February 21, 2022
Radio Wave Special

Woman of Revelation Series: Avoiding Hardness with Our Lady’s Messages

[Podcast] (65 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje talks about how following Our Lady’s messages for so many years can harden us to Her call. He talks of “convenience Christianity” – Christians living like pagans and Our Lady is here to correct the conscience of man.

Episode Transcript



This is the Woman of Revelation Series with a Friend of Medjugorje.




Our Lady’s come to correct the conscience, and for those who won’t change in the time of grace, the warning will correct it.


And then, if it’s not corrected then, then the Sign will correct it.


And if it’s not corrected then, then it’s purification.


That which won’t be corrected will be purified, burned out.


We’re living in probably the most exciting times in the history of the world.




That was a Friend of Medjugorje on December 10, 2007, just a little over fourteen years ago.


One thing as we continue to look back on a lot of these broadcasts which we have been sharing with you over the past few days is the consistency in a Friend of Medjugorje’s message.


When he gave his life to Our Lady and began to shape and form and mold himself based on the messages, the messages became his source of discernment for everything in the world.


Those of you who listen to Mejanomics and a lot of the other broadcasts, you are being formed according to how Our Lady formed him. And as we look back at this encounter, which happened during the Five Days of Prayer—that’s December 8-12 every year—it is once again for us, spiritual formation and spiritual reformation, and that it our prayer for all of you who are listening to this.


The title of this encounter was called Avoiding Hardness with Our Lady’s Messages.


A Friend of Medjugorje will talk a lot about that over the next hour.


And so, here is a Friend of Medjugorje December 10, 2007.




I didn’t do a lot of preparing for this because I know a lot of you are like preaching to the choir in some ways, so, if you have questions, you can ask those, too. I just asked Ruth to get some messages pulled, which I hadn’t really gone through them real strongly, but I wanted to go through it concerning certain subjects.


The Medjugorje movement constantly is maturing into a way that, obviously, there’s always new people coming into it. But at the same time, with the new people coming into it, there’s people seasoned that have been in the movement for quite some time. And because of that, there is a hardening that can happen, you know, being in this so long that we’ve been through this. We’ve had this spiritual experience, and because of that, you know, having that and having that experience, we get hard. It’s easy to become that way.


But we always have to go back, especially those who have been in the movement and following Our Lady’s messages for some time, that in this hardness, we can become no better than the people that we’re trying to change.


And so, I asked her to look up some of the messages that would pertain to that.


We’re in a time that a lot of things are happening. We ask why Sr. Faustina came along—Divine Mercy. Really, people in the past didn’t have the mercy we have right now. That might seem unjust, you know. We know pre-Christ days, but at the Crucifixion of Christ and salvation, why would we not have the early Christians having some of the same mercy?


Well, it’s because there are other things these early Christians didn’t have that we do have, and what we do have is the medium—the television—the press, the education system which is so corrupt. It’s rot.


And so, there’s people—I think it was Cherelle—was telling me the other day listening to the radio, that she’s constantly hearing from the people on there when they call and ask questions is, “We’re not getting food from the pulpit. We’re not being fed.” And also, what we do here for people is they don’t know.


Annie was telling me a little while ago about people who call up…


You better turn around and pay attention. [LAUGHTER]


She was telling me about people that call up about Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, that they’re older people, and they were here when we weren’t opening on Sundays. And they’re just shocked. They said they don’t even know. They just were so gibed the way this led in that they never even knew something was wrong until they read that. And so, reading the beginning of Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping is making people aware of this. Something they’re doing, not being aware of it. And as the cardinal once told me at the Vatican, says,


“Terry, we have many people…Many good people doing bad things.”


It’s hard to pinpoint, sometimes, some things people do, because they’ve got a suit. They’ve got a tie on. Or they may be standing in the pulpit. But they’re promoting bad things. They’re doing bad things.


And so, what Cherelle was talking about is people are hungry. They want to be told—her words—what is right or wrong! They don’t even know anymore!


So, when they get something like Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, they’re stunned by this. “How could I be so duped?”


Well, there was a basic, moral sense even in the old days. There was no redefining marriage two thousand years ago. Yes, they had the sins that’s causing that today, but nobody in the history has ever tried to redefine marriage. It’s never happened.


And some people don’t even know how to defend it anymore because we’re not getting food.


Our Lady said,


September 25, 2004

“…Dear children! Also today, I call you to be love where there is hatred and food where there is hunger…”


She didn’t say, “Go get food and give it to somebody.” She said,


“…I call you to be…food where there is hunger…”


What food do you get?


People don’t know who Jesus Christ is anymore, even Christians! You know, they empty their churches, both Catholic and Protestants, and go out to the restaurant and pay for somebody to work for them, thinking it’s okay.


“I’m not going to go work on Sunday, but I’m okay for me to pay somebody else to work for me.”


It don’t work that way. Why doesn’t it work that way? Because if you violate one Commandment, the Book of James says, you violate all the Commandments.


So, can we say, we can pick nine of them, and we’ll live them, and I can go to hell for “Thou shalt not kill” if I violate that, or I can go to hell for blaspheming God or for stealing or for adultery or many other things, but I can’t go to hell because I violate the Sabbath because I go to a restaurant and pay somebody? See, it doesn’t even seem just to say that, “Why would I go to hell for something like that?”


So, Christians frame this in their mind that, “It’s no big deal. I can do it.” It’s only ten commandments. That’s not a large number. And all of them are equally important.


Yes, the first two, Jesus said, are the most important. But the first two are the basis for all the rest of them.


Now, we can violate things in ignorance, and we’ve been ignorant. We’ve been dumbed down.


And so, many of us have violated things without realizing it.


But that’s why Our Lady’s coming, because we don’t know Who the real Jesus is anymore. All Christians, whatever denomination, we don’t know who the real Christ is. We might think we do in our ego and our pride. Or, “I read the Scriptures,” or, “I go to my Sunday services,” or, “I go to Mass,” if I’m Catholic.


But Our Lady’s coming for everybody: Christian, Catholic, every denomination, and non-believers, and the Muslims. Every single person on the earth. Because She wants to introduce us to the real Jesus.


Who is He?


What does He say?


Is He this hushy-cushy thing that, love? I mean, Our Lady talks a lot about love.


“…By love…”


See, second message. I’m just looking for it. I didn’t even know it was here.


July 31, 1986

“…By love turn everything into good which satan desires to destroy and possess…”


But what is love?


Is it, we turn during church and we say, give everybody the sign of peace, and we all smile, and everybody’s looking at each other and nice and doing all this stuff?


That’s not love.


Love is not hugging each other. Love is just not being kind to each other.


John, in his book, relays to us that love is best displayed by obedience, not the hushy-cushy stuff. Obedience. Obedience to what?


Mirjana just told us just a few days ago, December 2nd, “Let the Commandments be your measurement.” (December 2, 2007)


So, measure yourself according to the Commandments.


“Oh, I live nine of them.”


Do you live the tenth one?


Is it easy to rationalize away?


It’s very easy to rationalize away.


“Hey, I’ve got a baby that’s got to have milk, got to have formula.”


That’s your fault.


If you can’t get it six days, why do you think you’re going to convenience yourself for the seventh?


When I was with Marija in Italy about a week ago or so, she has a neighbor who came over who’s close to our mission, and we had a conversation. He’s actually…She’s four stories up, and she’s in the corner of their building. And the corner’s like this. There’s a balcony. There’s a balcony here. I mean, you can go out to the balcony and shake hands with him in the next house.


So, on December 2nd, we’re sitting in Marija’s living room, and he says,


“You know, I’ve been wanting to talk to Marija, but I can’t because, just, you know, she’s so busy, and I know you’re busy, but…”


I said, “Well, talk.”


And so, he started asking me about the Commandments. He said, “You know, I have some…” Because he’s convicted by what we’ve been talking about. And Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, he’s read it. He keeps up with Mej. And he says on there, he says,


“What about the Commandments? I did some work…”


I think it was freelance work.


“…some freelance work…”


And he does, I think, mechanical drawings or something like that. I forgot. Architecture or something.


So, he said he had done some work…or that was Sunday. And so, he said he has to do this work, and he’s got to get it before his next work in the morning someplace else. And he wanted to know if that would be a violation.


I said, “Well, the Commandments are the Commandments.”


Now, we hadn’t read Mirjana’s message yet.


He says, “Yeah, but, you know, with the Commandments, do we really need to go on into them this way,”


And kind of a long conversation about it.


And I said, “I can’t change it! It says what it says, and it means what it means. We want to change it. The membership of the Church has changed it. And therefore, no. You have to do that.”


I said, “How long is it going to take you to print it out?”


He said, “Maybe two and a half minutes.”


I said, “Well, then, what’s wrong with waking up the next morning?”


He said, “Well, I guess I could do that. But then, I’ve got to deliver it.”


I said, “So? You’re wanting the Commandments to convenience you. Why would you convenience yourself? God’s asked for it, and you can’t go out of the way on that one day to protect it and be inconvenienced by it?”


And that’s what’s wrong. We’ve got convenience Christianity.


Our Lady describes it better this way: “We have many Christians living as pagans.” (1984 – 1985) I think we got that message one morning here already.


And all of us are guilty! All of us.


The churchgoers and our churchgoers who believe in Christ, we’re guilty.


And so, sometimes the easiest things are the hardest things to do. You can muster up enough to fast for nine days on bread and water, but can you muster enough up to not eat that piece of chocolate sitting on the counter when you pass it?


“What’s the big deal? It’s nothing. It’s nothing if I…”


You just try it next time you pass it, or when you go down to the House today. [LAUGHTER]


You’re exonerated from today. Don’t not do it today. [LAUGHTER]


But you try that at home, or when you want to chew some gum, and you don’t do it. It’s such a tiny, tiny thing, but if you want to sacrifice that, man, it’s difficult. It’s easy to do something that would get the glory of the crowd in the stadium that, if they knew about it, or God’s attention. But the little minute things, that’s how we view this Sabbath commandment.


“It’s just not a big thing. I mean, come on. God understands.”


We’ve grown into an attitude that God doesn’t react to our sinfulness. Why? For the same reason that we come from a wholesome society in the 40s and 50s, and 60s, started saying, “God is dead,” and seeing this vileness in the 60s and the 70s and the 80s and the 90s, and God hasn’t acted. He’s not doing nothing.


So, He’s a tolerant God. So, let’s just all have tolerance.


Is God a tolerant God?


Was God tolerant of sin in Noah’s days? It took him decades to build the ark. Literally, decades.


When did God decide the rain was going to rain?


When he finished the ark and said, “Well, I’m really, like, I’m confused Noah. You know, I’d like you to build this just in case I want to make a decision if man doesn’t…”


You know, His decision was made about the Flood, the purification of the earth. They went decades, forty, fifty, sixty…Some people say a hundred years building the ark.


God’s decisive. God’s decisive about June 24, 1981. And quickly following that, the secrets that were given to the visionaries.


The decision’s there. The decision’s made. It’s going to happen.


But because we don’t see the consequences of grave depraved sin we’re living in today, very bad, bad stuff, that we think God’s just going to tolerate this. Why? Because we don’t see the actions of sin and the reactions of God to cancel that.


But God’s patient. God is merciful. And in this age, do we deserve mercy? No way. The level of sin we’re at now…It’s like He said. Sodom and Gomorrah, you know, it will go easy on them.


Will it go hard on us? You bet it will.


But because it is going to be hard on us, that’s why there’s Divine Mercy.


satan has a claim on many souls today that he doesn’t get, because at their death, he can sit there and say—and you can read this in Sister Faustina and follow this whole pattern of thought that she relays that Jesus was teaching her—that at death, satan’s got a claim on a soul, and he’s appearing before the Judge, just like somebody in a courtroom.


“This soul’s mine, God. And here’s the case. Look what this person did. One, two, three…Three thousand and three…”


You know, he’s got the whole thing. he’s got this soul.


But we live in a period of time where Jesus is saying,


“Nuh-uh, satan. You ain’t got it.”


“Why?! He’s mine! i claim him at the point of death.”


Jesus says, “He’s not dead yet, because My Mercy is bigger than your case.”


He doesn’t deserve, in any way, that mercy, but we’re granted a Divine Mercy in this period of time that’s bigger than the rightful claim of the devil.


Why is that?


Because satan has been given all the tools that we are disadvantaged in, such as television, such as the entertainment industry, such as the pleasures, especially the conveniences, that we are so dumbed down that we are not sensitive to the Commandments.


And we’ve been duped about the Sabbath! We just fell headlong…We did too!


When we began to understand this, we didn’t want to live this. I didn’t want to. We enjoyed doing things on Sunday. In my whole life as a Catholic, I never lived it. So, I didn’t know there was any consequences that I was suffering from, in my life, my whole life, because I was used to it.


So, I didn’t mind fixing something on Sunday that was breaking on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


So, we had to learn this from Our Lady. Our Lady’s come to teach us sensitivity, teach us to pray. Three hours a day She’s asking for prayer, and She says even four hours, “And you don’t even realize that’s only a sixth of your day.” (April 24, 1984) Because we have to have our conscience corrected.


So, Our Lady’s come to correct the conscience, and for those who won’t change in the time of grace, the warning will correct it.


And then, if it’s not corrected then, then the Sign will correct it.


And if it’s not corrected then, then it’s purification.


That which won’t be corrected will be purified, burned out.


We’re living in probably the most exciting times in the history of the world.


Wait, let me rephrase that. I said, “probably.”


We are living in one of the most exciting times in the history of the world. And God wants you to know He’s there. Our Lady just gave this message on the 25th, that,


“…the King of all that is created…”


Saying it on the Feast of Christ the King! I’ve never heard that.


We used to go to a place over here that all the diocese, called Rickwood Field and we would do the Feast of Christ the King.


But I never heard that mentioned, “…the King of all that is created…” Because Our Lady’s doing full, as I said the other day, full confrontation. She’s confrontational in bringing Christ and making us aware of Who He is. He’s countering evolution. He’s countering atheism. He’s countering all these things. He is the King of what His Father—God—created. It’s His domain. Why? Because science and other people are telling us the opposite.


But paralleling these things, if Our Lady’s saying this, there’s other things starting to come up. The very thing—science—which turned so many people against God, because it’s been hijacked by atheists in a lot of ways as their spokespeople, because most scientists don’t subscribe to a lot of the atheistic teachings when you talk to scientists. There’s a lot of Christians scientists. A lot of believers.


But there’s things popping up all over the place right now to manifest to show us that the world is created, that the Bible is right. It’s not mythology, as even I’ve heard some priests say. Or,


“We don’t know about this story.”


“Well, this is, this is how, allegory, how they can explain how God saved His people.”


Well, in 1978, they found this pillar on the Aqaba Sea, the Gulf of the Aqaba Sea. And they don’t know what it was. They know it was granite. They know it was ancient.


In 1984, just the opposite, on the coast of Saudi Arabia, they found another pillar standing up, and it had inscriptions on it. The other one, water had eroded it. An exact duplicate of the other one across the other side. And on the inscriptions, it said,


“Solomon, Pharaoh, Moses, and Pharaoh’s army”


They were directly across, eleven miles apart, across the sea. The sea’s real deep. It’s a mile deep.


So, if this is the crossing of the Red Sea, and it couldn’t take place because by the time you got to the bottom, it’s too short of a distance. But strangely enough, at that one point in that sea, that when they did their findings, it rises up to only 2,600 feet, making it a nice, gentle slope.


So, they’ve done some other testing and some metal detecting. They’ve got pictures of horse bones, of armor, of people, of chariots, of chariot wheels, even the chariot where they found that the wood inside the chariot wheel is completely deteriorated, gone away, and there’s curls on it because it’s gold, which was the Pharaoh’s army.


You don’t hear the media saying this, and you’re not going to hear them say it, because it gives a validity to everything the Bible says, that, “Maybe we should pay better attention.” And I’ve heard people that’s said that this is not, “Well, you can’t put a lot of stock in this.” And ashamed to say, I’ve even heard it from the pulpit.


But if that’s the case, and that’s real, and we’re supposed to live the Sabbath, how much more real should we be as Christians?


Our Lady said, “…let your life be real before God…” (July 25, 1996) She says, “live His Commandments.” (December 2, 2007)


“Oh, except one. It’s okay if you don’t live that one.”


She didn’t say that.


So, we’re wondering why we can’t stop abortion after forty years of prayer, when it doesn’t make sense! It absolutely doesn’t make sense, and I know you’ve heard this from me before, that how in the world could the Bible say,


“Knock, and it shall be given to you”?


“What father give his son a snake when he asks for a loaf of bread?”


The Scriptures relay, “I assure you, you ask and you shall receive,” and we have not received. Why? Same reason the Israelites didn’t receive, because they were in sin. You can’t say, “Thou shalt not kill,” when you’re, on another Commandment, saying it’s okay.


“Well, I’m a Christian, you know. I’m always praying. Praised Jesus!”


“Hey, preacher, let’s…Meet us down here. P.F. Chang’s. We’ll go eat together. We’ll buy you a meal.”


Sunday afternoon.


So, we’re washed up. We’re all deceived, and if there’s anything we’re failing on in the Church, it’s this one Commandment. You fix it, that broken window—and I won’t go on that side of the story—then you’ll see God start to answer our prayer. He’ll close the womb up.


It ain’t gonna happen! Nothing’s going to change until we accept God’s Commandments in the fulness.


I’m not saying you won’t break them, because to be a Christian means to acknowledge that you’re a sinner. That’s the point! Acknowledge that you’re a sinner! If you can’t quit breaking that Commandment, at least confess to God, “I’m violating this Commandment. I’m not strong enough to do this,” or “My family won’t let me do it,” but “I’m a sinner. I am sinning.”


There’s provisions for that. God died on a Cross to appeal for that, wipe that away.


But He didn’t die on a Cross, and He can’t do anything with the Cross, and the Cross is worthless, if you deny it!


That’s the greatest heresy in the Church today: the denial of sin.


We’ve got to quit denying.


And so, this lead to us being hard. I know there’s things that happen, and you have hurt. You have family that won’t do things, and many people in the Medjugorje movement that’s praying, seems like the more they pray, the more friendly they get with God, the more they suffer. And it’s why St. Theresa says, you know, “If you…” after she rode across a stream and turned upside-down on the saddle, and she says,


“If this is how You treat Your friends, no wonder You have no friends.”


And it seems that that’s that way. But Our Lady did tell the villagers when they were losing their prized possession…Not their house, not their cow, but when the rain was destroying their grapes, their wine, their blood of life. That’s what they live for. [MAN LAUGHS] That’s their social life.


He’s laughing because he’s a pazan. The Italians, we know what that means. [LAUGHTER]


But the point is, is Our Lady said in this incredible message, that, “…even now when God is testing you through the rain while you try to harvest your crops…” that “…He does this because He loves you…” (October 11, 1984)


The more you pray, the more you’re going to suffer. Why? Because God loves you!


When is your character built?


When do you become the strongest?


When everything’s going your way?


Everything happens just like silk?


Or when the period of growth for you was the greatest, the strongest, the most profound, the most contact with God, the deepest part of your prayers was when you suffer?


I don’t want no more suffering. I’ve had my fill. But I know when things are going good for me, I get lazy. I’m doing my prayers. I continue that. But the depth of my prayers is nothing like when we’re attacked or I’m suffering from it.


I said, “I’ll take it. Alright. I’ve been through enough. Don’t give me nothing else.” But I love the closeness of God when I’m in the midst of that suffering. And I’m not over it. You’re not over it, and you won’t be over it until the day you die.


Some people were complaining. I was talking to, the other day, or yesterday, about the cross, and you complain about this cross. You know, if you don’t carry that one, you’re going to get another one.


You know, you’ve read, I wrote before, about the angel who came down, and he came and got the guy because he kept complaining about his cross and praying to his angel and praying about it.


So, the angel took him to Heaven and said,


“Okay, you can exchange this cross.”


So, he went down the aisles, and he said,


“You just pick one you want.”


And he went all through these aisles. He’d take another cross back. And he’s going up and down the aisles, and finally, he gets way over after a few hours of searching.


And he says, “This cross.” He puts it on, “Well, this fits me.” He said, “I’ll take this one.”


He said, “That’s the one you just exchanged.” [LAUGHTER]


God knows what you need! Ask God, what Our Lady says, “embrace your cross.” (March 29, 1991)


You’re not getting anything that God hasn’t given to you.


You say, “Well, certain things are heinous and terrible.”


There was a seven-year-old kid in the Sudan in 1983, somewhere in that period, and the Muslims rode down on horseback and wiped out the whole village and took all the kids and made them slaves. And for the Muslims, under Sharia Law, it’s legal to take Christians and enslave them.


So, this boy was raised Christian. He was taken deeper into the Sudan, and he was bought by this guy who had camels, and he kept his camels.


One day, when he was watching the camels, early in the morning, he heard some religious services going on. So he followed the music, and he sat down there, and it was so sweet to him because it’s the first time in years he heard a Christian service.


He had been beat. He had been starved. He had been mutilated, everything you could think of. When he got back, the camels were loose, and he was horrified of what his master would do.


So, he started quickly trying to find the camels, and his master came along and found out everything he did, he told him.


He says, “Then you’re going to die like your Christ died.”


So, he beat him with a bamboo stick. He beat him over the head. He beat his whole body. He poured acid on his legs. He got a cross, laid it down and got nails—9-inch nails—and nailed them into his hands, his feet and into his knees.


He laid out there in the sun for three days.


The master’s son heard some moaning and went to check on what it was and found out it was the slave boy. And in the course of that, he started bringing him food. He was scared to do anything else because he was horrified of the thought of the wrath of his father, what his father would do.


But he came and nourished him and took care of him. And on the seventh day of being on this cross, he finally got the courage to take the nails out and took him to a hospital. And which, from that point, some Christian people who are redeemed slaves paid for him and brought him back to his home village.


Now, this kid’s crippled. He went through something unimaginable. You can’t even imagine what that would be. Seven days nailed to a cross, beat, acid thrown on you. He still has pains today when it’s cold, in his knees and his feet, that will never go away. And they say this boy is never without a smile. It’s contagious. His joy is so supreme. He’s so happy. He said all he did was pray that God would let him escape from that cross. Not to reject the cross, because his joy today is directly related to that. And he attributes this because he forgave his master.


Now, everybody has bitterness about this or somebody did something to them.


What would you do in that situation?


And why is this boy so happy?


How did he do that?


Because he accepted that cross. He didn’t turn around, “I don’t deserve this.”


He didn’t sit there and say, “This is horrible. I’m just a poor boy.”


He stayed there. He accepted it. Of course, he couldn’t leave. I’m not saying he could. But his attitude. He had the right attitude.


So, you embrace your cross. Not many people walk the face of the earth who was crucified. And that’s what his master told him. “I’m going to crucify you just like your Jesus. You will die like he did.” An incredible story! But the big story is what he is now in his attitude.


So, you’re going to get a cross, and the more you pray, the more you’re going to get it.


We can’t have what we have here, we can’t do what we do here, we can’t plan the plans we’re planning without a lot of persecution, a lot of distortions about what we do and why we do it. That’s just part of the path. I accept it. We often see people, and we see people in the movement, who get in there and start following Our Lady’s messages, and it becomes too hard, and satan bears down on them. And they can resent what their call was and want to get away from it.


“I’m tired of this. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to hear more about the messages.”


It’s possible even for several of the visionaries seeing the Virgin Mary to resent aspects of this.


Marija, we just talked at length about it. The 25th, her life is pure misery. She gets a message for the whole world to help us through the season of the time of the antichrist, to help the world today to get and go through the time of tribulation. These messages are preparing us for that. She’s given this to bring the Buddhists, the Muslims, everybody back to Her Son, Jesus, the non-believers. And the biggest group that needs the most coming back to Christ is who?










This is the Woman of Revelation Series with a Friend of Medjugorje. Stay tuned. A Friend of Medjugorje will return after this short break.





In ages past, God destroyed the sinful world in the waters of the Flood.


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A few Christians conquered Rome.


A lot of Christians, every country that is mostly Europe and here, Rome is rising above them. They conquered Rome. It’s conquering us.


So, who’s at fault?


The non-believers? The bad sinners?


We are.


That’s what Our Lady’s trying to get us to see.


“You don’t really know Who My Son is.”


She hasn’t said that, per se, but that’s what She’s doing.


“I’ve come to teach you about Jesus.”




I don’t know nothing about Rebekah there, but I tell you what, someone who’s breastfeeding can tell you every other quirk, every time she smiled, everything she’s done. She knows that baby.


Why would you think Jesus, His personality, His traits, wouldn’t be best known by His own Mother? And if God got to the point where, “I’m fed up with Israel. You can drown in your sin and wallow in that for a while until you cry out to Me. Then, I’ll come back.” And then we go through Jesus becoming the Flesh, the Word, and now, we’re doing the same thing to Him?


He’s got His hands folded.


“I’m through. It’s through. It is through.”


And His Mother’s saying, “No, let me come to the world as a Mother.”


It’s just logic. It’s just plain common sense that Jesus can’t come and do what Mary’s doing.




He’s God. Why can’t He?


Because it would be the Second Coming!


But if She was here first, She raised Him, it’s just logic that if something’s coming down, that who better to send to the world to prepare us toward holiness, to teach us about the Commandments, to walk purely in the light, than His Mother Who knows everything about Him?


You don’t have any right to scold Jesus, but that’s what She said to Him at the Temple: “Why have you done this to us?” And He went with His Parents and was obedient.


There’s no way you will ever love Mary the way that Jesus loved Mary. Why? Because He fulfilled the Commandments. “Honor thy mother and father.”


And so, we have an incredible situation for five hundred years. Guadalupe, where Our Lady appeared, five hundred years ago. Guadalupe’s the name of a Muslim river. Fatima, 1917, Mohammed wrote that the greatest Woman Who ever lived was the Virgin Mary. His name of his daughter, the second greatest woman he wrote of, name is Fatima. They pray rosary beads, or not rosaries, but they pray a bead that’s straight. The Muslims have that. They have a devotion in the Koran of a page and half to the Virgin Mary.


And so, you’ve got Guadalupe. You’ve got Fatima. You’ve got Mohammed’s daughter named Fatima. You’ve got Mohammed saying She’s the greatest Woman Who ever lived.


It’s all lined up. Everything is ready for a massive conversion to Jesus Christ. And boy, if we can get these radicals devoting their time to Christ, boy, we’re really going to be saved, the world.


So, that’s why Our Lady says, “Love your…Muslim brothers…” (1987) How can you love somebody that so hard they did this to this poor kid? Well, that’s what we’re called to do.


Going back to this thing about the Commandment before I leave it, on December 2nd,


“…Are His Commandments truly the measure of your life?…”


Isn’t it interesting that She’s bringing this up?


Who in here has just recently killed somebody?


You haven’t murdered anybody? You haven’t broken that Commandment?


Who recently has violated the Sabbath?


You don’t have to raise your hands, all of you.


But Our Lady says something interesting in this. When She’s talking about this later, She says,


“…Today…I am looking at your hearts, my heart is filled with pain and shudder…”


How delighted Heaven is over a sinner who repents! How frightful it is over a sinner who says, “I am not sinning. I’m in the front. I do this. I fast. I do these things. I do good works. I’m at the soup kitchen. I’ve got my prison ministry. I do…” You know, it goes on and on. And yet, you’re violating the Commandment. And Our Lady says, “I shudder.” And what She talks about after that,


“…Are His Commandments truly the measure of your life?…”


And then She adds,


“…I am warning you again…Without faith there is no God’s nearness. God’s Word which is the light of salvation and the light of common sense.”


Think. That’s all you’ve got to do. To live and survive this world today, you’ve just got to think.


satan’s not going to let you think because the T.V.’s going to keep you preoccupied. The news is going to keep you preoccupied. Your entertainments. You’re soccer coach is going to keep you going from one game to the next with your kids in the car doing stupid things. All the extra-curricular activity at the high schools keeps people busy doing nothing. All the kids don’t have time to do anything. They go to school. They come home. They do this. They do this. There’s no stopping. There’s no reflection. There’s no common sense in these children. satan’s got them mesmerized, preoccupied and occupied in nothingness.


So, Our Lady gives a message,


September 25, 2001

“Dear children!…”


Remember, this is just a few days after 9/11.


“Dear children! Also today I call you to prayer, especially today when satan wants war and hatred…”


Now, you can say, we got into war. Is Our Lady talking about this? Not a chance. Not a chance.


What is Our Lady talking about?


The Muslims have, right now, a thing called, I think it’s called “the perfect day.” They’re planning this. And the perfect day is when they designate a day, and you’re a taxicab driver, and you’re Muslim, and you’ve got some people in the back in New York. You turn around and kill them.


The same day, the Muslim working at McDonald’s in Colorado blows the whole place up.


The same day, in Ohio someplace, at a bakery where a man works—a Muslim—he kills everybody in there.


Some other place else, all these actions are different. Also, taking over several schools, just walking into them and just blowing everybody away. This would be “the perfect day.” This is in the works. They don’t know. They don’t have enough evidence when it’s going to happen, but they didn’t have any more on that, in some ways, of Russia when the school was taken over there.


The purpose of that takeover in Russia’s school was to cause so much atrocities—and you can’t repeat what they did. If you…Do your own research. You don’t even want to read what these people did when they went into that school. They purposely did the most heinous things that you could conceive to make people angry. It wasn’t just the act to take over the school. They wanted to enrage the people to attack one of the ethnic groups in Russia, which would make them fight back.


The purpose of a “perfect day” if they pull this off is to enrage Americans to just start attacking Muslims. They want that, because then they can sit there and say, “Look at all these innocent Muslims,” and they can have a holy war. And that’s what Our Lady says.


“…today when satan wants war and hatred…”


9/11’s purpose was for us to just start killing Muslims everywhere. That’s what they’re after.


Al Qaeda, right now, is weakening. Things in Iraq are working. And that’s why you see, people in the know, that you hear the media doing the opposite. “Why is there such a selection and being so measured in this way it’s fought?” Because if they’re going to use a joke written about Mohammed or putting in jail a woman teacher in Britain because she allowed the kids to name a teddy bear Mohammed, or because the Pope says something that was in right character, not in meanness about Mohammed, and they’re enraged by that, what would they be—worldwide Muslims—enraged if everybody just started saying, “We’ve had enough. This is it. We’re just going to start killing them”?


See, so satan’s very clever right now, and he wants this, and this is what Our Lady’s warning about.


“…satan wants…hatred…”


he wants you to hate them, to hate the Muslims. We can’t do that. We’re commanded to love them. Because you’re going to see a lot of them Christian. You’re going to live to see this.


And you can talk to the Christians and conservatives. They sit there and say, “We just need to blow them all up.” It would be the worst thing we could do.


If I’m going to take these messages and transpose them. It’s just like a frame. You put a picture in a frame. You take out and put another picture, the frame’s the same. But a frame’s not the picture. It helps enhance it.


These messages are just the frame, and no matter whether it’s geography, no matter whether it’s political, no matter whether it’s family relationship, no matter if it’s about who’s going to be president or what measure or the economy, this same message is a frame and can be transposed on the message, and that’s why this message will speak to you. The same message today, tomorrow and the next day. They have that kind of life, and that’s where they’re supernatural. There’s a supernatural character to the message that transposes over every issue you’ve got.


You can sit there and say, “Boy, this message is great for me and my family situation today.” And not feel guilty the next day because some political situation comes up, and it made you think of the message, and you say, “Oh, well, no. That’s not about politics.”


Yes it is! These messages are for everything in culture to, as I said the other day, to culturalized it, to change it, to transform it.


Our Lady said,


January 25, 1993

“Dear children, today I call you to accept and live my messages with seriousness. These days are the days when you need to decide for God, for peace, and for the good. May every hatred and jealousy disappear from your life and your thoughts, and may there only dwell love [of] God and for your neighbor. Thus, only thus, shall you be able to discern the signs of [the] time…”


If you’re bitter, if you don’t forgive, you can’t see what’s happening. That’s why half the Christians, they just keep on going…more than half are just going on with their life. Everything’s going…They know something’s up, but they don’t know the door is on the Ark about to close.




Because God’s not in the first place.


Their football is, or their golf game, or their entertainment, or their, whatever they’re preoccupied with. So, they’re not able to see. Why should they be able to discern the signs of the times? They’re not in the grace of God because He’s not first.


The more you put God first, the more you’ll see, real clearly, what’s going on.


Are we to be announcers of doom and gloom? Certainly not. God’s not sending the Holy Virgin Mother, Christ’s Mother, because He plans to destroy us. He plans to purify us. Big difference. Why? Because He loves His people, and He wants to draw them back to Himself.


So, when we hear this message, it’s easy to go through seeing what the corrupt people are doing, the really darkened people in society, the profaneness and the blasphemy and the vulgarness of what they do. It’s easy to grow hard with these people.


But you’re not going to convert them that way.


This seven-year-old boy grew up as a slave. In 1989, they passed a law in Sudan. Slavery is legal! Where are you hearing about that? It’s legal! All I hear about is something a hundred and fifty years ago. I don’t care about a hundred and fifty years ago. What’s going on now with my neighbor? That’s what we need to concentrate on. This is real. This is happening now. It’s legal!


But this boy made a decision to love his neighbor, to forgive his master. And he’s better for it. It doesn’t matter what his master does. He’s the better one, and he’s got the joy of Christ and the Light. Those who met him said, I mean, they literally said, “It’s contagious talking to this boy. You can’t help but smile.”


You know, you sometimes run across old people, “Oh, my knee hurts,” and oh, this, and you can’t stand being around them. You know, “I’ve got this complaint.” This is what you heard yesterday on the mountain about, we don’t talk about the weather, because there’s nothing complained more about than the weather.


“It’s been raining for three days.”


“It’s been dry for two weeks.”


Which one do you want? [LAUGHTER] Just shut up and let God handle it. [LAUGHTER] And we don’t. If I hear the kids even say something about the weather here, we’re on them about it. That’s God’s. It’s His business. What He gives is…And you know, we always, one thing that’s important to know is we always have gotten the weather that we want. Because if we walk outside and see that, “Well, that’s what God wanted, so we want it.” So, we have no room to complain.


Our Lady even got involved in this. She says, “Don’t complain about the weather. You never cease to pray for it raining, and when it does, you complain.” (February 1, 1984)


So, wants to be around a complainer, and who’s going to attract somebody that’s a complainer? You’ll attract nobody.


So, we have a real negative attitude about a lot of things, and these small things is what makes us a beautiful Christian that wants to be imitated.


We went to Jerusalem, my wife and I did, and we went to the Christian sector. We went to the Jewish sector. We went to the Muslim sector. So, in our…We stay with a tour group for the first week and a half to do geography. We wanted to learn where everything was, and then we cut out on our own. We walked across fields. We got off the trail. We saw incredible things. You read in Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping just one thing that happened about Sunday when we started living Sunday, walking a fourth of the way around the Sea of Galilee. It’s just a lake. I thought it was a big sea.


But in the course of that, we were doing the Rosary on our second trip. We were at the wailing wall. We got real respectful. We got away from it, and there was twelve of us there, and we all knelt down toward the wailing wall and did the Rosary.


Well, one Jewish rabbi saw us, and he walked away from the wall and saw us and started walking backwards, all the way out of there. And I’m talking about from here to the street down there, walked backwards, spitting the whole time, just nasty spitting, like, “You’re nasty. You’re vile. You desecrators.”


And it was really incredible because you really saw, this is what kind of people Jesus ran across.


In the Christian sector, we weren’t treated like that, but we weren’t treated very nicely. We didn’t feel comfortable there.


Where we felt the most comfort was in the Muslim sector. In fact, on our second trip there, we requested, and actually, we demanded a Muslim bus driver. He started getting out with us. He went on top with us to Elijah’s tomb, because we wanted to be a Christian witness to him.


Now, Christians can’t go in a Muslim’s house. This guy drives us to his house to see his baby. No matter what attitude he had, no matter how much he might have hated Christians, no matter what he was doing, if he was doing it for money—which he probably was—we left there with this guy with a whole different attitude toward Christians.


If you can’t sit across the coffee table with a cup of coffee with a Muslim, how are you going to convert him?


All the apologetics and all this about the Catholic Faith and all…That doesn’t make me want to convert. That strengthens my belief, maybe. But how many people does that convert? Our Lady’s way is the way to convert:


Love people.


Be a witness.


Be a light to them.


Meet anger with kindness.


Do we always do that? No. I mean, I fight. But I’ve converted people by standing up to them because I didn’t do it in meanness.


I told the story a long time ago, and probably, this is the perfect story for now. We went camping down in Georgia. We go down there, and we camp. We put the kids in the horse trailer, and we all take this horse trailer down with several vehicles, and we set up camp, just five or ten tents. And the kids start pouring out of this thing, twenty kids, you know, just like the Volkswagens where you just see kid, you know, somebody coming after, and it just keeps pouring out.


Well, we went in to this spot we pulled up, and we had actually been someplace else two years before that because we wanted to be away from people. Well, as it is now, we know God ordained it. We couldn’t stay in there, and they made us go over there. And so, we pull up, and this gentleman comes up that’s not old, but he’s an older gentleman, and he says, “What are you doing?”


I said, “We’re going to camp here.”


And he says, “You’re going to camp here with all these kids here. I camp here every year. You’re not going to be right here next to me.”


Then he used God’s Name in vain.


I said, “Excuse me. You’re on my ground. I paid for this. This is my campsite. You’ll just have to eat it.”


So, he got into it. I said, “Get out of here.”


So, he left. We go, and I’m back in the bathroom a few hours later shaving, and he comes up to me and he says,


“Who are you? What do you think you are?” He’s in the bathroom with me.


He says, “What are you, a preacher?”


I didn’t answer him. I just kept shaving. [LAUGHTER]


He says, “Answer me.” He said, “What are you?”


I said, “I’m a father.” And that’s it.


So, he left and steamed out. And so, he goes back to his campsite, and I come back out there, and he’s standing over there. And I walk straight from my campsite out to put my stuff up and go straight to him and puts his hand in his pocket like he’s got a knife.


And so, I said, “Let’s just start all over.” And I took out my hand, shook his hand, introduced myself. And he says,


“Sit down.”


Real demanding. I sat down. And we started talking.


This guy is not Catholic. He’s been to Tony and Erin’s wedding. He just was here at Andrea and Anthony’s wedding. He loves us. He saves our spot every year. [LAUGHTER] He won’t let nobody get there. I mean, he guards it. Literally, guards it. And we’ve become really good. He’s read Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping. He’s read several other books. I mean, he keeps up with what we’re doing.


But I stood up, but I stood up in the way Christ would expect me to stand up for it. “Don’t you come over here and use God’s Name in vain.”


My point is, is we’re good friends. He sends us postcards when he travels. And you’ve got to be big enough to even go to somebody that may be a perceived enemy to win them over. And he’ll tell you. He says, “If anybody’s man enough with what happened to that guy and come over and introduce himself and sit down with me and have a talk, I respect that person.”


So, these are ones of hundreds of stories we ran across, because we don’t cow down. We stand up to it, but we’re not doing it out of meanness. We’re doing it out of Christian conviction that we have certain rights, too, to stand up for. You’ve got property rights. That was my property. You don’t come over here and blaspheme God on my property. I may only have it for three days, but that’s my ground.


It’s not that you shouldn’t offend people. It’s that you offend them with a purpose to convict them. You want them to become friends of Our Lady.




“…May every hatred and jealousy disappear from your life and…thoughts, and may there only dwell love for God and for your neighbor…”


I could sit there and say, “That idiot.” You know. “I’ll show him. I’ll let all the air out of his tires, get all these kids and go let the air out of his tires after hours.” That’s what most people would think. That’s what they’ll do. “I’ll get back at him.” You don’t get back at nobody. Because who you want to bet back at is the devil in you or your neighbor or even me. If you defeat the devil, that’s what you’re after, not the person.


And so, this rigidity. There’s a rigidity with the message, especially after you’ve been doing this a long time. We know the messages so much, we want to become hard. Not that we want to become hard. We naturally grow to hardness.


We’ve been doing this for 21 years. You can grow hard! You can get a calloused heart from doing this. You have to constantly go back to prayer. You have to constantly fast. You have to realize that,


“Hey, this is what I’m called to do. I’m not going to be what Our Lady just said, ‘There are many who fell away.’(October 25, 2007)


She’s looking for a few good men—which is inclusive of everybody. I don’t have to explain that. But this is a serious call, and how to fight it is not the way you’ve been conditioned to fight. How to get back is not the way you’ve been taught to get back. It’s through love, and love is very difficult and very disciplined.


September 25, 2004. I’ve already quoted part of this message.


“…Also today, I call you to be love where there is hatred and food where there is hunger…”


Our Lady’s messages are food.


If you want to give the real Christ, you really want to show people the Scriptures, give them these messages. There’s nobody that will not benefit and grow in a tighter and stronger relationship with Jesus than through this.


“…Open your hearts, little children, and let your hands be extended and generous so that, through you, every creature may thank God the Creator…”


Our Lady’s reminding us again: God is the Creator.


November 25, 2001

“…In [the] time of grace, I call you anew [in] prayer. Little children, pray and prepare your hearts for the coming of the King of Peace…with His blessing He may give peace to the whole world…”


We know the previous year to that, Our Lady says, “…a new possibility of peace opens up this century…” (December 25, 1999) She says,


“…Peacelessness has begun to reign in [the] hearts and hatred reigns in the world. That is why, you who live my messages be the light and extended hands to this faithless world that all may come to know the God of Love. Do not forget, little children, I am with you and bless you all…”


June 26, 1983

“Love your enemies. Pray for them and bless them.”


This thing in Georgia is just one of many, many stories of this, what’s happened. God seems, if you want to really live the messages, He’ll put you in situations like this, because Our Lady’s dependent on you to be those extended hands. You know, She didn’t say not to have enemies. She says, “Love your enemies…”


And if you’ve got an enemy, what do you want to do with an enemy?


You want to conquer them.


How do you conquer them?


You bless them.


I used to have a hard time blessing people that was an enemy. I didn’t want to bless them.


That’s the worst thing you can do to them. It’s like pouring salt in a wound like I said the other day.


You think it’s going to go good for them when you bless them, and they’re doing something bad? That just gives God the authority to bless them and try them, like the grape vineyards in the rain. There’s going to be trials they’re going to go through. I mean, you’ll get back at them. You want to get back at them, you bless them. That’s the way to do it.


There was a pastor here that came here one time, and he says, “Boy, I used to hate for my wife going in that room when she’s mad at me and be silent, because I knew what she was doing. She’s in there praying about me. Man, I hated that.” [LAUGHTER]


June 16, 1983

“…Love your enemies. Banish from your heart[s] hatred, bitterness, preconceived judgments. Pray for your enemies and call the Divine Blessing over them…”


That’s the trick.


February 11, 1982

“Pray my angels, persevere! Do not let the enemy take possession of you in anything…”


See, when we don’t forgive, if that boy on the cross did not forgive, he would have been possessed. He would have been owned by that master for the rest of his life, worse than his slavery. He was loosed when he forgave him and he loved him.


You think in your life, will you have to do that, or you have to correct or forgive somebody. That’s when you are free, and that’s when joy can flood your heart, because you’re free.


Lord knows, and you know, we have people that hate us. But I’m free! I never respond back that way, and I’m not going to. If that’s what they want, I’m calling the Divine Blessing on them.


June 24, 1983

“The sign will come, you must not worry about it. The only thing that I would want to tell you is to be converted. Make that known to all my children as quickly as possible. No pain, no suffering is too great for me in order to save you. I will pray to my Son not to punish the world; but I plead with you, [to] be converted.


“You cannot imagine what is going to happen nor what the Eternal Father will send to [the] earth. That is why you must be converted! Renounce everything. Do penance. Express my thanks to all my children who have prayed and fasted. I carry all this to my Divine Son in order to obtain an alleviation of His justice against the sins of mankind…”


If you look at the world, and you look how we go about our merry way, and there’s no stopping. There’s continually more depraved acts as we go, month by month, it’s just not common sense. And when we hear Our Lady say, “…an alleviation of His justice…” if we just back up a little bit…Our Lady said that. I think that was in Mirjana’s message. She says,


“…my heart is filled with pain and shudder. My children, stop for a moment and look into your hearts…”


Why would She say, “stop”? Because we’re racing along in this civilization, the way society is structured today. Even if you don’t want to, you can’t stop.


Often, we hear about people that go through conversion. They go to Medjugorje. They come here, and, “I want to do this. I want to do this…But I’ve got my job. I’ve got this. I’ve got cars to pay for.” They can’t stop! That, in itself, is a suffering, when you feel the longing for God, and you want to now do something, that you have enslaved yourself through the material world and through the way you’ve structured your life, and you float along with this ocean of error, that you can’t stop.


And here it is, Our Lady says,


“…stop for a moment and [just] look into your hearts…”


That’s what you need to do here. Get by yourself. Don’t even stay with your spouses. Get off in the Field and stop and just look into your own heart. You don’t have to be praying constantly. Spend some time with God.


Our Lady said, “…find a quiet time of the day and have an encounter with God…” (November 25, 1988) This message is why we have 5 a.m. prayer. We’re sitting out there in the silence of God, as the Creator, in creation. It’s a beautiful moment of…It’s a highlight of the day. Why? Because all the troubles of the day are buried yesterday from the sleep. You’ve woken up refreshed. It’s the only way to start the day, everybody. Everybody should start off with 5 a.m. prayer.


You know, I started that because, I was doing it at 7. My kids go to school. I didn’t see them. I backed up 6 to 7. My wife was getting the kids to go to school from there when they weren’t going to school here. And I was missing that time with them. I said to myself, “Why don’t I just back and sacrifice an hour of sleep and go back to 5 to 6?” Come home at 6, get them up, and then I’m part of their getting, going off to school, and hopefully, help bring some peace to the day how things start off.


That’s how we ended up doing this.


And it was based on this one message. Actually, Our Lady said a couple times, “…find a quiet time of the day you can have an encounter with God…” (November 25, 1988)


Are you doing that?


If you haven’t, that needs to be instituted in your life.


March 18, 2003

“Dear children! Particularly at [the] holy time of penance and prayer, I call you to make a choice. God gave you free will to choose life or death. Listen to my messages with the heart that you may become cognizant of what you are to do and how you will find the way to life. My children, without God you can do nothing; do not forget this even for a single moment…”




Because we don’t have a single moment.


There She is, going back, saying, “a moment.”


“…For, what are you and what will you be on earth, when you will return to it again. Do not anger God, but follow me to life…”


October 17, 1988

“Dear children, tonight your Mother is happy, joyful together with you. I would like to extend [this] happiness to you…”


Everybody wants happiness. I mean, how many people are happy?


How many people are happy in their family situation?


How can you not be happy, and this boy nailed to the cross is happy?


What did he do that you’re not doing?


What did he get that you’re not getting?




Stop for a moment and ask yourself.


Release everything.


Release all bitterness.


Forgive everything that’s ever happened to you, no matter if it’s ongoing this moment.


Wipe it out.


Let joy fill your heart.


“…I would like to give you love, so you can bring this love and spread it to others. I would like to give you peace, so [that] you can give this peace to others, so you can give this peace especially to families where hatred exists. I would like you, dear children, to renew the family prayer, all of you. I would like you to encourage others to renew this prayer…”


February 25, 1995

“Dear children! Today I invite you to become missionaries of my messages, which I am giving here through this place that is dear to me. God has allowed me to stay this long with you, and therefore, little children, I invite you to live with love the messages I give and to transmit them to the whole world, so that a river of love flows to people who are full of hatred and without peace…”


You want to annihilate the Muslims, and here, Our Lady is saying, “…so that a river of love will flow to them…” There’s a lot of good Muslims that are moderate out there. They’re fed up, and they’re going the other way because of the West and some of our sin. Part of the reason is, it’s our fault. I’m not defending the reckless, senseless hatred acts that they commit. But how are we going to conquer that? The same way the early Christians conquered.



“…I invite you, little children, to become peace where there is no peace and light where there is darkness, so that each heart accepts…”


Each heart. What did She say June 25th? ’07? This past June? “God’s desire is the conversion of the entire world.” (June 25, 2007)


“…so that each heart accepts the light…”


Match that—that’s ’95—match that up to this past year.


“…and the way of salvation…”


Jesus, Her Son.


She’s going to bring the whole world, everybody, every person, to Christ.


April 25, 1993

“Dear children, today I invite you all to awaken your hearts to love. Go into nature and look how nature is awakening and it will…help…you to open your hearts to the love of God the Creator. I desire…to awaken love in your families so that where there is unrest and hatred, love will reign and [where] there is love in your hearts, then…also prayer. And, dear children, do not forget that I am with you and I am helping you with my prayer that God may give you the strength to love…”


Why do we need strength to love? Because this is a very, very difficult time in history of the world to love. Very difficult.


“…I bless and love you with my Motherly [blessing]…”


And I’ll quit with this one.


March 25, 1999

“Dear children! I call you to prayer with the heart. In a special way, little children, I call you to pray for conversion of sinners, for those who pierce my heart and the heart of my Son Jesus with the sword of hatred and daily blasphemies. Let us pray, little children, for all those who do not desire to come to know the love of God, [and] even though they are in the Church…”


Strong words. Those who don’t know the love of God, “…even though they are in the Church…”


“…Let us pray that they convert, so that the Church may resurrect in love. Only with love and prayer, little children, can you live this time which is given to you for conversion. Place God in the first place, then the risen Jesus will become your friend…”


Okay. So, Our Lady says,


“…so that the Church may resurrect in love…”


Do you think God’s going to allow something as profound as these daily apparitions to take place for 27 years, almost, and She says, “…so that the Church may resurrect in love…” that that’s an expressed statement of Hers, but if that’s the case, it’s an expressed thought of Hers, if that’s the case of Her thought, it’s an expressed wish in Her Heart. And we better know, His Mama gets what She wants.


This is a foreshadowing that the Church resurrect in love. The whole world. We’re on the brink of something so grand, so magnificent, so incredible, that nobody can imagine it. We’re living in Biblical moments, straight out of the Bible! The Pharaoh chasing the Israelites.


At that point, it’s 2,600 feet at that depth where they found this. The Bible says, when they described this, “the wall of water,” a deep sea. Can you imagine, 2,600…That’s a half a mile! Can you imagine just walking by water one half mile up?


And we’re going to see—that’s one of the greatest moments in Biblical history—and we’re living one of the greatest moments of Biblical history. We’re going to see something like this. We don’t know how. We don’t know the circumstances. We don’t know when, but one thing we do know, is the priest that’s going to have them is going to read the three Secrets within the next…Well, he’s sixty-one. If he lives to be seventy-five, he’ll be reading them in the next thirteen years. There’s a time of interval between each one of these secrets.


So, are they going to happen twelve and half years from now? Most likely not. I don’t know how society can continue even for a couple more years without some kind of Divine intervention. And we all know that, even the non-churchgoer. You know, people who don’t have any belief in God, they’re trying to save the earth. Why? Because they know something’s wrong! Even the souls will always give the truth, even if they misinterpret it the wrong way. Instead of coming back to God the Creator, they’re anxious to save the world! They’re the people doing their yoga! They’re the people who don’t believe in God and got cancer. They want to go on these health diets and do everything. Why? Because their soul tells them that something’s wrong.


So many people are on a fitness fringe now because their soul’s dirty. They feel something. “I’ve gotta…” They’re trying to stay healthy.


All these are cries out to God.


Pope Benedict said something incredible in September when he was down in Latin America, and they said…Because you know, the whole earth people now, they want us to apologize to the indigenous people and let them go back to their ways. They want to go back to pre-Columbus days—Christopher Columbus. Because when Christopher Columbus brought the Light of Christ, we damaged people’s native way they lived. We hurt them.


So, there’s huge movements, which is in Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, to go back to indigenous people’s ways and let them have their customs.


So, Pope Benedict, in September, is down in Latin America, and they ask him to give an apology, because Pope John Paul apologized for things that happened that Christians had done. And Pope Benedict responded,


“No. I won’t apologize to the indigenous people that us coming bringing Christ was God, because He heard the cries of their soul. They were yearning for the Christ.”


A profound answer. What could they say to that? And yet, there’s huge movements, very strong things, to go back—even in the Church—to go back to these pagan customs and ways of worshipping the moon and this kind of stuff.


Don’t apologize for that.


Society don’t need to allow that.


As general society, we bring the Light of Christ. Yes, it’s through our witness. But there’s an overriding guide of what we accept.


So, if Our Lady says these words, “to resurrect the Church in love,” (March 25, 1999) You can bet that’s the plan. That’s going to happen, and it’s as She said, “it all depends on you.” (December 15, 1983) You play a part in that.


Remember Mirjana, on one of her apparitions, several years ago, Our Lady said that, “…this great day of prayer…” (March 18, 1994) One month later, I asked her about that. I looked to see what the pope did or see something happened in the Church or something happened in the world. Couldn’t find nothing. And yet, Our Lady said, “…[on] this great day of prayer…”


So, I asked Mirjana. She was puzzled.


I said, “Mirjana, it says this.”


And she said, “Oh, I know why Our Lady said that.”


I said, “Why?”


And she says, “Because two or three hours before the apparition, people were praying. They were on their knees, and they were so into their prayer. They were so praying from the heart. And after the apparition, they stayed for two or three more hours.”


She says, “It was just strong, strong prayer.”


Fifty people. Fifty people that caused Our Lady to say, in the world, “…this great day of prayer…”


Elijah changed the whole world, as far as the weather, closing the heavens from one man’s prayer, opened it back up three years later to prayer.


So, you know, you here, don’t think, “Well, where’s the throngs?” or “We’ve got to have a lot of people.”


The more prayer, the better. It’s better to have less people praying from the heart than more people not praying from the heart.


And so, here, you pray. You pray strong, and we alter the world.




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2 thoughts on “Woman of Revelation Series: Avoiding Hardness with Our Lady’s Messages”

  1. City: Christchurch
    State: NZ
    Country: New Zealand
    I’m totally in line with you if you disobey a commandments you fall into a state of mortal Sin an therefore you can’t receive Holy Communion until you have been to communion. I am one of the worlds biggest sinners Have been praying Divine Mercy every day for 32 years I’m in prayer 5-6 hrs but that’s just me

  2. Susan Venturi- Cappelluti

    City: Madera
    State: CA.
    Country: United States
    I have been to Medjugorje two times, back in 1997 and 1998, and they were life changing, wonderful, spiritual, trips. I still read Our Lady’s messages in my Medjugorje Day by Day book. I will always listen to Our Lady’s messages and warnings as we are under her mantle and pray for her protection. God Bless You for your work at keeping us notified on the messages and warnings.

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2 thoughts on “Woman of Revelation Series: Avoiding Hardness with Our Lady’s Messages”

  1. City: Christchurch
    State: NZ
    Country: New Zealand
    I’m totally in line with you if you disobey a commandments you fall into a state of mortal Sin an therefore you can’t receive Holy Communion until you have been to communion. I am one of the worlds biggest sinners Have been praying Divine Mercy every day for 32 years I’m in prayer 5-6 hrs but that’s just me

  2. Susan Venturi- Cappelluti

    City: Madera
    State: CA.
    Country: United States
    I have been to Medjugorje two times, back in 1997 and 1998, and they were life changing, wonderful, spiritual, trips. I still read Our Lady’s messages in my Medjugorje Day by Day book. I will always listen to Our Lady’s messages and warnings as we are under her mantle and pray for her protection. God Bless You for your work at keeping us notified on the messages and warnings.

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