Our Lady’s New 100-foot Long Book-Binder Arrives at Caritas to Help Spread the Medjugorje Message



Though we shouldn’t have been amazed, as we have so often seen Our Lady’s hand help us to meet deadlines over the years, we still could not help but be amazed that the day the book-binding equipment arrived, we were ready to receive it. Five 53-foot tractor trailers arrived containing the entire book-binding machine, ready to be assembled by a crew of seven to ten men from Muller-Martini. Above, a forklift is unloading one of the five trucks, with one piece already uncrated. Below, a long line of crates holding the 24 gatherers that were each sponsored by supporters of the retooling wait to be opened. Books about Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages will travel back and forth through the machine in order to be bound. Though the book-binder spreads out 100-feet at its longest point, if we were to spread out the entire book-binding equipment, it would be longer than the length of a football field.


Thousands of details must be apprised in preparing for the placement and installation of the new equipment. Channels to hook up the electrical lines to the book-binder had to be cut through the cement floor before the equipment arrived, which the pictures here provide the “before” and the “after” of this process. To study the intricacies of these complex pieces of equipment is to be impressed at the wisdom God has given man to put to use His laws of physics. Using creation to bring souls back to the Creator is not only meaningful but also the best use of tools necessary in transmitting Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages to the world. We have a joy seeing the book-binder being put together step-by-step, realizing the magnitude of materials for Our Lady this equipment is capable of producing. These workers from Muller-Martini will be with us for nearly two months, not only to assemble the new machine, but also to train a crew from the community who will be running the book-binder. In Our Lady’s first apparitions here, November 1988 through January 1989, some of Her messages had a feel of prophecy in them.

November 23, 1988

“I invite you to pray and give your life completely to God. I will give you strength and I will help you in all of your needs. You can ask for everything that you need to help you. I will intercede for you in front of God.”

November 26, 1988

“I ask you once again to pray. Especially pray for my intentions. If you pray for my intentions, I will be glorified through you. All your prayers are going to help you through my hands.”

Our Lady foresaw what was to be. We now see it materially.



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  1. Friend of Medjugorje, I love your passion for Our Mama Mary! This talk makes me so home sick for Heaven! Her Flame of Love is so lit in you and I pray it ignites all of your listeners! We so needed to hear this. Thank you! God bless you and your family!

  2. Thank you for the prayer. I too had gone for mass. I was sad because of my husband. I was thinking if only God could have make my husband my messenger what to do, after I complete prayer he reached there because I told him that I am in the church today. He asked me why? I told him about the rosary festival. He reached there. He went inside and came back. He told me one thing “Lucy, life is nothing, unless we do something worth for somebody. I feel like to do something worth which can give me satisfaction”. I doubted,is he saying the truth. Thank you.

  3. Ours was a special rosary also, united with the Caritas Community…we felt so much a part of all of you. It was quiet and peaceful prayer time. We felt Our Lady uniting us across the land…all of us praying together for our nation, saying “yes” to Our Lady. She increases our faith when we give uo fear. We must have confidence in Our Lady…born of faith.

  4. It is wonderful to see our Holy Father take such a positive role in consecrating Our Lady to the whole world this coming Sunday. We joined in praying the Rosary for the family on the 6th and praying the Patriotic Rosary on the 7th at our Medjugorje prayer group. At the conclusion, we all felt it was the best meeting we have had. We can only pray that the Country our forefathers established and prayed that it would remain in the graces of God, will come back to its senses. Our Lady will lead us out of the darkness which has spread over this nation if we give Her the Rosary every day as a people devoted to Her Son, Jesus.

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