Our Lady’s Presence Leaves and in the Void, a Remarkable Blueness Filled With a Most Beautiful Warm Light


Medjugorje visionary Mirjana in ecstasy

Mirjana had not yet arrived for the April 2, 2008 apparition at the time this photo was taken. Amazingly, a couple hundred more people will fit into the remaining space before Our Lady comes in the apparition. Most of the pilgrims in this room have been standing for hours, arriving in the pre-dawn hours of the morning in order to get a coveted spot inside the building. Many who arrived later were disappointed to have to remain outside, missing an opportunity to have a view of Mirjana in ecstasy. For Our Lady, however, the walls make no difference. She heard everyone’s prayers and petitions and all who were gathered, inside and out, left with Her blessing.

Two thousand years ago, Mary, as mothers do, prepared for the needs of Her little Son and Her husband Joseph. Washing clothes, cooking meals, etc. were all a part of Her life. Her small kitchen garden certainly had weeds that had to be pulled to clean and purify the garden. She, the great grace of God, comes now in the present time to look at our hearts, hearts that are like the plowed soil She once pulled weeds from in Her kitchen garden. She wants your hearts open to clean and purify them, removing the weeds from them. The same woman who walked the earth is the great grace of God for us, the chosen ones in this special time. Yet, how many recognize the greatness of the grace of God, the Holy Virgin Mary, who has descended on the earth? Few, very few! Just as it was two thousand years ago when many ignored or failed to recognize Her Son, when, in the great love of God, He descended on earth, few fully recognize the time we are in. Do not hesitate to accept it. It will be just as it was two thousand years ago when Jesus’ life passed by and many, many missed the greatest moment in man’s history. We are now in the midst of the second greatest moment in man’s history and people are still absorbed in their own lives and causes. Do not hesitate while precious time passes by, lost forever. Make Our Lady’s call your cause and you will be the most happy amongst those who walk the earth in this time, in your time, a time you were gifted and chosen to live in.


Friend of Medjugojre

 In the early morning, about 3:20 a.m., a small group gathered in front of the gate to the building where Mirjana was to receive her April 2, 2008 apparition of Our Lady. There was a chill in the early morning air, but hearts were warm as pilgrims ended each Rosary singing the Salve Regina. At 5:45 a.m. the gate was opened and a larger group of pilgrims filed into the building. By 7:00 a.m. the building was filled to capacity and pilgrims were spilling outside the building. The Rosary began at 7:45 a.m. with the Joyful, Sorrowful and Luminous Mysteries being prayed. Mirjana arrived at 8:50 a.m. The apparition began at 9:00 a.m. and lasted five minutes.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s April 2, 2008 Message to Mirjana for Non-Believers

“Dear children, also today as I am with you in the great love of God I desire to ask you: ‘are you also with me?’. Is your heart open for me? Do you permit me to purify and prepare it for my Son? My children, you are chosen because, in your time, the great grace of God descended on earth. Do not hesitate to accept it. Thank you.”


Our Lady blessed everyone present and all religious articles. As She was leaving, behind Her in the blueness was a most beautiful warm light.

Crowd at Medjugorje visionary Mirjana's apparition

This photo was taken this morning, just a few hours ago, in Medjugorje, on Wednesday, April 2, 2008. The apparition began at 9:00 a.m. and lasted five minutes. Yet, another day, Our Lady appeared to visionary Mirjana, to pray for nonbelievers, and to give a message to Her children. No one alive today, including the visionaries, understand the greatness of the grace we have in our present time. Those who come after us, when the time of grace is over, will indeed understand more than we who lived in the second greatest time in man’s history.

Time…Time…Time…It is a part of everything.
Within its arms, Fathertime never stops.
Life, death, history, joy, tragedy, advances, regrets…all are in constant motion.
No power on earth can slow it, stop it, alter it.
It continues one second at a time, building a foundation into minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, to build millenniums.
The ages come and go as falls give way to winters.
Lifetimes turn into mere specs of time.
Lives ancient by our ways who never saw the dawn of modern times haunt us from the past with the question,
“Were they better off having lived in a safer, less complex, time?”
Sin knows no barrier of time for it transcends time.
It was there in the heart of the primitive man and his club, the archer facing the castle for ill gain,
and the munitions expert firing a missile with an ill heart just as it was and is today in the heart
of he who cheats his measurements of goods by scales with the counterweight of rocks,
then iron, and now electronics.
Though there are forbidden fruits today, sin comes from the heart
and as time is built into millenniums by seconds,
the monstrous sins of the present were built one sin at a time.
The accumulation of sin is amassed to the point when in another time
God sealed the door of the Ark.
Oh door of our time…where are you but in the opening of Our Lady’s mantle.
Noah’s ark that saved mankind physically; and afterwards,
the new covenant and the Ark that saved us spiritually, bring us through time, to “another time”,
where the Ark of today will save us “physically” and “spiritually”.
The Ark is Our Lady, and yes, what better time to live than now
in answer to the question from ancient man:
“Were others better off living in a simpler time?”.
All through time, “history” is continually teaching us this:
as for our time; that the more severe the test
the greater will be its reward for the victorious.
It’s a glorious time to live.
We sit in the front row seat of the amphitheater of time.
The age of peace is on the horizon,
the invitation to be under Our Lady’s mantle, our Ark, is the open door.
Time doesn’t exist in Heaven.
How privileged are we to gaze in the face of a visionary where time doesn’t exist,
for while “we” remain in time, “they” are outside of space and time right before our eyes.
Everything stands still.
Existence, minus time, is before us.
No,…voice of ancient man cannot haunt he who stands in the face of time where it doesn’t exist.
If Our Lady tells us by living Her messages we can begin to experience Heaven upon earth even
before we get there, are we then also already beginning to transcend time, beginning to live eternity before this passage from this life to the next? Look at time.
Whose lives, though just mere specs in time, changed the whole world towards good?
Span the centuries.
Who are those who have left and continue to leave the greatest imprint towards good upon the ages?
It is God’s saints.
Even though their lives were brief, compared to a millenium,
it is their witness that lives not only in time,
but outside of time as well.
Everything else passes, yes, even time will die.
Therefore, what you do along the way will make an imprint and when you go,
as the leaves today are green, tomorrow yellowed and gone, what remains is how you lived.
Not the lofty, illustrious and elevated, but the meek and humble will be remembered
throughout eternity, passing love from one heart to another, generation after generation,
until the last man draws his last breath,
touched by you, transcended into eternity.
Do look at time, as ages after ages slide by, oh man, and begin to live eternity now,
Not bound by time, as one is not bound to this world.
As Our Lady said, by living Her messages we will not feel the passage
from this life to the next, so too, we will also begin transcending time
into eternity while still upon the earth by our holy lives and virtues,
all of which are recorded for ages to come,
even if hidden and known only by the angels who record them for forever.
Every virtuous act will be known through eternity by all, when all ages pass.
The passage through time and beyond has only one key to unlock it.
Yes, Love…Not human love,
rather Love “expressed” by “obedience” to all of God’s Commandments.
For if love saves, obedience preserves, not only in time,
but when time is no longer.

-A Friend of Medjugorje
written September 1999


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  1. Dear Friend of Medjugorje and Caritas I am sorry to say that our friend in India is in error. This treaty with Iran is worse than the treaty signed by Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler before the outbreak of WWII. ISIS is an evil organisation and is of satan. It is a bigger threat to the world than the Nazis. You are right when you say know your enemy. I recently saw a programme about the women/children who have been kidnapped by ISIS, some of whom have escaped. They were treated barbarically, abused, and treated as slaves. I was in tears watching the programme. I asked for prayers for all ISIS members at our prayer group meeting last Monday. I know that their aim is to destroy Christianity. What was John Kerry thinking and his advisors thinking of when he signed this treaty? Just like Neville Chamberlain, he has been made to look a fool. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje and Caritas for another insight into the current situation of the world viewed through Our Lady’s messages.

  2. Dear Caritas and A Friend of Medjugorje, Not requiring the military sites to be open to unrestricted inspections makes it clear that the Iran Nuclear Agreement enables Iran to destroy Israel. Watch out for Israel to defend itself in September, the month of Shemitah and the Fourth Blood Moon. As happened at the previous two times of the Four Blood Moons, with the miraculous help of God, Israel will emerge victorious!

  3. God was not born in Israel. Jesus Christ was born in Israel. We must always acknowledge Jesus Christ as the savior of the world. He is God’s son. Both recent messages discounted Jesus and replaced His name with God. That may be a mistake set forth by the enemy. Very concerning.

  4. Mary Ann C Golden

    Why even try to discuss politics on any religious site.No one agrees with another person so wh???Just live your life be happy allow God to take care of it all

  5. Dear Caritas & A Friend of Medjugorje,Just a quick note to say that I don’t even know where that listener from India was coming from. I listened to last week’s show already 3 times and I thought it was one of the best shows A Friend of Medjugorje has done ever.It is amazing how different two listeners to the same broadcast can be?!? I don’t even understand…

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