Surprising Gift from Our Lady for Our Nation

Surprising Gift from Our Lady for Our Nation

Upcoming special report will be posted on Medjugorje.com that will reveal the special surprise…


July 12, 2013 A.D.

On Monday, July 15, 2013 A.D., a special report will be posted on Medjugorje.com that will reveal the special surprise that was announced several weeks ago that would be experienced during Our Lady’s visit to Caritas. Those who gathered at Caritas, July 1-5, are already in the know, but are also waiting for the behind-the-scene stories of how this gift came to be. Many pictures will be included so that if you were unable to attend Our Lady’s apparitions during these five days of prayer in July, you will still experience the blessing of those days as you unwrap the gift one picture at a time. One anonymous pilgrim by the name of Bill relayed his experience in these words:


“Thank you, Caritas of Birmingham, for a bounty of graces flooding down from Heaven through the apparitions of the Holy Mother to Marija…and for the love and joy from God each one of you shared with each of us during five Glorious days in July together as one. Our Lady shared Her joyous smile, She blessed us and our holy artifacts and poured out an ocean of love from God Himself to the hundreds, even thousands gathered on the grass at the Field of Apparitions. As when Jesus fed the thousands with a few loaves and fishes, we have been fed immeasurable treasures—spiritual food from Heaven. And now we can go out, God willing, to share the love, peace, joy of God and His Holy Mother to thousands more in our communities across the U.S.A. thanks to the spiritual feast we received here in the valley!”

Statue of Our Lady at Caritas, Alabama July 2013

Despite sporadic rainfalls through much of the five days, pilgrims in the thousands came to the Bedroom and Field of Apparitions to be with Our Lady July 1-5, 2013. The above picture was taken July 3, 2013 at the evening prayer vigil for our nation’s birthday, July 4th in the Field of Apparitions. They were days of great joy and blessings. Beginning Monday, July 15, we will be posting testimonies, pictures and descriptions of events as they happened. If you were here during the July 1-5, 2013 apparitions at Caritas and have a testimony to share that would be a blessing to others, send a feedback so that we can include your story in the telling of the events of this special week with Our Lady.


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5 thoughts on “Surprising Gift from Our Lady for Our Nation”

  1. This was my second time to Caritas, and experiencing what I experienced on July 4th, at 3:00PM, is something I will never, ever forget. Thank you to A Friend of Medjugorje and to Our Lady for all of your writings and messages that have inspired me to change the way I look at things and the way I live my life. +JMJ+

  2. Sally Flowers

    For three years now, I have gotten to spend time with Our Lady in a very special way on my annual pilgrimage to Caritas. It is a spiritual retreat that is very personal, challenging, and rewarding. Three years ago I went March 19th over the Feast of St. Joseph and Our Lady told us three different times during the apparitions that she had a surprise for us. The first night we saw Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in the Moon as well as a cross, and two hands holding the moon ( looking like priests hands holding the Eucharist). The second night we saw the moon dance- moving up and down and side to side. The third evening we saw rays of lights in the sky darting quickly – crossing each other and in thirty minutes vanishing. Last year I purchased a Rosary in the Bookstore and after being Blessed by Our Lady and prayed with, turned to gold. This year I climbed Cross Mountain- reaching the top I felt and saw the hand of God the Father on my left cheek as I sang in praise and worship

  3. deacon mike kopczynski

    Through our parish Legion of Mary meetings, I had heard about Caritas. This was the first pilgrimage for my wife and me. We would stay for Tuesday & Wednesday, the days of Consecration for ourselves and our family. What we experienced was overwhelming, spiritually affirming and miraculous. That first evening, when Our Lady was in the field of prayer, we both witnessed the “miracle of the dancing sun.” The second evening and with cloudy skies, we together smelled the strong and beautiful aroma of roses. We knew then that our prayer petitions that we brought from home and our prayers of thanksgiving for Our Blessed Mother and Her Son, were both heard and answered. Since then, our daily rosary has become our Living rosary; a true story that we share with all who are anxious to hear the importance of Her message of Love.

  4. My son I were privileged to attend this most incredible Pilgrimage in Alabama. Although I have always professed my love for the Blessed Mother & Jesus. I realized how sinful & far from them I actually was. In the field during the apparitions, there was an incredible Peace & my son experienced chills under a hot sun. I longed for more. During a visit to the Blessed Bedroom I experienced the most wonderful miracle ever. Walking on the path to the house was most peaceful & quite. I felt like I was entering another world, it was as if I were surrounded by angels in a heavenly place. My mind & body felt light, like I was drifting. It was raining lightly & the ground was wet & muddy but my feet were clean & dry even though I wore sandals. Earlier that day, my body was painful from a Respiratory Infection I had developed but the symptoms were gone. When I returned back to NY I was a changed person. I am now looking to start a Prayer Group. Thank you Blessed Mother & Caritas.

  5. Deacon Andre Bourget p.d.

    Yes, that is true, we believe what it happend when we remembered in reciting our rosary about 20 minutes before Blessed Virging Mary appeared up there, we were unable to attend when we were here in Iroquois where we live and we build a nice shrine at the back of our house with nice flowers around this shrine..We are unable to attend due to our old age and also impaired hearing couple, but we surely trust in Her We LOVE her..Peace and Love Andre

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