Our Lady’s February 2, 2012 Message

Our Lady’s February 2, 2012 Message

February 2, 2012 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s February 2, 2012 Message
Given to Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children; I am with you for so much time and already for so long I have been pointing you to God’s presence and His infinite love, which I desire for all of you to come to know. And you, my children? You continue to be deaf and blind as you look at the world around you and do not want to see where it is going without my Son. You are renouncing Him – and He is the source of all graces. You listen to me while I am speaking to you, but your hearts are closed and you are not hearing me. You are not praying to the Holy Spirit to illuminate you. My children, pride has come to rule. I am pointing out humility to you. My children, remember that only a humble soul shines with purity and beauty because it has come to know the love of God. Only a humble soul becomes Heaven, because my Son is in it. Thank you. Again I implore you to pray for those whom my Son has chosen – those are your shepherds.”

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Our Lady said:

“…You are renouncing Him – and He is the source of all graces…My children, pride has come to rule…”

What happens to the Christian world when it renounces Jesus in favor of materialism, other religions, etc.? Pride rules. Where pride rules, satan rules. Humility is the Cross. The world rejects the Cross. The world, therefore, rejects humility.


The Crosses of Normandy Rejected

By A Friend of Medjugorje


A Friend of Medjugorje spoke across France in November. After the conclusion of one of his talks, a question was asked. The spontaneous response shows when one is grounded in the messages; it is as the Scriptures states, “Do not be anxious about how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour.” (Matthew 10:19) A Friend of Medjugorje is often persecuted, but his detractors cannot deny that the spirit of God gives him what to say. The response given to the question below should make everyone stop and reflect greatly upon their role and responsibility in changing the culture.


Question: We understand you stopped in Normandy on the way here. Can you tell us your impressions?

A Friend of Medjugorje’s response:

“As today, every opportunity when we go somewhere we always are taught by Our Lady many things. So we went to Normandy today or the beaches of Normandy to Omaha beach. In the Cemetery, and it is incredible there to me that out of 10,000 American soldiers every one of them was given one of two things – they either got a cross or they got the star of David. Out of those 10,000 soldiers, it wasn’t questioned whether they were Christian or not. They didn’t wonder if they were going to church, whether they lived a good life. We, as a culture, knew they needed the cross and most of those soldiers, even if they weren’t going to church, wouldn’t object to that.


There is one way to salvation and that is through the Cross. We don’t have to apologize for that. We, as Christians and Catholics, have vacated our position in the culture. Atheism doesn’t have the same ground to stand on as we do. France is a Catholic country. The United States is a Christian nation and we give this away. We stopped at a church today, Notre Dame of Bayeux, and the historical record said the state took this in 1905. I don’t have the mentality of how you would just allow the state to take this. This is Christianity! This is our Church! Just as we put crosses on every grave out there and didn’t ask them if they were believers or not, all non-believers need the Cross. It is because Christians are vacating and rejecting the Cross that God has allowed it to be taken from us. So this culture, that is rejecting the Cross, is going down. I encourage you. I know there are things in our town where I live in Alabama, that I don’t go see, historical things. It is our human nature not to go out there to that cemetery near you, here an hour or so away, because you know it is there. You can always go there, so you don’t go there. But go there! Pray some rosaries there. Make a spiritual retreat walking those graves and meditate on what has happened to us. They said the oldest soldier buried there is twenty-four years old! We are here because of that. But we are not here just because of that. We lived a life back then where we understood what the Cross meant. Today we don’t understand the value of the Cross and the power of the Cross. Because we vacated it, we put it down, satan has taken over. Our Lady just said on August 2, 2011, “…the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it…” But through Jesus, with Him, Our Lady, and us we can stop it. So we don’t have the fiber of the early Christians. We don’t have the fiber of the Christians in the forties. They could care less back then about your rejection of the Cross, if you didn’t want it on the grave out there. You’re gonna get one! Am I saying force the Cross on somebody? By no means! We have to live the Christian life in such a way that people will be embarrassed by rejecting the Cross because of our holiness. What we have lost is holiness. What swearer swore in front of Mother Teresa or cursed in front of her? Her holiness binded them! I saw President Clinton in Colorado with Pope John Paul II. John Paul was standing right here, President Clinton was standing right here. President Clinton is big time for abortion. John Paul was standing right in his presence condemning abortion and the murder of the unborn. You know what Clinton was doing? He had his hands folded, real humble, and he was shaking his head ‘yes.’ THE LIGHT BINDED THE DARKNESS! We don’t have to force the Cross on somebody. We have to live Christianity to such a degree that they won’t dare come disagreeing with us. But they have the power because we live mediocre Christianity. Our Lady said on November 25, 1997, “…Holy martyrs died witnessing: I am a Christian and love God over everything…”


Does that come across to everybody you meet by your life, your charity, your love, your forgiveness? That is what came to me today just on the beaches of Normandy, just in the cemetery. Our Lady says go into nature. There is nature there. It is creation and it will speak to you. I challenge you just to plan a trip by yourself and just go spend three or four hours out there and meditate, reflect, think. Go into these messages. There is a lot Our Lady wants for you to do. I never even dreamed I’d be doing what I do. I never dreamed the difficulties I would have to go through. But once you have fallen in love with Our Lady and work for Her, what else can you do? So don’t be measured in your response to Her. Don’t be reserved. When She asks you to consecrate yourself to Her, She owns you. You no longer own yourself. On January 1, 2001, Marija was asked by Our Lady to go to the mountain on a cold January night, and Our Lady tells her “…now that when satan is unchained, I desire you to be consecrated to My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus…” But did you catch what Our Lady said, because satan is unchained what your only protection is. Our Lady’s response was “now when satan…” and then She tells you what to do, “Consecrate yourself to My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus…” What She possesses he can’t have. She owns you. But he sure will make your life miserable. It is important to do daily consecrations. It is important to consecrate yourself to the Cross.


Valognes, France, November 18, 2011
A Friend of Medjugorje

Radio WAVE
with A Friend of Medjugorje discussing the message of Our Lady, titled: Italian Cruise Ship Sinks, What Are We To Make Of It? available now here.

The Crosses of Normandy

The Crosses and Stars of David on the graves at Normandy, the day A Friend of Medjugorje visited on November 18, 2011. Every soldier who dies here got either a Cross or a Star of David, an incredible testament to the culture that did not reject the Cross. A Friend of Medjugorje challenges us, “Do we today have the fiber to do what they did? Do we through our rejection of the Cross as a culture have the fiber to sacrifice our lives for the salvation of the world?”

Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana, was not in Medjugorje for the February 2, 2012 apparition. For the past several years, she has attended a Medjugorje gathering in Italy, in which thousands come to be with Our Lady. The apparition took place in Naples, Italy in the presence of 25,000 people this morning at 8:45 a.m. Holy Mass took place before the apparition, concelebrated by 50 priests. After the apparition, Mirjana spoke to the crowd for about 10 minutes.

Pictures from Today’s Apparition


Mass in Naples with Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana

Mass being celebrated

In a standing room only stadium, the believers of Medjugorje gather to celebrate the Holy Mass and to receive the blessing of being in Our Lady’s presence through Medjugorje visionary, Mirjana’s presence for her second of the month apparition. Our Lady calls to us, implores us today, not to be deaf, not to be blind to Her entreaties. She is not speaking to the unbelievers when She says, “…You are renouncing Him…” speaking of Her Son, because She says “…You listen to me while I am speaking to you, but your hearts are closed and you are not hearing me…” The nonbelievers are not the ones listening to Her. She is speaking to Her children.


Mass in Naples with Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana

People praying in Naples with Medjugorje visionary Mirjana

Our Lady has given many remedies for pride over the years. One important way to overcome this sin is to follow Her directives for fasting twice a week on bread and water. Fasting helps to lead to a humble spirit, first, as it makes us realize how weak we really are in the face of temptations that come to us during a fast day. Secondly, through the graces bestowed upon us when we offer Our Lady our fasting. Mirjana was asked in an interview in 2006 about why Our Lady has required two days of fasting a week. She responded by saying: “I can say to you only what Our Lady says to me. And when things start being revealed and happening then you will understand why Our Lady added Wednesdays as days of fasting.” She then was asked “How do you fast, Mirjana?” She answered: “That will not save you. To know the way I pray or the way I fast will not save you. Every one of us is a different individual before God. God will not ask you how did Mirjana fast. He will ask you the way you did. I’m following Our Lady’s messages.”


Mass in Naples with Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana

Mirjana kneels before the statue of Our Lady, praying the Rosary, before the apparition today, February 2, 2012. With the decision of the Pope to have a Vatican Commission given responsibility of the apparitions, there is much conjecture about Medjugorje’s approval. And yet, the visionaries themselves are at peace with Medjugorje’s standing. Mirjana has said: “You see, that is not my problem. I always say that I’m praying to Our Lady to be able to spread your messages to the people. Concerning the official Church, Our Lady, that’s Her problem. She will do that. I’m just happy and very joyful that the Vatican is just so careful and attentive. That is my Church and that is the Church I belong to.”

Caritas Words of the Harvesters January 2007, Vol. 136


Crowds praying in Naples with Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana

Twenty-five thousand gathered today to be in the presence of Our Lady in Naples, Italy. Those who do not follow Medjugorje, or who are against the apparitions, are often incredulous at the devotion shown by Medjugorje devotees, stating these apparitions are not necessary for the faith or for salvation. A Friend of Medjugorje has often addressed this mentality, such as what follows from the January 1997 issue of Caritas’ publication, Words of the Harvesters:

“While Church law states that you don’t have to believe in any apparition and that public revelation ended with the death of the last apostle; wisdom is needed here. First of all, “too much is given much will be expected,” and this gift of Our Lady speaking to us conveying messages from God for over fifteen years is no exception. Did the Israelites have to listen to the prophets when they came among them? No, but things would have been extremely different in their lives if they would have listened and accepted, instead they stoned them. They stoned them to silence their words which were a constant conviction, similarly as Our Lady’s words are suppressed and minimized so that change doesn’t have to occur. Our Lady is the Queen of Prophets and She appeared first on the feast of St. John the Baptist who Scripture refers to as Elijah the Prophet who prepared for the first coming of Jesus. Would it have been wise for the Pharisees to have listened to John so that they could have accepted Jesus even though they didn’t have to? Our Lady said in 1983:

“Take me seriously. When God comes among men, He does not come to joke but to say serious things.”

and on March 18, 1996:

“Do not reject from yourself the name of God, that you may not be rejected. Accept my messages that you may be accepted.”


Praying in Naples with Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana

“Mary lived her whole life without committing one sin. In everything, She was mindful of God and His will. Mirjana once said that Our Lady never once put Herself first, but always placed the needs of others before Her own. She was a servant to all, and She accomplished this without ever committing one sin. We can’t even begin to imagine the purity of the heart of Mary.”

From “What Are You Doing For Our Lady’s Birthday, August 5th?” By A Friend of Medjugorje


Seeing Our Lady in Naples with Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana

Tears can be seen falling from Mirjana’s eyes as She looks up at Our Lady in today’s apparition. The visionaries, in simplicity so that everyone can understand, help us to grasp who Mary is. Medjugorje visionary Marija describes Our Lady by saying: “The Blessed Mother told us [the visionaries] that she was an ordinary woman of her times. She too experienced human suffering, problems, and difficulties. She too had much to endure for the faith. She understands our lives and needs even better than our own families do. She asks us to turn to her for assistance in every little need and every big need. She wants to be our true mother…The Blessed Mother promises that she herself will bless and help any child of hers who calls on her. Just as Jesus used her strength during His crucifixion, so we too may use her strength during our times of suffering.”

Visions of the Children by Jan Connell p. 128-132


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  1. I love you mother, everyday please forgive me for always making you cry. Purify me, help me in my weakness. I love you and I’m so sorry for making you cry. Please tell my Lord Jesus, your precious son that I love him. I love him. Let my heart be faithful by true love and repentance. Help me for I without Jesus I am nothing.

  2. I love you mother, everyday please forgive me for always making you cry. Purify me, help me in my weakness. I love you and I’m so sorry for making you cry. Please tell my Lord Jesus, your precious son that I love him. I love him. Let my heart be faithful by true love and repentance. Help me for I without Jesus I am nothing.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful message of Mother Mary it very inspiring, how I wish to meet the six visionaries in medjugorje. Thank you Mother MARY WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH INCLUDING MY CHILDREN.

  4. Every time I look at the site, I am overwhelmed with love reading and listening about the great love of our Mother. It is wonderful to know that She understands us so much. Thank You for making it possible for us to know what The Mother of God expects of us.

  5. I am filled with joy in hearing the Blessed Mother’s messages again. I am praying and fasting for the USA. MY heart and soul are with all of you and I offer up my pain and suffering for the Priests and Bishops of this country. Praise to Jesus forever

  6. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to read such beautiful words as this! I am so very happy to know that I have a Mother and Her name is Mary, and She loves me and I, can a daughter ask for a better mother? No She is the best and She love us all. From my heart Mother Mary I love you and thank you from the bottom of my own heart. In Jesus name thank you.

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  8. Orland Fabricante

    Its very clear from the present message of Our Lady that people does not live by the past messages she had given. PEOPLE DOES NOT DO WHAT SHE HAD INSTRUCTED THEM TO DO.

  9. May the Blessed Mother Mary holy message give us the strength to be holy and faithful true witnesses to Jesus Christ message of love in the cross and the hope he gives everyone for the eternal life we will recieve. As we wait in joyful thanksgiving may we be humble and little in her eyes and know that we are trusting God completely to bring his son Good News back into the world and his return is soon. God Bless You All for your work at the Mej.com

  10. Maurice R brasseur

    As all ways your insight is great to hear for the Holy Spirit is in your Heart. Like always the words which our beloved Mother speaks like a true Mother filled with the Holy Spirit and look at the end where She would say pray and shepherds I see a Man of God Filled with the Holy Spirit is a Shepherd and everyone who spreads the words from our Mother becomes a Shepherd of Love.

  11. Thanks and May God Bless You all! my dearest friends. I Never blame you, never. Yes, very anxious to know our mother’s messages. But, You are the great sons and daughters who were giving the opportunity to the entire world to learn and understand. Thank You Mother Mary for your motherly love, have mercy and pray for the world and pray for us sinners.Please help us to understand, and live according to God’s will.We love You MaMa!

  12. May the Holy Spirit open the eyes of our hearts to the messages that are given to us so as to be ready for what is coming…Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

  13. Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening message . How I wish Mirjana could also come to Asia . But yes , we are children of Mother Mary who will always be with us through our journey in life .

  14. Thank you that I’m reminded to overcome pride and the Blessed Mother’s directives to fast, in order to obtain a humble spirit and the graces bestowed upon us when we obey her. Thank you!

  15. I’m in tears as I read the above article. God Bless us everyone. In praise & thanksgiving for Our true Mother Mary. I love you!!!

  16. Excellent article. Thank you for a detailed information about our Blesed Mother. It really make me think how much I’ve been given and how much more I must give back to our Lord Jesus. Also, the article is a reminder of my duties as a Catholic to be humble and fast. Thank you again for all you do.

  17. I have just arrived home from Holy Mass and enjoyed very much the reading of the message as well as all the explanation and story about the Cross in Normandie. May our Blessed Mother lightens our hearts!

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