December 26, 2023
Radio Wave Special

Give Yourself An Evaluation: What Do You Seek?

[Podcast] (42 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje gives a realistic evaluation of the world right now, even amongst believers, and what we need to do to fix it.

Episode Transcript


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Christmas is beautiful. For some people, it’s not. It’s tragic. And more and more, the human heart has pain.


We are in times that we could never, never imagine ten or fifteen, twenty years ago.


I wrote in the Words from Heaven book, in the conclusion, about some of the messages Our Lady gave. Our Lady gave this message August 8, 1985. Following that, you’ll hear what I wrote about this message.




August 8, 1985

“Dear children, today I call you especially now to advance against satan by means of prayer. satan wants to work still more now that you know he is at work. Dear children, put on the armor for battle and with the Rosary in your hand, defeat him! Thank you for having responded to my call.”


Our Lady uses words like “armor” and “battle” on purpose so that we may realize that the activity of satan is like the invasion of a country by a foreign army. he takes strongholds and destroys. his only purpose is to use us for his own end. his main purpose is destruction. Our Lady gives us five weapons against satan:


  1. Prayer (purification of the spirit)
  2. Fasting (purification of the body)
  3. Reading of the Bible (purification of the intelligence)
  4. Confession (to make God’s love grow in us)
  5. Holy Communion (to make God’s love grow in us)


Our Lady’s plan for the salvation of mankind on earth is to defeat satan using these five weapons. We have to understand that the Medjugorje plan is a plan for the entire planet, that this war is a war of love against destruction, and that Our Lady’s goal in this struggle is the reign of love. The Blessed Mother tells us:


November 20, 1986

To Marija:

“…You know that I love you and that I burn out of love for you. Therefore, dear children, you also decide for love so that you will burn out of love and daily experience God’s love. Dear children, decide for love so that love prevails in all of you, but not human love, rather God’s love…”




I finished that writing with these words:


“We have to know that love is the first weapon against satan because love is the thing he hates and fears the most. Our armor is the fatal weapon of love, and this love encompasses the five weapons against the Ruler of Darkness!”


This Christmas, Our Lady gave this message:



Our Lady of Medjugorje’s monthly message to the world, given through Marija, December 25, 2023:

“Dear children! I am carrying my Son Jesus to you to fill your hearts with peace, because He is peace. Little children, seek Jesus in the silence of your heart that He be born anew. The world needs Jesus, therefore seek Him through prayer, because He gives Himself daily to each of you.”


Today Our Lady came solemnly dressed with little Jesus in her arms. Jesus extended His hand in a sign of blessing as Our Lady prayed over us in Aramaic.



Our Lady’s message has words in it, but there was something without words that spoke in a beautiful way.


“…little Jesus in her arms…extended His hand in a sign of blessing…”


Can you imagine that? It’s a wonder. Would like to turn to be a baby if you’re grown up? I was just thinking about this in our loft where Jesus appeared. What is Jesus doing in Heaven? Is He a Man up there? It’s a wonder, and it’s something to think about.


As we prayed where Our Lady appeared in 1988, it was kind of amusing. Is He both? Or does He go backwards, down to birth?


We are in mysterious times and beautiful times. And people are looking for Christmas, and we don’t have it, because we don’t have Baby Jesus in our heart. We’re not seeking Him, what Our Lady said to do, “…seek Him…”


Our Lady is telling us to be little children, not grown-ups. Maybe this is what it feels like to grow up, because as children, they can be looking for Christmas, and they can find it easier than we can.



There’s a man near the freeway on-ramp. The sign says he’s looking for change. The lives we lead as strangers make the whole world feel so strange. I give him a couple green pieces of paper, ex-presidents faces and names. And he asks me whether cash could ever bring change. And all the carols in my ear, feel disturbingly inept and insincere.


Oh, I’m still looking for Christmas. Tell me what Christmas means. Tell me what’s the worth singing peace on earth when there’s war on the TV screen? Oh, I’m still looking for Christmas. I get the feeling that I’m on my own. Is there a Christmas star to show me where you are? ‘Cause the wise men all forgot the way home.


Well, it’s halfway through December, the end of a long, weird year. As far back as I can remember, the tension never felt this clear. Is this what my parents felt like, drinking bitter and sweet from the cup? Maybe this is what it feels like to grow up. And all the carols are still the same, but maybe my ears are hearing different, something’s changed.


Oh, I’m still looking for Christmas. Tell me how does Christmas work? With our flags unfurled singing “Joy to the World” when there’s so much pain and hurt. Oh, I’m still looking for Christmas. I get the feeling that I’m on my own. Is there a Christmas star that could show me the way home?


I hear the Christmas bells ringing, but I want more than just your shopping malls and caroling.


Yeah, I’m still looking for Christmas. Peace on earth could come start right here. I want something real, more than just the feels. It’s been a long and lonely year. Oh, I’m still looking for Christmas. I get the feeling that I’m on my own. Is there a Christmas star to show me where you are? ‘Cause I’m hoping I can find my way home.



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Today, people are seeking Christmas, as the song said, “when there’s so much pain and hurt.”


It also said,


“I get the feeling that I am on my own.”


People wishing for a Christmas star that could show the way home?


So much suffering, so much sadness. For so many people, Christmas is not a joy.


Just in Chicago last night, 19 shootings! Not one shooter shooting people, but 19 separate shootings.


What kind of world do we live in, with all these things happening? Yet, Our Lady says that this century, is a possibility for peace! Where is peace? Where can you find it? Not on the streets. Not in the families. Not even in the Church. Everything is sick.


Modernism has killed real joy.


Oh, yes, people can laugh. They can have their wine. They can do this and do that.


But who’s really satisfied in the world today? Upheavals across the whole world. Mirjana said one of her secrets is an upheaval somewhere in the world. But that’s a secret. And look how bad things are now. What is that going to be like? Purification is coming. We can’t do it by ourselves. With the writing I said at the beginning of this broadcast, we are in war. satan has the strongholds, and he’s destroying everything. And yet, Our Lady still is peace.


Where is real peace?


Hurt people are everywhere. People are broken. Their hope is gone. Their faith is gone. Lost people.


We have people, broken people fixing people. And yet, they’re sick, and they’re broken.


We have made a mess, secularly, spiritually, Church-wise, that God has to send Our Lady down 42 years, to clean up this mess! And even She’s having a difficult time, and She’s the Queen of Peace!


We know about Ivan’s apparitions recently. Our Lady is really worried. If She’s the Queen of Peace, and She’s worried what’s happening, means She’s not winning right now.


What the world needs is forgiveness. And you say, “Oh, I do that.” You still have things in your heart?


Love forgives, and love forgets! You can say, “Oh, I forgive somebody, but I’m not going to forget what you did.”


Our Lady has a job to fix so many broken people.



Hurt people hurt people

Broken people break people

Hope is the thread and faith is the needle

For people like you and me


Lost people lose people

Left people leave people

Hope is the thread and faith is the needle

So maybe we can be


Hurt people healing people

Broken people fixing people

Wounded people mending people

People like you and me, like you and me

Hurt people healing people

Broken people fixing people

Wounded people mending people

People like you and me, so we don’t have to be

Hurt people hurting people

Hurt people hurting people


Lord, Lord, ain’t we a mess?

Bourbon in our coffee cup, a wine-stained dress

Love forgives and love forgets

As far as the East is from the West

I’ll do that for you, you do that for me

So we could be


Hurt people healing people

Broken people fixing people

Wounded people mending people

People like you and me

We don’t have to be

Hurt people hurting people

Hurt people hurting people


Hurt people need people

Broken people need people

Wounded people need people

People like you and me

Yeah, we’re gonna be


Hurt people healing people

Broken people fixing people

Wounded people mending people

People like you and me

So we can be


Hurt people healing people

Broken people fixing people

Wounded people mending people

People like you and me

One day we won’t be


Hurt people, hurt people

Yeah, love is the thread and faith is the needle

After all is done and all is said

You can heal a lot of hurt with a needle and thread



Who’s seeking today?


How is it seeking?


What is your day when you wake up and go through the day and go tonight?


What is the whole world doing?


They’re seeking! Just like the kings, the shepherds. But they’re unsatisfied.


What about the shepherds? Are they seeking like the shepherds did? No! Throughout the whole day, they seek.


What do you seek for? I’m asking you that. Everybody across the world, the first thing when they wake up, they seek their cell phone. The cell phone. The cell phone. And what Our Lady says, how many of you people change to landlines? It’s not me, but I’ve been telling you that for 35 years. And you know I’ve told the story. I was the third person in Alabama, and I’d be at the top of the whole United States. Nobody knew what they were. You’ve heard me say what happened. After three months, I threw it away. I don’t have one. We’re reaching out to the whole world.


Get a self-analysis, what you seek the most out through the day, because Our Lady said that thing is stealing your thoughts, and you’re losing the joy of Jesus! (September 25, 2023)


You’ve got a lot to think about. And since September 25th, that message, several people have told me they’re going to get rid of it. They’re going back to landline.


You don’t have peace when you use this thing.


You can say, “A Friend of Medjugorje has been saying this over and over.” I’m not gonna stop, because I tell you, it’s a god, and it’s your god. If you just had fifty-one percent for God, seeking Him, and forty-nine percent, you’d be a little bit over half there, you’re not even close to it. Not even close to it.


“A Friend of Medjugorje, I can reject that.”


Why? Because you have to think about it. If you start thinking what I’m telling you, it will choke you.


Christmas Day, we went up to the loft where Jesus was being held by Mary at 6:40 in the evening on Christmas night. The physical Jesus. Right there. We meditated, and we listened to our last day of the Nine Days of Christmas.


So, I’m going to play this for you. Say quickly a little prayer and open your heart what this tells you.



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The Nine Days Before Christmas, Christmas Day, December 25th: A Century Depends on Your Family.



We’re singing Gloria, Alleluia. Emmanuel.


We’re singing Gloria, Alleluia. Emmanuel.


We’re singing Gloria, Alleluia.


Our God is with us. Emmanuel. Our God is with us.


Singing Gloria



As we approach this Christmas, we see we are losing everywhere. The world’s growing more evil, more crimes, more difficulties. And here on the day of peace, we have mixed emotions with the way the world’s headed, will we be experiencing this peace in the future?


We’re losing. We’re being defeated in the courts, everywhere we see, everywhere we turn.


And yet, Our Lady came December 2, 2014, less than a month ago, and said,


“…I am telling you that love will win. I know that many of you are losing hope…”


It’s incredible to hear Her say that, because everything She says seems to contradict what we see in the secular world and even in the Church and just as Pope Francis just did in the curia, chastisement, because it’s growing old and stale.


Everything seems to be falling apart, and indeed, Our Lady said everything is falling apart. (September 2, 2011) And yet, She says, “…I am telling you that love will win…”


Right at the turn of the century, and the millennium, which is very unique, Our Lady said,


January 2, 2000

“…[I am] begging for your help!…At this great and holy time in which you have entered…Pray and wait!”


That’s strange. This Christmas, we’re looking at this message and thinking about everything around us is falling apart and an evil time, and Our Lady is saying, “…this great and holy time…” How can you have both? Because there’s a separation taking place.


But we learned something very remarkable. Just think about the feelings and your thoughts and your reflections, that not have we seen a millennium change just to the century but to the millennium since 1000 A.D.


So, all of us approached it with apprehension, with some hope, many with wonderment, all kinds of various emotions, all of us, that we reflected on.


So here comes December 25th, just a few days before the millennium starts, and Our Lady says,


“…today in a special way with little Jesus…I am giving you the possibility to decide for peace…your ‘yes’ for peace and your decision for God, a new possibility for peace is opened…in this way…this century will be for you a time of peace and well-being…”




And of course, a few days later on January 2nd, She says,


“…[I am] begging for your help…At this great and holy time in which you have entered…Pray and wait!”




On this Christmas Day, this is something to reflect on. We’ve deteriorated tremendously since December 25, ’99 and January 2, 2000. We couldn’t even imagine the things we were faced with just those few years ago. And yet, Our Lady comes to us this month, saying, “…love will win…” when things seem hopeless.


So, we have a parallel: evil growing and holiness growing, because this is a holy time.


And the revelation that She gives that this century will be a time of peace and well-being. Incredible words!


We’ve got the possibility for a century of peace like never before. How does that happen? How does it come? It comes in your home. It comes in your family. Our Lady said,


December 25, 1993

“Dear children, today I rejoice with the little Jesus and I desire that Jesus’ joy may enter into every heart…”


That means that it happens today if it enters into your heart, it enters into your home. And this is the possibility for peace for this whole century.


We must ask ourselves, how do we see things that we have? Everything is a gift, trials, ease, sweet and bitter. Everything. A selfish person will want to rid themselves of a difficult relationship instead of seeing it as a gift from God. We must but rather see the burden for what it is, not wanting to get rid of it. The Bible relates, “bear the burden for one’s failings.”


This is God’s will for you, not to run from it. We need to look at everything as a gift. The cross is not a roadblock. It is a path on the way of holiness and happiness.


What does Our Lady offer us through Her messages? What’s Her solution for all this?


If you looked at the theme of the messages to give us an answer to solve this, it’s one thing: intensify your love for God.


This Christmas, this is what you are to be doing. How do you evolve to that? God expects us to live under all kinds of difficulties in our life of trials, because the jury’s out. It’ll be out till you die. That’s when it joins in session, and you’re judged for how you took and accepted what was given to you as a gift, good and bad, for better or for worse.


This Christmas is a time that God has not only given you, but Our Lady showing us, accept everything, with grace, as a gift, even if it’s bitter, even if it’s the most difficult things in your family today, or in the season.


The Bible relays, let you renew yourself, lose your life for God’s sake that you might save it.


Your virtues, how you handle situations, are to pass on into your family. A faithful family is a family that saves all that surrounds it.


On February 21, 1982, Our Lady said,


“Be together, do not argue, and do not be disorderly…”


Only then can She do what She says,


“…I will guide you on a sure way.”


When you’re together with family…One thing we learned in the beginning of our community is that people would come here. They’d give up their careers. They’d even give up family. They’d give up their monies. But one thing when they got here, they wouldn’t give up their opinions. And I began to notice this, that this caused us to argue, to be disorderly. Our Lady said,


December 25, 1981

“Love one another…Don’t argue among yourselves…”


To debate is to argue.


So, we shifted to principles. And on those truths of principles of the messages, we became more agreeable with each other. Our Lady says,


February 12, 1982

“Be…calm, more poised. Do not take sides with other children. Be agreeable, well mannered, [and] pious!”


Opinions don’t work. The whole culture is built on debate teams in the schools and everything is to be argued. This point versus this point. That’s not what God desires. The Scriptures says, Jesus says,


“Make My joy complete. Be of one mind and one heart.”


Our Lady expects us to be like brothers and sisters. “…Do not argue…” She says,


“…satan exists! He seeks only to destroy…” (February 14, 1982)



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So we had to come up, in our community, to have peace and be of one mind and one heart, and we began to get rid of opinions. I stopped people from debating. We eliminated discussions about sports. You say, “How can you do that?” Because it’s only opinion. You can’t come to a truth on that. But we can come to a truth when our kids play soccer here or play some other kind of sports because they’re happy when they win, and they’re happy when they lose, and they’re not debating about it. “Well, this person is that person, so this is a better team.” We eliminated all this in the Community for the sake of unity.


You say, “Well, how can you do that?” Because most families get together on today’s Christmas, and many of them leave there with unpeace, debating this or debating that. You have to come to truth. The messages of Our Lady are to unite us underneath the banner of Her theology, which is simple, and a life of simplicity, to truth. And when you align your thoughts and change your opinions, not say, “Oh, well, that’s your opinion, and I respect your opinion.” We don’t respect opinions. We respect truth. That’s what we seek. And we eliminate anything else that would divide us, whether it’s about equipment, Ford or Chevrolet. We go and do the product research, eliminate everything, the pros and cons, and even the best will have cons against us, but we align ourselves with that. We have a whole infrastructure of being together. We eliminate jealousy and envy and all the suffering and pain that comes from those things. Our Lady said,


December 2, 2014

“…because [all] around you, you see suffering, pain, jealousy, [and] envy…”


But Our Lady’s coming to bring a Kingdom. She brought it to us today in a gift. Jesus is our gift. The thing is, we don’t recognize it because often, we’re talking too much. We’re debating too much. Why debate? Why argue? It’s pointless.


“Well you have your opinion. I have my opinion.”


This is not living the messages. You can’t do that. And when you’re with somebody, and you feel an undercurrent of disagreement, even though it’s an unspoken word, than you’re not going toward truth. You’re going toward opinions. And people may have a lack of clarity to see what is opinion and what is truth. Well, align yourself with the messages. Align yourself with the Bible. Align yourself with God. You say, “Well, people disagree about the Bible.” Certainly they do. That’s why Our Lady’s here, to bring us together in our thought process.


You have to get rid of the undercurrent of disagreement from heart to heart. If you don’t do that, you’ll never experience peace. If you do do that, you’ll experience the real peace that God calls us to be one of heart, one mind and one thought. And that’ll enter into your family and into your heart, and you’ll have a blessed and holy and happy Christmas.


So, on this special day of grace, a great day of grace, we wish to tell you, Merry Christmas, but first, Merry Christmas to Mary.



Joseph was tired. They’d been traveling all day. And it was almost midnight before he found a place to stay. He put the burro in the stall, then knelt beside his wife to comfort Her as She went through the pain of giving life.


And up above a star was shining brightly in the sky. Joseph held the Baby Child and showed Him to his wife. And he said


Merry Christmas, Mary.

Let me be the first to say,

Merry Christmas, Mary.

The Son of God has come to us today.


There was someone at the door, and Joseph turned to see some plain and simple shepherd men, down on bended knee. They talked about an angel who told them where to come in the middle of the night to see God’s only Son.


Then later there came wise men bearing gifts and offerings. And Joseph led them all to see and praise the newborn King. And they said


Merry Christmas, Mary.

Let us be the first to say,

Merry Christmas, Mary.

The Son of God has come to us today.


Tears of joy were gently flowing out of Joseph’s eyes. While up above the angels sang, “Glory to God!”


Merry Christmas, Mary.

Let us be the first to say,

Merry Christmas, Mary.

The Son of God has come to us today.


The Son of God has come to us today.



“…understand the beauty of the life of people who go on giving themselves to me in a special way…God blesses you day after day and desires a change of your life. Therefore, pray that you may have the strength to change your life…” (May 25, 1990)


“I am your peace. Live My Commandments.” (December 25, 2012)


So, I ask you this Christmas holy season, the time that Our Lady says is a holy time, a time that She says, “This is my time,” (January 25, 1997) a time that She says, “You can experience God’s nearness,” (April 25, 2006) and He has never been so close, that we, as a people, walk the earth today in a most wonderous, most incredible moment, that all the saints in Heaven who lived throughout history, see us as in a special time that Our Lady has spoken of in the amphitheater of history, meditate, contemplate, and pray.






This segment you just heard in the middle of this broadcast was recorded nine years ago. If you read Our Lady’s messages, it tells you the future. Match what you just heard to what time we are in now. The messages that you just heard is worthy to listen to this a second time and a third time and pass it to others.


Our Lady’s messages is the healing of man and the whole world.


I say all these things because I love you.


We are to love everybody, the good and the bad.


We end this with the words of Our Lady:


“…love will win…”


Sleep good tonight.


We wish you Our Lady.




Ave Maria. Ave Maria.


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