March 2, 2023
Special World Report

90% Will Perish

[Podcast] (52 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje talks about what is clearly in the possibility of happening, and why we should be reading the signs to not wait to convert and make physical changes.

Episode Transcript



This is a Special World Report with a Friend of Medjugorje.



January 25, 1993

“…discern the signs of the time…”

Do you think I say this too many times? Our Lady has said many times.

Tonight, we’re going to talk about something global. This broadcast tonight will have three different segments to help you discern the times at this moment.

We all can recognize about our economy, the direction the world’s going to.

The first segment is an update where we are right now.

This clip is from Hannity. He gives report of the signs of the time.



Americans now are emptying out their emergency funds, a Fox Business report. Nearly half of U.S. adults have either less or no emergency savings compared to a year ago. Only 26% say they have more emergency savings this year. Twenty-five percent say their level of savings is about the same. People are suffering.

The Fed now is doubling down on their inflation fight, which is, you know, more trouble for people. It’s going to hurt the housing market even further. Now the debt limit, which they thought would be, in some point in July, maybe in June—that’s what they’re saying. You have federal officials now signaling more rate hikes amid sticky inflation. Sticky? I mean, that’s all we’ve had under Biden.

Texas teenagers have raised $160,000 for an elderly janitor, who was forced to un-retire because he couldn’t afford his rent. That was a cool story, but sad.

Morgan Stanley is warning the stock market has entered the “death zone.” U.S. stocks now have climbed to unsustainable highs and face imminent losses once investors realize there will be no Federal Reserve pivot later this year.

Michael Wilson, the Chief U.S. Equity Strategist of Morgan Stanley, long-time Wall Street bear, warning in an analyst note this week that the stock market has entered a level known as the “death zone.” Well, that gives me a lot of confidence.

Wal-Mart has a, quote, “lot of trepidation about the economy.” Consumers are feeling very pressured, so people aren’t even spending at Wal-Mart.

None of this is good news. And, I don’t know, how do you feel about 50 trillion in debt? If you look at the numbers…I got this from Steve Moore, you know, if we look at the actual number in terms of debt, the numbers are far worse if you look at the latest projections from the CBO through 2033. That’s ten years from now. And those numbers tell us two things. First, the debt is going to hit a level of 50 trillion by 2023. Second, by extrapolating the Trump baseline through 2033, we find the debt will be 10 trillion higher than it would have been if we simply stuck with the Trump budget economic policies.

Lawrence Summers, who has not been wrong this entire time about inflation and the state of the economy, is quoted as saying in Fox Business, and he said, “When your brakes don’t get much traction, two things happen. You could be moving too fast.” That’s the inflation pressure, “And you could be setting yourself up for the kind of collision or course, crash course, down the road.” He said, “Both things, I think, are very real risks in this environment.”

In the span of just a year, the Fed has voted to raise their benchmark interest rate from zero to a range of 4.5% to 4.75%. And now, they’re talking about it going to 6% if not maybe even a little higher. I mean, Biden is claiming his economic plan is fiscally responsible, but the CBO numbers prove just the opposite. Their latest review which factors in recent laws, executive actions, economic trends, other developments showing the nation is on a glide path towards a major fiscal crisis if not outright bankruptcy.

Publicly held debt already at 24 trillion is set to double to 46 trillion. It’s really 31 trillion, but why be precise? That’s a record 118% of the nation’s entire annual economic output warning the committee for responsible for federal budget and it will hit at 130% of programs officially set to expire get extended as the Democrats will push to do.

Yearly deficits recently deemed alarming if they approach 500 billion are now running at 1.4 trillion and will more than double again within 10 years.

This is an apocalypse. I mean, how do you convince people that the country isn’t heading down the tubes, how do you do it? Never mind.

I haven’t even talked about Russia and China now, creating their unholy alliance, their new axis of evil. It’ll include North Korea and Iran as part of all this.  All that is happening. Joe Biden is assuring everybody, uh, that Vladimir Putin will never use a tactical nuke. Well he’s threatening to use it, what part of his threat are you not believing?”



Our Lady said, July 2, 2019:

“…I have given you and will give you evident signs…”

You just heard about a lot of signs where everything’s going. Contemplate that. This is reality. This is not opinion. This is in concrete.

“…I have given you and will give you evident signs…”

Let’s say you make $50,000 a year. And you borrow, use credit cards, you go into debt of $100,000, then $200,000 and all the way to $500,000. Can you pay that back making only $50,000?

Ask yourself how in the world are we going to pay $50 trillion dollars back? How did we get in debt like that? It’s not a credit card. The Fed prints dollars, twenty dollars, hundred-dollar bills. It’s paper.

A couple three years ago, Japan was in trouble, and we gave them billions of dollars. How did they do it?  With silver, with gold? No, they printed it.

How do we give the Ukraine billions of dollars? They print it. It’s easy math to realize we are done. There’s no way to get out of it, except by everything crashing.

When Wal-Mart is concerned about what’s happening that people aren’t buying like they used to, is a truth. It’s an “evident sign.”

The economic system is evil, it does not glorify God. It’s going to go away, and it is going away, right in front of your face.

We all know that God said, after the flood. He would never flood the world again and His promise was the sign was a rainbow. It’s been hijacked, but it’s still God’s promise that He would never flood the world again to kill the whole population of the world.

But God’s going to do it another way, when man becomes wicked, so wicked like they did before the flood or even like Sodom when the earth was purified with the flood and the wicked were killed. The flood that’s coming, man will kill by many methods that will flood out wiping out in ways we never could have thought of 30-40 years ago.

This next clip was a clip today, March 2nd. Glenn Beck spoke of something, the WHO, World Health Organization. You’re going to hear the plans to wipe out massive populations by killing them. How could that be? What you’re going to hear now is a sign that this plan is in motion right now.


“This is a conspiracy theory. This is happening. No joke, folks. I’m telling you, it’s like my Pop used to say, ‘Don’t listen to these crazies like Glenn Beck, they always will tell you things that sure, turn out to be true, but they’re conspiracy theories.’

No joke. I ain’t kidding. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the WEF (World Economic Forum) and our CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the Biden Administration and administrations all over the world are just chomping at the bit to hand your sovereignty over to the WHO.

Now the WHO and the World Economic Forum and all the rest of these wonderful cats, they’ve all have, they’ve all decided that the world would be a safer place for the next pandemic, which I thought these were a hundred year events.

Let them worry about it in a hundred years, I just… For the next pandemic that could be coming at any time, that the World Health Organization needs to be in charge of the entire globe’s response because they had some stragglers last time. Some people disagreed with them, and they just need to be able to coordinate everything at the World Health Organization.

And I think all Americans feel like if we just would have had that guy from Nigeria that was in bed with China, running everything here, oh, it would have been so much better.

Frankly, between the two I’ll stick with Fauci, thank you. (That’s saying something). Yeah, now, let me go to Daniel Horowitz who is the author of the Rise of the Fourth Reich, which talks a lot about the fascistic kind of policies from the CDC and Fauci.

Tell me, can you point people to the evidence where they can find all of this because I, I know it because I’ve been following it, but I also see, when you search this it’s all, ‘Oh, that’s just a conspiracy theory. That’s not happening.’

[Daniel Horowitz]

You know, Glenn, it’s so funny when Steve and I wrote the Rise of the Fourth Reich, we thought this will perhaps be over with by now, but I guess you and I have aged 100 years, we’re already onto the next one.

Let’s just zoom back and see what’s going on here. We thought this is all kind of over, I mean, everyone says no one is dying from covid anymore, we should go back to our lives, but the ICD-10-CM codes to track recalcitrant people that don’t want to get vaccinated.

They take the covid shots and despite everything that came out about it, they put it on the child immunization schedule. Then they work on this covid pandemic treaty or international health regulations to synchronize our response.

Then we start, after we hear that the Wuhan Lab, indeed, was the source of the virus and it is synthetic, which we always knew. Well now we have people getting bird flu in Cambodia and China that somehow jumped to mammals and now evidently even human beings really quickly.

Oh, and there’s also the Marburg Hemorrhagic fever that is in Guinea-Bissau, if you can believe that. They’re going around spreading polio throughout Africa with this live attenuating polio virus.

Oh, and then, whatever happened with those biolabs in Ukraine where we were told in October 2016, they were studying surveillance and diagnostics of dangerous zoonotic diseases, which is Avian influenza?

And then the CEO of Metabiota, Nathan Wolfe, who runs those biolabs that a year later we still don’t hear about what they’re doing and where they stand.

In August 1st in 2014 in TIME Magazine, he predicted, well, we’re going to be blindsided by these things coming around like coronavirus and other influenzas. And there are unidentified viruses in animal reservoirs among which almost certainly is a virus that we’d have no capacity to understand.

And I think this is the important thing. A lot of people hear about Wuhan, it’s anticlimactic, we knew that already. But what’s important is (Glenn Beck: it’s still going on) if this was natural then you could say, ah, maybe these guys are just really good at their trade, what do they call it? Pandemic insurance, the predict program from USA, man these guys are good at what they do predicting it.

But it was synthetic, so how [are they] able to predict all that and then they have the legal structure in place?

Oh, and one more thing Glenn. I left out of the “I can’t believe I forgot this,” two more provisions. There’s a provision in the omnibus to, you guessed it, authorized to FDA to block off all label use of therapeutics.

And they’re rushing Pfizer’s RSV shot for seniors who never die from RSV and the panel of FDA advisory board that voted 7-4 to recommend it, all admitted the data stinks. There’s problems with it; someone even died in the GFK version of it, their trial. It’s all good. Let’s get this out on the market.

We’ll have post surveillance, post marketing surveillance and you’re looking at this and each element of what we all went through, the gain of function, the blocking of treatment, the centralized control and surveillance and the dangerous, needless therapeutics, they’re not only walking away from it, they are reloading.

[Glenn Beck]

Oh, they are reloading and the WHO is talking about this structure and our State Department is about to sign this treaty and many say, I believe this to be the case, that this will sign away our Sovereignty on these medical issues that you’ll have to fight against, I mean the WHO doesn’t have teeth “yet,” but if it ever gains teeth, you’re done.

And there is one state that is taking this on and I think this is “the” perfect bill. This should be just cut, copied and pasted and run through every state house. It is a bill, HB0413 and it states:

“The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization shall have no jurisdiction in Wyoming and any requirements, mandates, recommendations, instructions or guidance provided by either organization shall not be used in this state to justify any mask, vaccine, medical testing requirements and shall have no force or effect in Wyoming.”

That’s fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

[Daniel Horowitz]

That’s the bill I helped write. It was inspired. It was one of the action items in the book that Steve and I wrote that we wanted it to be forward looking.

The way to fight globalism is with localism. It is, the fact that we need, look we have Republicans in control. Half of these state governments, it should be a no-brainer, baseline view, this is a baseline, it’s a prolife issue.

After everything we’ve been through, we must prevent any CDC or WHO public health regulations from being promulgated in the state. But I’m sorry to tell you Glenn, you might think with a 57 to 5 Republican majority in that House, this thing would sail through, but in fact it failed 29-32,…

[Glenn Beck]

You are kidding me.

[Daniel Horowitz]

…those are the five most impactful Democrats in the country. They’ve got half the Republicans and those five Democrats.  And, and let me just say this, it wasn’t just this bill.

We have failed to pass a single bill rectifying mask mandates, vaccine mandates, emergency powers, anything in the state of Wyoming and many other red states, by the way, in the third straight legislative session. It is shocking.  I guess, Glenn, it’s got to get worse. I guess it wasn’t bad enough what we went through.

[Glenn Beck]

I have to tell you, these red states that just think they’re safe cause we’ve got all…we’re a Republican state. You don’t understand Progressivism.

These states have got to clean house against the Republicans that are voting down freedom bills. I’d love to have you back on Daniel because you’re just so up on all of the facts on this. I really appreciate it.

What we’ve been talking about is a new treaty with the World Health Organization that will promote global health equity. Okay? Now, if this passes, it is going to be, it will be a death sentence if there is a pandemic for millions of Americans.

The United States, if we sign on to this, will be obligated to hand over 20% of our medical supplies including diagnostic tests, anti-viral medications, and vaccines.

We’ll have to turn it over to the WHO and they will distribute it as they see fit throughout the world. And its Article 10 of this is real time. It’s not, “Oh, we’ve got this vaccine. You guys take care of yourselves so you can make more.” No, no, no. It’s real time.

You’ve got something the world needs? We take it from you right now. It’s not American people or people of other countries first. This is insanity. It’s absolutely insanity. It’s got to stop.   

It is a treaty that Joe Biden is negotiating right now with the WHO. We will keep you up to speed on this but it’s going to have to be approved by the Senate and hopefully it will not pass but they are pushing hard for this. We’ll keep an eye on it.”

[End Glenn Beck]

[A Friend of Medjugorje]

The World Health Organization is global. How come we’re not hearing of this from the pulpits? We don’t hear the bishops say it, the cardinals, even the Pope. Their path is nuanced. “We don’t want to take a position. We don’t want to say anything.”

August 15, 1985, Mirjana was told by Our Lady this message:

“My angels, pray for unbelievers. People will tear their hair, brothers will plead with brothers, they will curse their past lives lived without God. They will repent but it will be too late.”

And then Our Lady says,

“…Now is the time of conversion…”

Why is that? Because March 2nd She says,

“…why do you not desire to see the signs?…” 

It’s all there. It’s everywhere except the pulpits. “We just got to love the poor. We’ve got to help the minorities.” All the wrong things we’re doing. We’re not getting fed except through the Virgin Mary. That’s where everything is coming from. We’re getting more signs compared to the pulpits or from the Church with nature telling us more than they can. Our Lady said, September 25, 2018:

“…Nature extends signs…”

It speaks to you. We know we are headed towards the Secrets because the world is killing itself. On October 25, 1985, Our Lady showed Mirjana the first Secret. The earth was desolate. Our Lady said,

“It is the upheaval of a region of the world. In the world there are so many sins…”

We have walked away from God. March 2, 2011, Our Lady says She suffers tremendously. She says,

“…I look at my children who are persistently put what is human before what is of God, at my children who despite everything that surrounds them and despite all the signs…”

That’s Our Lady saying that. That the world’s population, basically, despise the signs. They see them. I [they] don’t want to pay attention to that.

“…Despite all the signs that are sent to them, think they can walk without my Son. They cannot…” 

This third segment is Michael Berry. He has a guest on his broadcast, and you probably know a little bit about this, but what’s going to be exposed gives a sign that we are underneath the antichrist. I was talking about the antichrist system all the way back in the ‘80s. A lot of people now are saying maybe this or this or that, but they still won’t come out strong. I saw it almost 40 years ago. I was in business before I started Caritas. I could see things because I looked at the signs back then. Our Lady just started throwing up billboards now, with these messages every month, all the evidence was there where we were going.

No pulpit in Medjugorje is talking about we’re in the antichrist system, and it’s here, because they haven’t understood the message because they’re too simple. So, what you’re about to hear is a flood.

[Michael Berry]

The Chinese spy balloon brought into question something called Electromagnetic Pulse. It could be the future of warfare and we could be the victims of it. A guy who has spoken and written widely about it is our guest, Bill Forschen, coming up next.

“The Russians, Chinese, North Koreans estimates are that they are developing a super Gama-ray burst weapon that could lay down upwards of 100,000 bolts per square meter. There is no protection of the infrastructure against that.

So, here we’re hardening some systems up to resist a thousand, two thousand volts per square meter. The second part of it is, it’s really scary, is that the weapon needed to do this.

Some people think of a huge megaton bomb. They’re talking one to two kilo ton, meaning about one-sixth the size of an Hiroshima bomb. Hiroshima bomb is 12 kilo ton. We all know what it did.

Guess who is testing very low yield in … (nuclear) the weapons. The North Koreans, in the one to two k (kilo) range. Are they testing for a high yield Gama burst?

Well, when somebody keeps saying every two to three months that they are going to bathe us in nuclear fire and death, I do tend to start taking them seriously. We can be facing up to 100,000 volt per square meter lay down, very low on level, but still enough to totally destroy the system.”

[Michael Berry]

Several weeks ago, I did an interview with a guest, talked about EMP and it was really the first for me, slightly deep dive, into this concept that you could—and I’m going to explain it in simple terms as I understand it, but our guest will understand it much better—that you could basically knock a power grid off with a sound, with an explosion, with something.

It was a level of warfare that was next generation. It was sci-fi level stuff that is real, and I didn’t know it. And so, after this interview, which I felt like we could have played coast to coast music under it during the interview, it got so conspiratorial, I was shocked at my emails just being, my email box being crammed full of people saying, you need to talk to William Forschen, who has written these books about EMP, this guy is the expert.

And so I did a little digging and I said, wow, there is a whole body of work out there about something that most of us know very little about and this is not just some kookie conspiracy stuff, it’s kind of real. So, William Forschen, if I’m pronouncing the name correctly, who goes by Bill, let me start with how you got involved in this whole EMP issue and if you would, explain what EMP is to people who don’t know.

[William Forschen]

Okay. EMP is the shorthand for electromagnetic pulse weapons, which are, anybody who can detonate a nuclear weapon can create an EMP. The idea is the… the weapon up above about 200 miles above the earth, set it off and the Gama-ray burst from that weapon will cascade down to the earth, setting up an electrostatic discharge, and I know this sounds tinfoil hat stuff, but I’ll get to that in a second.

When it hits the earth’s surface, it short’s out the electrical grid. All those millions of miles of wires we have, become antennae, pick up the overload, feed it into the electrical system and one second after it starts blowing the whole grid off.

I started working on this, actually when I was back in Grad school, when I witnessed a major ice storm that took the town of Lafayette, Indiana, offline for weeks, not a day or two, but weeks. And it was chaotic within four or five days.

An EMP strike, it hits the United States, we will be off grid for months, maybe years. And here’s the scary stuff. Upwards of 90% of the population would perish within a year or two. Those are not my figures. That comes from a couple Congressional studies and the input of experts on this issue.

So, I’ve been writing about it for 15 years now. Again, electromagnetic pulse, detonate a weapon above the earth’s atmosphere, it shorts the grid out.

[Michael Berry]

Let’s talk about how this came about. Somebody had to experiment, somebody had to dream this up. What’s the history? Was this always a military application?

[William Forschen]

Yeah. How it came about, the realization was sort of by accident. Remember those nuclear weapon tests out in Nevada in the 50’s and such? That’s what happens when you burst a weapon on the ground, you get the big mushroom cloud and everything else. Well in 1962, the United States decided why don’t we send one up in space and see what happens. We blew a weapon above Johnson Island, about 500 miles south of Hawaii and guess what happened? A good part of the electrical grid in Hawaii suddenly shorted off. On the other side, the Russians did a test the same year. And people who want to look them up, go to Starfish Prime, the Russian test was 184, same effect, it blows the system off.

So, what we have here is what in military talk they call a pre-emptive strike weapon, meaning if you hit your opponent first with an EMP, it blinds him. All the electricity goes off. My big fear is a rogue player like Iran, North Korea, could do it to us very easily. It is a, I feel, should be a top priority issue. We’re not doing much about it in terms of defense.

[Michael Berry]

When you say a top priority issue, are we talking about how to prevent them from being able to undertake an EMP, or we talking about how to prepare are systems and facilities such as if they did it wouldn’t have an effect.

[William Forschen]

How to prepare. You can’t stop it. If somebody in North Korea launches a missile, blows a nuclear weapon above the United States, we’re EMP’d. The only answer back is, one, we’re talking foreign policy here, but you can harden, you can harden the system with better circuit braking systems and security systems to prevent it from being an overwhelming response or disaster.

 But, we’re not doing anything about it. Not to get into politics, but the previous administration, Trump, finally started taking it very seriously. This isn’t sci-fi. This is the real thing.

Shortly before the election, he commissioned DOE, DOD and all the other places to give a report back to him in 90 days, what is it, what do we do about it. Well, guess what happened the first day of the Biden administration? They forgot about it. It’s not a priority with them.

But it is a priority. It should be a top priority. The trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, I don’t see anything in there about hardening the infrastructure. Nothing. So, the current administration is not paying attention to this.

Let’s hope nothing happens. Hope. That’s all we got at the moment.

[Michael Berry]

Electromagnetic pulse, something that has been on the lips of a lot of public policy makers over the last couple of months after the Chinese spy balloon. The fear being that tomorrow’s war won’t be fought with soldiers, or even bullets and rockets, but with things like shutting down your grid.

So, Bill, you were in the middle of a sentence about that, Newt Gingrich and others talking about this in the past and most of us, frankly, just rolled our eyes, partly because we didn’t understand what was going on. I’ll ask you to continue with that.

[William Forschen]

Sure, I wrote the book, One Second After, it’s a fiction, it is a novel. The idea behind that book was taking a very small town, my hometown in North Carolina, Black Mountain, what would happen in a small town if the electricity went off for a year?

 According to Congressional studies, upwards of 90% of the population would be dead a year later. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But, let’s look at it this way.

Do you remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?  You know you need oxygen, and all that?  I would call it the hierarchy needs regarding electricity. So, let’s say at this moment our electricity went off and I believe you’re in Houston. Okay, I’m in Black Mountain.

What’s the number one thing we need almost immediately and we’re dependent on electricity? It’s water. If you don’t have water, what happens? So, it goes like this. Water supplies are shut off because no longer, nothing is pumping. So, that’s item one.

Item two. Medication. A fair percent of our population is dependent on medication. If you can’t get it because the pharmacies don’t have power, what happens to them?

So, here it goes: water, medication, the average town only has about 20 days’ worth of food on hand. At the end of those 20 days, what do you eat? And then, of course, command and control. What happens in your community?

I’m not too worried here in Black Mountain, but in Houston? Suppose the entire grid went off, what would happen with the populace within a day or two, it would be chaos. So, as it goes and people will start dying in great numbers within a matter of days. Okay, I’ll ask you the question. Where do you get your water?

[Michael Berry]

I’m on a municipal water supply.

[William Forschen]

Okay and if that shuts off then what do you do?

[Michael Berry]

There you go. I mean we, we, I’m about half prepper so we’ve got a few months, but you know, I was the mayor ??? city Houston, I can tell you, that that is a crisis that is horrifying for the fourth largest city because there are not provisions in place to provide for this.

[William Forschen]

Do you remember Sandy in 2012, hitting New York City? Within a day or so, people are lined up around the block at McDonald’s. I’ll give you a hundred-dollar bill if you give me some burgers. Response? Nothing’s working. I can’t even cook the burgers.

So, multiply that out. You want to go get gas if your car still works. None of the pumps’ work. How does this work? How does that work? All these things cascade together.

Now the scary part of it is, in replacing our infrastructure, meaning our electrical supply, you take those large transformers, you see, those big three-four-hundred-ton transformers. Do you know how vulnerable they are? You can just hit it with a rifle shot and mess it up.

But let’s say, okay, just one city, Houston, loses a couple big transformers, where do you get them from? Well, you have to order from China, our great friend. It takes two years before one is delivered. So, if all that goes, how do we fix it? We can’t. We just simply cannot.

A DOD study, Department of Energy, indicated that of the 500 major distribution and production of electricity centers, five years after the event most of them would still be offline.

What happens at nuclear power plants? Lose your electricity, they have back-up for oil, you know, to at least cool the pile and the waste, but when that oil runs out, guess what happens to our nuke plants? This is a nightmare scenario and I have to emphasize, it’s not science fiction.

[Michael Berry]

When we talk about EMP, this Electromagnetic Pulse, that you’re talking about being used as sort of a tool of war to sort of incapacitate our electrical grid, for instance, who currently has the capability to do this and on what scale?

[William Forschen]

Anybody, any nation that has nuclear weapons can generate and EMP. Now the scary part of that is, how old are you Michael?

[Michael Berry]


[William Forschen]

So, you do remember the Cold War of the 70’s and 80’s and we would look at the Russians—if you do us, we’ll do you. So, it’s a no-win situation.

But in today’s world, for example, China could have hand off a couple of small nukes and a missile, send it to North Korea, Iran or even terrorist states, they blow it off, we go off grid and the China just stands there and says, gee I don’t know what happened. It’s not us.

Too late, we’re already dead. You know, World War II, which Japan started because of a whole new idea, put a bunch of planes on carriers and hit your enemy. Nobody had ever done it before. Well, the next war with an asymmetrical first strike would be first step EMP your opponent, blind him and shut his grid down, then go from there.

[Michael Berry]

Is this something we have seen put into effect or is it something we fear because it’s possible?  How much of this is currently, how much proof of concept have we witnessed?

[William Forschen]

Well, the proof of concept is there, again, there were tests prior to 1963 in the Test Ban Treaty where both we and the Russians, as I mentioned, did launch a weapon into space, sped it off and then kaboom, there was an EMP. There have not been, of course, any direct test since. But, it’s there.

They all, the scientific term for it is called the Compton Effect. The nuclear weapon sets off the Compton Effect which then is destructive.

One example I like to point out. We all remember Captain Sully, you know 2009, the plane in the Hudson, even though he lost his engine, he still had the computers on his plane, they still functioned. So, he was still able to fly it.

In the first minutes of an EMP strike, there are over 2,000 aircraft across the United States. A significant number of them with their computers blowing offline, you’ve got a brick. All they can do is sit there and say a couple of Hail Mary’s before the plane hits the ground. A couple of 100,000 people would die in the first minute.

Or what happens in nursing homes? Three days with nothing. What chaos would that be at the end of three days?

[Michael Berry]

Walk me through, let’s say the Chinese, so you have to figure would have better capability then the Iranians or the North Koreans. Let’s say they undertook an EMP attack on the United States, logistically, to get a scale where you could incapacitate if not the entire country, much of the grid, are we talking about those weather balloons? What would be the delivery mechanism and what exactly would be happening?

[William Forschen]

Okay. The weather balloons, I’ve been seeing articles, well gee, the Chinese could have put a nuclear weapon on it. It’s not going to work. You’re not going to lob a nuclear weapon for his first strike onto a balloon or even half-a-dozen balloons. It would have to be almost undoubtedly a missile strike.

But, here’s the key thing, for example, put them on container ships. Have a third world player doing it. North Korea, ISIS, whatever. In my book, One Second After, I put a couple of container ships about 300 miles off the coast of the United States, they launch the missile, five minutes later, it detonates.

The key thing is, three small nuclear weapons would deal a devastating blow. We’re talking weapons about three times larger than a Hiroshima bomb. About 45-50 kilo ton. They weigh 30-50 pounds. It would not take much at all.

The only thing I think why it’s not happening is that we would at least have a counter force argument that if you do it, we’ll do it to you. But, the third world player types, what do we in response?

Let’s say North Korea did it. What do we do in response? Nuke them? Is that going to change what happens because here in the United States people are dying by the tens of millions within a matter of weeks? Not viable.

[Michael Berry]

If you were aware that an EMP attack is impending. Let’s say your intelligence informed you this, someone leaked it. Would the answer simply be to shoot down the delivery mechanism?

[William Forschen]

Ah! I wish. The only anti-ballistic systems we have currently are on the West Coast, mostly in Alaska, about 40 or 50 missiles, that could maybe shoot down at incoming.

But, on the Gulf of Mexico, zero defensive systems. East Coast, zero defensive systems. There is no defense. The only potential response is to have such good military intelligence and a very vigorous response.

I would love to see an administration that says in the clear, if you even think about using an EMP, we will retaliate. It’s not worth it. But, we seem to be drifting of late. That’s rather encouragement to some bad players, isn’t it?

[Michael Berry]

It certainly is and do you think that America ranks a top the list, among the list, of those who have developed an Electromagnetic Pulse EMP attack capability at present?

[William Forschen]

You know who most likely has the top one, starting around 2005, China went kind of dark on its research regarding this. There are unclassified reports that China has worked aggressively to enhance the capability of a nuclear weapon to trigger the Compton Effect EMP. I think we’re behind in research there.

But again, anyone who has a nuclear weapon could do it, so there’s half a dozen players there, but yet again, for example, when Ukraine got its independence, Ukraine had 500 nuclear weapons inside its territory, part of the old Soviet Union. They agree to give them up with the treaty that the United States would always guarantee the existence of Ukraine.

Well, we haven’t done that. But, there’s indication that some of those weapons disappeared. They weren’t deactivated, they disappeared. Again, unclassified. You know you hear the rumors.

 There are more than a few nukes out there that nobody knows where they are. It’s like the old saying of a group of thieves, one person steals it but he passes it quick to another guy, another guy, and another guy, and then the third or fourth person runs off with the goods and nobody knows. That’s the situation.

[Michael Berry]

Well, when you consider how many rogue nations, I read a report on the Somali pirates who took Captain Philips in the takeover of the Maersk Alabama that ended up making the movie, they got their guns from the Humanis and they had paid between $35 and $125 dollars per AK and you think what you could do with a weapon like that for that cheap and that the Humanis don’t have a lot to export but AKs are one thing that they do. In that whole world of trafficking of illicit weapons and the tools necessary to cause harm, some of those rogue nations, that’s all they have. They can’t manufacture vehicles that could be purchased abroad. They can’t manufacture medicines or airplanes. The tools of war is what they have and that whole world, that whole underground and the guys who go between in those countries, that’s their economy. Bill Forschen, you’re great. Thanks for being our guest.

[End Michael Berry]

[A Friend of Medjugorje]

Our Lady said August 25, 1993, a message that tells us, this is a Biblical moment. How do we know that 100%? Because She says it. And in that message She says:

“…read Sacred Scriptures, live it and pray to understand the signs of the times. This is a special time…”

Our Lady is misleading you if She’s not speaking about Revelation chapter 12 when She said, “…read Sacred Scriptures to understand…” these signs you’re seeing. How many people have thought about what it would be like in Jesus’ time? This is that. She preceded Him then, 2,000 years ago, and She is preceding Him now. Who? The Woman of Revelation, chapter 12. It is there. Cowardly the Church and its members will not say that.

The First Secret, going back to Mirjana,

“It is an upheaval of a region of the world. In the world there is so many sins.”

And then Our Lady says about Herself,

“What can I do if you do not help me? Remember that I love you. God does not have a hard heart. Look around and see what man does then you will no longer say that God has a hard heart. How many people come to Church, to the House of God with respect, a strong faith and a love of God?  Very few,” She says, “Here you have a time of grace and conversion. It is necessary to use it well.”

EMP is not a theory, it’s a reality. Is it going to happen? Our Lady’s here for something. May 2, 2016, Our Lady gave a strange message,

“I invite you my children to observe well the signs of the times to gather the shattered crosses…”

Is that not all the dead? What does She mean? And then She adds this,

“…and to be apostles of the Revelation…”

What does that mean? I already quoted what She said, “Read Sacred Scriptures.” And I’ll end with one message for those of you who have gone to Medjugorje who love Our Lady and you’re not propagating these messages full time, with all your life, April 2, 2006,

“…You ask yourself if you are following me?…”

A question, then She says,

“…My children, do you not recognize the signs of the times?..”

That’s the second question and She asks a third question after She says,

“…My children, do you not recognize the signs of the times? …”

Question. And then She says,

“…Do you not speak of them?…”

I’ll leave you this to contemplate and replay this broadcast. There’s a lot of things said.

We need your help. We have a program to speak about these messages, to propagate them, to print them, put them on the radios, billboards, everywhere, and it’s the people who support this mission, Project 50, who donate $50 dollars a month, we need about two to three hundred more people to add to that so that we could be ready of all those people who tear their hair out.

One more last thing, we’ve started our pilgrimages back, beginning in May to Medjugorje. Nobody goes the way we go. We’re the number one all the way from 1986 taking over 10,000 people and we expose things about Medjugorje than any other way you can go.

Time is getting shorter and shorter to go to Medjugorje. You’ll never regret it and if you don’t, you will regret. Call Caritas for BVM Pilgrimages. We’re giving you a lot to think about and to get active and if you can’t speak about them yourself, you can do the Project 50. That’s what we do. Our life is about that. February 25 1998,

“…Sacrifice your life for the salvation of the world…”

Be a part of that. We wish you Our Lady, we love you, goodnight.

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

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See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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7 thoughts on “90% Will Perish”

  1. Jill Finkknbine

    City: Maplewood
    State: Ohio
    Country: USA
    I was disturbed while listening to Glen Beck. But I realized that what he was portraying is that Satan wants to destroy us. Our Blessed Mother has presented this multiple times.

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7 thoughts on “90% Will Perish”

  1. Jill Finkknbine

    City: Maplewood
    State: Ohio
    Country: USA
    I was disturbed while listening to Glen Beck. But I realized that what he was portraying is that Satan wants to destroy us. Our Blessed Mother has presented this multiple times.

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