March 4, 2022
Radio Wave Special

Woman of Revelation Series: Have We Caused the Economic Problems as Christians?

[Podcast] (30 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje answers this question in 2010 that is still a valid answer today. Do not expect anything to change until this one thing changes. Take up the challenge to make it happen.

Episode Transcript



This is the Woman of Revelation Series with a Friend of Medjugorje




Of what I believe our economic situation, it’s not my personal opinion. You know, people say, “Well, that’s your opinion.” It’s not my opinion, okay. It’s fact. It’s principle. When we do and seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things, all these things will be given to you. All your needs, in other words, will be met.


What’s the requirement? To honor God’s Commandments.


Get real! Get real, people! Get real Christians.




That was a Friend of Medjugorje on February 18, 2010. Welcome to the Woman of Revelation Series.


Tonight’s broadcast is titled, Have We Caused the Economic Problems as Christians?


This broadcast actually was within the first two months of the beginning of Mejanomics. Those of you who have followed a Friend of Medjugorje for quite some time, you have gone through this formation. We know that there are a lot of new people across the world who may not have received this formation, which is offered in tonight’s broadcast, but also for those of us who have been following a Friend of Medjugorje for some time, tonight’s broadcast is a good refresher, for us not only to see what we have to change, but also to help identify some of the reasons why things have happened the way they have.


A Friend of Medjugorje talks very strong about a topic which has been covered in almost every single one of these broadcasts that we have been sharing with you. Tonight, we understand the reason for the economic problems which have happened.


And so, this is a Friend of Medjugorje, February 18, 2010.




Well, we want to welcome everybody, once again, to our show. We have heard from more and more people and telling other people about the shows, getting a lot of interest, especially because one of the things that is of interest to everyone today is economics. And the Church has to run by it. The world runs by it. And it was so important of a principle how we should look at this, that Jesus taught at the Beatitudes, a lot of it was about that, about the poor, about what we are to eat, and of course, Matthew 6, Our Lady saying to do this every Thursday. We can’t overemphasize this because everything’s tied to that: mammon (money) and God, and those two things have to go in harmony with working for the Kingdom of God, not for the kingdom of mammon.


So, it’s real important that we focus on this and this show’s prospering in the sense that it’s helping people to be stabilized.


And I think we want to start off, right off the bat, with something in a book, and it’s real applicable to start our program off with.



“Jennifer Roback Morse, an economist and the author of Love and Economics says that the family plays a unique and indispensable role in building a healthy marketplace.


“This might sound obvious, but the significance of this statement is lost on most economists. To the extent that they take the family into consideration at all, they see it as a group of consumers. They think, for instance, that tax relief for families is good for the market because it gives families more money to spend on goods and services.


“This may be true, but it’s a very inadequate explanation.


“When Morse says that the market needs the family, she needs the family’s role in molding character and transmitting morals and values. A culture in which the family is so weakened that it cannot effectively perform these most basic of functions, will feel the consequences in the marketplace.


“The most obvious example of the relationship between the family as moral tutor and the marketplace is promise keeping. As Morse puts it, the market order needs people who will keep their promises, people who are trustworthy and who can trust. In other words, people who have consciences. Without conscience, there’s no reason to believe that the other party will honor agreements. In a marketplace where no one’s word is good, must depend solely on the courts to enforce contracts. That market cannot operate in an efficient manner, if it can operate at all. Without the good will and trust that are enforced by conscience, the energy and resources that would otherwise be devoted to entrepreneurship are spent on keeping a wary eye on the other guy.


“The source of all well-formed conscience is, of course, the family. It’s in the family, first and foremost, that we learn self-control and regard for others.


“In the first two years of life, children are taught to pay attention to what others, particularly their mothers, think about them and their actions.


“Later, the family builds on this lesson and provides conscience with a specific content, such as the Ten Commandments and other moral precepts.


“If family upholds and reinforces these standards, and in this environment, young people learn to be the kind of people that you can trust in a healthy marketplace.


“Parents of young children need to remember this if they are tempted to work longer hours than are necessary outside the home. And if we hear people denigrating the worth of full-time child-rearing, we should point to the research that reveals why the whole society should highly value it. It molds the morals that make for a strong and healthy economy.”



This is profound writing in the sense that there are so many principles in the messages of Our Lady that apply to this. She said, “All the research points to the vacating of child-rearing,” or delegating that to others or the child-care centers and going to work doesn’t work. But, you know, I negate that statement as far as, why do we need research? You know, we’ve got it in the Bible. But we’re not getting it out of the Bible, so Our Lady comes and gives it to us in the message. But it’s just logic. It’s just common sense. And remember, Our Lady says, Jesus is the light of common sense.


These values and these principles need to be taught to children when they’re young. It is just common logic. The fact that people send their kids off, or they want to get them in daycare, or they want to get them in other things like these activities, they’re just following satan’s tune. It’s to get them away from the parents. What better environment for your children to be, the point she wrote in the writing, so, to go to work or make more money, which, you know, renegades the child-rearing. You can form that to your home. If the mother and the children are at home, if the husband even has to work outside the home, the father, rather, just the thrift that she can do and generate the things, the needs of the family, from sewing, to canning, to keeping house, to doing a little extra, to doing charity work, which is important. It’s taking the kids out and giving that example. That’s tithing of your time.


But the thrift she can make in the home and home keeping negates a hefty salary outside of that. You know, if you’re gardening, you’re doing all these things, and the kids are involved in that, the dad’s involved in making some kind of hard cash, maybe, it’s a premium way to live. And the dad comes home, and eventually, you know, you can even evolve into something around the home.


You know, remember, in the 1900s, at the census, 90% of all families depended 100% on self-subsistence. In other words, they farmed. Everything they grew, they ate that. Everything they were doing was right there. That was their primary occupation. So, those that didn’t do 100%, they’re primary means of sustaining themselves was not going out making cash somewhere, was the family milk cow, all these things. And people keep saying, “Well, I don’t want to do that.” It’s not a matter of what you want to do. You want to come in harmony with what God created us in that system. And when we try to go AWOL from that, look what happens.


And so, she made some very valid points about the family. We see the dishonesty. We see the moral corruption. We see people with conscience that’s bad for the marketplace. Consumerism is targeted to children. They bypass. Go get a Happy Meal. They bypass the parents. Put the want in the child, and he nags the parent till the parent gives in to their wants. So, we become a wanting society, never satisfied because once you reach one plateau of having your want fulfilled, you need something else greater to make that gratification be achieved, and you just keep accumulating. And you never will have enough. Never. Because you’ll always want more. And this is in our human nature, and of course, Lent is about stopping that, correcting or checking the flesh through fasting and penance. And that’s what we need. We’ve got an out-of-control society that wants so much that it’s willing to put itself in chains.


Imagine, 200 years ago, saying, “I want to sell myself to be a slave.” Who would do that?


What is the difference in what we’ve done today with debt? You can’t stop working. You’re not free.


I was free. When Our Lady called me, after I already founded Caritas to go full-time with it, I didn’t need any funds. Why? Because I wasn’t in debt! I needed minimal amount. My house was paid for. My lands were paid for. And I didn’t do that the day before that. I had started in my teens starting off this way.


You know, I’ve guided people toward that, when you’re in your teenager. Don’t go…You know, you’re living at home, don’t go buy and finance a car. Save and save and save and get something used that’s reliable and get into it, and you own it! You set up the whole course of the rest of your life. But if you’re thirty, you can still do the same thing. It may be not as easy, because maybe you’re underneath the house and where everything’s paid for, you’ve got expenses, but you still can do it. And this is the philosophies that you need to teach to your children.


I’ve said it before on the air, my dad always taught, “Bad credit is the best credit,” because you won’t be able to finance anything, and from there, you’re forced to pay as you go. That’s the best thing that can happen to us.


We’ve got to think, “Well, I’ve got to have good credit. We’ve got to…” Who’s taught that? The accountants and the attorneys and the bankers have taught this.


You don’t even have to have good credit to survive. And in fact, if you don’t, and you’ve got a little bit of initiative and some energy and some ambition, you could get into position to do something. We talked about that last week, buying a tent. I wasn’t joking about that.


Today, if a married couple getting married, to establish themselves, this is a good thing. So what about doing some penance? You set up for the rest of your life. And once you get yourself stabilized, you go from there.


But this corruption in the family, this dishonesty, is really, we have a consumer society pointed to family. And it’s corrupted it. And we wanted to be corrupt. And we’ve gotten corrupt because we don’t have discernment. We don’t have discernment because we don’t live the Commandments completely. Or we accept them, but only one we don’t. You know, we expect our marketplace system to operate and to be there and be honest for us when we want a deal.


On the other hand, I mean just, the way people buy things and take them back after they use them. Is it complete honesty to do that? Especially when you don’t clean it and wipe it off after you’ve got the use out of it. You know, instead of going and renting it, you buy it and use it, and then take it back, “I don’t like the way it works.” Where’s the purity of honesty? It’s not there anymore.


So, you have people, like a cardinal once told me, we have good people doing bad things.


So, we don’t have a conscience we’re not sensitive, and there’s not a purity in the way we do things. And the marketplace doesn’t take care of us. Why? Because we don’t take care of Sunday. You can’t buy or sell on Sunday. And yet, we do it, and we tolerate it, and we collaborate with it. You don’t work on Sunday, but you’ll buy on Sunday. You’ll go shopping. You violate Sunday. And six days are filled with trouble and woes the rest of the week.


So, we want an honorable system out there. We want it to be honorable to us. We want people’s conscience to be conscientious of what they deal with our dealings. But we’re not doing the same thing. We’re not doing it with God. We’re not honoring God on Sunday. Almost nobody does, and the whole Church is not doing it. And I want to say that. The whole Roman Catholic Church is not doing it, all the way up to the top, to the Pope. Yes, he has to go to Confession. And you say, “Woah, who am I to say that?” It’s not me saying that. It’s God. Honor the Sabbath. Honor Sundays.


But see, we’ve lost our conscience. We have no sensitivity to that. We’ve learned that in community, and it’s caused a great blessing upon us.


Matthew 6 says, “Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all things will be given to you.” He says, “all these things,” but that’s everything. All your needs will be met. Why are our needs not being met right now? Well, it’s directly tied to Sunday. That’s the first…The Church doesn’t believe in this Commandment anymore. It simply does not believe it. The hierarchy all the way down does not believe it. They fly on Sundays. They do this on Sundays.


Well, you say, “We’ve got to…” No, we don’t have to do that! We don’t. When we discovered it, we stopped all flights on Sundays. We quit doing everything on Sundays. We quit spending money on Sundays. We quit putting anybody in a position of having to work for us on Sunday, because, if we did that, then we were breaking the Commandment by working. Why? Because Jesus says, “You’ve heard the sin of adultery. I tell you, he who commits it in the heart has committed consummated adultery.” That’s a thought. And you can commit that in your heart?


What if I go to a restaurant and pay somebody to work for me? You are violating the Sabbath. Don’t expect to be blessed the other six days a week. I wrote that once. What you fix on Sunday breaks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


So, we’re not blessed, and we’re not going to be. And this writing at the beginning we read makes a very, very good point of what I believe our economic situation is…


It’s not my personal opinion. You know, people say, “Well, that’s your opinion.” It’s not my opinion, okay. It’s fact. It’s principle. When we do and seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things will be given to you. All your needs, in other words, will be met.


What’s the requirement? To honor God’s Commandments.


Why don’t we say it the other way around? If we’re going to dishonor the Sabbath, we’re going to carry on like another day, go to sports events, do things, entertain, go all this because that’s our day, and we want to go to the fair, whatever you want to do, play golf…We’re going to pay people to be there working for us. We dishonor that…Do you expect God to honor Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?


Get real! Get real, people! Get real Christians! It’s not even the pagans we are to blame for our problems. We are at fault for this economic collapse. We, as a people.


Voltaire, I think it was, who said, who was atheist, French atheist, said, “Destroy the Sabbath, and you destroy Christianity.”


Think about that.


This godless person, atheist, Voltaire, spoke a truth!


“Destroy the Sabbath, we’ll destroy Christianity.”


What is your judgment of Christianity today in the world?


What would you grade it on a 1 to 10 scale right now, let’s say compared to the age of the saints in some of the Middle Ages, the ages of St. Theresa. The age of Joan of Arc, of the great saints of the early Church when it birthed. These people had fiber that were willing to be shredded to pieces by lions. St. Lawrence, put on a fire spit and tells the Caesar, “Turn me, I’m done on this side,” in humor. He was in joy!


This fiber, do we have it today?


And what would be your measurement scale, 1 to 10, against those kinds of class of people called “Christians,” “I’m a Christian.” Our Lady’s words says, “…Holy martyrs died witnessing: I am a Christian…” speaking of Herself. This is Her message. (November 25, 1997) That kind of fiber, She says, “Be perfect,” as Jesus is perfect. (February 2, 2010) That’s what She’s wanting us to attain.


So, what is your scale of measurement of Christianity and most Christians today, not judge them, judging yourself, 1 to 10, compared to those people.


The Sabbath alone is our downfall. You fix that, the other Commandments will come back in line.


So, this is a serious thing. It’s tied to commerce. It’s tied to the marketplace. And this writing so perfectly illustrates this point that we are not going to fix this economy. It’s not going to change until we change as Christians and we start living moral, we start walking the walk, we start talking our walk. We don’t do that, and our failure, again, and I want to repeat it and repeat it until you get it, is the Sabbath. If you’re going out on Sundays, you’re in violation. You’re dishonoring. Don’t expect nothing else to work for you. You can do it. You’ve got free will. But don’t belly ache about anybody or who’s in the White House. Yes, this president’s destroying us. I don’t have a bit of trouble saying that. It’s very obvious. But we get who we are. That’s what you’ve got to remember. We got what we got because we consecrated our nation to God directly to the Virgin Mary in an apparition, July 4, 2008. We got some pretty bad people in the White House at that point.


And it’s proven. You do the research. Don’t argue with me. Don’t come up and say, “It’s not true.” It’s there. We have communists there. We people that I won’t even say the kind of abominations they perform, what they’ve done with children. I mean, the White House is filled with this trash. Trash! Do you understand that? Trash! Why did we get that? Because we consecrated our nation to Our Lady. And when Israel continued its sin, God gave them the Assyrians to rule them. And what did the Assyrians do? Crushed them. We’re being crushed! Because we haven’t lived, economically—and I’m talking about the economy of salvation, living the Commandments, living the Sabbath. We haven’t done what we’re supposed to do, and so, we’re suffering. So, it’s very critically important that you understand that.


Then, we come to 2009, July 4th. We give the nation to Our Lady again, and right after this consecration, we have a total economic collapse, and we’re bouncing up and down, only in God’s mercy to show you, poise yourself, position yourself, repent, change, live the Sabbath, do what you’re supposed to do, walk the walk, not talk it, so that He can remedy that.


But remember, we came through the 50s. We came through the 60s. And everything was great. They were inventing everything. Everything was coming our way. But we still had a moral culture in place. The infrastructure was there, morally. It only degenerated after two or three decades of us living degeneratively. The economy catches up with those sins.


So, when we change morally and we start living right today, and that’s what Our Lady’s trying to get us to do, step up so that you seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things will be given to you. Once that happens, once God takes that notice of us, He changes around. The economy’s not going to change around like a light switch. Remember, it trailed, the immorality, through the 60s. Think about it. Free love, the trashing. Every song was about rebellion. But still, we lived in a general safe culture.


But it caught up with us in the 80s and 90s. And now, it’s so degenerate it’s unbelievable. We never imagined that. Thirty or forty years of that catching up with us, so it’s going to take a while to turn that around. And to turn that around, what happens? God brings us to the knees. And that’s what we’re seeing today.


But you, as an independent family, or an individual, can change that. You can start honoring the Sabbath. You can start changing your financial situation. You can start living within your means because it’s a sin not to live within your means, to have desire over what you have and what God’s given to you or your means of living, whether it be you make $13,000 a year or $13 million a year. It’s all relative. You have to live beneath what you take in, and when you do that, that’ll happen.


We’re so full of material things, and so many things happen. It’s been written,


“I knew a boy who’s education was stifled because his father gave him two automobiles and a motor boat.


“I knew a man who could never accomplish anything seriously worthwhile because he’s always tinkering with trifles.


“I knew another man whose house was so full of rare and costly brick and brack that he was a slave to the care of his collections.


“Unless we know the differences between flowers and weeds, we are not fit to take care of a garden.


“It is not enough to have the truth planted in our minds. We must learn and labor to keep the ground clear of thorns and briars, follies and perversities, which have a wicked posterity to choke the word of life.”


That’s what we have right now. We’re choked. You know, we’re so preoccupied with things. We think we’re going to this, administration, to us as a people, us as baptized Christians, to our priests, to our bishops, to our cardinals, to our Pope. We’re all tied in this whole thing. We’ve all been duped. The Pope, when he first became Pope says you don’t have to agree with everything he says.


We’ve got to realize that we’re all sinners. And yet, by the right of baptism, we all have a right to say what I’m saying right now. And I would say, all the way to the tip top of our Church, we are off-base on this. We are not enforcing the teaching. I’m not changing the teaching. It’s there. Pope Benedict needs to just start preaching it and teaching it, and living it! All the way down to me and everybody in between.


So, get real, Church, and until you do, nothing’s going to change, and nothing’s going to get better. We’ve got to understand the fundamental practice of honoring the Sabbath so He’ll honor the six days. Dishonor the Sabbath, He does not honor those days.

So, nobody’s going to change anything. Forget the stock markets. Forget these plans. Forget the housing starts. Forget all the construction. Forget your business. Forget all this and what you’ve got to do. It ain’t gonna work, people. I’m telling you. You can say it’s prophetically said, or you can say it’s practically said through common sense. That’s the way I see it. It’s common sense. But it’s prophetic too, because Scripture is prophetic, and Scripture says that. Our Lady’s prophetic every Thursday. But when everything was going good in 1981. We weren’t really having a big time with consumerism. We were doing the sin, but there were consequences of that. And nothing happens without a serious consequence. We’re inheriting consequences of some really bad things for decades now, and it’s going to get more bitter. It’s not going to get better. It’s going to get better for only those who will live the Commandments. Our Lady says, “Live my messages that it goes well for you.” (March 21, 1985) She says, “Live the Commandments.”


What one Commandment are you in total violation constantly, the whole Church, and it’s the Sabbath.


So, our economic situation is very, very dangerous, simply because it’s tied, as a consequence, to our immoral situation the way we live and what we tolerate and what we accept in the culture. Yeah, there’s a lot of other sins, but if you don’t fix your small sin…


Well, ask yourself the question: one Commandment, any one of the Commandments, can they send you to hell—the violation? And yet, we see the Sabbath Commandment is something that can’t send you to hell. You’re not praying enough. You don’t have any sensitivity. You don’t realize the magnitude that all those things…


Read the Old Testament! Go read Deuteronomy. Go read Leviticus. There’s so much said about the Sabbath…And I know there’s people out there that say, “Oh, that’s what they crucified Jesus for.” Yeah, they did, because they were extreme the other way. And we’re extreme the other way not living it. We need to be back in the middle with it. We don’t have to be radical. But we’re radical in not living it! It’s extremism to pass this thing off. We need a good chiding from it, from the pulpits. Speak up, priests. Speak up, bishops. Speak up, Pope.


But you know, Our Lady’s not coming there. Our Lady’s not coming to the hierarchy. Our Lady’s coming to the people. She says, “I come from the people.” (August 29, 1982) It’s we the people.


And so, we need to start demanding it. We need to start saying it.


La Salette, France, all those apparitions, which was one apparition, authenticated by the Church, was solely about one thing: the Sabbath and its violations. And the consequences of that, potato famines, famines in France. There’s consequences, people.


This Matthew 6, “seek first the Kingdom of God and all shall be given to you,” means what it says. And simply put, our economic woes are because of one thing: the immorality, the lacking of the Commandments. That’s it!


See, the system in trade and economy and the way things work is very complex. Man, when he plays God and is trying to control these things and thinks he’s got some kind of ruling and guiding force over them, doesn’t realize the Creator guides it in the end. He gets a blessing or doesn’t. If he gets blessed, things will self-correct.


So, the economy is self-correcting. We don’t have to worry about it. We don’t have to do panels and all this crazy stuff we keep thinking and experts. We don’t need any of that! We need to live God’s way. He takes care of the rest.


“Pray. Fast. [And] Let God act!” (April 17, 1986)


So, all I’ve got to be successful at, all you’ve got to be successful at, all the way to the Pope be successful at, is praying and fasting, and a good will, and let God act. We don’t let God act. He’s not acting today. He’s withdrawing. And the more He withdraws, the more destruction we have.


Caterpillar, Conoco Phillips, British Petroleum, just pulled out of the U.S. Climate Action Coalition. [LAUGHS] I think that’s funny. I think it’s really funny because Our Lady just gave a message a few months ago, “lies, malice and arrogance.” (December 2, 2009) This whole climate thing is such a lie. It’s based on money, again, to get money. Al Gore has made $500 million as his assets off of this thing. And people out there listening to this believe this. Sometimes people write to us, “How can you dare say that?! The earth is this…”


Don’t you know God made the earth resilient? Don’t you know that if you go clear a lot, and you leave it within two years, it’s covered back over? You know, vegetation grows back.


Did you know that what they say the carbons we have to have to breathe? Did you know that more coal extracted out of the ground means that more people are populating the earth, and more coal burns and creates the carbons necessary for plant life to thrive. When that plant life thrives, it creates more oxygen for us to live. God’s got a mechanism in creation that as the earth gets more populated, more carbons are supposed to be released. It’s dangerous not to release the carbons, which causes more plants to eat that, causing more photosynthesis, more growth and more oxygen.


Put that in your hat and chew it.


That’s the reality. That’s science. That’s fact. You can’t dispute that. The whole climate thing is bogus! Go research what it is. Don’t trust me. It’s there! We’ve researched it. We’ve wrote it in Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping. It’s ludicrous for what we’re doing. But Caterpillar just saw the light. ConocoPhillips just saw the light. British Petroleum just saw the light. They’re getting out of this. And you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to build a coal-fire plant. [LAUGHTER] Ain’t that funny? I love it! Truth is coming out. Why? Because everything not of God is being destroyed. Don’t be attached to it. Get out of your global warming thing. Take off your greenie hat.


I was just told, the Green Peace, which is a radical green movement, is moving to Iran. I hope the president goes there, of Green Peace, and all the board goes there. Let ‘em go there. That’s the greatest thing I’ve heard. [LAUGHTER] We’ve grown not only ignorant…And a lot of this is ignorance. People don’t know any better. But ignorance leads to stupidity, because it’s stupid not to do your research and find out that I’m ignorant of this truth.


So, Our Lady’s coming because She does want us to be fed. She wants us…You think She wants to see children not getting nutrition at the breast of the mother and dying? Do you think She wants that? This is a consequence of that not happening, because God says, “Seek the Kingdom of God, all righteousness will be given unto you.”


So, from there, that’s all you’ve got to do! That’s the same words of saying, “Pray. Fast. Let God act!”


We’re out of time.


So, let’s end this in asking the Father to grant us the graces for the scales to fall off our eyes to see where we’ve contributed to this situation and how we can remedy it.


And until next time, we love you. We wish you Our Lady.




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