

Knowing that we would reach the goal sometime this week, we made the decision a few days ago to schedule and launch the new Mej v3.0 on Monday August 21, at 12 noon Central Time USA.

, we scheduled this launch not realizing that the full solar eclipse, which will be seen across the U.S. on August 21, will begin here at Caritas at 12:01 PM, one minute after the launch of the new Eclipses are significant events in the world, and signify many turning points of history. It is no coincidence that has been “eclipsed” since June 6, and will launch into a new phase, one minute before the solar eclipse begins here at Caritas. Be in prayer in anticipation of this special launch. Thank you to all who have given and brought this goal to completion. Any extra funds which arrived or were given after the goal was met, will go towards the 2018 budget. Thank you with all our hearts!

Be sure to be at, 12 Noon Central Time USA, August 21. Do not be late. Arrive Early. Thank you!

With a Grateful Heart,
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