November 2, 2023
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The Worst Thing You Could Do to Your Children

[Podcast] (36 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje give a take-down on the education system and how to understand the spirit of the messages.

Episode Transcript


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“No one can serve two masters. He will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life– what you shall eat or drink– or about your body– what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?


“Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap. They gather nothing into barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? Can any of you, by worrying, add a single moment to your life span?


“Why are you anxious about clothes? Learn from the way the wildflowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was clothed like one of them. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will He not much more provide for you, oh you of little faith?


“So do not worry and say, what are we to eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what are we to wear? All these things the pagans seek. Your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all.


“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”




This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.



Welcome to Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.


It is easy, today, to be a prophet. There are so many signs and so many events of the world. To be able to predict the plans of evil and the designs of God, it does not take much.


But ten years ago, fifteen years ago, twenty years ago, it was a lot more difficult when things were going well.


Tonight, we want to share with you an encounter with a Friend of Medjugorje from June 23, 2008. A Friend of Medjugorje touches very heavily on the education system. With everything that’s so evident now with colleges and the school systems, it’s easy to see the evils of that current system. But what you’re going to hear a Friend of Medjugorje speak about comes as a result of his knowledge and his education in the messages. And through that calling and that vocation of the messages to which he has given his life to, he has been ahead of the curve on many, many things. And tonight’s broadcast is evidence of just one more truth that the closer we stay to Our Lady and to the messages, the more we will see things that other people cannot see.


And so, here is a Friend of Medjugorje, June 23, 2008.





Our Lady gave a message in the earlier days of Medjugorje, June 9, 1984. And She said, pray,


“Dear children, tomorrow night pray for the Spirit of Truth! Especially, you from the parish. Because you need the Spirit of Truth to be able to convey the messages just the way they are, neither adding anything to them, nor taking anything whatsoever away from them, but just the way I said them…”


This is a strange message because Our Lady says you need the Spirit of Truth to convey the messages. The messages are so simple. They’re so straightforward. Why do we need to pray for the Spirit of Truth to convey them?


Marija receives the message. She hears them audibly. She also hears them interiorly. She hears them in a way that are much more profound than my voices comes to you at this moment. When she hears the word “love,” they feel love. If they see Her cry, then they feel what cry means. I think it was Ivan who said that, or maybe Mirjana, “If you saw Our Lady cry, you’d never want to sin again.”


So, they feel this. And so, it’s not just an audible thing they hear.


But yet, what the visionaries get from…Many times we’ve been with Marija, even in our home, when she gets the 25th message, she writes these messages down just the way they are. I’ve been with her several occasions where this happens. And she goes into a separate room. We sit down. I pray while she writes. And she writes down exactly what she heard. And yet, Our Lady says you need the Spirit of Truth to convey them.


What does this mean?


So, we have an understanding of Medjugorje and the messages that many people don’t grasp, that why would you need the Spirit of Truth just to repeat something, neither adding anything to them or taking away?


You don’t really need the Spirit of Truth to copy a paragraph.


So, Marija may receive, and then you may say, “Okay, she might need the Spirit of Truth to convey them to remember it.”


But do I need the Spirit of Truth to sit there and read a message and turn around and read it to you? Why do I need the Spirit of Truth? I just read you the message. These are Our Lady’s words.


“…pray for the Spirit of Truth!…Because you need the Spirit of Truth to be able to convey the messages just the way they are, neither adding anything to them, nor taking anything whatsoever away from them, but just the way I said them…”


She says it like three times. She’s meaning, don’t add anything or take anything away.


So, why do I need the Spirit of Truth to just read you what I said? I don’t need the Spirit of Truth to do that. I simply don’t need that because I can repeat that.


So, this opens the door to something else Our Lady’s saying, meaning that, when She gives a message, it’s not just what She wants conveyed—the words, word-for-word. There’s more to these words. There’s more to these messages than just repeating them. They mean something else besides that. And you need the Spirit of Truth to understand that.


And so, Our Lady speaks to you as an individual on the 25th of the month. Wednesday will be the 25th of June. She’ll give a message. She’ll repeat exactly what Our Lady said, and you’ll read exactly the words. But to understand the Spirit of Truth of the messages is a whole different thing, because six and a half billion people will receive this message. This message, received for you, needs the Spirit of understanding of what that message means.


So, in other words, out of six and a half billion people, it’s going to say something different to you than it will to me, because Our Lady’s messages have that profoundness. She says you must pray to understand and comprehend the profoundness of Our Lady’s messages. The profoundness of Our Lady’s messages is that they have the ability to speak to my daily situation, your daily situation. Your daily situation changing through five times through the day the same message can speak to you five different ways. That’s the Spirit of Truth She’s speaking about.


Now, in that Spirit of Truth, you can’t add to that, or rationalization of the message.


So, that’s the most fundamental thing to understand first about the messages, because when you hear people say, “Our Lady’s just saying the same old thing.” And I’ve heard this from many priests, mostly. “Our Lady’s just repeating the Gospel.”


Yeah, it’s an echo of the Gospel. But She’s not just repeating the Gospel. She’s giving the Scriptures life, in a new way, in a way for us to understand that we can’t, as modern man, understand or grasp. We’ve lost the Spirit of Truth. We’ve lost the spirit of the Bible. And that’s why Our Lady says, “Dust off your Bibles. Read them.”


So, any talk of the messages must start with this, so you have some kind of fundamental understanding of that.


I know the basis for Our Lady’s coming is Mother. We can’t accept Father if we don’t have Mother. So, we lost our faith in God the Creator, and to regain that faith, we have to have Mother.


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Our Lady says, She says,


October 24, 1988, She says,


“…your Mother wants to call you to pray for the young of the whole world, for the parents of the whole world so they know how to educate their children and how to lead them in life [and give] good advice…”


Our Lady has shown us, more and more, that all the visionaries who planned their vocation, all got married and had children. And so, the basis of where everything starts is that, because of the way we educate our children and what we expose them to.


The influence we have on kids is much more than we think. We don’t have a kid problem. We have a parent problem. And parents don’t know how to educate their children. And because of that, they do things that maybe you might not want them to do, but because you’ve lost the way or the Spirit of Truth, you find themselves getting in trouble. But the impact, how you educate your children, imprints them. We’ve forgotten this. We think we can do anything as parents and not have some kind of profound effect on your children.


Our Lady goes on in this message of October 24, 1988. She says, where She says, “…educate [your] children and [know] how to lead them in life with good advice…”


And then—I didn’t read this part:


“…Pray, dear children; the situation of the young is difficult. Help them! Help parents who don’t know [how to give good advice].”


We have a whole system that is very difficult for me to give you in a talk to unravel of explaining the situation that we’re in today. But the complexity of what we have with the youth in general society is something that always comes back down to the parents. And the education system’s messed up. The government’s messed up. The entertainment system’s messed up. It’s all there.


And so, Our Lady’s coming back to the fundamental. The fundamental thing is back to the parents.


So, when you have a youth problem, you have that because you’ve got an adult problem.


Our Lady said, on


March 25, 1997

“…Ask of Jesus to heal your wounds, which you, dear children, during your life sustained because of your sins or the sins of your parents…”


When Our Lady gave this message, I really was shocked by this. This is a profound message. So, She’s saying that the sins you’ve inherited from your parents! So, a lot of what you complain about, and what youth will grow up and complain about, is their fault.


Now, am I pointing a finger at parents? Well, we’ve lost the way. We lost the Spirit of Truth. We fell into things that we didn’t know was bad.


And so, we’re in a system that we bought everything satan was throwing. This place right now is where we were in the 50s, all of Croatia. There was a nun from Zagreb and a priest in Zagreb, just the other day, and they’re buying 200 I See Far’s…or rather, 150 I See Far and 50 How to Change Your Husband. They’re not the first religious that are coming here. Because the religious here see a very grave danger of television, because they’re just getting it, in the last ten years. They didn’t have it just a few years ago. And while our religious and our lay people don’t think nothing of it, they’re very sensitive to what’s about to happen to their culture.


Divorce here, just a few years ago, was totally unheard of. It didn’t happen. Before the war, there was no such thing as an orphan! They didn’t have orphans here. I asked Marija, “What do they do if somebody didn’t have parents?”


“They didn’t do anything. The family lived right in the neighborhood. They took them.”


I said, “What if there’s no family?”


“The neighborhood took them. The neighbor took the child.”


They were part of the little village there. And it was inconceivable to send one off somewhere or have an orphanage. It didn’t exist. Divorce didn’t exist.


So, Our Lady says,

“…the sins of your parents. Only in this way, dear children, you will understand that the world is in need of healing of faith in God the Creator…”


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And society has built by the structures, many structures of satan, to unravel this. To go back to a simple life is going to take forty years. I believe Our Lady is going to be with us forty years. We’re twenty-eight years now. That means we have twelve or so more years left. Why do I believe that? For many reasons, which I’m not going to go that direction. But I believe strongly these daily apparitions will last, for forty-four years, they go past that as long as the visionaries live, because they get an annual apparition, which I’m convinced they can’t live without looking forward to something at least once a year, after having Our Lady with them for that long every day, there’s no way they could not fall in despair. You can’t see Heaven in that kind of way and survive.


So, it’s going to take forty years in the desert to get us out of the situation we’re in, and we’re in a very, very bad situation. The whole system, worldwide, is so convinced that university education is something you’ve got to work for, you’ve got to put back with your children, you’ve got to…


It’s the worst thing you can do to your kids, the absolute worst thing to do to your children to send them to a university. And some people may say, “Oh, I’ve done that. I’m planning that for my children,” or, “I can get a job.” Forget it! Statistically, they show that just a tradesman, just a person working with their hands, will make far more money in a hand trade, working with skills, than a college graduate.


The system is from the devil.


My wife and I are in Washington last October with an organization called FRC—Family Research Council. Family Research Council was put together by a big organization, James Dobson, Focus on the Family. This organization is a watchdog for any laws that they try to take God out of school or anything, that the American Civil Liberty Union had been fighting through the courts. They became their opposite. So, whatever the ACLU has done in damaging society for the last thirty years, they’re attacking with 350 attorneys, and another thousand or so they have that will take pro bono cases.


But the FRC had breakout sessions. We went to two of them. The days were spent just listening to talks and presidential candidates. But in these breakout sessions, one of them was about the universities. I knew it, but I was shocked at the statistics they gave.


95% of all professors are there for nothing more than to indoctrinate these youth to be tolerant of abominable lifestyles, of sin, and to degradate their mind. Nothing more. Maybe I’ll go into that a little more in a minute.


But Our Lady said, this first message,


October 24, 1988

“…Pray, dear children; the situation of the young is difficult. Help them! Help parents who don’t know, who give bad advice!”


But preceding that,

“…your Mother [calls] you to pray for the young [children] of the whole world, for the parents of the whole world so [that] they know how to educate their children…”


When you read that, the Spirit of Truth, yeah, educate, that means me teaching my children. But not only that, parents are saving to have their children educated by somebody else.


The thing that’s going to save America and has saved America, and the reason we are embedded with a lot of strong values in America, still going, even though the media shows just the opposite, is homeschooling. Parents are not trusting the education system, even in the primary schools, or secondary schools, to educate their children. It’s the parents’ responsibility. And that’s why homeschooling is exploding. And it’s these youth who will save America.


The state says they’ve got more right to educate your children than you as a parent. We have given away our rights thinking, and being educated ourselves, that they have a right to do that. They don’t! You, as a parent, have a fundamental right above anybody to educate your children or not to educate your children. It’s your choice. If you don’t want your children to go to school, that right is more important to be protected in society as a God-given right, not from government, not from the local council or schoolboard. It’s the parents’ right, that if they didn’t want their children to read they’d be able to have that right.


You say, “Well, that’s not the thing to do.” It may not be the thing to do. But that right is far more important to be sacred and protected than the right for the state to take that child away and educate them, because they’re going to educate them worse than not reading, far, far worse.


We need to understand that parents don’t know how to educate their children when they send them to a university, or to a state school. We’re waking up, especially in America, people are waking up. People are waking up in Ireland. People are waking up in other countries. They’re starting to wake up in Germany.


The system is of the devil. It’s satanic.


One guy came here. He was a Protestant. I nurtured his conversion. I collaborated with Our Lady. I didn’t push him. We’ve got a lot of experience in not pushing people. We’ll kill them like we have y’all for the first four days, but we won’t push them [LAUGHTER] to convert. We’ll put in the environment where you can convert, but we won’t force you in that. We let God do it.


So, he was pushed in this environment. Everything worked right. He converted to Catholicism. One year later, he said he’s going to become a Catholic priest. He was Episcopalian, actually. He became a Catholic priest. I didn’t see him after that for several years. I met him here. We were walking on the trail, and his whole air about him was different. He had gone to the university and all this. And I said, “Well, I’m really happy to see you,” you know, “What are you doing now, the priest that do the messages?”


He said, “Oh, I’m not into that.” He said, “I’m into Augustine,” St. Augustine.


You know, they go from the heart to the intellectual.


We’ve got a system that the worst thing you can do is what Our Lady said here, is don’t know how to educate your children. It’s your primary responsibility, Our Lady’s showing us, to teach and educate your children. You might not be up for that. A lot of homeschoolers think they can’t do this. And so, they rely, out of convenience, or out of material things, and the mom goes to work, and let the school system, all the way from kinder-care, start taking care of the kids. It seems so nice. And here, if you’ve ever gone through conversion, you may not understand that. You might think…I heard yesterday, “Well, you know, the daycare centers may be good.” The daycare centers are not good. Better to be in poverty with mom at home than be just plain middle class with the kids out.


I’ve told the story many times in my talks, but it’s worthy of a story to be telling now…


My wife and I brought my son Joshua to Milan with Marija and her son, Michele. They’re the same age. We were late for the apparition. We rushed back, and we get there late. The kids are not in any kind of move to settle down for the apparition. And here it is, the Mother of God’s about to appear in Marija’s house. This great moment, She’s going to bless the world. I like to be reposed in the proper spirit. We kneel down. The kids aren’t. They throw out a whole basket of toys right when the apparition starts. One little electronic toy starts playing, “Happy Birthday,” song. The balloons float through the apparition. There’s nothing spiritual about it. This great moment where Our Lady comes to bless the whole day.


And so, that was my scruples, because Our Lady’s entering right into the family. She knows where we are. She understand children. Right after the apparition, Marija says the first thing Our Lady did in the apparition, She looks at the children in the corner, and She smiles and blesses them. Not me. [LAUGHTER] She blessed them! You know, because little children, they know what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re just innocent. I had all my criteria. I had everything right. You know, I had everything in order. And we’re doing this.


So, after the talk, Marija went on to say something profound. She says that sometimes when she’s with Michele, by themselves, nobody’s there, that Our Lady once…Well, she doesn’t know what’s going on around her. She’s aware that Michele’s in the room, or that you’re there, like yesterday, but she can’t see you. She only sees Our Lady.


And so, in this moment, when she and Our Lady, she’s not aware of what’s going on…Well, one time, Our Lady had just come, and Michele starts pulling on her sleeve like this. And she said, immediately…She couldn’t feel it or aware of it, but Our Lady immediately blessed, and then She went away, and then she feels that, and she realized why Our Lady left so quick. Because Our Lady just suddenly blessed the world, because She blessed us. That’s why She comes every day, is at least to bless everybody in the world. So, She stop what She’s doing in the middle of Her conversation and just blesses like that, and She was gone.


So, she comes out of ecstasy. She’s feeling this. And she realized what had done.


Our Lady won’t deny, the Mother won’t deny earthly mother the need of this child for ten seconds. Ten seconds. For the most important thing in the history of the world. The first, Jesus Christ came as the Messiah. The second-most important thing in the history of the world is the Virgin Mary and these apparitions today, that’s happening right now. And that blessing that must be given to the world to keep us sustained, through these forty years or whatever time we have, ten seconds, this child will not be denied his earthly mother for that short a time.


And we put our kids in daycare.


Think about that.


That’s a statement.


Our Lady says She wants us to remember everything She’s said, but also done!


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So, it’s not just words. It’s Her actions. Now, you can be hearing this, especially if you’ve got kids raised or you’ve messed up, or they’re gone and they’re not where they need to be. We’ve all messed up. We’ve all messed up. And that’s why God’s sending the Mother, because She’s come to teach us we’re messed up. We can get depressed thinking about it. We can sit there and say we did the wrong things. We didn’t know, because we were immersed, just like these people right now. They’re completely immersed in T.V. They’re enraptured in it. Most of you on the other side of it realize that. They’re just eating it up.


I wrote in I See Far, the book, about a lady who came past the Mission House—I didn’t give the details—but She went to Mass to pay a stipend for Holy Mass for a soap opera couple not to get a divorce. She believed this! They are completely in this. But yet, we have T.V. affecting our thoughts the same way now. She didn’t realize it was acting.


And so, we sit there shocked at this, but at the same time, what has T.V. made us as a culture? What it is. It’s defining the culture.


It’s easy to be good today. All you’ve got to do is read the newspaper, because, wherever it is, you’re lightyears above that. But what you are, what were people sixty years ago? They’d be shocked of what you are exposed to every day. Scriptures says, don’t set nothing defiled before your eyes. How many times do we sit there and watch a movie, “Okay, see, it’s okay.” But the commercial’s horrible! Or a sports event. What is all the commercials on a sports event about? Degradation! The deterioration of society. And yet, we want our kids, and wonder why they’re doing something worse than what you’re doing. The purity of what society is supposed to be is lost.


If you look in Our Lady’s words, there’s words She’s never said before. Our Lady’s lips are so pure, She won’t say that word. And She said, “I want you to give up cigarettes. I want you to give up alcohol.” She said that in a message. (December 8, 1981) What’s the three top things like that? The other word, She won’t even say, because She’s teaching us, by not saying it, we talk too casually about too many topics.


We can’t listen to a lot of preaching and pastors, our children, because the whole subject matter is about abominable lifestyles. Why should we tear the innocence from a kid by they being involved in understanding this or learning this, or even about this?


So, we pulled our television. We pulled the newspapers. We pulled every avenue that we would speak about this, because we don’t want our kids to be involved in this knowledge until they get of age that we’ve imprinted to them, this is so alien, this is so foreign, they should be disgusted when they hear about it.


I was just reading in the Poem of the Man-God about Mary Magdalene’s conversion. He says, “I won’t even talk about Leviticus,” and He was talking about abomination, the illicit unions. And Jesus conveyed that that topic is so wrong, I don’t have to discuss it. It’s so out of morality, that there’s no reason for me to even discuss this.


But we have a society today that’s confused, and mainly youth who are tolerable to this sin on a public basis, that you know, “Maybe I’m not that way, but it’s okay, you know, if that’s the way they’re going to be,” or “I’m morally against it, but if that’s what…Who am I to say?”


This sin is the sin when God acts to purify society or the world. It’s when He acted on Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s when He’s acted in other cultures. It was prevalent in Pompeii when it got destroyed. And throughout history, you don’t have public acceptance of this sin without God correcting it. Because if God doesn’t correct it, what happens? What’s happening to us as a society today? We’re deteriorating. And we’re not going to change from that deterioration because there’s more acceptance of this. We’re going to deteriorate further. There’s only one correction to this. It’s God to take action, out of love! Because the human race is at risk. There’s no procreation with this. There’s pro-destruction.


And while we’re on this subject, I’ll reason this out with you.


The universities teach us, and this breakout session, we said that 95% of all the professors are for this and indoctrinating the youth mainly with this acceptance, public acceptance. It’s one thing to be raised, as a kid, adopted by two people of the same gender and be warped and become something abnormal. But it’s a whole nother subject the public acceptance of this. And this is where the grave sin is, is we tolerate this without any indignation, without saying, “I will not tolerate this,” on a public basis.


And people say, “Well, what’s our argument?” If anybody’s had any experience with computers, you can’t work on your computer without something jamming up or messing up or causing a problem throughout the day. And often, as it is at Caritas, because we’re very computer-driven, very high-tech, even though we don’t have T.V. in our homes, even though we don’t have computers in our home, we’re not scared of technology. We don’t let it…We don’t have cell phones. We use this stuff, but it doesn’t use us. We manage it in a certain way just within the mission framework alone.


But we don’t go throughout the day through constant, constant problems that have to be resolved or some kind of resolution to it.


If you take the most basic cell that exists in creation, the most basic cell, and analyze this and blow this up to the size of New York City, you would see something so stupendous in its operation that you can’t fathom that. There’s two trillion actions in one single cell a second. There’s no computer that exists that can do that. There’s not a group of computers that exist that can do that. There’s not even a computer that can be imagined that would be able to function that way, even in the future with our technology, we don’t have the capability to see that that can ever be done. One single cell. Your body’s made up of billions of cells. There’s trillions and trillions of cells out here around us. Innumerable. The one cell has two trillion actions a second. If you saw it, and you walked up, and it was big as the size of New York, you have little flaps opening and closing, taking in product and delivering product. You go inside, you see conveyors conveying raw product being changed into other product. If you go inside farther, you’ll see other chambers that have these little robotic figures making things that almost advance robotic machinery that we have can’t even duplicate.


We were at Mercedes Benz, which is an hour from where we live. We went to tour their plant, and the robotic things there are incredible. Every Mercedes is so refined. It’s a clone. The exactness of these bodies are less than the thickness of a magic marker’s mark. Incredible robots, and these robots, these cells, are so much more advanced that we can’t even conceive that.


And then, if you go on, you go through miles and miles and miles of chambers, all connected within this one cell. And then you go to another section of stored data. The computer works of that, which is something far more that can’t even be discussed. It can’t be explained in its capability. In that one cell, two trillion actions a second works flawlessly. Flawlessly, without one misstep. And you multiply that into an innumerable number, all working flawlessly, just in that leaf.


And you tell me God says in Scriptures that this is abomination of a sin, and then professors are saying you can’t discriminate against people like that because they’re born that way, that God the Creator would sit there and say something’s a sin, and then say He messed up so bad that they were born this way? Garbage. Garbage.


It’s easy to refute if you just reason and read the Scriptures. If God said it, and that’s truth, you can’t say, “Oh, well, some people are born that way. They can’t help it.” This is a learned behavior, an abominable behavior, a behavior against natural law, and a behavior that’s propagated by universities primarily and public acceptance.


So, I wanted to educate you a little bit just on that one subject, that this is a lie. Marija and I have never discussed it. Two or three years ago, she was asked about it, and she says, “It’s a lie of psychology.”


Now, she sees the Mother of God.


So, I’m just saying this because we’ve been so indoctrinated in society that people don’t even know how to argue it back, and why Our Lady says, “Go into creation. You’ll meet God the Creator.” Is it possible for that Creator to do something and then say, “Oh, it’s, you know, a few million people turn out this way because they’re born that way.” This is total, total lie of the devil. And nobody’s resisting it. And we’re on the other side where we’re trying to talk people out of it, and we accept public acceptance of this.


Parents who do not know how to educate their children.


You just tell your kids that.


We’ve got youth now that are cut and paste. In other words, they take a belief, and they accept that belief, and this belief over here, they paste it on the page. They’ve got that doctrine in them. And this doctrine, they’ve already pasted on another page, contradicts each other. The Barna study shows, which I wrote in Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, shows that this doesn’t bother the youth. For me, it would bother me if I said one thing, and then contradict it with another belief. My beliefs got to fit together. Many of the youth have beliefs that contradict each other. And the Barna study, when they showed this contradicts with this contradiction, they laugh. So what?


So, we’ve got a culture birthed by us, of not being the primary educators of our children, by letting the system do that. And that system is totally underneath the hands of the devil. Totally.




And you have been listening to a Friend of Medjugorje, June 23, 2008.


Continue to keep a Friend of Medjugorje and this mission in your prayers. And we will join you again next week on Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.


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    My kids were fortunate to have a good foundation and go to a Catholic School for there early education. That was about 10 years ago., Unfortunately, that Catholic School closed and many in our area have closed there doors . So Sad. My advise to Parents is get your kids out of public school. Maybe you cant afford a Catholic school but maybe a granparent could. The archdiocese have scholarships to help parents. As for college, I have 4 kids the 3 girls went to junior college and commuted to a small accounting college nio problems with the girls a lot of classes on line and they were not in classroom. They are doing well. My son went to Michigan State University after going to junior college. Big Mistake drinking, girls . My advise to parents keep yiur kids away from big Universities.

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1 thought on “The Worst Thing You Could Do to Your Children”

  1. Country: US
    My kids were fortunate to have a good foundation and go to a Catholic School for there early education. That was about 10 years ago., Unfortunately, that Catholic School closed and many in our area have closed there doors . So Sad. My advise to Parents is get your kids out of public school. Maybe you cant afford a Catholic school but maybe a granparent could. The archdiocese have scholarships to help parents. As for college, I have 4 kids the 3 girls went to junior college and commuted to a small accounting college nio problems with the girls a lot of classes on line and they were not in classroom. They are doing well. My son went to Michigan State University after going to junior college. Big Mistake drinking, girls . My advise to parents keep yiur kids away from big Universities.

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