August 27, 2021
Special World Report

Everything You Wanted to Say

(45 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje talks vaccine exemptions, Afghanistan – and who does the real blame fall on. You will be shocked to know who it is. An eye-opener and a broadcast that says what’s been in your heart, but you didn’t have to words to speak them. Now you do…

Episode Transcript



This is a Special World Report with a Friend of Medjugorje.




Lisa Shaw worked for the BBC radio. She’s forty-four years old, a pretty mom of one. Vibrant, very healthy. On May 13th, she was taken by ambulance to the university hospital of North Durham. She had a headache for several days. By the evening of May 16th, Lisa said that her headaches were worse, and she was having difficulty speaking. The scans showed she was hemorrhaging in the brain.


As her condition deteriorated more, they decided they had to do surgery to remove part of her skull to relieve the pressure inside her head. She ended up dying on May 21st.


What is a coroner? What is their job? What do they do? You might say they’re medical investigators. The reason for dying. The coroner said, about Lisa, she


“…died due to complications of [a corona] vaccination.”


But you’re told this doesn’t happen. They’re safe. It’s okay.


Dr. Tuomo is a consultant neuropathologist. He evaluated her after her death, and he said, “given her history of being a fit, healthy woman with no medical problems, it was ‘surprising’ she died of blood clots and bleeding in the brain.” And he added, “timewise,” her death was “indeed vaccine induced.”


“Oh, but vaccines don’t do that.” And if it does, it’s so extremely rare. What happened to Lisa shouldn’t be considered that everybody get vaccines.


Dr. Brooks went to a schoolboard meeting up in Ohio to all these little Mousselines that get the power, and they start enforcing things, and he’s there about the mask. And he goes up to the podium, gives his credentials, goes through what he’s saying, and you can hear what he says, who’s doing the lying voices. Is he standing there lying? Our Lady wants us to be aware of who is lying. You can do that just by the way they speak. When you listen to this clip, you can tell, this man is telling truth, the raw truth. Listen carefully.




My name’s Dr. Shawn Brooks, PhD, Oxford. I have forty-eight publications including twenty-three books. I’ve studied health medicine, anatomy and physiology for approximately twenty-one years.


Dr. Robert Malone, who created the messenger RNA vaccine has said no one should ever take these jabs, ever, under any circumstance whatsoever. He created it, and he says don’t ever do it.


So, let me explain what’s going to happen to the people who have taken it. The people who have taken it are going to die in the next six months to three to five years for three reasons.


Number one: you’ve dramatically decreased your own immune system by thirty-five percent. The first jab did it by at least fifteen. The second did it by thirty-five now. If you take any booster shot, you will die. That’s it. You take a flu shot in the future, you will die.


The second reason: antibody-dependent enhancement. Antibody-dependent enhancement is what is happening with these jabs with everybody who has taken them, unless, of course, you’ve taken a placebo, but there’s no way that you would know that.


So, given that fact, antibody-dependent enhancement tricks the entire body into believing that the cell that’s eating the pathogen is eating it when it isn’t. It ends up leading to what’s called a cytokine storm, which causes organ failure. That will cause your death, and there’s no stopping that. No amount of drugs will stop that.


The third thing: blood clotting. Everyone who has taken the jabs is blood clotting. If you don’t believe me, there’s a way you can find out. Take what’s called the D-Dymer test. What that does is that detects blood clotting at the microscopic level. They’re cutting full blood clots out of people right now, as I’m talking to you. Millions have died from the jabs. In your last meeting, you advocated for people to take the jabs, potentially, in the future, along with wearing masks. And I heard parents say the same thing. So, to the parents who are actually considering jabbing their own children, you’re going to sterilize them permanently. People who have taken the jabs are sterilized. Eighty percent of women who have been jabbed have lost their children in the first trimester. You can’t have kids! You’ve also injected yourself with the equivalent of HIV. You can now no longer breastfeed, donate blood, donate organs, donate blood plasma nor bone marrow. If you don’t believe me, try to donate blood and blood plasma and find out what happens. You will be denied. Unless, of course, you live in California, in which case, they’re allowing people to donate toxic blood with spiked proteins in it. The jabs create spiked proteins. They’re in the jabs themselves, and they create it by snapping your RNA in half. You are no longer a human anymore. You’re something else. And you are susceptible to countless diseases.


Now, here’s what’s going to happen in the future very quickly…



You have fifteen seconds.



Great. I don’t know what percentage of your staff has taken the jabs, but your school is going to close. You will not stay open. You will close because they will fall ill, and they will die.




The only thing about this clip that’s bad is they cut him off. Did you hear truth? Do you believe truth? Do you believe Lisa died, from a coroner? Is he lying? The neuropathologist, he’s lying? Who’s lying?


What Dr. Brooks was just talking about, is when you get a vaccination, your immune cells are compromised in the way that they get reprogrammed, and you produce less defense, and your body is not able to reproduce the number of cells to fight infections. That’s what Dr. Brooks was talking about. If after you’ve had the vaccination for corona, and later you get a flu shot, you will die from that, because your immune system has been reprogrammed.


If you want to check that out, you google and do research on a title called, “Research Suggests Pfizer-BioNTech” T-E-C-H. And type in “COVID,” C-O-V-I-D, “-19 vaccine reprograms innate,” I-N-N-A-T-E, “immune responses.” Researchers in the Netherlands and Germany have been studying this. This article is by Sally Robertson, May 10, 2021. She explains all that was just said. You’ll find all that research exactly what Dr. Robert Malone…He was one of the doctors who created the messenger RNA vaccine. [INAUDIBLE]  Dr. Malone, quote,


“No one should ever take these jabs, under any circumstances whatsoever.”


This is no denying the danger of these vaccines.


Who were the first ones to get vaccines? Nursing homes. Well, guess what happens now? We have something breaking out in Washington, D.C. and the Dallas area. A superbug fungus has infected hospitals and nursing homes. There’s “evidence of untreatable fungus spreading.” The outbreaks were in Washington, D.C. nursing homes and two Dallas hospitals.


“Patients had invasive fungal infections that were impervious to all three major classes of medications.”


They can’t fix it. They can’t stop it. That’s why it’s a superbug.


Dr. Meghan Lyman says,


“‘This is really the first time we’ve started seeing clustering of resistance…”


See, and that goes back to Dr. Brooks. There’s no resistance to this.


“…clustering of resistance’ in which patients seem to be getting the infections from each other.”


“The fungus is a harmful form of yeast and considered dangerous to hospital and nursing home patients…It is most deadly when it enters the bloodstream, heart and brain.”


Molecular biologist Dr. Chunn Lindsay is before the CDC in a public comment, and she called immediately a halt to the corona vaccine productions and distribution. She’s not saying temporary. She says, “Stop it.” She cites fertility, blood clotting and concerns and the immune escape.


“Dr. Lindsay explained to the committee the scientific evidence showing that the coronavirus vaccines are not safe.”


She told them, quote,


“I strongly feel that all the gene therapy vaccines must be halted immediately due to safety concerns on several fronts.”


She said,


“The [corona] vaccines…induce cross-reactive antibodies…and impair fertility as well as pregnancy outcomes.”


She says,


“First, there is a credible reason to believe that [corona] vaccines…cross react with…reproductive proteins…leading to impaired fertility and [other outcomes].”


And she continues before the CDC,


“We simply cannot put these [vaccines] in our children who are at .002% risk for [corona] mortality…”


That’s almost nothing. We’ve already quoted that a child is more likely to be struck by lightning than corona.


And then, she relays something incredible, very profound, speaking about the child-bearing age population that, quote,


“we could potentially sterilize an entire generation.”


Astounding. So, husbands and wives out there, you don’t want to have babies, take the vaccination, and Bill Gates will be real happy.


In this report, it says,


“…we are seeing many [blood-clotting] deaths in healthy, young adults…”


It’s not hard to see what we’re up against. Our Lady’s made it really clear to us that, “…a people who knows that…they have lost God, they have lost themselves…” That’s where the world is right now. We have a big division, pro-vaccination, anti-vaccination. The facts are on our side who will not take the vaccination. And it’s very interesting where all these schoolboards are, are in blue states. Almost all democrats. That parallels they are all for abortion, and on the red side, we’re against it.


Our Lady has made it very clear to us that we will not stop evil. Our Lady has called us to come together, to be one, because, as a single individual, you can’t do anything. You won’t stop evil. And we’re all now looking for security and to be saved. How does that work? What is Our Lady calling for us to do to that? She says, that you come “…into God’s family…” And when you do that, you are strengthened, because we’re binded together. Our enemies are stronger than us because they’re tighter than we are. That is why, “…As individuals…you cannot stop the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it…”


I just gave you all that one thing, the vaccinations, what satan’s doing, sterilizing a whole generation? Who are you going to believe? Lying voices or the truth?


But Our Lady tells us, “…you…gather into God’s family…” and then you will gain “…the Father’s strength…” And She says,


“…all together, with my Son, you can change everything and heal the world…”


That’s who we are supposed to be, as a people. But you have to educate yourself. You have to understand these things. And it’s no question, we said on the twenty-fifth last night that Our Lady said,


February 2, 2012

“…My children, pride has come to rule…”


But with the Father’s strength, us gathered together with Our Lady, everything can change.


Our Lady says we have “…to become a new people…a people who knows that, with God, despite all sufferings and trials, they are secure and saved…”


Yesterday, August 25th, Our Lady told us, that those who have no love and whose hearts are full of hatred, “…has conquered…” Not “are going to” “maybe conquered.” “…has conquered…” That’s the spiritual weather report of the world and what’s happening right now.


The only thing left for us now is divine intervention and for you to stand up.


The Arkansas bishop, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, which I blasted several years ago because he didn’t stand up against a consecration of the devil of six hundred people in his diocese. And actually, from what I remember from that broadcast, we called for people to spill out into the streets and for the bishop to lead them. But he didn’t do it. They had made a statue of satan, a big bronze statue, with two little kids looking at his face, idolizing the devil.


If I was a bishop of a diocese like that, I would call every Catholic together into the streets and tear that to pieces. It didn’t happen. But Bishop Anthony Taylor is back in the news today. He’s ordered his priests in Arkansas not to facilitate religious exemptions for employees of corona vaccinations that they have mandated. He sent a letter to all his priests, instructing them to decline to sign any religious exemption documents. The bishop says,


“A ‘religious exemption’ differs from a ‘conscientious exemption’…”


Really? He continues, saying,


“…in that the former…”


The religious exemption he’s talking about,


“…indicates that receiving the vaccine goes against…the held belief of [the] person’s religion…”


“So, in the case of your Catholic parishioners,” the bishop says,


“…signing off on such a ‘religious exemption’ will indicate your support for the proposition that the Catholic Church teaches that receiving the vaccine is fundamentally immoral and impermissible…”


And he says,


“…However, that simply is not the case…”


And he goes about the Congregation of the Faith said it’s okay because you’re helping other people, and it’s an act of love, all this stupid garbage. Garbage! I don’t know what’s wrong with these bishops.


The bishop says, quote,


“…Therefore, if you receive requests to sign off on ‘religious exemptions’ for your parishioners, you are to politely decline to do so. You should also take that opportunity to encourage your parishioners to get vaccinated as an act of charity for the common good…”


People like Lisa. Let’s encourage that.


“…and the most vulnerable. It may be that their conscience, (well-formed or not)…”


So, you’re idiots. You’re the peasant in the pew.


One thing you can do on your donation envelopes, “No vaccination. No money.” Quit giving. Fr. Ken Roberts, I was with him one time talking to a group, and he says, “No food, no money. Put that in the basket.” Don’t fund what you know is wrong. You can bring the whole diocese down to a sneeze by being broke. Money talks much louder than protests. Organize and give no money. Why should we be giving our money to something we know is supporting and propagating many evil things? Stand up, not as an individual, but all gathered together. “We’re not putting up with this garbage.” All the problems we have in the United States right now, all the way to the Taliban, Afghanistan…We just had twelve soldiers killed…by Biden. By Biden? Really? Biden did that? Biden didn’t do that. The bishops did that! They could have stopped that. They knew this guy was pro-abortion. They could have told everybody Catholic, “You can’t vote for this guy.” And they didn’t do it. Re-read the writing Blind to Your Wrong. The Bishops’ Conference, all they do is get together and make another document. Why didn’t they do it on Biden? No guts. Feminized. And look what we’ve got. And don’t say and shake it off, you bishops. The greater majority of you caused that, that you put that guy there.


The bishops could have recognized that he’s excommunicated. It’s blatant, and you’re silent. You’re not saying anything. You’re just a bunch of cowards. Do your job for us, the peasants in the pew. It’s time for us to get angry and bind ourselves together. Oh, we’re going to pray for you because Our Lady tells us to do that. And She’s not telling us because you need prayer just to be nice. It’s because your salvation is at risk what you’re doing. And if you couldn’t have stopped people voting for Biden, you can have your little document after a Bishops’ Conference and do your own investigation on the fraudulent elections. It is blatant. Have you said one thing about that? I’ve not seen one bishop say something about this corruption.


Biden is not the President! Trump is. You teach that if somebody steals something, and they confess that sin, they have to make restitution and go give that back what they stole from somebody else. Find me one bishop that stands up and says, “Okay. Biden stole this election. The democrats stole it. We’ve investigated it. There’s 100% that this election was stolen.” You haven’t said one thing about this election.


Bishops, you have blood on your hands. Those twelve soldiers today, dead. Not only have you got blood on your hands from abortion, even though you’re against it, and you don’t stand up for this guy, and now, you’ve got twelve soldiers whose blood has been spilt out of your coward weakness. I’m not committing heresy, but truth can get you destroyed. But I’m aligned with Our Lady, and many people across this land. You are out of touch. Your nuance of being neutral makes you guilty. You better be careful, because us peasants in the pew are getting fed up with this. We have no lack of love for our Church, our country, our land, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence. We believe in it. You don’t. And it’s time somebody says it to you.


I’ve already had some calls from people when I wrote Blind to Your Wrong, that the bishops say, “Yeah, we know about that guy.” You bishops have the power to change everything from Afghanistan all the way to abortion, if you join the peasants in the pew. And I can tell you one secret. We are together, and we’re growing stronger in what we believe and what we’re going to stand up for. And our greatest strength is the Queen of Peace, the Woman of Revelation, Who’s appearing every single day still. Our Lady of Medjugorje, that the most you say is, “Okay. It’s nice.” You have no idea why She’s here, because if you did, you would say from the pulpits, instead of stupid letters about vaccination, they can’t be employed by the diocese if they don’t get the vaccination, you would know and identify that we are in a moment of an antichrist system, and you are doing nothing to resist it. “Oh, I can’t say that. We learn in the seminary not to talk about Revelation. We don’t know about that. It’s too symbolic.” It ain’t symbolic! It’s happening! It’s right in front of you. And you do nothing for us.


Yesterday, the Virgin Mary appeared! Did you get that, bishops? “…hatred has conquered…” She said that. Is She lying? What are you doing about that? Have you read that? “Okay. That’s nice. She’s just a chatterbox.” Our Lady will appear today. What are you doing about it today? Nothing. Our Lady told us in 1982, long time ago, decades ago, that “…Monthly Confession will be a remedy for the Church in the West…” And Our Lady said,


“…One must convey this message to the West.”


Oh, you will have your priests. You order them as a bishop to force vaccination. And you’re not telling your priests, “I want you in the confessional before every Mass and after every Mass.” Well, they can’t do that. Our pastor’s doing it. He’s there before, after, anytime, and every day.


Our Lady is here every day, and here these four decades, if you had done that and told your priests to do that, we wouldn’t have the problems we’ve got now. Our Lady gave the answer. It’s from Heaven. But you treat that as a lie, because if you believed it, you would do it. You haven’t. “Well, I didn’t know.” That’s your problem. When I heard about the Virgin Mary appearing, I ran to it. “You mean She’s on the earth?” Seventy-five thousand people walked for days in Fatima the last apparition, because they wanted to be in Her presence, and they wanted to know what She said. You’re not even interested. You’re only interested in things like social justice, which is a disaster and the things we’re suffering from.


The Queen of Peace appeared yesterday. In 2001, She said,


“…I repeat to you…through prayer and fasting also wars can be stopped…”


The wars are going on because our shepherds haven’t called us and helped organize behind the Queen of Peace, and you don’t follow Her directions straight from Heaven from Her Son, Jesus Christ. “I want you to fast every Wednesday and every Friday.” “I can’t force that.” Really? And you can force people with vaccination? Give me a break.


Our Lady appeared, the Queen of Peace, yesterday, and in 1982, She said,


“…fasting…can…suspend the laws of nature…”


That’s a big statement! It’s infallible because it comes from Heaven. But you haven’t touched that. You’re not teaching. You’re not going to your priests saying, “Start talking about these messages.” But you’ll tell them you’ve got to have a vaccination because that’s the love of neighbor.


Our Lady, Queen of Peace, appeared in Medjugorje yesterday. In 1985, She says,


“…With the Rosary you will overcome all the troubles which satan is trying to inflict on the Catholic Church. Let all priests pray the Rosary. Give time to the Rosary.”


Bishops, are you listening to Our Lady? Are you giving directives to all the priests that, “I want you all to say four mysteries every day, and I want the priests to tell the whole parish to do the same.” And the priest is the first example, and the supreme example is the bishop.


“You can’t do that. They won’t have time for that.”


Our pastor and our priest is doing it. He’s promoting the Rosary every Mass.


The Queen of Peace appeared yesterday in Medjugorje. In 1984, She said, “…do penance…” Are you doing that, bishop? Are you encouraging your priests to do that? Are the priests encouraging the flock to do that? We need penance, sacrifice, offering sufferings. We don’t want to hear the Gospel read out of the Bible, and then a homily of repeating everything we just heard. We’re not in first grade. The Protestants out-homily of what we’ve got trickling down from the bishops.


Our Lady appeared yesterday, the Queen of Peace, in Medjugorje. The bishops don’t touch Medjugorje because it’s beneath them. The Church has become the bride that is in love with itself and not the Bridegroom. That’s why Our Lady’s here, wanting you to listen to Her. She said in 1990,


“…For nine years I wanted to tell you…[there’s only one way]


She said,




You don’t listen to Her.


Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace, yesterday. July, 1982, Our Lady said,


“…All priests do not have the gift of healing…”


To receive the gift, Our Lady said,


“…the priest must pray with perseverance and believe firmly.”


That’s available to you! What a wonderful thing could happen! But you don’t listen to Our Lady. But the bishops aren’t seeing what She’s saying. They want to be doing what they say. “Listen to me.” And what are we, through these last forty years?


Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje yesterday, the Queen of Peace. In 1984, Our Lady says what the bishops should be calling the priests to do. She said,


“The priests should visit families, more particularly those who do not practice anymore…[the] Priests should carry the Gospel of Jesus to the people, and teach them how to pray…”


If the bishops are following Our Lady of Medjugorje, they would know to tell their priests what Our Lady said, that all “…priests themselves should pray more and also fast…”


Bishops, your spiritual curiosity should be yearning to know everything about Our Lady appearing every day for forty years, and don’t say you don’t believe it, because you’re a liar, or you think you need to be neutral because you believe in the vaccine, have no discernment there, but you have the discernment to stay away from Our Lady, when fifty-six scientists studied these people over twenty years? Never in the history of the Church have they had a group of visionaries can be tested next to each other, synchronized at the exact moment, something comes in front of them. After thousands of scientific man hours, their conclusion is very simple, bishop. I think you’ll understand it. They didn’t push the big document they had. The verdict was just three little words, and they state, quote,


“Absent of deceit.”


What are you going to do about that bishop? What are you going to do to your diocese? What are you going to do with the priests? This is on your shoulders. I’m sickened of what I see out there in my Church. It’s not yours. It’s us, the people. You maybe have the position, and I have all the great respect for that position, but not for what your behavior and what you’re doing or what you don’t do.


You will be rightfully in the state of lamentations when these apparitions are over, and they’re very close, and the Secrets are going to come, and when you could have healed the Church, healed the world, everywhere, and you didn’t accept the Queen of Peace, and you had every opportunity each day for forty years to do that.


It’s not too late, bishop. There is an apparition tomorrow. You better get on your knees. You better call your priests and say, at the time of apparition, be on their knees. Will you do that? No, because I’m just a peon. I’m a peasant in the pew, and I’m nobody, and I’m somebody because of Our Lady, and I followed Her. We’ve got a cow pasture here. We’ve got a 65,000 square foot building, ten-million-dollar print shop downstairs. We send things all over the world. We go to 120 countries. People are forming their whole life on everything, what we’re preaching and teaching and showing through the words of Our Lady’s messages. How can a peon do that? A flunkie? A nobody? And your glorious position, you’re not. You’re not growing the Church. Your time is limited.


Two days ago, the Queen of Peace came to Medjugorje, gave a monthly message for the whole world, and She said,


“…It is time…”


The clock’s up. It’s only seconds left.


Absent. Of. Deceit.


Can you get a verdict from your position that is absent of deceit? I don’t think so. I don’t believe so.


I’m sick of what you don’t do. Jesus’ words in the Scriptures says, “Be either cold or hot. If you’re lukewarm, I’ll vomit you out of My mouth.”


You’re going to regret this period that you were silent. And for those who weren’t, like the Arkansas bishop, saying you can’t have a job if you don’t get vaccinated…See, he’s speaking. It won’t be any worse for him than it’s going to be for you. Silence, nuance, doesn’t give you a pass.


It’s time everybody listen to this broadcast tonight, to call your bishops out. We are fed up. You’re just passing the buck, not to be controversial. You’re not following Jesus. Every day He went out, there were three or four or five, ten controversial things that happened to Him. If you’re controversial, and you’re on truth, it’s the people who make the controversy. Was Jesus controversial? No, He told truth. The people make that controversy. Because you don’t want to have controversy, you’re just silent. And you can’t work anymore for the diocese unless you get this poison, this baby stem cells in the vaccination, and everything else with it, and go along with it.


You’re selling these vaccines for a whole generation who can be sterilized, and they disappear, and no more kids. You have blood on your hands. Pilate did too. Well, you can do what he did. You can wash your hands of the blood. But the difference with you and Pilate is Pilate was a pagan. When he stands before God, he can say, “Well, I didn’t know. I was a pagan.” What can you say? When Jesus says,


“I sent My Mother to you every day forty years plus. I gave you the answer to every problem, difficulty, everything, to cure the Church and build it.”


And you wash your hands of the whole Heavenly event. You have no discernment. No discernment whatever.


I want to end with this, that the first day when I heard about the Taliban and what they were doing, immediately, I said, “This is to get rid of Biden.” He’s a stool pigeon. I could tell it by what the democrats were saying and how they turned on him so quick. It’s part of the plan. This whole situation I knew from the get-go. Not today, from the moment it started, they were advising him bad advice, the curtain of power around him because the democrats’ plan was not to keep him there anyway. Obama’s behind this, your great president you were all so proud of. I wrote 2011 and 2012, in the book They Fired the First Shot, which went to the Vatican. This book went all the way to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. They wanted to condemn me. They tried to. I’ve got sources that came and told me about that. They were going to condemn me for this book. If you read that book right now, you’re going to see that Obama, back in 2011, was going to try to get a third term. He’s behind this. He wants to be president of the world.


The U.S. federal government has an office called Strategic Deception. You can look up that yourself and study it. The vaccination, corona, all this is a deception to cover up other things. Obama wants to be president of the whole world. There can’t be a one-world government with the United States. It has to be broken. It was Obama who said, “We are only a few days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He said that! Did you not listen to it? Read They Fired the First Shot 2012. It’s in the book. And everything he’s doing now was written back then because the Mother of God is giving the messages to who prays, understands, and can discern.


Obama’s behind this, and behind Obama is the cabal, who wants to take over the world. Sun Tzu says, “Know yourself, and know your enemy.” Biden, from the second he got in there, has taken directions. And I’ll give you proof. This clip you’re going to hear will show that. He’s followed instructions. He’s being managed, just like many bishops are with a curtain of power around your desk, because the weaklings can only be strengthened through somebody’s office who has power. And many bishops have the curtain of power around them. They don’t do their own research. You depend upon somebody else.


Biden is your man. Most of you hated Trump. But today, he gives infallible truth that he’s managed, he’s a puppet, and they’re going to knock him out as soon as they can. We don’t know how, but it’s going to happen. That’s why the democrats immediately started turning against him because they’re going to get him out. They’re going to do everything they can. They don’t care about Afghanistan.


So, listen to Biden. He goes out in front of the media at five o’clock their time in Washington.




Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell, NBC.




Thank you, bishops. You gave us this guy. You’ve given everything on a platter to Obama. Obama’s got people behind him. It’s a cabal. It’s there. We’re not being theorists. We’re not looking under devils under rocks. He’s blatant, naked in front of you, and you say nothing about our condition. The Church is sick. The Church is sick. The Church is sick because of the shepherds. We’re hungry. We’re starving, and Our Lady is feeding us. And you pay no attention to Medjugorje. “Well, I’ll do it privately.” Then don’t do it at all.


For our audience in all the countries of where we go to, stand with the United States, because if it goes down, you know what’s going to happen in your nation.


I end this warning you bishops that we’re going to do the worst thing we can do to you. We’re coming after you…with our prayers. We are leaving you in the hands of God. Thank you for the mess you’ve made. I’m not afraid to say I’m a sinner, redeemed by Jesus, saved by Our Lady. We Medjugorje people have been fasting, confessing, sacrificing for decades, putting ashes on us, praying for Nineveh, that God spare this country. We turn you over to God.



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  1. City: Holden
    State: LA
    Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje, for using the strength Our Lady has provided you with, to speak the truth when so few are willing to do so. I pray for your community to continue doing Our Lady’s work and I pray for our nation and an end to the hate and the lies. Please, never stop speaking the truth! God bless you all.

  2. City: BRISTOL
    State: South Gloucestershire
    Country: United Kingdom
    Please say the St Joseph’s prayer every day that poison will not take effect in our bodies as a result of us taking the coronavirus vaccines. This is a powerful prayer. I pray it every day plus add for any other vaccines that people have taken throughout the world with the intent of it helping them. Because let’s face it, it isn’t just the coronavirus vaccines. We are all just more aware now. There is stuff in many many vaccines that is bad. For Many years since the 1970’s and 80’s foetal cells from aborted babies have been used to produce vaccines.

    I speak the truth. Only Our Lady can save us now. I have my own experience to vouch for that and if I get to the lowest floor of Heaven holding onto Our Lady I will be so so happy because in my evil I deserved to take a hit for God. But nonetheless Our Lady helped me to create a new base for my life and in so doing I can pray to help save my family also. Our Lady grant through the Holy Name of Your Divine Son Jesus that I may love You for all eternity because I deserved to die but instead You allowed me to fall in love with You and Your Immaculate Heart and I survived even in my weakened state. Thank You and Jesus Amen.

  3. City: Vero Beach
    State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Everything you said is right on! In November I wrote to the Bishop of this Diocese and let him know how upset I was that the USBBC was so happy that a Catholic President was the elected president…knowing it was a fraudulent election. I told him remove me from your list to ask for the Bishops Appeal. Then it March of 2021 the pastor of the church I go to wrote a letter in bulletin justifying the vaccine and stating it was ok to get it because the aborted baby cells were generations removed. Needless to say I stopped giving to my church. I have been a field angel for at least 16 years or more…but now give the donation to Caritas of Birmingham instead of the church. I knew when this vaccine came out it was inherently evil…how? Because I have been following our Ladys Messages for a long time thanks to Caritas and I am able to discern evilness. Thank be to God! Please keep speaking out I long to know that I am not alone in my faith or belief.

  4. City: Tulare
    State: Ca.
    Country: USA
    As TS ELLIOT writes, ‘’ In a world fugitives the person taking the opposite direction will appear to be running away.” Caritas, is exposing the Truth, and the first response by our enemies is HATRED. Other people, including Father Alex Bugnolo, Gloria TV, and Dr. Tenpenny and his medical team all have claimed the same dangers from these demon inspired vaccines. DO NOT BE AFRAID AS NOTHING HAPPENS CONTRARY TO GOD’S WILL. BE PART OF THE HOLY REMNANT. Amen and GOD BLESS!

  5. Thank you, dear friend, for this letter. If only many of us had this information about jabs last year, no one would have been taking them (alas, it’s too late for so many); including bishops, Pope Frances asking & instructing to go along with vaccination, all our Priests were told to take it & so they had to in obidience to church.

    As for Obama & Biden, no deep discernment was needed, as it was such an obvious evil without a cover under sheepskin but to most ordinary people helpless on political field to do anything eccept prayers individually & in prayer groups.

    The little time of life that I got left (already been health effected by the jabs, blood clot was in my heart from Oxford Astrazeneka, twice ended up in hospilal with some organs damage..), so yes, our only hope is in Jesus’s Divine Mercy & Mary’s help through prayers, hope, love & holy sacraments of the church.

    Personally I am drinking holy water first thing in the morning, asking God to remove the evil out of my body.
    Thanks again for this letter & may God’s protection keep your community safe with daily blessings.

  6. Thank you! I admit, I wasn’t expecting “the bishops” rightfully called out here. They need this call out. We laity, faithful followers of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace, need this call up! They need to hear and adhere to Her words: “If you knew how much I love you, you’d cry for joy!” If we’re to assist heaven in bringing all bishops back, to be submissive servants of Our Lady Queen of Peace, bishops must be brought to their knees and kept there.

  7. State: Wisconsin
    Country: USA
    I just wanted to thank you for being a voice of truth during these troubled times. I saw the verse from Judges 6:12 recently and thought of you right away. Thank you for being a modern day warrior!

    I agree whole-heartedly with your last broadcast. All of it. I am in the Law Enforcement field- 27 years this December. In Wisconsin we can retire at 50 years with a big penalty. I will be 49 this Sept. Our department is constantly pushing the Vax. In fact, all the smartest people on our department (adminstrators) got the shot therefore we should all get it.
    I believe we are just over 50% vaxed. I will not comply and have said so much. I wonder sometimes if I will even make it to 50 for retirement. There hasn’t been talk yet about mandating it, thankfully.

    I have now stopped “trying” to explain my reasons to all the pagans. I keep it simple and just say bad things are coming. God is not happy. Covid is happening only because God has allowed it, not caused it. The Vax is not the answer, God is.

    A co-worker of mine has been making fun of me and telling me I’m getting the Delta Variant this Winter and I better get it, the Vax. I simply reply by asking when he is going to get his booster. I want to see what happens to him. Probably not right but I am seeing first hand how we are all being separated like the chaff and the wheat. I am feeling more compelled to stand up and not be a push-over. God has always had warriors and I often think of David’s mighty men. Not pushover in the least bit!

    Those of the world are easy to distinguish. I know our Lady will make things work for me me and all of her children.

    I wanted to close by mentioning life-site news in case you are not aware of it. They are truth seekers and are not afraid to report truth especially in the Catholic church. I believe a great awakening is happening and thank you for being a part of it.

  8. City: Scotland
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada
    Thank you so much for vilifying what I have been feeling and thinking. I am so distraught about what is going on with these vaccines and how it will affect those who have accepted to take it. So many friends and family members have taken it and I fear for their lives and souls. I ask for prayers for all those who have been brainwashed into thinking it was the best thing to do to protect others. I am so upset with the bishops who have not stood up to defend the people in the pews. They intimidate and instill fear and this is something that makes me angry. I need help to be forgiven for the anger I feel and for not knowing how to help.

  9. State: NY
    Country: USA
    I believe the Friend of Mej is sincere, and believes what this Sean/Shawn Brooks person said. But I wonder if anybody actually checked out his credentials before posting this. Brooks speaks with a lot of assurance and swagger, but is he even really a PhD? What are some of those books he claims to have published? As for his D-Dimer suggestion, plus his other assertions, check out the following link: link removed
    What I do think is right in this broadcast is the Friend’s calling out of the Bishops for not telling us to Pray, Fast, Say the Rosary, for not paying attention to what Mary has been telling us all these years.
    But if anyone got all worried and frightened that their vaccine is going to kill them, I think you can let that one go.

    1. Janis, you are wrong. If you listened carefully to what a Friend of Medjugorje said, you would have heard that both the coroner and the neuropathologist in the Lisa Shaw case said that she, an otherwise healthy person, died from blood clots as a direct result of the vaccine.

      The source you link to, which we removed, is a project of the Google News Lab – not a very trustworthy source. We refuse to link to these voices that are the loudest supporters for abomination, abortion and the suppression of free speech. These voices are speaking the most to “fact-check” anyone who is against the vaccine. Who is behind it is a good indicator of what to believe. Again, what a Friend of Medjugorje identified as “lying voices.”

      Secondly, Sean Brooks is a real person, and he really does have a PHD. The hit piece that the media did about him confirmed his credentials. Regardless of his PhD, what he says is common sense. Thank you.

  10. City: Dickinson
    State: ND
    Country: United States
    Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection,
    implored your help, or sought your intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you do I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions,
    but in your mercy, hear and answer me.

    Dear Blessed Mother, intercede for your people of the USA. This is Your land, this is my land! Lord, protect us from all harm. We need your divine intervention soon. Show us your mercy and justice for those who wish to do your servants harm. In Jesus Holy name.

  11. City: Ontario
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada
    Thank you Fr. of Mej and Caritas for all you do! The first doctors statement was incredible! The saddest thing, hardly anyone believes it. Like Fr. Mark always says ‘the world has gone bonkers.’ Let’s keep praying, fasting, living in hope of Our Lady bringing us Heaven! Jesus and Mary we trust in you!

  12. City: Palm Coast
    State: FL
    Country: United States
    REV 9 Verse 10 11 They had Tails like scorpions, With STINGERS; You wonder if this is the JAB! With their tails they had power to harm people for five months. They had as their King the angel of the abyss, Whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon ( which means Ruin ) and in Greek Apollyon ( which means Destroyer ). And it talks about the first one and two more to come WOE! it talks about a third of the Human race to be destroyed and as of now about a third of the Human race has been vaccinated! This is just for DISCERNMENT. Pray Pray Pray The JAB is a modern day POTION

  13. City: Elma
    State: WA
    Country: United States
    May Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and his beloved and Blessed Mother bestow upon you endless love, blessings and protection for your bravery and courage to speak this TRUTH. Thank you

  14. City: Nashua
    State: NH
    Country: USA
    I believe that The Masons are the cabal and Obama is a minion.Our Lady also said we must love the enemy. No Hate because hate begets hate and remember that every person on earth is a child of God and he loves all of us equally.He is the judge.Love can change everything.HAte is tearing our families and our country apart.

  15. Country: USA
    Spoken in love and truth. Pray for our bishops and our Country.
    Dear Jesus, convert our hearts, bring our bishops back to You, save them from perdition, return the USA to loving You and obeying You, through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Your Mother Mary. Amen

  16. City: Cambridge
    State: Waikato
    Country: New Zealand
    Judy from New Zealand
    THANK YOU. Here in NZ and in Australia we have capitulated to every evil without a sound from our shepherds. When I get overwhelmed with all that is happening here and overseas I go to the Rosary for Peace. Thankyou again for feeding me with the words of Our Lady. I was still able to receive confession on the first Friday of this month but have been refused communion on hand for the last 5 weeks, and now we are in lock down again. Satan is in control but praise GOD doesn’t have the victory.

  17. City: Rio Rancho
    State: New Mexico
    Country: United States
    I wrote to my bishop months ago. Sante Fe NM. I came across an article in which he promotes gay pride along with Father Martin. He responded that the teachings of the church is a given and that they don’t speak about moral values. Hatred has entered because the leadership of the church has their own agenda. It is hatred against God’s commandments. In order to confess and know what sin is…we must do an examination of conscience. There is so much perversion amongst our church leadership all the way to the top. Changing the liturgical readings and on and on…this is where hatred for God’s commands has formed a stance against the true teachings of the church. Vatican II introduced many ideas including all other religions to incorporate and change the true teachings of the church to accommodate other religions and their practices. The Latin Mass is considered rigid and is being completely abolished. It is a highly reverant Mass. It is rigid vevause it teaches obedience and reverence to God and to one another. Hatred has entered the church. The master of all lies has entered the church. A return in time. The Latin Mass, One Holy and apostolic church offered up by Holy men who were formed in the Light of Christ. May God’s plan through our Lady strengthen us. Come Holy Spirit…

  18. City: N ireland
    Country: Ireland
    Thank you for the TRUTH. I believe what you are exposing and stand alongside you. May Jesus and Our Blessed Mother protect you and all who are on the path of truth.

    1. Country: USA
      Yes, pray, fast, Sacraments. What activity can be more important at a time such as this? We must all turn off the news and pray and entrust ourselves to God and use the weapons God gave us. Either we believe God has the answer or we believe man will save us from the mess man has created. The world is in a Code blue situation. It’s pretty obvious. I’m talking to myself here as well as anyone who needs to see these words.
      Our Lord loves us so. He is always the Good Shepherd. Always ready to heal and guide us to the good, the true, the beautiful. Mary, Queen of Peace pray for us.

  19. City: -
    State: -
    Country: USA
    yea I want to scream kill all demonrats esp biden , harris AOC omar chop all their heads…

    1. Country: USA
      Don’t fall for that — anger. New heads would pop out right after you chopped them off, even if you could, and you would probably end up in hell sitting right next to them. Use the Weapon Our Lady gave us instead, the Holy Rosary. It works much better, and gets your motivation going in the right direction.

      1. We understood that J.H. was merely venting the frustration that thousands of people have told us they feel. We are sure they did not actually mean to chop off their heads. Naturally, a Friend of Medjugorje’s words in the broadcast tell us exactly how to act. Yes, it is prayer, first. Then action, which includes defiance when necessary. Mostly, it is accountability. Until the Bishops get told where and how they are failing, they will never hear the truth except though what a Friend of Medjugorje has called, the “curtain of power” that surrounds them – which will never tell them the truth, only what the bishops want to hear. You need to listen to this again and again, and become versed to the point where a Friend of Medjugorje’s words become your words, so you know how to act and what to say.

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