Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. The Enemy Does.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. The Enemy Does.

June 19, 2017 A.D.


Ball Park Shooting of U.S. Congressmen…

Giving an Understanding of the Work of Darkness
on June 14, 2017, and Your Reaction.


Many Christians, when hearing things about Republicans and Democrats say, “Let’s not get political. Keep politics out of this subject,” or even, “Don’t politicize Our Lady’s messages,” etc. Yet, Jesus Himself was often in the middle of the political systems of the Jews, Romans, and the Sanhedrin and did not shy away from speaking truth in all segments of society. The fact is, for too long, Christians have neglected the political spectrum. And just as Jesus did in His time, Our Lady is here today to give a clear vision, discernment of truth, of what is the right way verses the bad way.


A shooter on the morning of Wednesday, June 14, 2017, attacked U.S. Congressmen at a ballpark near Washington, D.C. where the Republicans were practicing for a charity baseball game against the Democrats the next day. The shooter, in the parking area, encountered two congressmen who had left early. The shooter asked the two, not realizing they were congressmen, “Who is practicing, the Democrats or Republicans?” One of them answered, “Republicans.” Later, it struck them as an odd question. Nevertheless, they thought nothing of it. The shooter moved into position toward the third base line. He then began a long ten minutes of firing, first at the congressmen, then at the security police already there for protection, and then at those arriving on the scene. As of this writing five were shot; four are stable, one is critical. The shooter’s goal was to kill as many Republicans as possible. The shooter was shot, taken into custody, and then to the hospital where he later died.


This incidence is the result of bombarding people with a constant stream of propaganda, creating a brainwashing effect in the minds of thousands of people, by the establishment of a complex diabolical system of darkness. This system is made up of separate entities that work in concert together, yet without planning, orchestrated through its conductor, satan himself. This complex system is inciting more and more people across the nation, who would never normally do what the shooter did June 14, 2017, yet every day are closer to doing the same. An acquaintance of the shooter was shocked to learn what he had done and stated in an interview, “He was not an evil man,” but he was very upset with the presidential election and the Republicans. This fear mongering system is the “establishment” of darkness and is working to stop the advancement of a platform that is based mostly upon Christian principles. Some within this established system have gone so far to even suggest and incite in the last few weeks the assassination of President Trump. This system of darkness is threaded throughout the media, both the Democratic and Republican parties, Hollywood, leftists in the educational systems, Alinsky-type community organizations, and various other entities that make up the establishment. This complex diabolical system prevails everywhere, even within some aspects of the Church, through those who promote a socialist doctrine that spawns and nurtures false perceptions in so many people, like that of the Washington, D.C. shooter a few days ago. Our Lady recognizes and warns us of these false perceptions that we are being fed.


January 2, 2015


“…‘Many’ false truths are being offered to you…”


The shooter was fed an exaggerated and distorted perception that Trump’s election was so bad and dangerous that he felt something had to be done to stop it. Large numbers of people have been conditioned to many wrong and damaging mentalities that are turning dangerous. A conditioning of those who are swayed to believe they are entitled to what others have, as a right owed to them, without effort on their part to gain it justly. As what happened with the shooter, the perceived injustice, “You are being wronged” is cleverly propagated into mentalities. It is social justice run amock, turning into violence that will continue to propagate into more violence. More and more people will imagine that the perceived injustice will never be rectified, so they take “justice” into their own hands, as the shooter did Wednesday. Anarchy is the result.


But he’s not the only guilty one. Do your own review for correct discernment by peering into the established systems and you will see all the culprits work together, not through collusion, but rather coordinated in the spiritual realm by a satanic force. The Church itself is riddled with these programs, programs with a mentality that was there 2,000 years ago. It was Judas, who watched Mary Magdalene pour the expensive oil upon Jesus’ feet. Afterwards Judas said, “Why was that ointment not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?” To which Jesus responded, “The poor you will always have with you…” 1 Nothing has changed with the “Judas mentality,” except that it prevails everywhere now. This mentality of the shooter that moved him to murder is growing in the population, and is very rooted in the establishment, which now will stop at nothing to stay established. You add the consistent compromising of truth that successfully confuses people to what truth is, this then results in the lowering of morals, to then create a perfect storm, converging from all sides in the hearts of many. As darkness’ foothold is beginning to weaken, the establishment of darkness is losing its power and is becoming aggressive. Our Lady said:


December 26, 1982


“…Even now he [satan] is beginning to lose his power and has become aggressive. he is destroying marriages, creating division among priests and is responsible for obsessions and murder…”


If you reject what was previously written about these dark elements that are in the Church, then you must reject the above words of Our Lady, given 35 years ago, that satan is “…creating division among priests…”


What does all this have to do with Our Lady of Medjugorje? EVERYTHING! satan opposes everything on the side of Light. Is it being said all Republicans are on the side of Light? No, far from it. There are Republicans who are worse than Democrats in that they propose to accept and live their own platform, yet do not, just as there are those who call themselves Christian, yet do not accept all Christian tenets. But it cannot be argued that just because some Christians reject some Christian tenets that, therefore, the tenets of Christianity are not of the Light. That would be a ridiculous assumption. The Light of Christianity is Truth. Our Lady wants us to see clearly. This is why Our Lady is here. Our Lady said September 2, 2016:


“…I am revealing to you the only and real truth…”

Ballgame Democrats vs Republicans

Thought Box

From a Friend of Medjugorje


Look up the 2016 ‘platforms,’ read their tenets, and make a comparison of the Republican and Democratic parties. They are radically distinct in Light vs darkness. This is not an opinion, it is a self-identifying truth when you study it. There is no confusing which stands for which.


We are in a time, a “turning point” to pick sides – not political parties – but rather to align ourselves with that which is of Light. The whole epic battle in our midst is meant to separate from darkness, thereby forming sides, and then oppose those of unbiblical living through our living Biblically.

We are in an epic battle between Heaven and hell, which is being staged on earth; Light against the darkness. We know Christian tenets are of the Light. How do we recognize truth and do what Our Lady says to do? Look at the tenets that people identify themselves by and what they stand for. Today’s society, the darkness and Light, all amalgamated together has resulted in no distinct manifestation of either Light or darkness. Never, since the beginning of time, has darkness seen victory. It wins battles, but never the war. Darkness creeps into the Light, plants itself, roots itself, grows itself, dwells within but can only stay alive amidst the Light. Anyone who says, “We must come together. We have to work together” propagates a false truth given to them by darkness. A false good that results in no changing of direction of the world. In other words, it is an action of parasilighting, an new word meaning the action of a parasite infecting and feeding on the light of society, diseasing the light unto death. The remedy is to cut from the body of society what is parasilighting it. Parasites cannot live on their own. We are at a turning point. That is exactly why darkness is so aggressive. We are not to be together – Light and dark. That is exactly why the darkness is so aggressive, as the Light becomes stronger and begins to separate from the darkness. This aggression is a sign of its weakness and of its impending death. In other words, Light is its structure as long as we dwell together. Those in darkness need us in order to maintain their way of living, we do not need them. Our Lady tells us clearly who is sustaining the world.


Thought Box

From a Friend of Medjugorje


Our Lady’s plans are for us to separate from darkness, join together in the Light, united, and grow stronger, with a clear distinction. Those in darkness will either be drawn to the light and will change through the conviction of seeing our love for each other and way of living, or they will fall further into darkness and sin and the rejection of God.


When we pull out of the establishment, filled with darkness, it will collapse. Liken it to a city where abomination thrives. If those of the Light stop going to their restaurants, supporting their operations and separate from them, they collapse. It is not able to be sustained without us. They need us in order to thrive. As long as they can prey upon our tolerance of their darkness, they’ll not only thrive, they’ll grow among us, taking us into their ways.

May 2, 2017

“…Only those who are pure, humble and filled with love sustain the world – they are saving themselves and the world…”


No one is fully recognizing, that the purpose of Our Lady’s apparitions, is to form a ‘separate body’ of people, arm them with a way of life, and launch an assault by their witness. Your tenet is your platform. Your belief must be aligned with the Light. If you believe you are living in the Light, but not aligned with its tenets, you are not in the Light, no more than a Republican can be truly Republican if he is not aligned with his party’s platform as pro-life. He is not a true Republican if he practices the opposite of what his party stands for.

Anybody can ask a question.
Anybody can give an answer.
The best answer, shows it is such, when all other answers fail.


Today everyone has an answer, but none will work. We are in a bankruptcy of answers. Our Lady is here to align us to the platform of Light on marriage, money, the banking system, society, politics, the Church, consumerism, materialism, the use of electronics and a myriad of other things – in general, all aspects of life. All those aspects listed above, and many more, have an establishment of darkness rooted in them. NO ONE TODAY HAS THE ANSWER to confront and then surmount the problems from inside the establishment.


It is Tear Down Time


We repeat: no one has the answer today to confront and surmount the problems from inside the establishment. However, there is one source Who is not of the establishment, Who is working outside of all that is established in the whole world. We are in the midst of something BRAND NEW BEING ESTABLISHED IN THE WORLD, something very profound, that will turn every face in the world towards it. It is the answer. Our fix for the world is coming from a tiny spec of geography upon the earth. Our Lady is God’s best answer, coming with a curing plan that is the only answer to cure the world. It is:




Our Lady’s apparitions are not only a particular, never-before, extremely unexpected major happening, but the apparitions are ordained not to be fully recognized until the right time. Otherwise, the establishment, infiltrating it, would crush it. Medjugorje is being built outside of the establishment. It’s voice is directly from Heaven. It is the only solution to realign man to its Creator, that will bring peace to all men of good will. Right now it is narrowly recognized and viewed as being in its own class of apparitions that can, perhaps, help things along. This is…




…This assertion is even wrongly held by the establishment that is in Medjugorje, which is very damaging and hurting Medjugorje. The plan of Medjugorje is not to be part of the establishment ruling the world today, whether it be the Church, government, commerce and so forth. Medjugorje is the Third Luminous Mystery of the Rosary, “The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the Call to Conversion” for the whole world and everybody in it. Saint Pope John Paul II named the Third Luminous Mystery, defining prophetically Medjugorje. The Third Luminous Mystery is a twelve-star crown Our Lady wears in Her apparitions every day when She appears. These 12 words of the Third Luminous Mystery reveal a truth and a very profound truth. Truth will sweep across the earth with the release of the three secrets of Our Lady. It will convict many and yet incite others to more hatred. We are in the days of Truth, and with the full authority of Heaven it is stated Our Lady is here for everyone in the world for:


The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the Call to Conversion


We at Caritas can testify to this statement and to all of the bold statements written above, because we have taken Our Lady’s words to heart and put them, “literally,” into a way of life. Through that life, Our Lady has revealed this to us.


All Said, We Would Like You to Know…


We put our money where our mouth is. How do we do this, and what does that mean? Our labor, which the world would calculate it’s worth by a wage in dollars, is, instead of dollars, given value by our lives, fully at the disposal of the mission of Caritas. We have aligned everything we do with the answer for all the world, your personal world, and your neighbor’s and your neighbor’s neighbor. That is the system here at Caritas that is not part of the establishment. We are, by Our Lady’s formation, outside of the establishment. WE ARE SOMETHING BRAND NEW. A new establishment that will help to overturn the rooted diabolical establishment. How can this be said? Because we saw and asked in consecration every single day for 30 straight years, for this new establishment of Our Lady in the Prayer for the Abode of God 2, that God would establish Her Heavenly Queenship ‘here’ as no other place on earth” and for God to “give Her untold powers to accomplish Her plans.” Our Lady has kept us repeatedly out of the rooted establishments that wished to place themselves over us since the beginning.


Caritas is one of Our Lady’s Brand New Efficacies Established Directly by Her Authority


Part of Our Lady’s plans, therefore, has a new efficacy in the world through what She has established here, to be a big help in bringing hearts to the Light; the Third ‘Luminous’ Mystery. Caritas’ Medjugorje.com is now going into its third revision and is one more arm being readied for its launch. 3 We do not have the Internet in our operation here at Caritas or in our homes. We recommend others to follow such a witness. However, the Internet opens the whole world up to adopt this way of life, and as they use our site, seeking what we promote, we will guide the world to a different way of living. Medjugorje.com is presently offline and cannot come back online until its operational yearly funding goal of $206,720 is reached. (See yearly expense breakdown below) Nothing in the electronic world will do what this one tool will do now and in the moment of the Great Evangelization of the world through the release of the first three secrets of Our Lady. Medjugorje.com’s new version is backed by prayer and is nuclear in its power to thread grace throughout the world — to empower conversions. How do we know we can do this all — out effort? With the confidence of God’s grace attached to it, we trust firmly that we can capitalize on the grace available, working in collaboration with Our Lady Herself in what She established here, in what we do, as She told us, January 2, 1989:


“…I want to collaborate with you… I want you to become… my announcers…”


Caritas and Medjugorje.com is exactly that, part of our “collaboration” with Our Lady. It is part of our being “announcers”. It is self-evident. What else do you need to know to be moved to give? No one has taken the stand we have taken for over 36 years of apparitions. We believed Our Lady’s words in 1989 when She said, “…I want to collaborate with you…” that She would work directly with us, and we immediately acted on them. Our history repeatedly shows this verifiable history. Therefore, Medjugorje.com needs your collaboration, because Our Lady is collaborating through it to save souls; millions of them. Even though we know some of you do not have the Internet in your homes, as we also do not. However, Caritas’ Medjugorje.com must be supported! It is not part of the establishment. Caritas is outside of any help from the establishment, except by you, the people, who are disillusioned with the continued answers and ways that do not work, rooted in mentalities of the diabolical system, which is falling apart, as Our Lady warns us:


September 2, 2011

“…Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains…”


We, at Caritas, are here to last, based in a life of glorifying God in a new establishment that allows our whole day, everyday to live for Him.


Thank you!
May Our Lady Bless You and Your Intentions,
A Friend of Medjugorje


P.S. Please donate now. Reread these words written to you. Every time you read this writing, you will reason out more truths. This is how it was revealed to me. Read again slowly after praying, reflecting, and listening to your heart. You will be surprised with what you start to see.


Send Your Feedback or Testimony Here


“It’s a privilege to be a part of the Plan of Our Lady through Caritas! My prayer has always been … that every inch of the Tabernacle and every member of Caritas … to be used only for the greater glory of God. It’s been a blessing for me to know you, to love you, and to even pray for you! Love you all very much!”

Baton Rouge, LA

“I just finished reading the June 19th message from a Friend of Medjugorje and am inspired to make another donation!! To Jesus through Mary !!”

Oakville, WA


Listen to the Mejanomics broadcasts titled, The World is Going to be Covered with Caritas, and How Can People So High Be Duped?, below to understand further what was written above. Click here…



Everyone is complaining about what they see in daily life
and how erred the direction is.
Put your money where your mouth is.


This means to back up your stated position with action. Do something instead of just talking. Backing up your stated position with action, means to take action. Take action! Help spread the answer. Our Lady will take it from there.

Please donate liberally to this year’s budget to bring the new Medjugorje.com version 3.0 online.


Thank you to all of you who have partnered with us, with Our Lady, on all of Caritas’ past projects over the last 30 years. Thank you for helping to enable us to arrive at this special “turning point” at the right time, when Our Lady states these exact words. 4 This will be a world-class website. Nothing compares to what it can do. It will be the #1 website across the world for Medjugorje and is free of the establishment, its compromising, its political ‘what is correct-ness,’ and its choking restriction of Our Lady’s messages and apparitions.

What you can do is…


1. Pray.

2. Give repeatedly until the goal is reached.

3. Commit a large grant for matching funds that incentivizes others to give, thereby doubling their donation dollar for dollar up to the amount you pledge This pledge amount should be $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or more.

4. Encourage everyone you know to give.

5. If you’ve never donated but use Mej.com, please realize we must have your support.

6. Donate one month’s pledge, or 10% of your income. Tithing 10% is a Biblical mandate.


Did you know?

If less than a fraction of the people who use the site gave $1 each…

If each person who used the Random Message feature gave $1 each…

If only a portion of Radio Wave listeners gave $0.90 each…

If only 200 people give $1000 each…


…This plea would be over today and Mej.com could launch.


Click here to donate.




Below is our budget for the #1 World Class Medjugorje Site, a site that, if Caritas did not have offices, a pre-press department, existing Community, a very extensive landline phone system, bases in the village of Medjugorje, and the support of 30 people who work on it, with an upwards of 40 technicians, other professionals, contractors, and many others to support Medjugorje.com, we would need a yearly budget minimally of $1,274,590.00. 5 Medjugorje.com’s operation is beyond effect in its magnitude. If you have any questions on anything, feel free to call us. We will be happy to hear from you.


For the latest update on the funds raised, click here to see below

Caritas Community working on Mej v3.0


Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 7:00 p.m.

A sneak peek into a small part of the more than 3,600 SF “War Room,” where we spend from 8:00 a.m. -11:00 p.m. every day, with more than 30 Community members working on filling substantial and interesting, as well as convicting content for the new NINE MAJOR FEATURES, each with sub-features, of Mej.com version 3.0. We are cognizant that the “war” we fight in this room is both spiritual and physical. Mej.com version 3.0 is an instrument in Our Lady’s hand that will, with Our Lady’s collaboration and with our collaboration, root out darkness in homes across the whole world.


Caritas Community working on Mej v3.0


Friday, June 17, 2017 2:30 p.m.

An eye-level view of just a fraction of one of the new NINE MAJOR FEATURES and sub-features, that has been manually laid out from one end to the other of the “War Room.” There is a team of 15 Community members working only on this feature daily. It stretches in length more than 55 feet, then extending onto the top of three 8-foot-long tables. This way of physically laying out each of the nine components was developed in the beginning of Mej.com by a Friend of Medjugorje to physically “see” into the site. The goal of Mej.com is to expose souls to Our Lady, giving them quickly and easily the possibility for conversion, direction and hope.


Caritas Community working on Mej v3.0


Friday, June 17, 2017

This view from above gives a perspective of the partial length and level of detail this major feature contains. It is exciting to see it come together, knowing that the new Mej.com v3.0 will be ‘the’ #1 in the world Medjugorje “go to” site. The above one-of-a-kind singular feature, with its different layers, is being worked on by a large team of Community members. No one can repeat, as a body of people, what they know. Their knowledge and cognition is irreplaceable and unrepeatable, having spent years and for some, their entire lives, living and breathing a way of life in the messages formed by Our Lady through the personal witness and writings of a Friend of Medjugorje, transmitting what we live. We give our lives in collaboration with Our Lady. Through your donation, you become a collaborator with Her, with us, in exposing the world to Our Lady and Medjugorje through Mej.com.


1. John 12:5; 7

2. The Prayer for the Abode of God, was a collection of spontaneous prayers prayed by a Friend of Medjugorje (Caritas’ founder) for years. These short ardent prayers before the Community existed were finally compiled into a prayer of consecration by a Friend of Medjugorje on September 1, 1989, and have been prayed daily by the Community of Caritas since that time. To read the Prayer for the Abode of God, go to Mej.com/Prayers/Prayers and Novenas of the Community/Prayer for the Abode of God. With the signs Our Lady has given here at Caritas, this will be a daily prayer of encouragement for you also to pray, with one modification. Change the word, “here,” referring to where to establish Her Heavenly Queenship, to “there,” meaning the place of the apparitions at Caritas. Through daily reciting this prayer of consecration, you will be participating in growing something directly from Heaven of which all will benefit.

3. We do not have the internet in our operation here at Caritas or in our homes. We recommend others to follow such a witness. However, the internet opens the whole world up to adopt this way of life, and as they use our site, seeking what we promote, we will guide the world to a different way of living.

4. Our Lady said on June 2, 2017, “…This time is a turning point…”

5. See chart below for explanation of Mej.com 2017 Budget


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Listen to these two Mejanomics broadcasts by a Friend of Medjugorje which will greatly magnify and help you understand further what was written above.

The World is Going to be Covered with Caritas


How Can People So High be Duped?



Medjugorje.com’s 2017 Budget Broken Down

The following is the Medjugorje.com budget broken down. We are good stewards of how we manage donations that come to support the work of Our Lady. What you will see below are actual costs from the past year, and the amounts that have carried over into the new year. Included are other costs that will go up once Mej v3.0 is released:


Fiber Optic Lines
Backup Wireless

Communications Costs: $14,950.00 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)

Professional Services for Building Platforms, Components and Updating on Medjugorje.com Sites (U.S. Based Company)

Upgrading site to new platform, and adding 9 new features, each with sub-features.

Last year, 2016, we budgeted $20,000 for development on Mej.com. As the Holy Spirit works, and more people began to tell us more of what they were looking for, these development costs went much higher than originally estimated. We have worked with the developers, based in the U.S., to keep the costs down as much as possible. Some of the the development work was done at Caritas, in-house.

Professional Services Costs: $59,078.00*

Operations Cash Costs

Mejlist™ servers

$2,800 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Medjugorje.com, Worldwide Hosting and DB Servers

$14,000 (Actual Cost based on 2016/2017)


Backup and Other Hosting

$2,670 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)

Mej-mart™ Online Stores

$1,872 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Radio WAVE™ music royalties

$10,500 (Estimate based on past costs.)


Music Production and Composing


(A first-class production like Remember When It Rained? or Between heaven and Earth, costs thousands of dollars apiece. Over the past 30 years, we have forged many working relationships with the top people in the industry, and produce much of the work ourselves, which brings costs down much lower that what they should be.)


Maintenance/Equipment for Radio WAVE™ studios


(Major upgrades have happened this year, which allow us to broadcast on-site, and many other features to be released. Caritas’ Prepress department provides much of the working space for Medjugorje.com, which if we had to rent, would cost around $72,000 annually. This cost is covered under the umbrella of Caritas of Birmingham’s normal operating costs and is not factored into the Medjugorje.com budget.)


Professional Services for Radio WAVE

$14,550 (Major feature to be released, that requires upfront funding.)

Domain services



24 Hour Security Monitoring

$1,200 (Actual Cost based on 2016)


Third Party Technical Support

$2500 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Security certificates

$350 (We have maintained the same cost now for over 2 years.)


Broadcast Streaming Fees


These broadcast fees above, could easily cost $2,800 – $3,000 a month, but because we shop around for pricing and look for the best companies, and we have continued to work with our broadcast provider for the past 9 years, they have worked with us to deliver the best service for the cost. The companies we work with also maintains major companies like Delta, Volkswagen, AT&T and Discovery. Medjugorje, and the plans of Our Lady, deserve at the very least, what the best companies in the industry would use.


Software Costs

$500 (Actual Cost based on 2016)

Operation Costs:$111,442.00

Budget for Promotion Advertisement to Draw People to Medjugorje.com

We advertise for the purpose of introducing Medjugorje to as many new people as possible, who otherwise would never hear of Medjugorje. Internet search topics such as: Divorce, depression, family life, the economy among many other search subjects, lead people, through Medjugorje.com advertisements, to Our Lady’s messages and to the answers that bring healing and help. Thereby, through their struggles and crisis, people of all cultures are being introduced to Our Lady and Medjugorje. The more money we have for this, the more people are introduced to Our Lady. We hear from countless people who tell us that they found the site by chance, or in a moment of desperation, etc. and their life has been changed. To break out of the barriers and into areas where people need it most, this advertising budget is pathetic at best. According to national standards of sites as large as Medjugorje.com, to promote online, in major newspapers, billboards, national radio commercials, etc. would be more along the lines of 6 figures annually.

Audio Productions and Promotions of Medjugorje
Prayer events promotions
Medjugorje pilgrimage promotions

Promotion Advertisement: $18,250.00 (Actual Cost based on 2015)

G & A (General Administration/Insurance)

G&A/Insurance: $3,000.00


Backup Power Systems – Not Included in Total Cost Above

This estimate is based upon a system that would service something as large as Medjugorje.com. We are actively working on designing and installing a system which would do this. This is a cost above and beyond the operating budget of Medjugorje.com. We are hoping to absorb some of this cost with any extra funds which may come in. This is not a small investment, but a major part of preparing for the time of the Great Evangelization.

Backup Power System: $50,000.00 – $75,000.00


The Below Cost is an Accurate Estimate to the High/Low Cost of Medjugorje.com’s Yearly Budget

For a site as large as Medjugorje.com, to staff 13 on-site professionals, not including off-site professionals, and without including normal operating costs would, according to National Standards from the Occupational Network be: $1,020,570 a year. This is not an exaggerated figure, but based upon National Standards for professionals who would do the work that the Community of Caritas does as missionaries. Realistic costs, including the above annual budgets, would, for a site as large as Medjugorje.com cost:
Reality Cost: $1,274,590.00 – $1,299,590.00


Send Your Feedback or Testimony Here


Medjugorje.com is in your hands

It will take much prayer…
It will take an act of grace…
It will take you…
Did you know?
If less than half a percent of the people who use the site gave $1 each…
If each person who used the Random Message feature gave $1 each…
If only a portion of Radio Wave listeners gave .90¢ each…
If only 200 people give $1000 each…
Medjugorje.com would be back online…
…this plea would



Special Broadcast, June 15, 2017, about the future of Medjugorje.com. Press play ► to the right and listen to a Mejanomics special with a Friend of Medjugorje about the future of Medjugorje.com, the world, and Our Lady’s voice…



Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

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