March 30, 2023
Radio Wave Mejanomics

This Time’s Going Away

[Podcast] (33 Minutes) – Why would we not want to make our lives and homes where we will not even feel the passage from this life to the next? A Friend of Medjugorje talks all about this in this special broadcast.

Episode Transcript



“No one can serve two masters. He will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life– what you shall eat or drink– or about your body– what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?


“Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap. They gather nothing into barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? Can any of you, by worrying, add a single moment to your life span?


“Why are you anxious about clothes? Learn from the way the wildflowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was clothed like one of them. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will He not much more provide for you, oh you of little faith?


“So do not worry and say, what are we to eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what are we to wear? All these things the pagans seek. Your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all.


“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”




This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.



And you are listening to Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.


Tonight, we’re sharing with you a special broadcast from April of 2009. Now, this is going to be only a short segment of the original broadcast, which was titled, Our Lady: We Can’t Outrun Her. And we want to share with you this special portion, which, in light of so many things that are happening in the world today, we can lose sight of the global plan of Medjugorje.


As many of you who listen to these broadcasts and those of you who read what a Friend of Medjugorje writes, you know that there is no one in the world who can really bring Medjugorje from that global scale that it really is, down to the local scale to your own personal life and how we should respond to Our Lady and to Her call.


Tonight’s broadcast is a little bit of a mini retreat for us. And so, we share it with you with the prayer that, as so many things are happening across the world, taking our focus away from Our Lady, that tonight’s broadcast will refocus you in your commitment to Her.


Tonight’s broadcast will begin with the reading of the April 2, 2009, message, and then a Friend of Medjugorje will join us right after.


And so, this is the Radio WAVE broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje, April 6, 2009.





And this is the message from April 2, 2009, Mirjana’s message for the day of nonbelievers:


“Dear children, God’s love is in my words. My children, that is the love which desires to turn you to justice and truth. That is the love which desires to save you from delusion. And what about you, my children? Your hearts remain closed; they are hard and do not respond to my calls. They are insincere…With a motherly love I am praying for you, because I desire for you to resurrect in my Son. Thank you.”


“In the translation after the sentence, ‘…They are insincere…’ Mirjana relayed that at this point she begged Our Lady to stay longer and it was then Our Lady began, ‘…With a motherly love…’



I feel like we are in a moment that, are we stopping long enough to pause and really sincerely look at that? It struck me that March 18th, Our Lady said,


“Dear children! Today I call you to look into your hearts sincerely and for a long time…”


And none of us can grasp the moment that we live. Our Lady, there’s no way to get away from Her once you consecrate yourself and start following Her. And yet, so many have gotten away from Her because they close their hearts. They don’t want to be reminded every time they turn and She’s there, because “This is going to stop me from this enjoyment or this pleasure,” or “I can’t do this,” or “I’m not free.” “I’m restricted by the messages.” And so many people fall away, or they don’t want them, or they turn hard. And that’s what Our Lady’s saying here. You know,


“…Your hearts remain closed; they are hard and [you] do not respond to my calls…”


With an “s.”


“…Your hearts remain closed; they are hard and do not respond to my calls. They are insincere…”


You’re not sincere. “I ask you to look, and you’re not sincere. I just told you two weeks ago what I wish from you, what I want to help you, what I want you to do, what’s My desire for you. And yet, you’ve remain closed”


Here it is, a fresh apparition, an annual apparition, and many people came from Italy. They came from all over the place. It was very busy, for that one day. People flew in from all over the place. Thousands of people were there.


And what are we? Spiritual curiosity seekers? What are we not doing? What are we not following? But that applies to all of us. Do we just want to see what She said in the message? “Oh, oh, okay. Oh, man, I can go home. It’s nothing about secrets. We’ve got another month to go. Or another year to go.”


So, Our Lady tells us now, “sincerely look for a long time.” (March 18, 2009) On the 18th She continues, She says,


“…what will you see in them? Where is my Son in them? Where is the desire to follow Him?…”


So how will this happen that we become sincere with Our Lady? And this is a question She poses to us. We’re supposed to see everything that God has in Creation and everything He’s given to us, everything with love.


And we’re supposed to love even the vegetation, the plants, the trees. Not as the tree-huggers are, who worships this as god, but because God gave it to us as gifts.


And it’s a delusion people have that they’re owed things, not only that, but they take them for granted or its going to end.


And, you know God’s in control, but we live under many, many delusions. But as our children, we’re following so much untruth, people are so deluded in what to believe.


The distance of truth is such a crisis that Our Lady is having to come give these words from God, words She Herself said, are Words from Heaven. The delusion is we’re going to miss this time, we’re going to look back and say what was I thinking? How stupid of me. How good I had it. How beautiful it was.


People are deluded right now. I talked to the whole Community this morning for a couple of hours, we just had some talks about the delusion people are saying, well things are going to get better. The economic situation, we’ve got another three months or so, maybe by the end of this year.


What are you thinking? Is the system holy? Is the system working for the favors of God and His ways? Is it a way of leading people to the light? Or the other way? You cannot have the Holy Virgin Mary here every day and at the same time evil growing in its way without a division to America’s light and dark; the whole world being split, light and dark; the governments being split, light and dark; people being split away from each other.


The message I just quoted, there’s two groups of here people. She looked at those who were not devout, that were with bad hearts, who were there, they were following Her. They were there because of Her. But She saw in their hearts. There are two groups of people. Where are you going to be?


And so, ingratitude is the greatest problem we have right now, really. Because if we were gracious, we would see what Jesus Himself did for us, what we’re celebrating this week. I say celebrating because Our Lady, one Good Friday, appeared happy on Good Friday. The visionaries were surprised. And She says you should be joyful too. Because this brought you liberty from your sins. It opened the gates of Heaven.


Where is the gratitude? Do we even understand what gratitude means anymore? People think they’re owed this, that they’re owed an income, that they’re owed a job, they’re owed a house. My dad taught me, “You’re not owed anything, anything. You better get out there and work.”


You know it’s incredible, Our Lady told the villagers, every Thursday to read Matthew 6 and it’s all about money. It’s about economics. I was raised where we understood that what we had, we didn’t deserve no matter how hard you worked for it. And then when you did get it, how do you show your gratitude? And your gratitude should be, “God, what did You give me this for? I don’t deserve this.”


But we have a mentality, a union mentality between us and Heaven. We unionized the earth. “We’re owed this, God. You owe me this.” It’s enough to live in the woods or out on the streets that God’s brought us salvation. Better to be impoverished physically, hungry and holy, then fat filled with the nice mansion and go to hell.


If that same person goes to hell because of those material goods are looked at in the wrong way, which are good in and of themselves because Our Lady talked about that, Our Lady didn’t condemn things of the world as bad.


January 25, 2009

“…I desire little children for each of you to fall in love with eternal life which is your future and for all worldly things to be a help for you to draw you closer to God the Creator…”


Is that not incredible? This is how She began this year, 2009.


“…for all worldly things to be a help for you to draw you closer to God the Creator…”


This is a beautiful message.


So why is it for one man draws him to hell and for the other can use these material things and worldly things and bring to Heaven?  That’s our whole life here. Everything, technology, tractors, whatever we have is to bring us to God.


Somebody said they sent a missile to Korea, and everybody is talking about it. I don’t know the details about it, but that’s the news out there supposedly right now. But at Chaplet I heard the news right here. My son comes to me and says, “Dad, because of all the rain we had a cow slip underneath the hay wagon and she’s dead.”


Now that’s news. That’s our news. Why? Because she had at least four more calves she could give, three or four more, she was one of our older cows, but we had that out of her. That’s our future. That’s news. That’s the world news around here. We hear this at the supper table, what happened.


Yesterday all our kids, they had activities which is the news we discussed. And so, if you blink, if you don’t go the right way, if you don’t follow what Our Lady is saying, you’re going to miss these moments.

We have something beautiful, and Our Lady is telling us. Back to the January 25th message,
“…to fall in love with eternal life which is your future…” But She’s not saying we have to distain this life. That we shouldn’t be relishing these moments and if we’re in gratitude we will. “Why is God being so good to me. Why have I got these things?” It don’t matter how much has been taken from you. You’re always ahead of somebody else, you can find somebody else with less, more poor, more difficulty, more crisis, more hardships, more illnesses.


You’re always ahead of somebody. And for worldly things to be a help for you to draw you closer to God the Creator. When She says the word “Creator,” when She adds that to that sentence, that means Creation, that means plants, that means vegetation, that means animals, that means everything.


And so if there is anything that we have fallen on is ingratitude. We’re so blessed as a people. We’re blessed being in Our Lady’s movement and I believe the more gratitude you show, the more God can give to you what your needs are, and even surplus.


For it says in the Scriptures, “I’ll fill your grain bins so full that you’ll have to throw it away to make room for the next harvest, it’ll go bad on you.”


And how many think about that except just wanting more or make more money or more this or a better job? And this is even people who don’t have a lot. Sometimes they’re more greedy than people who do have a lot. Both can commit the sin.


So, these temporal goals we have are to be used for eternal good. This is just for a bus stop. We’re standing on the side of the street, and we bet on the bus and we ride down the road and that’s the end of our life. We pass through passage of life.


How did you use your wealth? How did you use the things. How did you use your talent? How did you use your skill? What did God give you?


I remember years ago Barbara Streisand got up and after getting an Academy Award or something she got and she started thanking all these people, her producer, and thanking and thanking, thank you, thank you, thank you. Not one time did she sit there and say, thank you God for giving me this voice. She didn’t create this voice, God gave it to her. It was a gift.


The ingratitude in not even mentioning God, and of course, she in all her ways are anti-god in many things now, but how wonderful to have that platform and show such ingratitude and these people are without peace. Their hearts are hard. They’re not satisfied and they’re looking for solutions through man to come up with this or that to make them happy. They want their kingdom on earth. They don’t see any temporal things that God’s given to them. How should I use this to advance the Kingdom of God?


Everything we use here in our mission of Caritas is for the purpose to advance the Kingdom of God. If not, we don’t want it. We consecrate it for that and it could be the most extreme thing.


The most extreme thing I know I ever consecrated for the Kingdom of God was our swimming pool, and yes, I had the swimming pool before Our Lady ever came here and before I ever got involved in Medjugorje. I paid for it with my money because I know there are souls out there that judge, oh, he’s got a swimming pool. That was bought with my business, our funds.


But I gave that, I thought, okay, when I started really praying, I started realizing I consecrated that swimming pool one day to God. I walked out there and I said God I don’t know what You can do with this swimming pool but its Yours. I’m consecrating it to you. I didn’t say it flippantly. I says, I don’t, I really didn’t know what He could use and I thought it a little bit strange giving something of pleasure like that or enjoyment to God, but I did it anyway. Next month some priests started coming over because they were going to EWTN and they needed a break because they’re on a heavy schedules. One priest who was scheduled three years in advance started coming here. We grew friends. We’re swimming one day. We’re talking about Medjugorje and I said if you ever find a way to go to Medjugorje I want to go. This was like in ’85, ’84. He called me not a month later from this conversation in our swimming pool during the summer time and said, hey, there’s a trip, one of the first trips going to Medjugorje from America. Do you want to go? I said sign me up, sign my whole family up. My life changed from that point. From a stupid swimming pool which became unstupid because God gave it to me and I gave it back to Him and He used this as a meeting place. So don’t think you’re gold-plated forks can’t be used somehow, if you want to melt it down and give it to somebody, I don’t know. That’s God’s plan. I didn’t know about the swimming pool. I don’t know what you got. But you give it to God and watch what happens. And you’ve got to be sincere about it because He may take it away and that’s the scary part because you may not need that. But all I have, all I own, including my sight, my taste, my being, my very core belongs to Our Lady. I want Her in my heart. I want Her in my mind and She’s everywhere. No matter if I try to even betray Her, She’s standing there, Uh-uh. She’s there. So, we’ve got to realize that how often Our Lady has come to us trying to get us to do things that we don’t want to do. And the time we’re in is such a gift that I guarantee you’re going to miss this age. You’re gonna miss this time. Our Lady has given something incredible. She gave us when She appeared She turned the hourglass around. We were out of time. Time was over. She flipped it to start all over again. So this whole period of time, 28 years now in June, is a blink of the eye. I can’t imagine being in this movement for 23 years. It blows me away when I think about it. And then I start thinking about the memories and all that, I see it in the passage of time but it was yesterday. Are you slowing down? Are you taking all this in? Are you living in the right way to grasp everything Our Lady wants to give you? What are you putting first in your life? Every breath is worth something. Are you in gratitude for that? Are you giving gratitude? The saints tell us, gratefulness begets another favor. And all we here is “I want more, I want more, I want more.” When you’ve got so much more you don’t even use the more that you got. One day, and it may be soon, we’re going to be having the deepest gratitude just for getting one pair of shoes. I remember a man years ago telling me in the country around here that he back in the 40s ran across a bunch of kids in the mountains about two hours from here, hadn’t had shoes in two or three years. It was winter time. And what it meant to them to bring them some shoes. Are we going to be that way? We got to realize what kind of time we’re coming in. Don’t blink. Don’t even think about the way the world’s going that you can’t start changing things in your own life because this time is going away and thank God Our Lady is giving us more time.



I turned on the evening news, saw an old man being interviewed. Turnin’ a hundred and two today. Asked him what’s the secret to life. He looked up from his old pipe. He laughed and said, “All I can say is…”


Don’t blink. Just like that, you’re six years old and you take a nap, and you wake up and you’re twenty-five, and your high-school sweetheart becomes your wife. Don’t blink. You just might miss your babies growing like mine did. Turning into moms and dads, next thing you know, your better half of fifty years is there in bed. And you’re praying God takes you instead. Trust me friend, a hundred years goes faster than you think. So don’t blink.”


Well I was glued to my TV when it looked like he looked at me and said, “Best start putting first things first. ‘Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand, you can’t flip it over and start again. Take every breath God gives you for what it’s worth.


“Don’t blink. Just like that, you’re six years old and you take a nap, and you wake up and you’re twenty-five, and your high-school sweetheart becomes your wife. Don’t blink. You just might miss your babies growing like mine did. Turning into moms and dads, next thing you know, your better half of fifty years is there in bed. And you’re praying God takes you instead. Trust me friend, a hundred years goes faster than you think. So don’t blink.”


So I’ve been tryin’ to slow it down. I’ve been tryin’ to take it in in this here-today-gone-tomorrow world we’re livin’ in


Don’t blink. Just like that, you’re six years old and you take a nap, and you wake up and you’re twenty-five, and your high-school sweetheart becomes your wife. Don’t blink. You just might miss your babies growing like mine did. Turning into moms and dads, next thing you know, your better half of fifty years is there in bed. And you’re praying God takes you instead. Trust me friend, a hundred years goes faster than you think. So don’t blink.


No, don’t blink.


Don’t blink.


Life goes faster than you think.


So don’t blink.


Life goes faster than you think.


Don’t blink.


Don’t blink.


Life goes faster than you think.



Our Lady said, as we spoke earlier, you know, to fall in love with eternal life which is your future. Now are we supposed to be ingracious for this life we’re in? You can’t take these messages without interpreting them in light of all messages. That’s why you can’t take any single Bible verse without looking at all Bible verses and interpret that in light of all Scripture. They have to be in harmony. If there is a contradiction, then you don’t have the right of interpretation. Well, Vicka said, that for those who live the messages will not feel the passage from this life to the next. They will already begin living Heaven on earth. So you can start eternal life here. And that’s where you start it. Because this life is about is test to see where you’ll spend eternity. She also said, Vicka, for those who go to hell have already started their hell on earth, they just continue it. Look at somebody who is demonically driven or who is so dark or so mean or so hateful. That is hell. They’re not at peace. They’re not satisfied with themselves. And so they just have already living eternity here on this earth. That’s the first reality we need to understand about the messages. You can begin this happiness, and we’ve experienced it. Our life is beautiful here. In fact, Ivan, something that he had said years ago, and actually it was in one of the interviews that he did with us, he said, you need to have meaning for your life and your family, but he said, “So if we follow the rules of the Church that the Church gave us and have faith in God, have faith in the Virgin Mary, we’re going to have a near perfect life.” Now, he was talking in the context of this life. And we’ve gone through a lot of difficulties, a lot of crosses to amend our life “fabriced” daily incorporating the messages of how we live and our life has become better and more perfect. Now, does that mean oh everything is going to like amusement park. Everything is just fun? Ivan adds to this, he says, “We’re going to have a near perfect life with all good and bad things because nobody except God is perfect.” So in other words we can near perfection in our life by living the messages, following the Church and doing what we are supposed to be doing and staying in a state of grace, but those bad things that come along in life are part of things of life. But if you’re in peace and you have an inner serenity and these things assault you, you’re still happy. We just read a message Our Lady said She was in tears. She’s in Heaven. That contradicts each other. We’re supposed to be just in joy. Were not all the angels weeping at the Crucifixion, 2,000 years ago? What do they do in remembrance of that? What do they do when they see sinners go to hell? So, there’s, there’s a consolation in Heaven not know and it’s not the same thing we know, but, but, Israel brought sorrow to God, but it’s different when you live the messages. Any bad thing that comes to us, any sorrows, we understand. We understand living and dying or like the song just said, one day you know 50 years your better half will be in the bed. We had a marriage retreat once here and the pastor, the minister said, I want you to look at each other right now, all you who are married that one day one of you will be looking on the other in a casket. And it really struck me you know, because I married my high school sweetheart and I remember those words real distinctly when he said that. You know, things go by in a blink of an eye, it’s gone. And so Our Lady wants us to enjoy this life because if we enjoy this life by the rules of the Church, the laws, the 10 Commandments, following the messages, then you are happy. Even in the midst of losing your fortune or losing a loved one; you’re satisfied. There is a satisfaction that those who don’t follow that who are in darkness can’t and won’t have. So Our Lady gives us something and the thing is are you going to take it? Are you going to accept it? And if we do, we’re already enjoying eternal life at this moment and it can follow us into the next life.




What if Our Lady hadn’t appeared in 1981?



We know Our Lady, had She not come and appeared to these visionaries, She revealed that the world would have destroyed itself.



Why is the Holy Virgin coming?



“…Read Sacred Scripture[s], live it, and pray to understand the signs of the time…”



At 6:40, June 24, 1981, the world was on a downhill slide toward evil and darkness and hate, that that changed in one moment toward the good.



Has anything been said about Christians?



There’s many Christians in the world, but also She gave a message that said there’s many Christians living as the pagans. They live pagan Christianity.



With daily apparitions, do we know if there is some kind of plan?



It’s Her words, saying, “I want to use you in a great plan. You must pray to understand what your role is in that plan, and it’s for the salvation of the world.”



How will it happen?



Because you are the chosen ones in the time of grace, walking with Her, who are going to instruct the others after the time of grace…


When Our Lady came June 24, 1981, it was at that point that God had decided to bring us ten secrets, three admonitions…and it’s going to happen. They will happen.



Do not put off drawing closer to God now in the time of Divine Mercy. Find out more about the most extraordinary plans in two thousand years of Christian history. Be kept informed of the most important event in your life, your children’s and your grandchildren’s, and all your posterity to the end of the world. See mej.com.




You’re listening to Radio WAVE with a Friend of Medjugorje.



People have built their whole life on a delusion that the system and economic and the structure of society as it is to buy more, manufacture more, get more was what brought happiness. Ivan once said that you know, parents get caught up in the material things and they lose everything through that and satan enters the family. And so, we’ve got a whole thing of fear that is following people because that’s going away and they sense these material things going away and they’re desperate.




And you have been listening to a Friend of Medjugorje from the broadcast of April of 2009 which was originally titled Our Lady, We Can’t Outrun Her. Many of you who listen, you know the impact it makes on your personal life. We ask you to share that impact and share that conversion with other people by spreading these broadcasts to all of your friends, your family, your co-workers, anyone who you see might be in need of hearing what you have heard tonight. And so to conclude here again is a Friend of Medjugorje, April 2009.




I was just told today there was a real nice subdivision near here. We’ve got a lot of nice subdivisions in this area, but this is probably 15 miles from here and its got Covenant subdivision rules and this stuff, but one lady just decided she’s going to plow up her yard. Now these are immaculate yards, zoysia and grass, she plowed it up and she said she’s going to get chickens too. People are realizing there is something wrong with the way we’re living. I think that’s a good move because not everybody can move to have a piece of property. Why can’t you do that in your own subdivision? That’s your track of land. Forget covenant laws. Challenge that. It’s not Covenant laws. It’s rules. In fact, what’s happening, there are attorneys challenging, just for your information out there, there are people that are challenging this now because what’s come out is, so you’re not free as an American, to sign away your Constitutional right. So a lot of these subdivision covenants can be defeated like that and they should. People are reaching for these things because what they built a life on is going away and this is a right move and if you’re on a subdivision consider that. So, we have a lot of calls, and a lot of people listen to us, Extended Community members, everybody is interested in this right now because they see there is something very, very wrong. They built their life in a wrong way and now they want to restructure and it’s a good move. It’s a very good move because to get closer with the soil is to get closer to God.





This ends the Mejanomics broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje. These broadcasts are available as CDs, which are sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly subscription. For information, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

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