December 28, 2018
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Excerpt from What Order Brings

Excerpt from What Order Brings [Podcast] Mejanomics Dec. 27, 2018 – In this excerpt, a Friend of Medjugorje shares a never before released message of Our Lady given to him through Marija.

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“No one can serve two masters. He will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life– what you shall eat or drink– or about your body– what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?


“Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap. They gather nothing into barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? Can any of you, by worrying, add a single moment to your life span?


“Why are you anxious about clothes? Learn from the way the wildflowers grow. They do not work or spin. But I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was clothed like one of them. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which grows today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, will He not much more provide for you, oh you of little faith?


“So do not worry and say, what are we to eat? Or what shall we drink? Or what are we to wear? All these things the pagans seek. Your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all.


“But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”




This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.



And you are hearing Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.


In today’s broadcast, we are going to share with you an excerpt from the December 11, 2018 encounter with a Friend of Medjugorje here at Caritas during the Five Days of Prayer for the reconciling of ourselves, our families, and our nation back to God.


A Friend of Medjugorje will share with us in today’s excerpt some deeper insight to the importance of Medjugorje, and he also answers two questions which were sent in. And in answering one of the questions, a Friend of Medjugorje reveals a never-before-released message of Our Lady to him through Marija. And so, we are excited to be able to share this with you for the very first time.


And so, here is a Friend of Medjugorje.



Good afternoon.



Good afternoon.



We just got this feedback when I was upstairs. I saw it. So, it’s a question, actually, and I was going to start off with it. It says, it’s David – he didn’t put his last name – from Australia. And Australia’s about as far as you can get from here, but we get people all over the world. It’s really interesting seeing, you think, who’s listening, and it’s beautiful to see these little corners of the earth that they would have never have come here, they would never go to Medjugorje, but how God’s arranged it for so many people to be touched by Her messages.


But the question is,


“I have a question for a Friend of Medjugorje that he can hopefully answer and put the answer in a Radio WAVE topic (let me know when it’s done).


“The Apostles had many gifts after the first Pentecost. This includes the ability to raise people from the dead and cure illnesses. Did these, abilities and gifts, get passed on when others became confirmed…”


Speaking, I think about the early Christians,


“…which is to receive the Holy Spirit in the modern days. Is this part of what Our Lady means by faith extinguishing itself?


“If this were to be enforced today, there would be no problems in the Church. I suspect this will return after the Secrets promised, because the people will truly believe that they can move mountains.”


I think what he’s asking is, basically, did we lost this somewhere along in the Church, because the early apostles, the early Christians, were able to do many miracles. St. Paul was touched with a handkerchief and they took the handkerchief and they took it someone else and they’d cure him. So, even in the fabric, the transmission of the miracle was given through even material objects.


And of course, anything that’s initiated, there’s a lot of grace attached to it. In the beginning of Medjugorje, everything was happening. The mountain was on fire. They saw “PEACE” written in the sky, “MIR” M-I-R. There were just many, many things.


When I was with 20/20 when we were doing the first documentary on Medjugorje for ABC, they went to some of the older people there in the beginning days, and this is in 1988 or ’89, somewhere around that time. But they started looking people up, what happened in the first days. And one story that’s not even published out there, I don’t even know if the Community knows about this, but they interviewed this woman, and she didn’t believe, and she asked for a sign. And she walked toward her barn, and she saw all the cracks at the top and then the middle of the door and then underneath the door, just a huge light shining out, glaring out like at night time, but it was during the day time. And it was brighter than the daylight. And she went there and opened it, and she just saw this huge light for a couple seconds, and then it went away. So, it was her, and she knew, intuitively, it was a sign from Our Lady. There’s many, many things like that that happened.


So, when God initiates something, that’s where the most power is given as far as graces, and those graces are so profound that you can’t deny it.


Another time, there was a nun called Sr. Margaret Simms. She was part of a Medjugorje center in Chicago, Center of Peace, I think, in Chicago. And she was there for about a month. She was out at 6 o’clock in the morning in the summer time, and she looked up at the Cross, and she saw Our Lady extending Her hands over the whole valley, next to the Cross, as big as the Cross. And there were people already out there starting to work the fields. And the people she was staying with were in the house. She wanted to go tell them to come out and look at this. And she couldn’t do that because if she did, she’d leave this, and she was so mesmerized that she just stood there. And it lasted for ten minutes. And everybody in the village saw it. And so, Sr. Margaret went back and told them what happened and they were upset with her. “How come you didn’t do that?” And I thought, “Why didn’t she do that?” And then she said, “Well, if you saw that, you wouldn’t leave it either.”


So, the graces and these kinds of miracles are really lost. Really, we need to go and probably tape, there’s a lot of people that’s dying, that are not stories because there were so many stories. It’s what John wrote – I think it was John – who said, “If we told all the stories of what Jesus did, it would fill all the books of the world.” Now, that was back then, because books were very valuable and they were rare, but he equated it to that, and of course, it wouldn’t be the books we have now because we’re just way over stocked on what’s given out today.


But anyway, in the initiation of these things, I think he’s asking, “Is this going to happen with Medjugorje?” Our Lady is on the mountain, especially on Ivan’s apparitions and with Mirjana, praying over the sick. Every time Our Lady prays over the sick. Of course, that could be sick of soul, diseases of souls, or it could be physical ailments, fatal diseases, which, through the years, many of those have died that’s been prayed over. But at the same time, Our Lady has people all over the world that have been prayed over. And of course, he says, at the end of this, he says, “…I suspect this will return…” people having the ability to heal people or call upon Jesus and Our Lady and Her name and cure people,


“…I suspect this will return after the Secrets promised because the people will truly believethey can move mountains.”


So, I don’t think it’s so much that we lost that throughout Christianity as much as we lost demonic possessions. The more Christianized a place becomes, the less the devil can possess and be active there. And there’s no reason to giving miracles. Those things will diminish. And there will be a new initiative with the Secrets to believe in the apparitions for many people. And as many people across the world that’s been prayed over, that’s been on the mountain, they’re sprinkled from Africa to every place you can imagine.


We’ve talked about the aborigines who came on planes. They don’t wear shoes because their callouses are so thick. They came in barefooted and right out of the jungle. Somebody brought a whole bunch of them there. They were cannibals, in 1970. That’s how fresh they are out of the wild.


So, these people have come. People from every corner of the earth have come there. And there’s so many people that’s been prayed over and yet not healed, but proportioned that the power Our Lady has and what She’s praying for the sick. Why is She praying for the sick and nothing happens? There’s very, very few miracles that’s really happened in proportion for the people that’s come to pray to be healed. And I think there will be an attachment of great healings, a wave, a super wave, of some context with the Secrets. Will it come from people having the power to pray over people or say, “In the name of Our Lady and what She’s done and Her messages, you’re healed”? Will that happen? We don’t know. But I think something’s going to happen, because this has to be a huge wave that spreads across the world that there’ll be massive conversions. And Our Lady, again, has prayed over so many people that somebody’s going to know somebody who knew that person.


The fact that we have an imbalance of people who are unjust in compared to those we are battling, there has to be some kind of impetus that would convince people, and the unjust, to go forward in the process of conversion, something that’s going to give them that tip over the line, that impetus that no matter what they’ve heard about Medjugorje, how much they’ve been turned off or what they’ve heard, something’s got to click. And so, these healings, I think, will be part of that.


America has not seen possessions like Italy has. We’re starting to see that now because we’re a Christian nation. And the more Christianized something is, the more you’re protected from these things. And now we see, really, demonic behavior. We see people that are so filled of hatred, hatred, raw hatred, that they’re opening themselves up to possession.


In The Poem of the Man-God, Jesus says,


“There are so few just men as opposed to the hordes of the unjust. satan has an immense number of children and servants…”


Our Lady’s entering into a world where this is the case. The deck is stacked against us.


“…The Son of God has an insignificant of true children and true servants.”


So, Our Lady’s going to have to put some kind of power, just like in Medjugorje. There was so many graces available that even the communists were converted. Hardcore people. So, we’ll see a new wave of this initiative with the promise. Why would we not? It’s just a reasoning to bring in conversion to the whole world. And that’s what She wants. And you’ve heard me say this many times. June 25, 2007:


“…God desires [the conversion of] the entire world.”


How’s that going to happen? It’s got to be extraordinary graces sweeping across the world.


So, you have Our Lady doing that, and that would be my answer. There’s another question here from Clovis, California. And they write,


“I’ve been thinking about this, praying since reading one of the latest posts from a Friend of Medjugorje referring to the Special Blessing like a chain. Those who have received it will be stronger together. I’m praying can be an instrument to spread the Blessing without too much burden on you…”


In other words, instead of us having to come here, you do it, we can do something through, and she’s alluding because you don’t have to be in the presence of someone to give it.


“…There are many of us out here that would love to be a part of spreading this Blessing to those who are seeking it. I am so grateful to have received it. I can’t imagine being a follower of Our Lady and Her Community being so far away and not knowing who to ask to extend it to me. I understand that it is too much for the Community, but you and your Community have extended arms. We are here too, even far away. Please, I ask, if there is a way to connect through the website…”


Which means networking everybody out there that’s got Special Blessings, that we put on our website.


“…I think you could raise an army of Our Lady’s soldiers who would pray and extend the Blessing. I’ve been thinking of all sorts of ways that you could have a place on the website for people to sign up and pray and receive it. Or maybe just connect us together by sharing emails. I don’t know. I’m not tech savvy at all, just willing and praying, because I think, if we desire it and pray it, it will be a blessing without too much burden on you. Thank you for your yes…” Etc.


Before this building was built, and we were in what’s our root cellar now, that’s where Caritas moved. It was our third move. This was our fourth move here. And we moved off property. We had put a new phone system in, and we could connect people, and my thought was to do a Special Blessing and have people out there that have it and then call in on our phone system, find out your local area and connect everybody like this. But I didn’t want to do that because I knew we could do it without being in the presence. I knew we could extend it to somebody halfway around the world in that sense. We knew that they didn’t know where it was being given to them, rather, and all these things. I had already thought about that. And I looked at our system. Our system could handle it. Those days, actually, Medjugorje was so big and so much enthusiasm, we were getting up to 3,000 phone calls a day. We had fifteen women here at that time, and one guy [LAUGHTER].


But anyway, we worked this thing out. We could do it, but something told me, you know, “I need to go before Our Lady.” So, I flew all the way to Medjugorje. I was with Marija. We were at her house, again, one of the those situations where it was just me and her. And I asked her to ask Our Lady, that we’ve got the framework for an apostolate to spread the Special Blessing, and we can connect everybody, we can say if you’re a local person and you call this zip code, this person has it, you can go see it. Or we can have people call over the telephone. So, we already had the infrastructure of the apostolate, and I went in front of Our Lady and I said, “Is it okay for us to do an apostolate for the Special Blessing?” So, Marija presented this to Our Lady, and Our Lady answered it, and She said, “No…” Now, that didn’t violate, in the sense, that you don’t have to be in the presence or anything that they were going to be doing in the apostolate. And I was excited. I was amazed because Our Lady cared so much about my walk and so much what we were doing at that time in our mission that She told us ‘no.’ To me, it wasn’t a disappointment. I don’t want to go down any road that I’m not supposed to be going down. But that was the grace that put in me to check this out and run it by Our Lady. I mean, how many people have an opportunity to do something like this. Because, again, it wasn’t aligned with all the principles of how it works, but it was just going through a more tech way to do.


So, I was elated that Our Lady had so much interest in which way we were going that She said ‘no.’ It didn’t hurt my feelings at all. I was just grateful and thankful for it. But then She added something else. She said, “No. But I want you to spread the Special Blessing to all.” Incredible. She didn’t want to go through the high-tech system. She wants it to be personal. She wants it to be one-on-one. That’s why, when somebody calls, you can do it, if your aunt calls your telephone or whatever. You can do it. But as an apostolate, we don’t do it and we will not do it because it’s too impersonal. We’d get calls all day long, “Okay. We’ll stop and pray for you and give a Special Blessing.” You know you can’t be heard on Confession over the telephone. It’s not allowed in the Church. And there’s a lot of reasons for that, but still, it’s too much in the “drive-in window” type mentality.


So, this is a ‘no’ to this person. We won’t do it, not because we reasoned our thought about something. Our Lady directly told us not to. But at the same time, She didn’t abandon it. She says, “I want you out there doing this.” If Medjugorje is about anything, it’s about witness. There’s nobody I know, did Our Lady say in any of Her messages, “Be a witness. Be a witness.” But, you know, I got the personal message. All of you are aware of it. “You be a witness. Pray and witness with your life.” So, that was a personal direct message. But I don’t do what I do because of that. I do what I do because the messages show me to do that. The result of the fruit God wants to do with that, that’s His problem.


So, we got into agriculture because we wanted to be able to unburden our lives from the mission when donations come in, to give the maximum amount of money into these materials and things and projects, or what you’re doing. We didn’t ask you to pay something here to come here. We don’t ask for money. It comes from us not paying ourselves other than just meager stipends. So, we’ve given up wealth. We’ve given up everything. But we get 2x4s out of a tree we cut down and build a barn for free. It’s just our labor. Very little money. We’ve exchanged, through grace, an economy that we’re out of, and we walk out and we don’t have any cash in our pocket. It’s so nice not to have any money on you.


And so, it’s a beautiful way of life. It’s very difficult to get to where we are, and we didn’t have a path or a blueprint. I was dropped in the middle of the jungle with no compass or nothing, and just through prayer, which direction should I go? And I had to cut the path. So, if anything, we are, here, we’ve cut the path. You may have to go through the jungle, but it’s already there for you to see. And I’m convinced, 300 years from now, people will be looking at us, what we did, how we did it, in our walk with the Virgin Mary, in an intimate way. You saw that in the house last night. Look at all those messages. That’s only 1988 and January of 1989.


So, our walk with Our Lady is a physical walk outside of the visionaries, but no less important. You say, “Well, that’s pretty high level.” It is. But your walk with Our Lady is no less than ours. Our Lady says, “You cannot comprehend your role.” You’re not going to know it in this life. You’ll never understand it, how great your role is. So, don’t think, “Well, gosh, I’d like to be where you are.” Yeah, you would, but if you went through some of the things, you might change your mind [LAUGHTER].


I believe I was raised for what I’m doing now. Hassan, the Muslim, who, in 1979, was interviewed. You’ve heard me talk about that, most of you. Hassan said that the Virgin Mary was coming. His version of Muslim was the Sufi Muslims. They have a great devotion to the Virgin Mary. They have a prophecy in the Sufi Muslims that the Virgin Mary would come to the earth and that She was going to raise apostles, and this interview was 1979. She came in 1981. And he said something really incredible. He says, there will be people that’s already born or will be born, and without knowing to the individual, they will be being prepared for these apparitions.


So, there’s people that’s been born in 1981, 1953 like I was, or 1982 or before 1970 whose cognition and life and everything they do is for preparation for the coming of Our Lady. I know, in my life and childhood all the way, I have been trained for this the whole way, everywhere. I see back, I see this and understand these things now that Our Lady was working on me and just as well on you, if you can open your heart to see it, in preparation for what Her plans are for you.


And so, he made many other predictions about what Our Lady’s doing, and he was talking about, you know, the whole world, bringing a conversion. It’s really an amazing prophecy. And this is documented.


So, you have to be sensitive. When do you be bold, when do you be passive, when do you be proactive, when do you just be silent and don’t even answer it and let your witness see that you can take certain things? To Love, the writing up in the chapel, go reflect on that. Don’t just read it. This is real life. You can’t write those things, “I’m going to write a poem.” And you can’t write something like that in two minutes unless you already know that, unless you have cognition of that, unless you lived those things. It’s simple. It’s not like I have to think about it, because I lived it, and I’ve got a long way to go for holiness. I’ve got a long way Our Lady wants me to go. And I’m speaking, when I say ‘I,’ you. You have the same path. It’s there.


So, we’re part of something that’s so big, so deep, and when you start digging into it, you can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m alive in this time. But always say this one thing: “Why is Our Lady here, every day, for 37 years?” except, She is showing the daily temperature is rising, because one more apparition happened today, one more degree it got hotter. And it gets hotter and hotter. So that, in itself, the length of it, instead of ridiculing it, should be very disturbing to those who believe it but don’t want to recognize it. Because a lot of people believe it, but, It’s just another thing. Let’s just let it go.”


I want to finish with something that I actually enjoy every year. I think this is our third year, maybe? This is just a fluke. We were in the studio. I was asked just to do a commentary on something. It’s freelance, so it’s not premeditated as far as a written script. So, it’s not real smooth, but it’s just from the heart. And it’s nine days before Christmas. It starts on the 16th. And you do it every day with your family. And I love doing it. The people in the Community love doing it. We’re going to play one of them, Day 2, just to give you a sampling of it, because it gives an impetus for people to gather their children and their family together. And it’s kind of a long novena, but Christmas is really a big deal. Why would you not prepare for it? You say the Rosary with it, the meditation, and it purposely repeats what you read so that you get it in your heart. Our Lady’s repeated many things. What does a good teacher do? It’s repetitive. That’s done on purpose. But all this was something turned into something that we didn’t plan to do.


They Fired the First Shot, never in my life. If Our Lady says, “You’re going to sit down and write a 1,000-page book,” I’d say, “No, Mary. Listen. I wrote, ‘I must obey’ by these nuns hundreds of times. I ain’t writing a 1,000-page book.” [LAUGHTER] And then I’d go bring it to the nun the next morning, and she’d look at it and throw it in the garbage can [LAUGHTER]. I thought she’d frame it or do something or show the other nuns or brag about it, “Look what this boy did.” She didn’t do anything.


But I went to write only about Rwanda, and just a one-pager. After writing that, I knew I needed to write a little bit more about it. Then it turned into a newsletter, and then the newsletter, I knew it’s got to be a book. But I told Mary, I said, “No bigger than I See Far.” I don’t have time. It was spring time. I didn’t have time to do this. When I got that big, I realized Our Lady was writing this thing in real time, with Obama. Everything happened. The power he was taking. This book is real time. And if you read it now, and you should re-read this thing, you’ll be shocked how much is said in 2012 that happened three or four or five years later. Our Lady made things understand by me when I wrote it that hadn’t happened. And I was shocked by it.


So, this is one of those things that we start off with. Our Lady does it. She doesn’t tell us what we’re going to do. We just start doing it. We think we’re just doing it on a human level. And then we find out, “Well, this is from Our Lady.”


So, anyway, we’re going to play, just so y’all get a feel of it, of the second day, which is Decembert 17th. Where’s Martha and Victoria and them? This is one they like the most.




Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel. Born is the King of Israel.



We must ask ourselves, in this Christmas season, as we approach this day of Christ being born, what prevents your heart from receiving Him? What all is false within them? We’re so busy. We have no room for Christ. We have no room for the season. There’s no space, no place. Everything is full in the heart. So many distractions. Our Lady’s messages call us to make that room, to open our hearts for that.


I heard a commercial the other day that best displays this, that we’re so connected to the world that we no longer have any room for Jesus.




So, Jaqueline.



Yes, mom.



I wanted to talk to you about something, and…




Oh, wait, hold on. I just got a text. [PHONE BUZZES] Oh, there’s another one. Wow. Busy, busy me! So, anyway…




Oh, wait mom. I just got a message. My friends keep commenting on my comment. [PHONE PINGS] Oh, there’s another one. So many comments on my comment!




Oh, I can’t wait to watch T.V. tonight! Playoffs!



Hey guys! Check out my new video game.



Wait, mom, what?



What? Hold on.



What did you say?



Wait a sec, mom?



This weekend, unplug. Take your family to the forest. There’s nothing in the world like experiencing nature firsthand. Trees, paths, bluebirds, streams. Getting closer to nature can get you closer to your family. To find a forest nearest you, go to, brought to you by the U.S. Forest Service.




Do you think for a moment that Jesus told us in the Bible, “See how well the worldly promote their ways”? And He relayed to us, “Learn from the world in promoting My way.” Their methods. If this can be seen, that you’re so distracted, that you unplug yourself from all the distractions to restore yourself, you think Our Lady has some higher meaning when She tells us on November 25, 1988,


“…I call you to prayer for you to have an encounter with God in prayer…during the day find yourselves a special [place and] time when you can pray in peace and humility and have this meeting with God, the Creator…”


If there’s people out there that know you need to unplug from your cell phones, your distractions, all your business, because there’s no room for God in your heart, in your inn, to unplug to go out in nature, that Our Lady says these words, “…meeting with God, the Creator…” what did He create? When we think about the Creator, we think about nature and that.


And so it is, in this season, we need to be contemplating these words of Our Lady and the purpose of them. This November 25, 1988 message was given in our home when Marija was here. And I remember reading that, and it struck me deeply. Because Our Lady’s called for this. April 25, 1993, Our Lady says,


“…I invite you all to awaken your hearts to love. Go into nature and look how nature is awakening and it will be a help for you to open your hearts to the love of God the Creator…”


This is where we’ll be restored. And then Our Lady comes up and does something beautiful in our home, near midnight.


There’s a novena called “St. Andrew’s Prayer,” and it says,


“Hail and blessed be the hour and the moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary at midnight in Bethlehem in piercing cold in that hour…”


And on a dark, starry night, December 24, 1988, we made room for Jesus in the inn. And unexpectedly, for us, we were up late that night. It was just before midnight, and Our Lady appears to Marija. And She goes from the 24th, Christmas Eve, just a couple minutes before the apparition, on into the 25th. And in that message, Our Lady said, for the first time, “creation” and never has said it since, and She said it twice. She says,


“…Today I give you my Special Blessing. Bring it to all creation, so that all creation will know peace…” 


I was stunned by this. I went out and blessed the trees. I was the first one in the world to hear this message besides Marija. She told me about it.


This Christmas, make room for Jesus in the inn. Unplug. Look at what distracts your life, what tears you apart, where you’re not being able to listen to Him because of so much false glitter, things that aren’t real. Trade it for what is real. We did that in preparation for several years before Marija came here, and may be better said, our preparation was done for several years before Our Lady came here.


I was one of the first to have a cell phone in Birmingham, among the first two or three people that had it. It cost $2,600. You had to screw the thing into the dashboard. It was a big process installing it. But I didn’t feel right about it. I felt something was wrong. When everybody started jumping on the bandwagon shortly after that, I got rid of mine. I disconnected. It was these things that Our Lady was able to do things with me. Had I not done that, Our Lady would not have been able to do what She did with me and in my home. In other words, Our Lady couldn’t have spoken to me, shown me a way, with that kind of distraction, because it was the plan to come to Birmingham, just like in Bethlehem, and we had the Christ Child that Christmas night in our home. The question is, do you want Him? Will you make room, or is there no room in your heart for Him?


And so it is, with our heart, we wish you Our Lady. We love you. Goodbye.



On a dark and cold starry night, Mary heavy with child, whispered to Joseph, “I can’t go on anymore.” So he wrapped Her up in his arms, said, “I’ll find you someplace warm.” But they were turned away at every door.


No room. No room. Sorry, but we’re too full to let you in. No space. No place for the Baby Jesus. No room


Once again, Christmas is here, the busiest time of the year. There’s a growing list of last-minute things to do. Not many shopping days left. Still got presents to wrap. People to see and parties we’ve got to go to.


No room. No room. Sorry, but life’s too full to let You in. No space. No place for the Savior Jesus. No room.


No room. No room.





You are listening to a excerpt from an encounter with a Friend of Medjugorje, December 11, 2018. This took place during the Five Days of Prayer for the reconciling of ourselves, our families, and our nation back to God, an annual prayer gathering taking place at Caritas of Birmingham since 1993.


The full version of this encounter with a Friend of Medjugorje, as well as the December 10, 2018 encounter can be obtained as a complete package titled, Get Your Own House in Order, a 4-CD set available for just $12.95.


To obtain your copy, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. Outside of the U.S., dial 001-205-672-2000. Or you can visit, spelled and click on “Shop Online.” When calling in or placing your order online, be sure to use the item number CD1037.


Now, here is a Friend of Medjugorje to conclude today’s encounter.




Faith is going to tell you a story. She was in the loft last night. This is what our kids are raised with and what they live with. They’ve got cognition that Our Lady’s listening to them and cognition that Our Lady acts on that with them. She’s very much alive. This place is seamless from Heaven and earth. We’re convinced of it.



I was handing out the consecration cards up in the loft, and then I was saying a Rosary because I was just standing there and nobody was coming. And so, after I finished my Rosary, I went and picked a message, and I picked December 25, 1998.



You did the Rosary?



After I did the Rosary. And so, I picked this message and…



Did anybody ask you to say the Rosary?






She did it on her own [LAUGHTER]. A young girl goes up there and prays the Rosary, and they didn’t even do what the Fatima children did, “Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary,” [LAUGHTER] the fast one. They did the real Rosary, on their own. This is the message she picked, December 25th.



“Dear children! In this Christmas joy I desire to bless you with my blessing. In a special way, little children, I give you the blessing of little Jesus. May He fill you with His peace. Today, little children, you do not have peace and yet you yearn for it. That is why, with my Son Jesus, on this day I call you to pray, pray, pray, because without prayer you do not have joy or peace or a future. Yearn for peace and seek it, for God is true peace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


And I just thought it was awesome because it’s close to Christmas.



In the loft with Baby Jesus, praying. They have the cognition of seeing Our Lady really, “You listen to me,” and She speaks. Okay.


Y’all know it. Do it. [KIDS LAUGHING]



Busy, busy me!



Oops! I just got a text! Busy, busy me! [LAUGHTER]



Alright. That’s it.



And that was a Friend of Medjugorje, December 11, 2018 during the Five Days of Prayer. The nine-day Christmas novena, in which you heard the second day’s excerpt can be found on You can either search for the nine-day Christmas novena, or you can find it under the “Prayers and Novenas of the Community” section. If you wish to purchase a copy to be sent to your home, you can click on “Shop Online,” and under the prayer books section, you can find the nine-day Christmas novena.


And as we end this last broadcast of the year, 2018, we wish everyone a very continued Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year, looking forward to coming again into your home on the second of the month with a Friend of Medjugorje sharing the first message of the new year, 2019.


And so, on behalf of a Friend of Medjugorje, Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas, BVM Pilgrimages,, and Radio WAVE 24 Hours, goodbye.




This ends the Mejanomics broadcast with a Friend of Medjugorje. These broadcasts are available as CDs which are sent directly to your doorstep on a monthly subscription. For information, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000.

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