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Rosary Rally Before Our Lady’s Image at Times Square

Rosary Rally Before Our Lady’s Image at Times Square

106 Million in 71 Days Will Be Introduced to Our Lady of Medjugorje


What:  Rosary Rally at Times Square before Our Lady’s Billboard for the conversion of those who have and who will see it.


When:  Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 4:00 PM Eastern Time USA


Where:  1500 Broadway, at the Northeast corner of West 43rd St. and Broadway, New York City, NY (See Map Below)


Who’s Invited:  Everyone…


How It Happened:


Immediately when finding out that Our Lady’s image would be in Times Square, people asked when they could see it “live.” A Friend of Medjugorje immediately thought to organize people to pray there before it, for all who would see, or who have already seen it, to receive a special to come to know and love Our Lady, and receive conversion.


When we talked to the sign company about when our sign would show, we explained that we wanted people to be able to pray in front of it, the response from their head of scheduling was, “That is a beautiful idea.”


A Friend of Medjugorje had a Community member call a priest, who is a faithful supporter of Caritas in New York, to lead a Rosary at the billboard. The priest will lead the Rosary on Sunday May 15 at 4:00 PM New York Time.


Whether you are 5 miles away or hours away, come for the Rosary to attach greater graces for conversion. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on August 18, 1982:


“… the more you pray and fast for the same intention, the greater is the grace and the mercy of God…”


An Update About the Sign at Times Square


The sign company originally told us that the sign would go up on the 20th of April. When we asked about what times it would show so people could see it and pray there, they told us to get the artwork to them by noon, on April 14th and then they would be able to tell us the times the sign would show. We got the artwork to them. What we did not know, is that instead of waiting to put up our billboard, they put Our Lady’s image up on Friday, April 15, which was 5 days early! It was also Good Friday.


Below is a 30 second clip showing the billboard at Times Square.

Since the Sign Has Been Showing


Our Lady’s image shows every 10 minutes for a full 30 seconds.


Several things have happened since Our Lady’s billboard has been showing.


First, on Thursday, April 21, a crypto currency company had secured nearly 20 of the billboard spots in Times Square. Their plan was to “go dark” in honor of Earth Day. For one hour 20 signs in Times Square were dark. Only a few were still showing, including Our Lady’s. Here is what one view showed when most of Times Square was dark.


Our Lady's Sign During Blackout
When 20 signs in Times Square went dark, only a few were still showing. Here is Our Lady’s face seen on looking from Broadway Street.


Another Phenomenon:


It did not take long for Our Lady to give a grace for other advertisements that rotate with Her messages. Suddenly, several different prominent conservative groups have also secured the same spot for their signs too. They have been sharing this location and telling people about it. What this has done is drawn attention to the same spot that Our Lady’s image shows every 10 minutes.


How You Can Spread It:


If you are in New York, or visiting New York, one of the best ways to spread Our Lady’s image is to take a picture of the billboard with Our Lady’s image on it and share it on your social media pages. When you do this be sure to tag us as well so we can share it too:


Facebook: @medjugorje.apparitons

Twitter: @RealMedjugorje

Gab: @RealMedjugorje


Location of the Rosary Rally

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

69 thoughts on “Rosary Rally Before Our Lady’s Image at Times Square”

  1. City: Scottsdale
    State: Arizona
    Country: United State
    Go Blessed Sainte Medjugorje
    My Mom Visited Sainte Medjugorje

    Please if you planned to go for trip to Sainte Medjugorje let me know

    Thank you

    Aida ,

  2. City: Ontario
    State: ON
    Country: Canada
    So Beautiful and exciting! Mama must be so happy!
    God bless from Canada!

  3. Michael J. Hebert

    City: Fulton
    State: New York
    Country: United States
    The NY City Prayer Rosary had close to 100 people praying in unison with all of you wonderful Children of Our Lady around the World. The contrast between a visit to Medjugorje or Caritas and this inner city was exceedingly large, and it is sad how Times Square reflects everything which is ailing the world today. Not knowing how difficult it would be for my friend and I to find a parking space during a day of street festivals and closed off streets, we arrived at Times Square hours before the actual prayer rally. Having visited this spot nearly 30 years ago, it stands in stark contrast to then. Walking around it doesn’t take long to recognize this area should have a new moniker, “Sign of the Times Square.” I couldn’t help but think of Chapter 12 of Revelations, looking up at the billboard knowing Our Lady is truly the Woman mentioned there, with so many of Her Children around me for whom She must be crying for as written about within the Bible. They say even a single light burns brightly against the darkness, I’m thankful for Our Lady’s call knowing She’s here with us from Her Son to turn back the tide and bring Repentance to the World. God Bless you all, Bear

  4. City: Kailua
    State: HAWAII
    Country: USA
    Members of the Sodality of Our Lady @ Saint John Vianney Church in Kailua, Hawaii were standing with you & praying the Rosary with you at 4pm Eastern/10am Hawaii time today! May Heaven bless our collective efforts! Mir, mir, mir!

  5. Suzanne sansone

    City: Charlotte
    State: NC
    Country: USA
    So impressed this was accomplished for the glory of Our Lady

  6. City: Schoharie
    State: NY
    Country: United States
    Three of us prayed at 4 -445 pm to be with those in NYC in Spirit !! Amen.

  7. City: Colonia, NJ
    My Rosary joined with those in Times Square and
    around the world to pray for Peace for All People.
    Pray also for the oppressors.

  8. City: Springfield
    State: Kentucky
    Country: United States

  9. City: Metuchen
    State: NJ
    Country: USA
    We finished the Rosary at 4:00PM Eastern Time while meditating and looking at the image on our computer.—My Husband, Son, and Myself. It felt amazing to do this.

  10. Rayna Kneuper Hall

    City: Mount Pleasant
    State: SC
    Country: USA
    How BEAUTIFUL! That Her eyes of Mercy & Love may pierce the hearts of all who see Our Lady! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. Rosanne Schnall

    City: Williston Park
    State: NY
    Country: USA
    Absolutely beautiful if only people could see the beauty in Our Blessed Mother she will help us .

  12. City: Lillington
    State: NC
    Country: United States
    For our Lady’s intentions we pray also for an end
    to the suffering souls being taken advantage of by
    Pharmaceutical companies that are dishonest, insurance
    Companies that are lying about coverages, and the
    Government control over our doctors and nurses
    who won’t comply with the corruption in the FDA and CDC.

  13. City: Lake City
    State: FL
    Country: USA
    I posted the news for the Prayer Rally on my FB Page Fromm your website. I am originally from NYC and wish I could be there close to where I worked at 45 Street & Broadway. I will be joining the Prayer Rally in spirit in Lake City. Thank you Caritas and FOM. God bless all the participants there today. Love ❤️🙏👍 Susan

  14. City: Oak Harbor
    State: OH
    Country: USA
    What a beautiful image of Our Mother! I am so excited about this and I have passed along to family and friends. I will be praying the rosary with all of you. May our prayers and honoring our dear Mother cause mass conversion and may this day be the beginning of the end of the evil ones reign. May we see in this month of our Mother – the overturning of Roe v. Wade and may we soon see God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and her Son our Lord, righting the wrong of the 2020 election – which was stolen. Amen and Amen.

  15. Eileen Mangiacapre

    City: Mineola
    State: NY
    Country: United States
    This is an amazing and urgent call to prayer from OUR MOTHER! No matter where you are, join in praying the Rosary at 4pm ET

  16. City: Lansing
    State: Mi
    Country: USA
    It’s absolutely beautiful! Our world needs more of our lady instead of all the hateful people in it! Pass this around the world!

  17. Dr. Thomas Calhoun

    City: Washington
    State: DC
    Country: USA
    Our Lady said, “This is my time”; she is now bringing that message to millions .
    Thank you dear Mother.

  18. Sonia Engstrom

    City: CRANFORD
    State: NJ
    Country: United States
    Immacu;ate Heart of Mary, Pray for the conversion of sinners and the World.
    I will be praying the Rosary at home because I cannot be there in person. God Bless all those who will be there

  19. City: Princeton
    State: NJ
    Country: USA
    I’m looking forward to the Rosary Rally.
    Thank you and GOD bless you!

  20. City: USA
    State: RI
    Country: USA
    Every time I look at this billboard a particular song comes to mind by the Commodores and now I’ve been listening to it thinking of the many graces to be passed out in New York. And goes like this,,,,,

    You bring me up when I’m down
    You’re gonna change my life around
    You came to me when I was lonely
    And no one cared
    You made me see that I was only
    Just running scared
    I saw your face and something told me
    You were the one
    You smiled at me and now I see
    My life’s begun
    (Pretty lady)
    You bring me up when I’m down
    (Up when I’m down)
    You’re gonna change my life around
    (Gonna change my life around, yeah)
    You brought me in from out the rain (Yeah)
    My life will never be the same
    Once I was filled with desperation
    A solitary man
    You gave me hope and inspiration
    Like only true love can
    Now I believe in what you’re saying
    I’m ten feet tall
    This love don’t need no explaining
    We’ve got it all
    You bring me up when I’m down
    (Up when I’m down)
    Maybe (Maybe)
    You’re gonna change my life around
    La-la-la-la-la-la-la…. …………….
    You bring me up when I’m down
    (Up when I’m down)
    Maybe (Yeah)
    You’re gonna change my life around
    (Gonna change my life around, yeah)
    Lady (Pretty lady)
    You brought me in from out the rain
    Maybe (Ooh, ooh)
    My life will never be the same
    (It’ll never be the same, yeah)
    Lady (Woo)
    You bring me up when I’m down
    (Up when I’m down)
    Maybe (Maybe)
    You’re gonna change my life around (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Ooh lady
    Ooh lady
    You bring me up when I’m down
    You’re gonna change my life around
    Ooh lady
    Ooh lady
    You bring me up when I’m down

    Only tho it’s “Our Lady”

    Looking forward to being at the rally! Praised be to to God!

  21. Gina E Naranjo

    City: Miami
    State: Florida
    Country: Usa
    This moment is biblical. We are here and experience it too. Thank you, God. We are honored to be witnesses and also to share You with those we meet. The Times Square location is the most huge opportunity any of us will experience – there’s nothing bigger. To many it may feel cold. But no, You are warmth, that most can’t see, know, or understand. Reach the world!
    To the ends of the earth! Everyone, pray Our Lady’s plans are fulfilled.

  22. City: Rockland, Ontario CANADA
    To all organizers:
    Thanks to all for having this event!
    Will pray the Rosary, for guidance, protection from
    all evil roaming this World!
    Holy Lady of Peace, pray for Diane, and Justin!
    Thank You, Lady of Peace!

  23. Therese Gagliardotto

    City: Mahwah
    State: NJ
    Country: United States
    She just wants everyone to know her son!!

  24. Neysha Schettino

    City: Bloomfield
    State: New Jersey
    Country: USA
    I visited Caritas last September and I live 8 miles from NYC. I’m so grateful and excited to come and pray the Rosary with everyone and let people know about our Mother!

  25. For the last few years I have asked God in my rosary intentions to: Grant Our Lady all of Her intentions for each and every one of us; Particularly Grant Our Lady the specific intentions She has at this time; and increase Her efficacy and power a million-fold even over yesterday. A few months back I felt this request inadequate and not bold like Our Lady asked of us, so I changed the last intention to: Increase Her efficacy and power a billion-fold even over yesterday. God literally answered these intentions with the billboard!

  26. City: Hickory
    State: NC 28601
    Country: USA
    praise God for our Blessed Mother !!! I’ll be praying the rosary with everyone. !

  27. Rose DiPillo

    City: Roaring River
    State: nc
    Country: usa
    PRAISE GOD for this SPECIAL GRACE, allowing millions of people, from all walks of life, who are starving for GOD, to finally be exposed to HIS MOST HOLY MOTHER, so that SHE CAN LEAD THEM to HER DIVINE SON! This GIFT is no coincidence! You did not contact them; this billboard company contacted you! THESE are the BLESSINGS that GOD BESTOWS on HIS FAITHFUL SERVANTS! Dear Papa Terry and my Caritas Community Family, NEVER GROW WEARY OF SACRIFICING YOUR LIVES, FOR THE SALVATION OF OUR SOULS! WE LOVE YOU!

  28. City: Solon
    State: OH
    Country: United States
    In her own words-“I am the Woman clothed with the Sun and I have come to tell you that God exists”.

  29. Hey Friends! I think you have a typo in the facebook info. I think it should be apparitions, not apparitons. 😉

    1. No, that is not a typo – medjugorje.apparitons is the Medjugorje page, while medjugorje.apparitions is the Caritas page. The Medjugorje page is only one updated.

  30. City: Mililani
    State: HI
    Country: United States
    Praise God for this modern-day miracle! It reminds me of the one at the Coptic Church in Cairo, Eygpt!

  31. Molly Chesney

    City: Louisville
    State: KY
    Country: USA
    I am astounded that the sign went live on Good Friday. Nothing is impossible to God or His mother. God bless the people behind making this happen — for the idea, the low cost, and getting it done so quickly.

    This is HER Time in Times Square. Take that satan, Our Lady is making the apple whole again.

    And today, let us remember to pray for our Supreme Court justices, they are brave and are already being persecuted. Let us pray their ruling comes to pass and for an end to abortion.

  32. City: Huntingdon
    State: TN
    Country: USA
    Every Sunday at 5 p.m. CT, a group of us (up to 15) do a Patriotic Rosary via Conference Call. We have been doing this for nearly 2 years! So I shall suggest that on Sunday, May 15, we do it at 3 p.m. thus participating with the Times Square Rosary! Pray! Pray! Pray!

  33. City: St clair
    Maybe someone could donate some Blessed Rosaries for the May 15, Rosary Rally to pass out to peolpe walking by??😇

  34. Dolores Lovarco

    City: Ocala
    State: Florida
    Country: USA
    What has been accomplished, materially and spiritually, in such a short time is truly a miracle. God bless everyone.

  35. Dolores Wolff

    City: Rosenberg
    State: tx
    Country: US
    Another triumph for Our Lady!! We are so blessed to be able to see this !

  36. City: Monroeville
    State: NJ
    Country: USA
    What a grace, Caritas! Look at her! The messages you chose are fabulous- I was wondering how it you would choose to use the sign! I am so happy to be a part of this project! Long live our Queen!

  37. City: clarendon
    State: AR
    Country: USA
    I think it would be nice if a Friend of Medjugorje would have a Rosary Rally online on May 15th at the same time as the rosary being said in New York. That way people all over the country could precipitate. I live in Arkansas and would be honored to say the rosary with others on this site that can’t physically be there. Please consider doing a show during this time. Thanks and God Bless you!

    1. City: Flagstone creek
      State: Queensland
      I agree as I live in Australia and it would be available for everyone around the globe.

  38. City: San Jose
    State: CA
    Country: United States
    Our lady said she would appear in all households to save us.
    I love it

  39. City: Birmingham
    State: MI
    Country: USA
    I’m very excited about this. Thank you Mary, for coming to New York, to our country.

  40. Joyce Balderston

    City: Kailua
    State: Hawaii
    Country: USA
    The Bible tells us that at the visitation of Mary to her cousin ,Elizabeth said,”Blessed are you among women and Blessed is the fruit of your womb.” ( the very words of the Hail Mary Prayer. ). And now on the Times Square billboard we all see the image of this Immaculate Mother of God our Savior! Praised be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man!

  41. City: West Roxbury
    State: Massachusetts
    Thank you Father God for sending our blessed mother gor New York yo see in the darkestbif times let’s all.raleigh to pray Roseries from.our heart to convert New York and Jesus lives each of us and Msry his mother is intercede. for us to SEE our very souls God bless Caritas of Burmingham and all those who support this great event God bless each of you

  42. Mrs Maria E Bowes

    City: Bristol
    State: South Gloucestershire
    Country: United Kingdom
    Wonderful idea. Help us Mother Mary.

  43. Ron from Manila, Philippines

    I just arrived here in our country from a 5-day pilgrimage in Medjugorje with some family members. While this favored village remains to be a very special place, I share the view of Caritas that the emphasis on the messages from heaven given by Our Lady could have been more alive and emphatic. There, I hoped that every pilgrim would observe the bread and water fast on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as the recitation of the Rosary BY EVERYONE, not only those who are in the Parish Church, at the exact time that the apparition was taking place. Anyway, this latest development in Times Square is Our Mother’s handiwork. She does not cease looking for ways to reach out to Her children. This desire is deeply honored and participated in by people from or connected to Caritas so as to be Her hands and feet in these dark and troubled times. We can therefore pray more, even as we anticipate good news one after another about the fruits of this sign rising up in New York City.

  44. Jo-Anne Fluet

    City: Knoxville
    State: Tennessee
    Fantastic! The Triumph of Our Lady moving forward! We are Sooo Happy. God Bless us, Everyone.

  45. City: San Antonio, Tx
    State: Texas
    This is wonderful that this is happening in Time Square. What a way to transform life’s to Christ. Our Mother Mary brought us Jesus on Christmas morning, she continues to bring Jesus to us everyday, this should transform life’s. Praise be Gods for this beautiful message of love.

  46. City: Calgary
    State: Alberta
    Country: Canada
    this is more of a question, will i be able to watch the Rosary being said and join in from home? I won’t be able to be in New York but i would like to be there in some way. Will there be a link?
    Thank you,

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