March 8, 2022
Radio Wave Special

Woman of Revelation Series: Five Important Messages in June 2012

[Podcast] (45 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje shares what ‘vanity’ will pass away. It’s not what you think. This broadcast will conflict with some mentalities today – even among Christians. It is time to change them. He shares that we cannot expect what is here now, to be here in the future.

Episode Transcript


This is the Woman of Revelation Series with a Friend of Medjugorje.




To Our Lady’s plans and vital and crucial for the world’s salvation and to save it, and I mean, literally, save it. Our Lady doesn’t mince words. She doesn’t say things to exaggerate. She doesn’t say anything to startle us as if, “I need to shake  you up.” Her words are reality. When She says them, She means them.




That was a Friend of Medjugorje on June 25, 2012. Welcome to the Woman of Revelation Series with a Friend of Medjugorje.


This broadcast is titled, Five Important Messages in June 2012.


For all of you in the future who are going to be listening to this, decades from now, understanding why we’re presenting these messages to you right now, because what a Friend of Medjugorje is going to say in today’s broadcast is actually going to mean more in the future than even what it does today, because at that point in time, we will then see what he says today come to pass.


A Friend of Medjugorje is actually speaking to us from the Radio WAVE studio at the Caritas Mission House in Medjugorje. What you’re going to be hearing him say tonight, he’s actually saying while he’s in Medjugorje.


So, here is a Friend of Medjugorje, June 25, 2012.




We’d like to welcome everybody from Medjugorje, and of course, this is a great grace, always, to be in the village, a holy place, a place that’s so big in its importance, that none of us, including the visionaries, can comprehend its greatness. Only those in the future will look back, who will have the luxury of history that unfolded after we even left this earth will see how big this was.


And of course it relates to the message Our Lady gave January 25, 1987, that just our role in this plan, you cannot comprehend the greatness of.


And so, Our Lady said in that same message, She has got a plan for the salvation of the whole world. Our Lady’s given many messages talking about, satan wants to destroy the earth. he wants to rule, and that he is ruling now.


And so it is, anything and everything Our Lady does is of great significance in the history of man from his eternity and eternal outcome.


And so, from being able to speak to you from Medjugorje, we want to extend to you the graces that this place offers, give you some, hopefully, some kind of insights into what it is Our Lady’s doing, especially Her message She gave this evening in Medjugorje, the 31st anniversary.



The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s June 25, 2012 monthly message for the world:


“Dear children! With great hope in the heart, also today I call you to prayer. If you pray, little children, you are with me and you are seeking the will of my Son and are living it. Be open and live prayer and, at every moment, may it be for you the savor and joy of your soul. I am with you and I intercede for all of you before my Son Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call.”



Of course, it’s interesting, because She has one word in there that is not “savior.” When I first saw it, I thought maybe they did a typo. But it is, “savor.” And what do you savor? That which we eat.


What do we eat to feed the flesh that we savor so much?


What do we eat to strengthen the soul that we savor so much?


Of course, that’s Her Son in the Eucharist. And She just spoke about that on June 2nd, to Mirjana, this same month, and the 25th.


“…Therefore, pray, pray, fast and confess regularly. If receiving my Son in the Eucharist is the center of your life, then do not be afraid, you can do everything. I am with you. Everyday I pray for the shepherds and I expect the same of you…”


Of course, Our Lady’s focusing on the Eucharist, and here it is, what we savor.


What do you savor in life? Richness? Your riches? Your material things? The food you eat?


That has to be parallel with the walk in the spiritual life. And Our Lady’s not negating that this life is to be looked on as what some people have in mentalities that we are to just be in misery and like Purgatory and difficulties. She wants us to be happy.


In 1988, I asked Marija once, when she was at our place—we were actually at the hospital at this point, sitting and waiting for some tests for her. And I said, “Marija, did Our Lady ever tell you, like Bernadette, that you could never be happy in this life?”


She says, “No!” She said, “Our Lady wants me to be happy.”


Our Lady, Queen of Peace of Medjugorje in these apparitions are coming with a different kind of hope, just like She said today,


“Dear children! With great hope in the heart…”


And for what?


“…also today I call you to prayer…”


Why? Because She tells us in other messages to pray till joy becomes prayer.


You can tell the difference if you’re used to having a structured prayer life, and when you don’t pray, the difference whether you make it or not throughout the day, what kind of temperament you have, how you feel.


I was talking to some people here in Medjugorje that’s right now working so hard, they’re saying that they’re staying up all night, it’s very difficult. They’re not doing their prayers. We, in the Community, may work all night, and we are. We’re here both here in the village and also back home. But we don’t let go of our prayer life, more so even back home. We still retain our three hours of prayer a day. And I don’t know how we would make it without it. We always say, “Prayer takes precedence over tiredness.” And so, if we quit two o’clock in the morning working back home in preparation for Marija coming, and we don’t pray, and we haven’t made ourselves get back up at five o’clock when we go to bed at two, to do our morning prayer, our day’s different. You’re going to be tired the next day regardless of that. Actually, Jesus talks about in the Poem of the Man-God, often, that when He prayed and not gone to sleep, He felt rested.


So, yes, you need physical sleep, and sleep is something that God designed into our rest and is a blessing. All your worries go away that day. You wake up fresh. It’s not so consumed by the end of the day like Jesus said, that don’t worry about tomorrow because today has enough problems in and of itself. Those wash away to a certain degree at least in sleep. And I’m not justifying over-sleep, because a lot of people do that to bury their problems and grow depressed.


But hard work, if you’re going to be associated with Our Lady, She’s going to create work for you because She’s got a lot of work to do. She gave a message saying, “I want to collaborate with you. I want to work with you. I want you to collaborate with Me,” in the same message.


So, Our Lady gives this message today, here in this little village, and also, She called Ivan to the mountain tonight, so that people present could be with Her in another apparition, which is beautiful, and also today, Ivanka had her apparition, and she got a message. We haven’t received that message yet as of the airing of this show, but you can go back on mej.com and get that.


But it’s beautiful when we have these triple apparitions and triple messages. They don’t happen frequently, but we have had them on rare occasions throughout the 31 years, where they’re separate, and they’re distinctly different apparitions. I’m not talking about when Ivan’s in America or Marija’s over here in Italy, and they have apparitions. Ivanka had hers today. Marija had hers. Actually, Ivan was in his own chapel; Marija was in her own chapel. And now, Ivan’s going to have another one. So, it’s really four separate apparitions in that case.


And so, I was with Marija when she had her 31st anniversary apparition.


We were at her house most of the day today, helping to cook, because she has a feast day. The first thing she…I was not thinking of when I came up to the house. The first thing she does is give me a big hug and said, “Happy feast day!”


I said, “No, it’s your feast day. This is the big feast day. You’re the big girl today.”


And of course, there was a lot of joy with this, despite a lot of work, a lot of tiredness. And so, there was feast. It’s a real feast here in this village.


Now, granted, a lot of people have quit praying. A lot of people aren’t doing what Our Lady wants. Oh, they’re keeping pilgrims. They’re working hard. But even here, like everywhere else, it’s affected by the progress of the world what’s happened the last 31 years.


And so, Our Lady tells us today,


“…With great hope in the heart, also today I call you to prayer. If you pray, little children, you are with me and you are seeking the will of my Son and are living it…”


There is no future, Our Lady says. Ivan just had his apparition last week, June 15th, when Our Lady said this:


“Dear children, know that the Mother loves you…”


And it was just a couple weeks ago.


“…With love I desire to lead you. I have come to tell you that God exists. Therefore, also today, I call you to decide for Him…”


Actually, this is only ten days ago, on the mountain.


“…Put Him in the first place in your life and in your families and together with Him, set out into the future. Dear children, through this upcoming time of grace, I desire for you to renew my messages and to say to me: ‘yes,’ ‘yes.’ Thank you, dear children, for having said ‘yes’ to me.”


You are so important to Our Lady’s plans and vital and crucial for the world’s salvation and to save it, and I mean literally, save it. Our Lady doesn’t mince words. She doesn’t say things to exaggerate. She doesn’t say things to startle us as if, “I need to shake you up.” Her words are reality. When She says them, She means them.


And so, this past Friday, just a couple of days ago, Our Lady gave another message to Ivan on the mountain, and in this message, She echoed one verbiage in the sentence of the same that She gave on the 15th, ten days ago.


And so, this Friday night’s message is,


“Dear children, also today, I call you anew: decide for Jesus…”


And I brought all these points up because Our Lady said today, to Marija, that “…If you pray…you are with me and you are seeking the will of my Son and are living it…” Because so many are rejecting Jesus today in our nation, and in the world. And Jesus is just a prophet. Other prophets are equal with Him. And we’re placating and going with these thoughts and saying to these people that say these things to us, or either put in a position where we’ve got to be equitable, we’ve got to be in diversity, that if we say “Jesus,” we’ve got to equitably say another prophet, or we’ve got to equitably say something about yoga.


That’s not what Our Lady’s saying. It’s not what She told Ivan two days ago.


“…decide for Jesus. Decide and set out together with Him into the future…”




This is the 22nd of June. And on the 15th of June,


“…together with Him, set out into the future…”


What is Our Lady trying to say to you. What is She trying to say to me? What is She trying to say to the whole world?


Well, if we go back several months with Marija, we know Our Lady says, “You have no future without Jesus.” (July 25, 2010)


And we’re giving way, not even compromising. We’re accepting a respect for people that say we have to put everybody else equal to Jesus.


He’s not your Savior then. You don’t know Jesus, because that’s not what God’s saying to do. That’s not what Our Lady’s saying to do. And that’s not what Ivan told us, two days ago, to do.


“…Decide and set out together with Him into the future. I am with you, dear children, because my Son permitted me to remain with you for so long, because I desire to lead you, to teach you, to educate you—I desire to lead all of you to my Son. I desire to lead all of you to Heaven. Therefore, today, I call you anew, decide for Him. Put Him in the first place in your life. Dear children, this world in which you live, is passing. Therefore decide, decide for peace. Live peace. Decide for prayer. Pray, dear children, pray, pray. Thank you, dear children, also today, for having responded to my call.”



Just to jump in real quick before you continue on in that message, and I know that you’ve spoken about this on the Mejanomics side of the show, Radio WAVE show, where you speak about the future is going to be remarkably different from the present, at this moment.


Now, for Our Lady, in the last two messages to Ivan on the mountain, the 22nd of June and the 15th of June, to say this, “…set out into the future…” speaking about, with Jesus, “…set out into the future…” with Jesus, and then Our Lady to add this past Friday about the world, as you know it, is passing away, or something like that—I’m paraphrasing that portion of it. But is Our Lady confirming this, that, for people who don’t decide for Jesus at this moment in time, that whatever it is that God is going to do in the future, or what He’s doing right now, but wherever it is that the world is moving at this point, and however it’s going to end up in the future out there, that for the people who have not decided, that there’s going to be some kind of purification, a void…I don’t know what to really call that. I don’t really actually even know what that would be, and that’s maybe something that you could enlighten us a little more before we keep going on further with the messages because it’s important for people to understand that it’s a remarkable thing for Our Lady to continue to say this, “…set out into the future…,” but then also to mention that everything was passing away.



Well, we have to realize that Our Lady has been encouraging us and giving us that impetus to live Her messages, and She says, “Do you permit me to purify your heart? Will you permit me?” (April 2, 2008) And we have to say yes to that. And we’ve been in the Community for the last couple months, saying, every day, “Yes, purify us. Purify the whole Community to make Your presence, July 1-5, able and free to do what it is You’d like to do and bring the graces for our nation, through us as individuals, through our families, which heals the nation, if the family’s healed.”


And so, to answer your question about this “…set out into the future…” mentioned on the 15th and also the 22nd, and Our Lady is showing this, and this seems to be the thought process of what She’s wanting us here from. We’ve heard, really, from the second of the month. We’ve heard the 25th of the month. We’ve heard two or three messages from Ivan the last couple weeks. We heard from Ivanka, which we, at this point, still don’t know. We have Ivan, a message tonight, that we understand is going to basically be, “Live the message I gave to Marija tonight.” I mean, it’s a lot of verbiage going on this month of June. Thirty-one years.


And so, to answer your question, does that mean that people who are going to go through some kind of purification, because, if they don’t decide for Jesus? It certainly does. It certainly does.


But we’ve got to remember the Scriptures says that His people He purifies. And that can be long and drawn out. But the wicked He strikes instantly. It comes upon them without knowing it.


So, Our Lady’s told us, “This is the time of grace.” In other words, this is a time the time of purification, and this is the invitation time. The invitation is here. You can accept to be purified by Our Lady over the long-term. You can plan to be educated by Our Lady, which is very interesting Ivan was told this message, “…to educate you…” because the same month, She told Mirjana,


“…[dear] children, do not waste time on vanities. Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you…”


Isn’t that an interesting statement. And then here, Ivan, twenty days later…That was June 2nd. Twenty days later, we have Ivan being told,


“…I desire to lead you, to teach you, to educate you…”


The second of the month,


“…Therefore, my children, do not waste time on vanities. Only knowledge…”


What is knowledge? You get knowledge by education.


“…Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you…”


What’s the tie?


I can tell you, immediately, when people saw this vanity message, they thought about their flesh. They thought about how they looked and how the vanities of the world and their egos.


Immediately, when I read it, and what I wrote, if you go on the site, you’ll read, and it’s very important to read, I read the vanities in the context that She said, after the word “vanity,” “…Only knowledge…” When I read that, “…Only knowledge of the love of my Son…”


“…do not waste time on vanities. [period] Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you…”


Immediately, I thought about the universities, the education systems, how we educate ourselves. And I said this is one of the greatest vanities out there. Yes, flesh is very big. But people are very proud of their education, how the university has educated them. And we’ve got the god of education exists. It is real. Many people are offended when I talk about this.


But it’s not the knowledge Our Lady wants you to have! In fact, it kills knowledge of God. The universities bring forms of atheism in the most Christian people.


You want to argue that? Argue with the Mother of God. Because here it is, twenty days later, She says,


“…I desire to lead you, to teach you, to educate you…”


“It’s Me. You learn My education.” What kind of education is that? Let’s go back twenty days before.


“…Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you…”


And preceded that is “vanities.”


We live under a god in the society that education is everything. If you don’t have an education, you don’t have anything. And don’t lack common sense. I shouldn’t even have to say it because you know I’m not talking about not being educated.


We constantly read in our community. I’m constantly learning things. We have an appetite for that. Education is important. Our Lady’s showing that what you’re going and what the whole world’s going and what we’ve all been, and we’ve all been vacuumed into this thought process that a college degree is so important. What is it getting you? How close does it get you to God?


And I wrote about this. Go back to that, about apprenticeship. We don’t even need it for priests. We have all this ten years of education. And it’s not what Our Lady’s asking for us. You can learn anything, you can be anybody, you can do anything from the doctor to the most sophisticated scientist through apprenticeship. We’re not talking about learning. We’re not talking about having knowledge. We’re talking about having wisdom knowledge, not worldly knowledge. It’s two different things.




This is the Woman of Revelation Series with a Friend of Medjugorje. Stay tuned. A Friend of Medjugorje will return after this short break.




What if Our Lady hadn’t appeared in 1981?



We know Our Lady, had She not come and appeared to these visionaries, She revealed that the world would have destroyed itself.



Why is the Holy Virgin coming?



“…Read Sacred Scripture[s], live it, and pray to understand the signs of the time…”



At 6:40, June 24, 1981, the world was on a downhill slide toward evil and darkness and hate, that that changed in one moment toward the good.



Has anything been said about Christians?



There’s many Christians in the world, but also She gave a message that said there’s many Christians living as the pagans. They live pagan Christianity.



With daily apparitions, do we know if there is some kind of plan?



It’s Her words, saying, “I want to use you in a great plan. You must pray to understand what your role is in that plan, and it’s for the salvation of the world.”



How will it happen?



Because you are the chosen ones in the time of grace, walking with Her, who are going to instruct the others after the time of grace…


When Our Lady came June 24, 1981, it was at that point that God had decided to bring us ten secrets, three admonitions…and it’s going to happen. They will happen.



Do not put off drawing closer to God now in the time of Divine Mercy. Find out more about the most extraordinary plans in two thousand years of Christian history. Be kept informed of the most important event in your life, your children’s and your grandchildren’s, and all your posterity to the end of the world. See mej.com.




I know that, it’s worth mentioning again, I don’t know if it’s ever been said on the air before, but you’ve talked about that, if it’s possible, and we know it’s possible because we believe it, that the apostles can receive all truths in an instant, from the Holy Spirit, is the Holy Spirit any different today than He was two thousand years ago?



Well, Thomas Á Kempis, who became a priest, wrote in his little booklet, that’s well-read by many people—I often read him—said, “Why do want to go and spend time in vanities on six years of education when the Holy Spirit can give it to you instantly?”


Our Lady said about Her messages, “You must pray to comprehend them.” When I first read that, I didn’t understand that, because they were so simple. Why don’t I understand them.


To be a genius and to explain something complex, means you can explain something very simply that anybody can understand. That’s the definition, really, of a genius.


Our Lady’s genius! Everybody wants to intellectualize everything and say things so complex and so difficult and theological and all these things, and yet Jesus taught this way, and Mary is teaching us this way, so simple. And when you pray, you realize these messages contain within them, in simplicity, such complexity. It’s incredible! They go over all the subjects and all the variables of everything theological. It is theology. And yet, there’s not one message given in that tone of high-flying theology.


Jesus’ parables and what He did, look at all the theology that comes from that. But when we teach it, we teach it from the theological side, not the simple side.


And so, we better take to note that Our Lady gave this message to Ivan,


“…because I desire to lead you, to teach you, to educate you…”


It’s tied to Mirjana’s second of the month message,


“…Therefore, my children, do not waste time on vanities. Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you…”


There’s nothing else important.


And then, you say, “Well, I can’t read anything secular,” or “I can’t read National Geographic,” only if you read it in a Biblical perspective, only if you read it, that this author is writing you some garbage, and this contradicts Jesus, and have your foundation based on that’s always on guard, and that if you can be elevated in your love of God the Creator when you read National Geographic, that lifts you toward Him, then it’s a good purpose, something of a temporal nature that can help you toward eternity. And if it don’t let it sharpen you on your guard against that, that this is from satan. It’s humanism. Our Lady’s messages are that big.


And so, Our Lady, today, says again,


“…If you pray, little children, you are with me and you are seeking the will of my Son and are living it. Be open and live prayer and, at every moment, may it be for you the savor and joy of your soul…”


Our Lady gave a message on September 25, 2000. She said,


“Dear children…I call you to open yourselves to prayer. May prayer become joy for you. Renew prayer in your families and form prayer groups. In this way, you will experience joy in prayer and togetherness. All those who pray and are members of prayer groups are open to God’s will in their hearts and joyfully witness God’s love. I am with you, I carry all of you in my heart and I bless you with my Motherly blessing…”


Prayer is joy, and it may not be the joy we think of. We might think it’s this contemplative thing I’m supposed to be happy afterwards.


Marija—and I’ve told this story before—said they used to work in these fields so hard in the hot sun and carrying water to the plants that’s so difficult. And they’d go home late at night, tired, but they’d still be up at midnight, and they’d be laughing and cutting up.


Work brings joy to the flesh, and prayer brings joy to the soul. And what you do, when the saints say, work and pray, you’re in joy. Our rosary, we stop in the middle of the day. Those who have been to Caritas see that, when we’re in our regular workday. Everything stops. The school stops. The mom’s aren’t shopping at that time. We all go to the Rosary. And it’s joyful. I’m not saying it’s a deep, contemplative prayer, but Our Lady comes, and we’ve probably got some of the most cherished memories of our lives around the Tree, around the statue, in the Field. Our deeper prayer is in the prayer at the Bedroom of Apparitions. It’s more serious. But out there in the Field, the kids are the kids. They’re running all over the place. And so many joyful things and memories have been made throughout history of our community and our lives of the children as they’re raised. It’s an expectation when we walk down the hill to go to the statue to be in Her presence. And we’ve seen real miracles, incredible miracles.


So, prayer is a joy for us. The Rosary, particularly, is a joy for us, at the statue, at the apparition time, on our knees.


And so, when Our Lady says that, “I have hope,” “…With great hope…” today,


“…also today I call you to prayer…”


And so, I was with Mirjana several years ago, and we talked about several things, and she talked about…We were talking about prayer. Actually, it was March of ’96. And I just picked this little booklet up when I was coming in the studio tonight. And I was just kind of reading this, and I said, “Well, this relates to what Our Lady said today.” And it was an interview we sat down and talked about, and she was speaking to me about a prayer that Our Lady prays with her.


So, I questioned, in this little interview, about this prayer. And I asked her the question,


“What do you say to Our Lady on the second of each month?”


She answered, “I only pray. Only a couple of times have I been allowed to ask a question.”


Now, this predates Our Lady’s messages She’s given on the second of the month. Mirjana started off with these apparitions after she lost her apparitions in ’82, and then she started having innerlocutions. Those evolved into apparitions that began, actually, in Oregon with the priest that married her and her husband.


And so, Mirjana answered me, and she says,


“I only pray. Only a couple of times have I been allowed to ask a question.”


That’s at that point.


And I ask her, “What do you pray with Our Lady? A Rosary?”


“No. Our Lady never prays to Herself,” Mirjana answered.


I then ask her, “Then what kind of prayers do you pray?”


She answered, “Special prayers.”


I asked, “Special prayers? What are they?”


She said, “They’re connected to the secrets!”


“So, Mirjana,” and of course, I started getting really interested at this point. I said, “So Mirjana, these prayers are connected to the secrets?”


She answered, “Yes.”


I asked, “And when you pray the special prayers, are they for other purposes also?”


She answered, “They are prayed for non-believers or people who do not know the love of God.”


I asked, “Can you tell us these prayers, so that we can pray them?”


She answered, “No, because they are connected to the secrets.”


I then asked her, “What can you tell us about these prayers?”


She said, I can tell you they are something like the Rosary, but it is not the Rosary. I say that because the prayers are continuous like the Rosary. (She circles her hand in describing this special prayer.) But it is not the Rosary.”


I then asked her, “When can we have these prayers?”


And she said, “When Our Lady allows me to reveal them.”


I asked, “How long have you been praying these special prayers for non-believers?”


She said, “Since 1987.”


And that’s the scope of the interview, what I add at that point. Actually, it was casual conversation, and I just wrote it down and asked her to reread it to make sure it’s accurate, and she did.


But she said Vicka also has these prayers. Vicka doesn’t talk about them.


So, this gave way to Mirjana, and of course, now she’s given a monthly message on the second of each month for non-believers. And intuitively, I knew this was for me, not just non-believers, because I knew there was non-belief in me that still has to be purged and purified out.


And some said, no, the 25th was for those who followed Our Lady, who are working with Our Lady and are converted, and that the other was non-believer who were not. And I disagreed with that point in a way that, no, we all have atheistic beliefs in us. Our Lady says, “Many Christians live as pagans.” (1984-1985) And Our Lady, after that, actually came out and said, that don’t think these second of the month messages are not for you, (June 2, 2011) in essence, is what She said. They are for you, and I’ve given these messages for you.


So, this month is really filled with many messages. So, you have Mirjana’s. You have three messages from Ivan. You have something tonight from Ivan, whatever is going to happen from that. You have Ivanka’s. You have Marija’s. That’s seven messages right there. And we have Friday coming up. We don’t know if Ivan’s going to go back to the mountain there. Eight messages. We don’t know.


And so, this is beautiful.


And so, the second of the month, Our Lady says, of June,


“…I am continuously among you…with my endless love, I desire to show you the door of Heaven. I desire to tell you how it is opened: Through goodness, mercy, love and peace – through my Son. Therefore, my children, do not waste time on vanities. Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you…”


And I think that’s an incredible statement. I think it’s something people need to really look at. They need to do a self-evaluation and understand that Our Lady wants us to be educated. She wants us to be smart. She wants us to have wisdom. But She says, “…Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you…”




This is the Woman of Revelation Series with a Friend of Medjugorje. Stay tuned. A Friend of Medjugorje will return after this short break.




It is not as one thinks.
It is covered with sorrow.

Its pain often wishes for death to alleviate it.
Its tunnel is dark, many times relying on wisdom
As the only way to course through it.

Its situation will tempt one to wonder, “Is it worth it?”
It contains such bitterness that all who have experienced
It sought not to go through its depths.

Its greatness is measured in its level
Of intensity of sorrow it brings.

It is grief.
Its path is covered with snares and traps
And many do not make it.

Its tears are not of the eyes but of the heart.
It defines “woe” to the deepest meaning
For the one who reaches its peak.

Its summit, once scaled, having passed through its
Purifying requirements brings clarity, vision, and jubilation
For once reached, it is the height of crushing defeat,
The measurement of which its depths determines
The measurement of its heights.
Jesus formed its sign with two wooden beams.

It is…victory


Come to Caritas of Birmingham, a place in which Mary, Queen of Peace of Medjugorje has promised to carry all your intentions before God’s throne.


Our Lady said,


When you will suffer difficulties, and need something, come to me.” (1983)


For one day or for one week, experience Medjugorje, brought home to you.


Come to the Mother Who is here to help you.


Caritas of Birmingham.


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Just something that’s kind of a scary thing—maybe you can elaborate some on this or correct it if it’s wrong—but  you mentioned earlier in the broadcast that Our Lady has given us many, many words. And of course, we know that Our Lady doesn’t use words that are not of great value, or do not have specific value and meaning to them. We also know that people are judged at their judgment for the words that they say, for all of the idle talk that they have spoken in their lifetime, that there’s a judgment, that hasn’t been repented for, there’s a judgment against that.


But is it possible that there’s also a judgment against the people of God for Our Lady’s words? In other words, God has sent Our Lady all these years to give us so many words, and there’s an accountability, a judgment, against man for not having listened to all of these words that we’ve been allowed to receive for the past 31 years. Is that an accurate thing? Is there more to it?



Yes. The Scriptures says, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Our Lady also tells us, “…you are the ones responsible for the messages…” (May 8, 1986) Another time, Our Lady says, and it’s something we should have the fear of God in us when we listen to these words. She says that you will have to answer to me and my Son. It’s one thing to answer to Jesus. It’s a whole nother matter that if Our Lady turns Her back on you, which, She’ll never do. When Her back’s turned to you, it’s because you got behind Her, and you decided against Her. You know, it’s like what we’ve said before, when you come to the gates of Heaven, and Jesus is standing there, and you can’t enter, She’s pointing to the side window. “Go over there. I’ll let you in.”


And so, if you get to where you’re answering to Her because of what you didn’t do, well, you’re in trouble. She’s our Advocate. She’s the one that is our last hope.


This is the last apparitions on earth since it’s the last time God’s going to give us something salvific in the sense to help us through the trying times that man goes through, and as civilization changes through modernism, that we’ve given these messages, Marija has said, words today to help modern man understand the Scriptures, because we don’t understand them. We don’t understand it. We’ve been totally inundated and taken over in our minds, in our thoughts, continually through the day, with a surrogate god of electronics. It captivates the mind, the thought.


I’ve seen people leave Medjugorje at the airport playing solitaire. I look at them, and I think, if they were in my group, I’ll definitely say something. But I’ve never seen them in my group. But there may be other pilgrim groups, and I think to myself, “What did they just learn in Medjugorje? What are you wasting your time on a stupid game like solitaire?” What does the name mean even, solitaire? “I don’t know what else to do with myself.” Pull the rosary out and pray it! And that’s what Our Lady’s saying today, is prayer.


If you pray, you are really deciding for Our Lady, and you’re deciding to do the Son’s will. It’s Her words.


“…If you pray, little children, you are with me and you are seeking the will of my Son and are living it…”


Prayer is life. You have no life without prayer, because you won’t decide for God. You won’t decide for Jesus. You’ll say, “Well, you know, I believe in Jesus, but you know, these wiccans over want to build a Stonehenge thing for the military, and our chaplains can’t impose authority on somebody of another faith…”


We don’t have to apologize for being Christians. We don’t have to take second seat and let other things take precedent over this.


You know, the plan right now is the minorities and the minority thought to take precedent over the majority, because satan is building a system of diversity, which means everybody is a minority. And so, we’ve got to protect the minority thought in lieu of the majority thought. We are a Christian nation, but we’re bending those Christian principles to everybody else. This is insane. This is demonic, and this will cost us our whole nation and the whole world. It is explicitly clear, Our Lady says to Ivan, “…decide…decide…decide…decide for Jesus…” two nights ago. Do I need to read it to you again so you get this ingrained in you?


“…I call you anew: decide for Jesus. Decide and set out together with Him into the future. I am with you, dear children, because my Son permitted me to remain with you for so long, because I desire to lead you, to teach you, to educate you—I desire to [call you] all of you to my Son…”


Not to yoga, not to Mohammed, not to Buddha, not to some other strange religion. Our Lady says,


“…I desire to lead all of you to Heaven. Therefore, today, I call you anew, decide for Him. Put Him in the first place in your life. Dear children, this world in which you live, is passing…”


We never completely answered that question, Reyes, when you asked earlier, that the world is passing. Life, as we know it…You’ve seen it in the writings. You’ve heard me say it to you before. Life, as we know it, has got a judgment against it. That judgment is from God. The presence of Our Lady on the earth is enlightening us to this. If you pray, you’ll understand what I’m saying. If you’re not praying, you won’t. If you’re cloudy in your prayers or your desire of conversion and wanted to say a complete yes to God or to Jesus or to Our Lady, you’re giving away 80%, you won’t understand what I’m saying.


We are not going to be living this life as we live it now. This culture is going to turn into a civilization of the past as most civilizations of the past have. We’re going to turn into a new society. We’re going to be building a new society. We’re not going to resurrect this civilization. It’s a past civilization. Now, satan might in the future when the antichrist is going to come and rule, but the antichrist is ready to rule now. Our Lady’s come to crush his head. But as Revelation said, the mortal wound to his head recovered.


So, what Our Lady’s doing now is going to recover. The modernism’s going to come back, for whatever that means. And we’re not scared of technology. We’ve told you before, we use it. We’re its master. It doesn’t master us.


And so, when Our Lady says this,


“…decide for Him. Put Him in the first place in your life. Dear children, this world in which you live, is passing…”


And Our Lady’s not talking about the end of the world. You’re aging with it. You’re going to be passing. That will be the end of the world. But the society as we know it, is turning into past civilizations. Many past civilizations, when they were at our point, faded away. The only difference is the people that were able to recover from that passing, or the fall of nations and civilizations as they knew it, they had an agrarian way of life! We don’t know what an agrarian way of life is. Most of the world doesn’t now. We can’t feed ourselves. And because we’re so far away, and God’s not planning for a Noah, one little family to be surviving after this, we’ve got to go and realize what Our Lady’s telling us. That’s what Mejanomics is a lot about. Wake up and look and think, and as Ivan continued,


“…Therefore decide…”


Comma, again, “…decide…” the word,


“…for peace. Live peace. Decide for prayer. Pray, dear children, pray, pray…”


And so, we have these things Our Lady’s really a month of study for the whole next year of what it is we’re doing right now.


And Our Lady told us today, She said,


“…I am with you and I intercede for…you…”


And She’s not going to be with us in the same way. There’s going to be a new power. We’re always going to be able to call upon Her, something new She’s been given in a power upon the earth. But here, we have Her physical presence.



Your words that you just told us about the life that was passing away and taking from Our Lady what She’s telling to us in this time, we know that there are people who are listening to this tonight or in the future sometime, maybe they’re in their car or wherever they might be, and they know that they’ve made those mistakes or maybe they feel it in their heart that they made that mistake. Maybe they did waste their time at college. Maybe they didn’t make that decision that they were supposed to make. And maybe these words could give them a little bit of despair in them seeing that things were not necessarily correct.


Where do those people go from this moment forward?



Well, a lot of people still don’t wake up to the fact that they’ve—what you just said, see it as wasted time in college. They see they’ve got their degrees. They may be a doctor. Thay may be that. It’s not criticism. We’re not saying not to be doctors. We’re saying that the whole system as it’s set up, has a judgment against it. Thirty Years of Apparitions writes about 110 universities—all Catholic. You can get that free download online on mej.com that shows you this. It’s impossible to have these systems in place, with the degradation they’re promoting, the lifestyles they’re behind and support, that there’s not a judgment against it. So why be attached to it? Why be in the, not the traditional, but the modern traditional ways of educating.


And why is it Our Lady’s got to come and tell us these things, that, “I’ve come here to educate you, teach you”? If we’re the most educated-oriented people in the history of the world? Everything’s locked down that you have to be this educated.


And so, this is not to make people lose and have despair. It’s to make people have hope. As Our Lady said, “I have hope.” (June 25, 2012) Because people are waking up to realizing this. They’re realizing they’re learning the wrong things. We need to learn a lot of things, a lot of ways. We need to be crafty in what we learn. We need to be smart in what we see as wisdom and filled with wisdom. And you can get through that prayer. You can be able to watch the news. You can be able to hear things. You can hear people say things, and you’ll be able to see right through it.


And so, it’s hard to explain this to people who are so much in the world, who are so much attached to these things. They won’t be able to see it, and then grow hopeless. But just grow simple. Forget what you’ve been taught and how you’ve been conditioned to think, because Our Lady’s come here, not to just teach things, but to teach us how to think differently about the world and where we’re going, and in that way, you set out on that future course. That’s the people who have common sense to be smart.




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