March 14, 2024
Mejanomics Special

Power of Words Bring Down Empires

[Podcast] (46 Minutes) – In this prophetic broadcast from 2018, a Friend of Medjugorje tells of battles we did not see clearly until now.

Episode Transcript


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“No one can serve two masters. He will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life– what you shall eat or drink– or about your body– what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?


“Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sew or reap. They gather nothing into barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? Can any of you, by worrying, add a single moment to your life span?


“Why are you anxious about clothes? Learn from the way the wildflowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was clothed like one of them. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will He not much more provide for you, oh you of little faith?


“So do not worry and say, what are we to eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what are we to wear? All these things the pagans seek. Your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all.


“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”




This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje




This separation, this division that’s taking place, the purpose of it is, is to have the clear battle lines so you know your enemy, you can fight that. We are to fight! Yeah, we want their salvation. Yes, we want to pray for their conversion. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fight.




That was a Friend of Medjugorje on March 8, 2018. The title of the broadcast was The Power of Words Bring Down Empires.


We step into the importance of this year for the world, and as we look towards March 18th, which is an important day coming up this Monday, a Friend of Medjugorje is already preparing an important broadcast for that day you don’t want to miss.


We can understand clearly from a Friend of Medjugorje’s words that battle lines have been drawn for quite some time. And many of the battles that we’re seeing take place this year so far are not isolated events, but they are things that have been brewing for a very long time.


In the broadcast tonight, a Friend of Medjugorje will cover a lot of those things that now we see his words have been very prophetic.


And so, here is a Friend of Medjugorje, March 8, 2018.





Prayed from within cloistered convents, to inside the Pentagon; from dangerous military fields around the globe, to the quietness of the Bedroom and Field where Our Lady appeared to the Medjugorje visionary, Marija, here in Caritas.


The Patriotic Rosary: a powerful prayer for divine protection and mercy for our nation and its rebirth.


Gather your family and friends and pray the Patriotic Rosary together, consecrating our nation back to God. Once you’ve heard this Rosary, you’ll long to pray it often, praying that our nation remains, “one nation, under God.”



We’re playing this commercial for the Patriotic Rosary for special reasons. There’s very disturbing things coming out right now that we’re beginning to see. We know it. But what we don’t know, and what we’re not practicing, and what we are looking at, is what Sun Tzu wrote over two thousand years ago, who was a warrior. And I’ve said it before. I’ve written about it, but still we haven’t adopted that.


He said, “If you don’t know yourself, and you don’t know your enemy, you’ll lose every single battle.”


He said, “If you know yourself, and you don’t know your enemy, you’ll lose every other battle.”


He said, “If you know yourself, and you know your enemy, you’ll win every battle and win the war.”


We have not applied this. Everybody’s talking about what’s going on, everything that’s happening, and nobody’s thinking how the enemy works, what they do, what they’re thinking about.


The things that’s disturbing, is since Trump’s taken office, we’re going over forty changes of state houses across the United States and state houses that have been turned over to Democrats, and it doesn’t make any sense. How is it that Trump can win the presidential election in Kentucky, in a district, by 79 points to 17? And then a democrat runs, recently, and takes that seat. This is happening all over the country. There’s just two more that just flipped over, to democrats: Connecticut and New Hampshire. It doesn’t make any sense.


And all this started with Judge Roy Moore. We listened to the election results that night, and every county coming in, Roy Moore was way ahead, and it went like that all through the night. It was clear he won. We went home. We listened to the ending, everybody in the houses, of what happened, and in sixty seconds, we heard the most amazing statements being made that Doug Jones is flipping things around, and like 75-80% of the vote had come in. And they called it for Doug Jones within sixty seconds and said he won. It was so fake, and if you can look that up and listen to it, you won’t believe it! If you know your enemy, it was all staged. To this day, we don’t believe he lost the election.


This thing’s a set up. You think, “Oh, it’s conspiracy.” No. How do you change, in these districts right now, to Democrats, when they’re so strong for Trump, and Trump’s popularity is increasing? It doesn’t make sense. We are at war, and we need to be praying the Patriotic Rosary now, more than ever. Don’t think we’ve won this thing, and don’t think, “What has this got to do with Medjugorje? What does this have to do with Our Lady? Why are we talking about these things?” Everything!


Do you know Italy just elected, into their Parliament, a man who stood up and said he will deport 500,000 illegal immigrants? Why? Because the same thing’s happening here is happening in Italy. It’s a deterioration. It was Biblical. Solomon brought in people that shouldn’t be in his kingdom, and he fell. The wisest man, outside of Jesus Christ, allowed his wives to bring in the people and the nonbelievers, and look what happened.


We’ve got a socialist-justice in this Church that is destroying everything because we’ve adopted things that aren’t even Biblical and calling it Biblical and Church teachings, and it’s not. We have a responsibility to take care of our own house first. If we’re not healthy, how can we take care of anybody else?


So, we have this happening in all the state houses, and there’s just no way for this to happen. If you know your enemy, and you know we’re more powerful. We’re in a better position than they are now, what are they going to do if they can’t get elected? They’re already known for changing all the district lines now to favor them. We know that there’s a movie out right now called, “Black Panther,” and many people are following this, and George Soros is funding registration all over the place, and especially movie theatres to the blacks because they can offer everything.


The intelligent blacks are standing up to this. And there’s one woman that’s standing up, who’s black, who’s getting knocked off of Facebook. They’re killing what she’s saying because she’s getting a following. The two women that are black, which is known as “Diamond and Silk,” who’s been for Trump, they just took them off of YouTube! They’re blocking that because they don’t want blacks to hear this side of the story. They want to keep them on a plantation. The Democrats are trying to keep blacks down, and don’t buy it. And blacks need to start speaking out. And this is just one element of the war. Then, they go to the immigrants.


Do you know what they’re doing right now? They’re attacking anybody that’s for Trump, beating them up, telling them to beat their skulls in, and this is growing. We’ve got pictures of it. We pulled clips off of it.


There’s six things that they’re calling for right now, and they’re doing it. And people are being attacked. This isn’t getting in the news, and if it got on Facebook, they’re taking these things down.



It says,


“This past week, far-Left activists were captured on film calling for the murder of conservatives. The story got no mention from the liberal mainstream media.


“The Left is officially at step four in their six-step process for complete democrat-communist-totalitarian rule. Here are the six steps to rule and control of society:


“Number 1: Verbally attack, demonize, and de-humanize any right-wing voice on T.V., radio, or internet.


“Number 2: Physically attack, beat heads through protests and demonstrations


“Number 3: Go after people’s money and livelihood. Attacks on prominent talking heads and conservative websites through doxing, demonizing, shadow-banning, blocking, etc.


“Number 4: Silence those that dare to speak out (see YouTube, Facebook of hundreds of conservative voices)


“Number 5: Jail the ones that won’t conform to narratives (see, “hate crimes”)


And “Number 6: Kill anyone that opposes (see, Communism, National Socialism, etc.)”


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You should see the people they beat up. They’re attacking them all over the place. It’s dangerous to be just for Trump. You say, “Well, why are we bringing up all these politics?” Because the war is involved with that. You say, “Well, what happened on Normandy?” We know there was a miracle that took place. We know, on December 8th, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. There’s traces of God and Our Lady in things throughout history. Our Lady said a larger, greater war would break out. There’s a lot of political things involved with that. We can’t shy back away from this and, “Oh, keep the messages separate.” That’s garbage! If you think like that, just get out of it, because you’re going to lose every battle, because you don’t know yourself, and you don’t know your enemy. Where many people are, they know themselves, but they don’t know their enemy, and they’re losing every other battle. And that’s where we are right now. We have people sitting there thinking, “Well, we would never do that. We don’t believe that these elections can be stolen because we wouldn’t do it. We don’t do those things.” There’s nothing they will stop short of, of doing. Why? Because if you know your enemy will kill babies up to eight and a half months, or even go for even after abortion, which they’re doing some of that in the Netherlands. It was out of Italy, Milan, where one of the professors said, “Why can you not do that? If something’s wrong with the baby, abort them afterwards.”


Obama set up, as an Illinois Senator, “comfort rooms” for aborted babies who were born live and that they could die in a rocking chair held by a nurse because they used to put them in the closet.


That’s your enemy! Do you understand what he’s doing? Why, if he would do that, Obama himself, and everybody like him, and all the Democrats with him, not do the same thing? They act like, “Oh, we’re real compassionate.” They will stoop to no level, no matter how deep they go, all the way into hell to cheat and lie.


It doesn’t make sense for over forty seats to be changed over to Democrats in a time that’s growing where Trump is becoming more popular. And blacks are coming to him. And these black leaders are standing up saying, “We’re not going to take this garbage no more from what the democrats are doing.”


Tony Perkins has, I think it’s a research council, but he has this black woman, I can’t remember her name. I listened to her and she was fantastic, and she’s calm and she’s straightforward and she’s telling many blacks, “This is what’s happening.” And a lot of them are joining her. They’re realizing the changes. So, you have all that happening, and yet, they’re winning! This is not without cheating and corruption. There’s no way they can be winning. Reason that out. Know your enemy, what they’ll do. If they’ll kill a baby like they do, after it’s born, you think they’re not going to worry about stealing elections. Eric Holder changed all the rules in many states when Obama had his last election. And then when the states tried to clean up their votings and the records, they were blocked. Obama got in on a lie. And I’m concerned, if Trump runs three years from now, if he’ll ever be president again.


There’s a Judge Pirro who’s furious the special council’s investigating President Trump while Obama and the D.O.J., Eric Holder, and later Loretta Lynch—should be lynched for what she’s done—and the F.B.I. officials misled the FISA courts. They spied on Trump, and they’re freely walking around and they’re still employed. Do you realize when Trump’s hand was on the Bible taking the Oath of Office in the Inaugural Parade, that the route that he took was full of people calling for his impeachment? I remember the day after, Nancy Pelosi got on the radio and said that “Trump’s going to be impeached.” The day after! And the guy asking, “Well, how are you going to do that?” Said, “Well, we can’t just impeach him for no reason. We have to build a case.”


Our enemy’s telling us what they’re doing and we don’t take them for their word. We’re going to build a case, we’re going make something and it’s going to be false, and then we’ll impeach him. They’re spending and doing and whatever they have to do to get these state houses. And if they get in the House of Representatives, Trump will be impeached for no reason.


Are you ready to go to war? We need to go to war. We need to be at war right now. We need to be praying the Patriotic Rosary. You need to get your prayer groups. You need to start getting together again and let’s do this as we were before the election. See, because we don’t know our enemy, but we do know ourselves. Those who are in the Right are saying, “Okay, we’ve got a lot of things changing and Trump’s up there.”


Do you know how many judges are being blocked from being confirmed? I read that 160 are blocked right now but the number is far exceeding that. One hundred-sixty Federal Judges plus, maybe into the hundreds. And some of those are republicans stalling it. And we know the House, the republicans, are only requiring them to be in the House two days a week, because the democrats are out there running for office. They’re only there two days a week and the republicans are allowing that.


We are at war. You have to be praying the Patriotic Rosary, your prayer groups need to come back, you need to be doing this once a week in the church. This has to start happening now or we’re going to lose our gains.


Know yourself and know your enemy. And most of you know yourself but you don’t know the enemy. And it’s amazing to me what I hear from different people, or read what they’re saying, “Well, they really believe this, the democrats believe this, the Left believes these things.” No, they don’t believe it! They want the destruction of this country.


The former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, said, when she denied she would run for president, when she was asked, that, “I’m going to just create a thousand ‘me’s’.” How arrogant. But see, if you know your enemy, you would know that her and her husband are in such deep waters that dog hounds are on their trail, and they’re treasonous, and they should go to jail and probably worse than that, what treason demands. And what they did in trying to destroy America. And the power grab that they were going to get to change the whole world’s direction. She don’t dare run because there’d be more hounds on her trail and they would be exposed. So, she don’t want to go that, so let’s go and create “a thousand me’s.” If you know your enemy, you would understand that. The only reason they’re not running is because it’s going to draw more attention to them. “Let’s keep it on Hillary.” No, they’re the real criminals. Hillary is just a street crime; these people had an agenda. They said it, “We’re going to transform America into something else.” And they’re still at it. They’re very evil people with evil agendas. There’s nothing good about them. They’re the Herods of the time. And remember, he’s the one that came up with the comfort rooms. What he won’t do is nothing that would stop what he has planned. The only reason he’s quiet now is because the lime light is about to come on him and he’s got to lay low key. That’s what your enemy would do. You got to think what they do.


You got Andrew McCarthy who was interviewed. He’s a former Attorney General. He says, “What has happened here…” We’re talking about the Muller investigation conspiracy, which is a witch hunt. He says,


“What has happened here at the highest level of the government is that you decide to assign a prosecutor and tell him to go find a crime.”


Do you understand that? That’s not the way it works. And we know that on our side, but do we know our enemy? Let me repeat what he says so it’s real clear to you, so you understand yourself and you understand your enemy.


“What has happened here at the highest levels of the government is that you decide to assign a prosecutor and tell him to go find a crime. And if he can’t find one readily, basically, manufacture one through the investigative process.”


And that’s what’s happening. We’ve got a year of this garbage and it’s still continuing. Nobody’s looking at this and saying anything. Well, a lot of people are saying things, but nobody’s doing nothing about it. We are at war. We can’t tolerate these things.


We had somebody that wrote a feedback recently on our site about the Patriotic Rosary. We’ve got to institute this, you got to go even to the bishops. If the bishop doesn’t give you permission, go to a park somewhere. Do it in the church. If you can’t do it there, do it somewhere else. Rent a hall or meet somewhere. But you have to start invigorating the Patriotic Rosary. There were thousands of groups praying the Patriotic Rosary before last election, but because we don’t know our enemy, and we, look what we did, and we’ve had people give testimony after testimony that they didn’t know Trump got in there through the Patriotic Rosary and the praying. But we’ve relaxed. It’s known that if you’ve been in the water for ten hours, you fell off a boat, and you see a rescue boat, most people will drown when they see it because they relax.


We’re drowning right now, but we don’t recognize it. Everything, the “tell-tale” is there.



This is a feedback that came in response to a Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, He is Speaking to You. I am Speaking to You. And it’s from Camilla from Arkansas.


“Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje for such a beautiful writing. So much insight and so blessed. We truly are in the time of grace. Before the presidential election, my husband and I participated in the Community’s nine-day fast. We made a spontaneous decision and left for Philadelphia…”


Which is where Friend of Medjugorje had organized a gathering for the Patriotic Rosary right before the November elections. So, she and her husband left for Philadelphia at 1:00 a.m., in the morning.


“We made a 26-hour drive to Philadelphia. It was one of the best moments of my life. I had never been to Liberty Square. But being there on our knees, praying the Patriotic Rosary, wow. Afterwards, we went behind Liberty Hall and prayed another Rosary. We finished with going to Mass at St. Mary’s Church, the church of the first Fourth of July celebration. You could feel the Holy Spirit and Our Lady throughout the entire event. We then got back in the car to make the 26-hour drive home. On the way home through the mountains of Pennsylvania, I had a very strong feeling that God was pleased with what just took place and that Donald Trump would become our president. God bless and thank you.”



This is not about Donald Trump. This is not about a political party. This is about good versus evil. Our Lady is going to change the direction of the world when the people change their hearts. When they change their hearts and they go to God and depend on Him in everything, then He’ll provide you the leaders. You are what your leaders are. And so, we’re in a great battle, a struggle, which is August 2nd, I’m repeating it, you need to always have that in your heart,


“…A great struggle is about to unfold…between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”


The democrats, their platform is demonic. You might say, “Not just ‘democratic,’ ‘demonic-crats.’” That’s what they are. Yes, we got some bad Republicans and they’re worse. Why? Because Revelation says that. In the Book of Revelations it says, “Be hot or cold. Don’t be in the middle. For the people in the middle, I’ll spew them out of my mouth.” That’s the republicans. Christ will vomit them out because they pretend to be one thing, and they’re not. At least the democrats, we know where they stand. The problem is, is we don’t look at our enemy to try to understand what they do with their tactics. You’ve got to use this method Sun Tzu taught for the reasons why he’s studied at West Point and military schools across the whole world. They are still studying this guy from 2,500 years ago, and we’re not accepting that. We don’t look at that.


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There’s no way democrats are winning what they’re winning without corruption, redistricting the lines, or registering people, even paying them off, put them in buses and doing things. How do you think, after the Parkland shooting down in Florida, all of a sudden they call for anti-gun movement, and all these things? And suddenly, buses are organized, new buses, to take those people in different high schools, to call on Washington and do marches? Who paid for that? Where does that come from? George Soros and people like him are funding this. They are waiting for the next shooting. It’s your enemy. They wanted to give the appearance it just sprung up. We’re stupid! We’re stupid to just think, “Oh, they’re protesting.” These kids didn’t do this on their own.


In fact, they already have reports where they’re teaching kids in first, second, third grade now, to be anti-gun, to do chants, “We hate guns.” Because that’s the only way they can do it. They can’t win by the vote box without cheating, without lying. And they go there because that’s how the enemy is. And we’re losing right now a lot of ground.


The Patriotic Rosary is one of the first places, besides fasting, that we have to go back to, and we have to get on fire about this. You need to spread this broadcast to alarm yourself, and keep yourself aware. Because Our Lady says, “…My…children…look at the signs of the times…”


She wants you to see these things. She wants you to know yourself and your enemy, understand them. She’s talking about satan all the time. he’s behind this because he hates America, he hates this country, and it’s got to be taken down. As I said in the writing, He is Speaking to You. I am Speaking to You. And that writing explains everything.


We’re in Biblical moments and you’ve got to fight and you’ve got to look at things and understand. I’m amazed at the feedbacks that we got back from some people, who are Medjugorje people, especially the one that caused the fire storm, saying that we were satanic, I was, in what I wrote. How off-base Our Lady’s people are, who are following the messages! His response, on the finish of a stupid, idiotic, complete position, of what the enemies are for, saying we’re political, that he ends it, “I’m just going to stay and just read the messages of Our Lady.” What are you getting out of it? Just because you’re following Our Lady of Medjugorje doesn’t mean you understand what’s going on. Our Lady says, “…look at the signs…”


She wants you to get your head out of the sand, not be an ostrich and hide, or listen to the media. She says, “Don’t listen to lying voices.” This guy is programmed, brainwashed by lying voices and the socialist justice system of the Church. And why would he not attack the Church itself?


Cardinal Sarah, who is a black African, strong cardinal, he’d be great for a pope. He stood up and has stood up to everything and a lot of the people, including bishops and cardinals and priests and the liberals and the Left. Cardinal Sarah just said, “High-ranking prelates are trying to change Christian morality.” High-ranking! He’s not talking about in the streets. He’s not talking about the Democrats in the Congress or Senate. He’s saying, “High-ranking prelates.” People like him, cardinals, bishops, are trying to change Christian morality. He also said, “The West was committing suicide by losing its Christian Faith.” This guy’s been dead on it for years. He actually has been called down for some things he’s said. And then Cardinal Mueller, who is the last head of the Doctrine of the Faith, says that, “The Magisterium is not supposed to lead the faithful into confusion.” See, we’re receiving ambiguous direction.


With the Apostolic letter, Amorous Laetitia, it’s written in a neutral way where it can be driven both ways. It’s a good document on the words it says and as it stands, but it’s like Vatican II. It opened the door to a lot of misinterpretation, and people are doing it. So, that’s why Cardinal Mueller says, knowing the enemy and what they will do with this, that, “The Magisterium is not supposed to lead the faithful into confusion.” Because the documents they’re putting out now are that way. It’s not strong.


A Baptist Evangelical, who’s well known, just got through talking about Pope Francis, when he went in front of Congress a couple years ago, gave a very ambiguous talk. He never mentioned Jesus Christ, and he was shocked at that. This is a Baptist. And another one from the Southern Baptist Convention, another theologian. They’re alarmed because they’ve worked with Catholics to fight abortion and for marriage and they need that megaphone the Church has, the Catholic Church. And they’re unlikely allies in this, and they’re disturbed. They’re disturbed, these two theologians, because the Catholic Church, and Francis himself, is speaking in a way that he doesn’t want to offend anybody. He never mentioned Jesus Christ, as I just said, in front of Congress, because we don’t want to offend Muslims. He never came out strongly about marriage, not saying anything about it. He left that statement ambiguous, that people can interpret any way. Because he wants to not offend anybody in that sense. And he never really said anything about abortion.


Ronald Reagan said, “evil empire.” Do you know what happened by those two words? Do you know what resistance he got? All of his speech writers kept crossing it out. All of his advisors around him said, “You can’t say that.” I think even Ed Meese, which was his closest, said, “You can’t say that. You can’t offend Russia like that. You can’t just go out there and give a talk in front of them and say ‘evil empire’ and call them that.” Ronald Reagan said he’s going to put it in there. They scratched it out, he put it in the speech again. They scratched it out, put it in again. Several times! Then they finally go to other people, “Tell him he can’t do that.” Then they go to Nancy Reagan. Nancy Reagan gets on board. She comes against him saying, “Ronnie, you can’t say that. You can’t say ‘evil empire.’ You can’t do it.” You know what he did? He said “evil empire.” And you know what happened? The people in the gulags, people in the prison, the political prisoners, they get newspapers from TAS, which was the propaganda arm of Russia. But they wanted them to see the propaganda to sway the political prisoners to come to be brainwashed and believe it. And so, they read in the papers, themselves, that the President of the United States called Russia an “evil empire.” “How could he do that to our motherland?” You know what the prisoners did? They went berserk. They went crazy. They couldn’t communicate like they typically did with cups rattling around the jail cell bars. They had the ability to code each other with the commode, how they flushed it.


Did you know it jumped from all throughout the prison? This guy, you can listen to him, in Ronald Reagan’s library, I’ve listened to it, this guy’s describing what happened in that moment. When they read “evil empire,” they knew, they became ecstatic, the whole prison went up almost in a riot. And it spread from one prison to the next because they knew those two words, that anybody would say that in the position Ronald Reagan was, was an exorcism. He didn’t say that word, but he knew that when they heard that Russia was called an “evil empire,” they rejoiced because they knew it was over. The nation would fall. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how powerful those words are? “Evil empire.” To say what you need to say.


God put power behind that. The same thing happened with Ronald Reagan standing in front of the Berlin Wall. They didn’t want him to say it. They told him, the speech writers, the same thing, “Well, you don’t want to go there and say that.” And he says, and he didn’t say it with anger, he said it with power, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down.” And it fell after that.


The NFL is representing and desecrating the dead soldiers across the world that fought in the Americas from the very beginning, their Independence, to World War II, to Vietnam, all the way through by putting their knee down and desecrating the flag and all those men who gave their lives. And Trump, he’s in Alabama, and he said it in a crass way, but he condemned the NFL for this. And what happened to the NFL? It’s been going downhill ever since.


There’s people in position that God puts grace behind the power of the words that they say, that actually is an exorcism. That’s what these Evangelical Baptist theologians wanted Francis to say in front of Congress. “We condemn anybody in these houses that have voted for marriage to be rearranged. We condemn you, who are democrats, which your platform says ‘for abortion.’” The republican platform says it’s “for life.” So, that’s the difference. Now the republicans that are going toward that, they’re worse than the democrats. But the charter is correct, so we’re not endorsing, necessarily, parties, but we do condemn the Democratic Party for what they stand for. You have to. And we do condemn those republicans who are for this and they don’t go by their party platform. There’s nothing political about that. It’s about truth. It’s what Our Lady says, “Call, and then condemn,” basically “the lying voices,” by listening to them. Call them out. And the only way to get our power back, or keep our power, and going toward the light, is praying.


The Patriotic Rosary, revive that. We were getting calls constantly, we were getting order for the book. Get those things out. You need to rally back up because I’m telling you, the wind is in their sail right now. Thirty-nine, forty, forty-two seats have been changed.


Federal judges that can change the whole court system are being blocked. They’re trying to stall it just to get to the next election cycle coming up in November. If they can win and change that, Trump is impeached, and everything I just wrote, He is Speaking. I am Speaking, everything I wrote in that writing, is going to be reversed. And the writing is about, had Trump not been elected, this nation would be gone. The reason they’re so furious is because they almost had everything they wanted. They finally were going to bring the country down. Obama was going to be ahead of it.


There’s a lot of things I wrote about Obama in They Fired the First Shot. That was written in March 2012. Everything that’s happening now was foretold there. Go back and read that. You need to really, if you want to get really pumped up, go back and read They Fired the First Shot. If you don’t have, we’ll send it to you. If you can’t afford it to you, we’ll give it to you free. Re-read this book. You have to, and it invigorates you and will make you see things that you don’t see right now. It’ll make you understand yourself and understand your enemy. We are in a fight. We’re in a battle. What do you think Our Lady’s here for? Why do you think She says, “…A great struggle is about to unfold…between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”? We are still engaged, and with this separation, this division that’s taking place, the purpose of it is, is to have the clear battle lines, so you know your enemy and you can fight that. We are to fight. Yeah, we want their salvation. Yes, we want to pray for their conversion. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fight! Don’t relax! You’re about to lose everything. We’ve got the momentum, and now the shifting of the axis of the war is coming back against us. And they can put out six things, saying, “Kill the conservatives.”


I remember, as a teenager, that a guy got arrested because he was going to kill the president. Just saying the words, “Kill the president,” you got arrested. And now, you can say, “I want to kill Trump,” and nothing happens. They need to be arrested. And yet, the Left can sit there and say, “Beat these people up.” They got a picture of one lady who’s just battered, her face is, eggs all over her. She’s trying to get in the Marriot hotel because she’s been attacked because she “intimidated” them, they said, the attackers, because she had a shirt on that says, “Donald Trump,” and it had a peace sign on it. She got attacked for that. And even the Marriot employees didn’t want to let her in until she lost her vision because she had so much thrown in her face.


You want this to continue to happen? You want them to politicize Parkland shootings the next time? They were ready for this. They had planned it. Sheriff Israel was part of this, the way he took over and explained everything, and started going against guns. I heard something this morning that was incredible. We might do another program about it. It’s about guns. And they’re talking about the second amendment: that everywhere, a nation’s been taken over, the people were disarmed. That’s why they wrote this into the Constitution, the Second Amendment. And we get people, we’ve mentioned this, especially from foreign countries, “What’s wrong with America is guns.” Really? No, what’s wrong with you is you don’t have them. That’s why you have socialist governments. That’s why you can be taken over. There’s no defensive measures there.


But this guy said this morning something incredible. He says, it’s an equalizer. That the shootings, if you take all the terrorism, everything that’s happened, and you compare it to the people defending themselves against rape, defending themselves of being attacked, defending themselves that’s about to get killed, that the statistics skyrocket off the chart of how many people have saved their lives, or defended somebody else through guns. And he went on to sit there and say, it’s an equalizer. Because somebody strong against somebody weak, it prevents them prevailing because a gun can stop them. And he made some incredible points about this. It’s not about us being just gunslingers. It’s about protection because we have a birth right, we have a right from God, it’s in the Catechism, to defend yourself. You’re going to defend yourself, as a 115-pound woman, or 125-pound woman, against a guy that’s six-foot-tall and weighs 220 pounds? That’s not equal. And this is happening every day, all day long. A lot of this, and the statistics are tremendous as far as the good that comes from a woman who has that in her purse and being able to defend herself. It’s just reason. It’s just logic, especially all you who listen to it in foreign countries. You really do research, and you look at the facts about it.


You know, in The Poem of the Man-God, what Jesus said when a Roman soldier asked Jesus? He was very impressed with Him. He knew this Guy was a great philosopher, Jesus Christ was. And so, he says, “I’m a soldier,” And “I have to do this, and I have to kill.” You know what Jesus told him? He says, “Well, your duty. That’s your job, and you have to do that.” That it’s not a sin.


We’re all soldiers of defending women! We’re all soldiers of defending our children! We’re all soldiers of defending ourselves! You want to just unarm us? You know, the number of killings by knives exceeds by guns many, many times. See, the devil’s deceiving everybody even in this.


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I don’t like wading in this kind of debate because people are so closed to it, people that even are Our Lady’s people, because they don’t understand it. It’s not about anybody wanting to shoot someone. It’s about defense. You have that right. It’s God-given.


And you got people against the electric chair, many people, and people are coming up a lot stronger and stronger, even the priests, the cardinals, bishops, and the popes. It’s garbage! There are people out there will kill and kill again. There’s people who have killed, that’s gotten in prison and killed people in prison. The thing that we do in society, it has a right to defend itself. The electric chair’s purpose is to defend society against people who are too dangerous even for themselves. And they can’t even be incarcerated without killing somebody else, and that’s happened over and over and over. It’s a right, and the Catechism gives us that. And nobody can change that and say it’s wrong. It’s not wrong. It is society’s top protection to defend itself. It has that right because, when you take a life, you have to pay with the highest price. The highest price you can pay is your own life. We cheapen life by saying, “You can take seventeen people and kill them and not go to the death penalty.” So, seventeen lives still is not enough to be worth your own life. It’s just wisdom. It’s just common sense.


So, to bring and finish up with the point I was making earlier, you got Reagan using words that brought down the whole Russian empire. You got Trump who started a decline, majorly, with the NFL, by his words. And you got the example of Pope Francis not using words, that the evangelicals themselves are disappointed. They’re in grief. They’re in fear that this neutrality of this “not wanting to offend” doesn’t do anything. That Francis’ power, his voice for the whole world, if he had just said, “It’s through Jesus Christ the world will change,” without any indifference of what Muslims might think, and the reason he didn’t say it was because of that. That if he had said that, how many people would be emboldened in their Christian faith in Syria, where they’re being persecuted against the Muslims? And how many Muslims would be converting through that? Words have an effect, especially for a people of a position, because God gives that authority to them, and He gives authority to their words.


I’ve done things and said things, through Our Lady’s authority, that just stun people, change them on the spot, knock them down. I didn’t have a gun. I had the Word, and heard the Word with Our Lady. You listen to this broadcast, you’ve read things of Her words. They convict you. We hear it all the time.


Here’s a testimony we were going to read last week. We didn’t read it. It was about March second’s message. This lady calls in, and she’s crying, and she just looked at Our Lady’s words of March 2, 2018 on our website. And she says the first sentence alone showed her how such a wonderful mother She was. And she’s suffering, and there’s much suffering.


She goes on and says, A Friend of Medjugorje talks about people will be going to hell if it wasn’t for Our Lady.” She says, “I’m one of those people!” Words just changed her heart. She went on and said,


“Please continue to do what you’re doing. I don’t know where I would be without Our Lady and your mission.”


It’s the words we’re transferring from Our Lady. The power is there, just like with the pope, but he’s not using it. We’re using it.


She goes on and says,


“I am praying for you. Please pray for me. Every line!”


Every line what? The words!


“There are so many levels of understanding. She really does speak to everyone! I can’t wait to see what a Friend of Medjugorje has to say and write about this message. I’m praying for him and his writing at this time.”


The word is power! Her messages are made up of words. It’s coming to change the direction of the world! She’s not sitting there, throwing her hand out, and knocking out this enemy with the power of God, or make people drop to the ground like Jesus when He was arrested. She’s not coming that way. It’s through words. “NFL, you are a dog.” “Russia, you’re an evil empire.” “Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” God puts the power behind it. And there’s strength in its conviction, and if you’re not convicting, you’re not having the strength, and you don’t feel strong, you need to be following the word more. That if you live these messages, you receive the authority of the word that will knock people down in their positions. Not everybody, but they’ll oppose you even more. You’ll be persecuted, or you’ll have great difficulties, and this is part of the walk. This is not a cake-walk. This is something that we have to really engage in. We’re in battle now for our survival, and all the gains Our Lady’s just made is up for grabs.


Contemplate these things. There’s a lot said, a lot of ground covered in this broadcast today. Re-listen to it. Study it. Most of all, start organizing Patriotic Rosaries everywhere.


We wish you Our Lady. We love you. Goodbye.




The subject matter contained in this presentation is based on Biblical principles and designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that neither the presenter nor the broadcaster is engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you may wish to additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, real estate, or investment professional.



This ends the Mejanomics show with a Friend of Medjugorje. To order this show on CD, you can contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. Again- 205-672-2000.


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2 thoughts on “Power of Words Bring Down Empires”

  1. City: BRISTOL
    Country: United Kingdom
    I too would have been at great risk of going to hell had it not been for Our Lady, specifically at Medjugorje.

  2. It is prophetic. Thank you for sharing this Fire! We need more of this. Dear Holy Spirit, transform and fill me with the strength of your faith and hope so that I may be firm in this battle against evil. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Power of Words Bring Down Empires”

  1. City: BRISTOL
    Country: United Kingdom
    I too would have been at great risk of going to hell had it not been for Our Lady, specifically at Medjugorje.

  2. It is prophetic. Thank you for sharing this Fire! We need more of this. Dear Holy Spirit, transform and fill me with the strength of your faith and hope so that I may be firm in this battle against evil. Amen.

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