Special Rosary on Radio WAVE

Special Rosary on Radio WAVE

For Immediate Release
Updated at 8:07 PM
November 7, 2017 A.D.
Originally Pubclished at 6:30 AM Central

In a break from the normal Radio WAVE programming, join a Friend of Medjugorje and the Caritas Community, for a special Medjugorje Rosary, praying for the victims of the Texas shooting, their families, our nation and our world. Spread to all your family, friends, prayer group members, mail lists, and all your social media. You can listen to this special Rosary online here.

Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas


P.S. In case you missed the 3-minute message from a Friend of Medjugorje about the Texas shooting, visit here.

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  1. Mrs Diane Monteilh

    May God bless you all! Thank you so much for Rosary, been praying we could say Rosary all of us! Thank you so much. Missing Medjugorje- I was on the pilgrimage late September to October for apparitions. Changed my life and received healing. Everyone from Caritas was kind and helpful. Looking forward to next trip.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for this live Rosary tonight! I usually pray the Rosary by myself and it was wonderful hearing voices from Caritas that I reconigsed. Thank you! I hope there will be more rosaries together! God bless us all!

  3. A very deep, profound and moving rosary. Surely, you are Mary’s gift to all. Thank you for all you do. God bless.

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