Response to a Feedback

Response to a Feedback

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
3:50 PM Alabama Time


Recently a supporter wrote to us the following:


“I come to this site for many years to receive Our Lady’s messages. I do not want political editorialism. I do not like praise and lauds for foul mouth, hate words, name calling and sulking. You refer to this President as a good man, etc. This is anti-productive for this site, and I am sad because I have been a member for so long. I want to rely on the Gospa and Her messages, not yours. Let us pray for each other to be enlightened. I will remove my name from reception of Caritas news and will be receiving Her messages through another site.”



Following is a Friend of Medjugorje’s response to the above feedback we received on August 5, 2017. Never timid about responding back to those who would accuse him of politicizing Our Lady’s messages, a Friend of Medjugorje speaks without apology that Our Lady has come for far more than to just teach us how to pray the rosary. Her messages encompass every aspect of life and culture, everything that touches man, which includes even politics, governments and rulers of men. Through the witness of a Friend of Medjugorje, it is hoped that more and more followers of Our Lady will be willing to confront and engage in the culture to lead people towards the truth of what Our Lady is revealing today, not with animosity or antagonism, but with solid answers based in wisdom and truth.


Response from a Friend of Medjugorje:


Your objections tell us much of what is behind your comments. With good will, most will not interpret the writing concerning President Trump as it is being stated that he is a “holy” man. But rather, that there is goodness in what he is doing. Trump is good in the sense he is good for America and for the world. Though many do not dig for the truth, there are many who have been with Trump and say he is good. Just a couple of weeks ago, Fr. Andre Mahanna of “Save Christians in the Middle East” in dealing directly with Trump stated: “Our President is a very educate-able person who has a great conscience. He is very open.” Trump is such. He never thought too much about abortion, but when he was educated about it, he immediately came against abortion. Trump was a real estate man and occupied with little else except making money. As in business and now as President, he looks at facts from both sides of the coin. Trump, being educate-able, gravitates towards what is right in every area of his many departments and policies. All who deal with Trump report the same as the Catholic priest, Fr. Mahanna, stated about Trump. Also notice, Fr. Mahanna was not shy about saying “Our” President, while you have nothing but judgment of him. This keeps you from comprehending President Trump. I say that not in opinion of you, but in a factual context. I will prove it by Our Lady’s own fresh words.


August 2, 2017


“…there is not an effort to comprehend the neighbor, if he is judged…”


You have judged Trump and therefore you do not comprehend him. Because of your judgment of him, you do not see what Fr. Mahanna and millions of others see. Why should you understand and comprehend him since you have passed judgment? You now, are prey, to listen to the hate spewed out by the media, adapting your mentality to justify your judgment. I stated in the writing you wrote about and I state it explicitly now. President Donald Trump is the beginning of the Holy Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s triumph! It is happening through Her apostles after 36 years of apparitions. He is not our savior. Christ, through His Mother is. What is Trump? Trump is an instrument of Our Lady and the whole world will be affected. One only has to look who is opposing Trump and the darkness they represent to “comprehend.” Why do they hate him so much? In this presidency, you will see more and more satanic hatred toward him AND toward the people for him. All one has to do is look at each side and what they represent to comprehend Trump.


As for your comments, you echo the media. Be sincere. You said you’ve been coming to our site for years? You’ve only purchased some t-shirts from our site. Have you donated? We find no record of that. So, your statement, “I have been a member for so long” is worse than insincere; it is not true. Why threaten us that you will not use our website Medjugorje.com any more, except you want to create an allusion that we are losing a long time supporter which will damage us. It is the opposite. Your leaving us will strengthen us, our mission, our community and our website.


Why write so much in responding to your objection? Not for hope to change your mentality, but to give clarity to those who comprehend Our Lady’s messages, and to help strengthen them when they run across such mentalities that they would comprehend and recognize sincerity vs. insincerity. We are in a time of sifting, a time of separating for the purpose of unity. Those who remain will be of one heart. Jesus was constantly culling His followers by His parables, His teachings, His actions. These actions left a stronger following and made the church much more powerful. After Jesus gave His teaching on the Eucharist all of His disciples left Him. Jesus did not go after them. He did not explain more. He let them go and then turned to His 12 apostles and said, “Will you also leave?” In other words, Jesus said, “I’m not going to change what I said. Leave now if you disagree.” The 12 responded, “We left everything for You. Where else will we go?” This sifting greatly strengthens and leads to an increase in Jesus’ growing body of believers. How do you have a strong body of believers? By giving truth, you get rid of those who give a pretext of believing, but who in reality hold onto their beliefs without changing, thereby making the whole of the body of believers weaker. This is what the Pharisees were. Supposedly believers yet were not. Jesus said to them that prostitutes, thieves, murderers, etc., will enter the Kingdom of God before you (Pharisees). Our site, our mission is open to every sinner, even nonbelievers. Even the most degraded murderers in prison have been helped through our mission, as was published on our site recently. Who the site is not open to are the ones who redefine Medjugorje to make it align to what they believe, rather than allowing Our Lady to move them to a profound transformative change of heart or mentality which comes through conversion.


It is good that you removed yourself from Medjugorje.com. Remember to live by your discernment and be principled not to come on our site again. We are growing a unified body of people to be placed at the feet of Our Lady to propagate Her messages to the world. We will spend no energy to convince, placate or deal with insincere and bad will agendas and discernment. There are a great many who support Medjugorje.com only by prayer because they cannot afford to support it monetarily. There are those who both pray and donate financial gifts for Medjugorje.com. As already mentioned, there are also nonbelievers, agnostics, even very bad people who are seeking answers who come to our site, and to be repetitious, our site is for everyone. But one thing it is not for; those like you who have fixed pharisaical ideas of what Our Lady will or will not do. Our Lady is here to tear down every establishment on earth that is corrupt. You will see the downfall of many long time established institutions and peoples. Including many agendas that Obama promoted and propagated that are evil. In regards to your comments of the previous writing about Obama’s evil rainbow lighting up the White House vs. God’s rainbow over the White House, inferring that this writing is politicizing Our Lady’s message, you never even mentioned what the writing was about. Often people accuse others of being political because they can’t defend their own political positions; and won’t come out that they are actually for something they shouldn’t be for; instead of trying to defend, they accuse. According to Scripture and according to long-standing Church teaching and tradition, the abomination Obama purports through mandates, legislation, executive orders and by many other means does not fall into a grey area. His actions were and are with evil intent. God called the sin abomination. We are not deceived or moved by such deception you espoused.


After seeing what we posted with the two White Houses pictured, we received from this past weekend (August 5, 2017), the following picture from a supporter of what was written follows and shows the full-sized replica of Noah’s Ark located in Kentucky lit up with the sign of God’s Covenant with His people to our comments, “Take back the rainbow.”


this is my time t-shirt in front of noahs ark

Our Lady said:


June 2, 2017


“…This time is a turning point…”


Obama was bad, very bad for the United States and the world. He did evil; a lot of evil. He planted traitors throughout agencies and departments of our nation’s government and bureaucracy, known as the deep state, with full intent to disrupt and destroy all for his radicalization of the United States. It is called treason. He did many more corrupt things, even corrupting innocent children in the educational school systems through his policies. President Trump is doing a lot of good. It is push back time; turning point time. We will push back against what is evil that is being forced on us. We are coming out of the closet too! Our Lady will triumph, and not through the channels you want it to come through.


May you find the way to Peace,

 Friend of Medjugorje


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