Our Lady Says, “You are permitting (sin) to master you and take away your power of discernment…”

Our Lady Says, “You are permitting (sin) to master you and take away your power of discernment…”

The following is an account of the apparition:


Our Lady was very sad. She only gave a message and blessed us.


“Dear children! Already for a long time I am giving you my Motherly heart and offering my Son to you. You are rejecting me. You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more. You are permitting it to master you and to take away your power of discernment. My poor children, look around you and look at the signs of the times. Do you think that you can do without God’s blessing? Do not permit darkness to envelop you. From the depth of your heart cry out for my Son. His Name disperses even the greatest darkness. I will be with you, you just call me: ‘Here we are Mother, lead us.’ Thank you.”



Our Lady Says, “You are permitting (sin) to master you and take away your power of discernment…”

by a Friend of Medjugorje


Scary…very scary. Scary when it is the Mother’s children who offer so little resistance to sin in society as to be lethargic, poor in discernment, or with no discernment. It is as what is described in Romans at the end of chapter one: the people tolerated sin. The attitude of a Christian, that “I have my belief system and that is the way I believe,” while respecting with equal weight for another to believe their way, with a “live and let live” mentality, is a deep error for the Christian. Do not mistake what is written as a violation of another’s free will. God Himself has granted free will and everyone has freedom from God to think and believe what they want and even hate God, or hate Christians and Christian principles in society. They, however, do not have a right to prevail in instituting those ideals, ways or thoughts upon others. Why? Christian principles, both in the heart and in our laws, are mandates of truth and not in submission to untruth. The simple rejection of truth by man’s free will and his puny laws does not invalidate truth. Truth is always right. Untruth is always wrong. When untruth is made law, man has a right to revolt against it or the systems that make and allow such laws.


The loss of the power of discernment is what is causing the prevailing devastation of society itself. A rejection of God and His law is a rejection of the very things which hold society together and the blessings which ensue, that build a flourishing, happy culture. Instead, a culture of death is prevailing all the while, because Christians have allowed and given the power to kill Christian society to those who despise God and His Commandments. Truth and untruth will not live in equality. One will prevail over the other through law, customs, etc. Christians want to be so tolerant that they accept pagan, evil ways. They say, “It is how they believe even though I don’t believe what they do is right.” Where is your indignation, O Christian? Our Lady said today:


“…You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more…”


When we allow sin to prevail in our law and do not reject this by whatever means necessary, then we allow God to be rejected, which breeds an environment in culture which metamorphoses into a building up of sin that boomerangs back upon our children, our own lives, and any and all holiness in society. We are face to face with new hate laws which will allow laws against natural law. Cicero, a Roman political writer who lived before Christ, was very highly regarded by the American Founding Fathers, and they adopted his philosophies in forming the new republic.


“To Cicero, the building of a society on principles of Natural Law was nothing more nor less than recognizing and identifying the rules of “right conduct” with the laws of the Supreme Creator of the universe…Cicero’s compelling honesty led him to conclude that once the reality of the Creator is clearly identified in the mind, the only intelligent approach to government, justice, and human relations is in terms of the laws which the Supreme Creator has already established. The Creator’s order of things is called Natural Law.” 1


Because of this firm belief, Cicero warned against legislators who passed laws that violated the “laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” 2


“But the most foolish notion of all is the belief that everything is just which is found in the customs or laws of nations…What of the many deadly, the many pestilential statutes which nations put in force? These no more deserve to be called laws than the rules a band of robbers might pass in their assembly. For if ignorant and unskillful men have prescribed deadly poisons instead of healing drugs, these cannot possibly be called physician’s prescriptions; neither in a nation can a statute of any sort be called a law, even though the nation, in spite of being a ruinous regulation has accepted it.” 3


A bill called the Hate Crime Bill made it through the U.S. House on Wednesday, April 29, 2009. Where’s the uproar? Where’s the discernment? Our Lady says what happened to it:


“…You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more. You are permitting it to master you and to take away your power of discernment. My poor children, look around you and look at the signs of the times. Do you think that you can do without God’s blessing? Do not permit darkness to envelop you…”


The Hate Crime Bill’s real name is the Queer Protection Law. Yes, you read right, and you are surprised or shocked to see the use of the word Queer and judge it as being insensitive? You have lost the power of discernment. You are not shocked by the passage of this law in the House, but your thoughts and words are that this statement is slighting or hurtful. Recently, having dinner in Medjugorje with friends from England, this particular sin was brought up in the conversation. They said if you said that in England, you would be arrested for hate crimes! Miss California, who was one step away from being named Miss USA and was a shoe-in to be the winner, was asked a question about marriage, and she simply relayed she supports traditional marriage. She knew she would lose the coveted title of Miss USA because of her answer, and she did. The next day in England, it was reported that a public entertainer called for her murder! He was not arrested. Hate crimes are not intended to protect truth. Hate crimes are intended to protect the rejection of God and truth. Hate crimes force you to accept 30 different gender orientations of which you cannot condemn or insist that your children not be taught these things in the classroom or on television. Hate crime legislation forbids you to resist regulatory rules protecting the sin and its acceptance as normal in the work place.


In the book , The Five Thousand Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skousen, the author traces the influences that formed the minds of the Founders of the United States in structuring the new nation. The “Common or People’s Law,” as opposed to the “Ruler’s Law,” which was identified primarily with a tyrannical monarchy, was most in line with their thinking, and in Thomas Jefferson’s view the American Revolution reclaimed the “birthright” of People’s Law/Common Law that the colonists “had been deprived by a ‘long trend of abuses.’” 4 The following describes one of the fundamental characteristics of “Common Law” that the Founders held to.


“The system of justice was structured on the basis of severe punishement unless there was complete reparation to the person who had been wronged. There were only four “crimes” or offenses against the whole people. These were treason, by betraying their own people; cowardice, by refusing to fight or failing to fight courageously; desertion; and “abominable lifestyles. ‘ These were considered capital offenses. All other offenses required reparation to the person who had been wronged. ” 5


This was the truth that all civilized societies accepted, and they knew the death of society would be brought about if this sin was tolerated. It says much that even one of the most vile dictators known to man, Adolph Hitler, found this lifestyle disgusting. If someone so insidious, who believed in what he believed , yet had in him this disgust, what does this say? How then, have we been led to tolerate it?6 It is the want, acceptance and/or tolerance for off-color and ungodly entertainment, music, materialism, and living with a lot of other poisons of the soul that has created a weakness in Our Lady’s children who have lost the power of discernment. Where has the loss of discernment led us? The Blood of Jesus quickly rose up and flowed through His veins at an accelerated rate when He picked up a whip and hit people and animals, driving them out with it. Why hasn’t our blood risen up as Jesus’? Yet we call ourselves a Eucharistic people? Where is the Blood of Jesus rising up in acceleration in our veins? We have rejected God and accepted, through tolerating evil, degradating and disgusting ways. We have graduated from the college of wimps, several decades of attending this school, too civil to stop abortion, and now we are finding ourselves in forced advanced graduate studies to accept the final death of culture itself, the acceptance of Queerism. Make no mistake – no culture, no nation in history ever, ever survived when the high fever of culture’s temperature topped out at this degree of acceptance. But it is not the abominable’s who are to blame. We are to blame. It is our mediocrity, our lack of holiness which has little or no indignation over what is happening. Oh yes, many say they do not like it. They are opposed to these things, but are not so opposed as to throw out their TV, their entertainment, and their own sins that now give birth to abomination flourishing in society and the world.


Four men, two who were NFL players, three months ago went fishing. A storm came up. The boat flipped and one by one they gave up and drowned. Only one, just one out of the four, held on and survived. He was rescued a few days later. He held onto the boat motor. The others could have done the same and would be with their families today. That calculates out to 75% of the four men were lost. That is 750 people out of a 1,000. By what Our Lady says, is there even one in four Christians who are not overcome by the storms of sin hitting society, their families, their being, who do not, throughout their day, give in, “permitting sin to overcome you more and more… permitting it to master you and to take away your power of discernment…”? Therefore, sin surrounds you, lowering your sensitivity to sin in yourselves and your culture, all the while raising sensitivity that others have a right to impose ways into society that will destroy the culture. It is Our Lady, not Congress; it is your Mother, not San Francisco, who says what is light and what is darkness; what is right and what is wrong. When do we acknowledge this? When they are at Lot’s door?(Genesis 19: 1-10) That is the next step coming…But then it will be too late. When do we say no more, the game is over? It is She who says to you today:


“…Do not permit darkness to envelop you…”


This is happening. We have allowed it. We are letting go of the boat in the middle of the storm when we are guaranteed rescue. While the storm is raging against you, “From the depth of your heart cry out for ‘Our Lady’s Son…” and recognize “… His Name disperses even the greatest darkness…” She will be “with you,” “just call” Her and say, “…Here we are Mother, lead us…” She will rescue you, your family, your nation, and the world.


No one, no one should miss the opportunity, July 1-5, 2009, when Our Lady will be with us, to come to the Bedroom and to the Field of Apparitions, when Our Lady Herself will be in our midst, and say these words, crying out to Her:


“Here we are Mother, lead us.”


No one, no one should be hesitant with their effort, time or their money to spread the opportunity, telling people to come July 1-5, 2009, for five days to hold onto the boat motor, pleading for Our Lady’s rescue.


This is a seize the moment!


We have the power – the power to change everything is in Our Lady’s hands. Everyone should be encouraged, all your family, parish, and friends, to come and put themselves in Her hands. We will talk more tonight on Radio Wave. Listen in!

With Love for Our Lady and Peace,

A Friend of Medjugorje


1. The Five Thousand Year Leap; 28 Great Ideas that Changed the World, W. Cleon Skousen, American Documents, p. 13
2. Taken from the Declaration of Independence
3.The Five Thousand Year Leap; 28 Great Ideas that Changed the World, W. Cleon Skousen, American Documents, p. 38
4. Ibid., p. 13
5. Ibid., p. 14
6. Inside the Third Reich, Memoirs, Albert Speer, Macmillan Company, 1970
Medjugorje Headline

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Take action. Do something that will dispel darkness. The people will come. Call 205-672-2000 extension 399 to sponsor one or several billboards in your area or around the country. We will get back to you even today. You can also click here to be contacted with information about sponsoring a billboard in your area.



Several thousand pilgrims gathered around the Blue Cross at the base of Apparition Mountain to be present for Mirjana’s apparition today, May 2, 2009. The Caritas pilgrimage group left their pansion at 4:15 a.m. and walked through the silent and sleeping village to be among the early arrivals so to spend several hours in prayer before Our Lady’s arrival and in hopes of finding a location that would give them a close view of Mirjana’s face during the apparition. This June will mark the 28th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions, and we can see how thousands still come to receive Our Lady’s blessing. If only the world would follow…

Following is a sequence of pictures that show Mirjana before and during today’s apparition of May 2, 2009. At 3:50 a.m. CST, members of the Caritas Community in Alabama were awoken by a phone call from their community brother in Medjugorje, alerting them that the message had been received. On the phone, he only said, “It’s a very serious message.” The founder of Caritas, A Friend of Medjugorje, was immediately alerted who was already in prayer in anticipation of writing what the words of Our Lady inspired in his heart. Our Lady said on June 25, 1993:

“…these times are particular and therefore I am with you to love and protect you, to protect your hearts from satan…”

She spoke those words 16 years ago, or as She said today, “Already for a long time…” What must it be like for Mirjana to stare into the beautiful, ageless face of the Virgin Mary, always so full of love, mercy, tenderness and compassion as much as for sinners as for the saints, and hear Her say the words “…You are rejecting me…”? It is difficult enough to read those words from a piece of paper, or on a computer screen, but to hear them from the very lips of Our Lady must be devastating. It makes one think, perhaps it is better not to be a visionary, after all.



Mirjana, just after arriving at the Blue Cross today, May 2, 2009, enters into prayer. Her countenance was serious from the start. Did she perhaps have a sense of what Our Lady would speak today?



Though surrounded on every side by thousands of people, nothing distracts Mirjana. She knows that in just a moment’s time she will be enraptured by the presence of Our Lady. As the visionaries often testify, once you see Our Lady, what else on Earth could possibly interest you?



On March 18, 1996, Our Lady honored Mirjana with the title “my servant.” Mirjana is one of the six visionaries chosen to witness untiringly to the apparitions, and to pray unceasingly, in her case, for the conversion of nonbelievers. She has the knowledge of all ten Secrets. She knows that when the world rejects Our Lady, what then awaits the world. But even with that unimaginable burden, she never fails to inspire hope, joy, confidence and the desire for conversion in the pilgrims who come to hear her witness.



One close friend of the community who lives in Medjugorje, commented today after being at Mirjana’s apparition, that in the 16 years that he has witnessed Mirjana before and during ecstasy, never has he seen her face so serious.



Mirjana’s tear-washed face reflects, as a mirror, the beauty and pain of our Mother’s face who desperately is imploring “My poor children” to understand the “signs of the times” and reject the dark path the world is traveling down. May we, who claim to be Our Lady’s children , unceasingly pray the words She gave us today, “Here we are Mother, lead us,” on behalf of our “peaceless” world. Pray, be active, come in July and be in Our Lady’s presence.



With A Friend of Medjugorje

“You Are Rejecting Me”

A Friend of Medjugorje discusses Our Lady’s Message today. A show you will want to hear and pass on to others.


Woman of Revelation Series: You Are Rejecting Me

Prayer for Nonbelievers

Come Mary,
Come tomorrow again and again.
We will pray with You.

Bring back our loved ones
Who have left the Church,
Those who have left God.

We will join You on the second of each month.
We will pray for greater graces
To be attached to Your intention.

We will pray that the dam of love,
Of God’s mercy, will break forth,
That Your new prayer be released soon.

We will pray that it will flow out
As a river to all the nations,
That as the rivers fill the oceans,
Your love of God will fill the earth.

We wait.
We anticipate that great day,
And we call You as You have called us,
To add our prayers, fasting, and sacrifices
To Mirjana’s in order that You may
Obtain all Your wishes for the world.

O loving Mother,
Thank You for the gift
That the world is on the brink of receiving!

– A Friend of Medjugorje

©SJP Lic. Caritas of Birmingham

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38 thoughts on “Our Lady Says, “You are permitting (sin) to master you and take away your power of discernment…””

  1. People in the middle ages were given the opportunity for confession and kissed a crucifix before they died. What a grace to know when you are going to die and be ready!

  2. People in the middle ages were given the opportunity for confession and kissed a crucifix before they died. What a grace to know when you are going to die and be ready!

  3. I have to say your discussion on the death penalty made me do a 180 degree turn in my thinking. I didn’t think I would change my opinion against it but your examples were very strong arguments for it. I recall that, at one point, I had thought that maybe our pope was calling to abolish it in order to protect himself once the depth of coverup in the church was exposed. Of course it would follow that members of the deep state would want to abolish for the same reason. The reason I was against the death penalty was that it didn’t allow a person a chance to repent. However, considering that death row inmates likely spend a good amount of time on death row, they WOULD be given the opportunity to repent and they would be given a deadline, as you said. As a professional procrastinator I can see why having a date with death could be a very strong motivator to get right with God sooner rather than later. Thank you for showing the merciful side of this very strong law.

  4. Get Smart agent 99 and Play the game, don’t let the game play you! Why would the Pope speak of secular issues where he has no authority which will result in dividing the flock and agitating, an Obama move? History writers tell us the crusades were about saving the holy land but it was also a civil war due to a few in the church declaring power greater than Christ – beyond the examples of Christ while he walked his mission – Jesus turned water into wine, but during the crusade periods the church declared the Priests turn wine into blood. Wikipedia: The Roman Catholic Church teaches that in the Eucharistic offering bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ. The reaffirmation of this doctrine was expressed, using the word “transubstantiate”, by the Fourth Council of the Lateran in 1215. It was later challenged by various 14th-century reformers, John Wycliffe in particular. TO PLAY THE GAME STOP THE REACTIONS AND SEE THE PUSH FOR A NEW WORLD OF DISORDER. aka fog for WW3.

  5. Thank you A Friend of Medjugorje for sharing these important facts. We have been lied too, and indoctrinated by lying voices for decades. The devil is the father of all lies. Logic. The devil has taken the use of reasoning and logic from decision making and replaced it with weak and improper sympathy. The Father saved us by The DEATH PENALTY! By the death penalty being used on His Son Our Savior!! Wow!! I never thought of that!!!” Come reason with me sayeth The Lord.” Its soooo obvious how many, many reasons Our Lady had to come here these almost 40 YEARS!! WE NEED HELP!!!! We need teaching straight from Heaven!! Even our Shepards and Pope are not imunne to the ” lieing voices!!! Blessed Mother, God bless Caritas, A Friend of Medjugorje, his family, The Extended Community and Field angels, Visionaries, and DONALD J Trump!!!!!??Amen!!

  6. I had to wait until kids were asleep to finish listening today. This is a hard subject for anyone, especially a Catholic to face. But, here is why She has made Her community with you. You have been given Her spirit to help us clarify. Thank you. I still pray for Francis, “May the Holy Spirit lead him into all truth and may he be delivered from the evil within and that surrounds him!”

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