Our Lady Says of the World, “Everything is Falling Apart”

Our Lady Says of the World, “Everything is Falling Apart”


September 2, 2011 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s
September 2, 2011 Message
Given to Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers


With the Big Dipper suspended high in the nighttime sky illuminating the way to the Blue Cross for those preparing to spend a night in prayer waiting for Our Lady’s apparition on September 2nd, the community arrived at 9:00 pm. Already a group of about 60 pilgrims had begun to pray the Rosary which was being led by a priest. He ended the prayers with a Litany to Our Lady. Immediately another group began to pray and the prayer lasted throughout the night. A young mother helped her two young children to reach up to the statue of Our Lady where they placed their petitions and both kissed the statue before they left. Pilgrims were bringing their petitions and a woman carried 5-5litre jugs of water to place behind the Blue Cross so Our Lady would bless it the next morning as She blesses all the religious articles present. During the night, a group of three women knelt before Our Lady’s statue and gently sang a number of hymns to honor Our Lady. They sang with love and reverence. All through the night and into the early morning hours as darkness was lifted, more pilgrims continued to arrive. Small groups were heard throughout the mountain praying the Rosary. It was amazing to see the multitude of people gathered so early in the morning. There were thousands of people perched on the rocks and clogging the pathways to the Blue Cross, which can be reached by a few minutes walk from the street below. A large number of sick children and adults were present. Many of them had been guided to the Blue Cross in wheelchairs or had been bodily carried forward. Also, there were many priests there to be in the presence of Our Lady. When Mirjana arrived, the pace of the prayer picked up and became more intense. The Rosary was being prayed in all languages throughout the mountain, but it was beautiful to hear the Croatian words. Our Lady’s presence could be detected by the way Mirjana slowly lifted her head and began to smile. As usual, Mirjana showed an array of emotions. The crowds were very quiet now and anticipated Our Lady’s words. When the message was read the crowd was silent and you could hear many pilgrims quietly crying. It was another beautiful experience in the presence of the Queen of Heaven. The following is Our Lady’s message:


“Dear children; with all my heart and soul full of faith and love in the Heavenly Father, I gave my Son to you and am giving Him to you anew. My Son has brought you, the people of the entire world, to know the only true God and His love. He has led you on the way of truth and made you brothers and sisters. Therefore, my children, do not wander, do not close your heart before that truth, hope and love. Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains. Therefore, renounce everything that distances you from the Lord. Adore Him alone, because He is the only true God. I am with you and I will remain with you. I am especially praying for the shepherds that they may be worthy representatives of my Son and may lead you with love on the way of truth. Thank you.”

Our Lady Says of the World, “Everything is Falling Apart”


by a  Friend of Medjugorje

“…I gave my Son to you and am giving Him to you anew…My Son has brought you…”
What happened 2,000 years ago is happening now in our time, in the same fullness. If we ever wanted to, live in Jesus’ time, or yearned to be the “lucky” blessed people to live in His day, we should recognize that we are the “lucky” blessed people to live in this Jesus’ day, in this Her time. Jesus, to have our souls, is purchasing with grace such an amount of mercy for everyone walking the earth that the amount of mercy paid to get even one soul is not just for what sins have been continually committed by us individually. It is why the devil screams out against Jesus in Justice that “many are his” and Jesus is changing the rules in this time of Divine Mercy by raising the amount of Mercy to such a level for the purchasing of souls that satan rightfully claims his own. satan argues, “Look what evil this soul has done. In justice, he is mine. You must reject this soul and give him to me.” But Jesus responds, “Yes, you who speak not truth says what is true. Many souls are rightfully and in justice, yours, but my Divine Mercy in this age is bigger than in justice what you claim.”


Even though all of man is bought by Jesus across the entire world, man is to decide if he will glorify God or glorify the world—the world of which its entire culture is crumbling and falling apart. Many idols exist today. One can be assured the fondling of the cell phone, the preoccupation of it by so many, especially the youth today, the way it is handled, that more adulation is given to it than what was given to the little god images that were forged 2000 years ago by pagans. What of TV causing the falling apart of morality in our culture? Consider how much has TV caused the culture’s downfall. Our Lady said today,


“…Renounce everything that distances you from the Lord…”


Our Lady said on February 13, 1986:

“…Turn off the television and renounce various things that are of no value…”


Many spend their evenings with the box in adulation of this “thing”, spending much more time with that than with Jesus. “Adore Him alone,” Our Lady said. If a man from 500 years ago was placed into our time and stood on a street or in a mall, watching people go by, in less than 5 minutes he would begin to wonder why all these people were looking at this contraption and holding it as if it was the most important thing in their lives. After only an hour this man, from centuries past, would be convinced that this hold on people is god-like and that they certainly had made it their god. He would observe that the people sit down to eat together all the while handling it as if it’s the most beloved thing…they do not talk with each other while together as all their attention is on the thing held in their hand…they look at it as if adoring it, giving it inordinate attention.


Man’s heart is so permeated with electronics and modernism that Our Lady has already told us that this is the devil’s diversion.


May 25, 2010

“…satan, too, does not sleep and through modernism diverts you and leads you to his way…”

“But I need it for my work, I need it for keeping in contact with my friends, my parents,”
etc. That is the case only because we’ve allowed ourselves to place it as a cornerstone of our entire culture; a culture that is crumbling and will continue to do so as it is already now in the midst of falling apart. One could argue, “But without the little gods who help us, to whom we have given our hearts and lives to, what will we do if we need to contact someone, buy something, have an emergency?” You will do everything the way man did it in the past, who has survived for thousands of years. You can start a new way from everything now that is used inordinately, distancing you from God or you can stay welded to it and “fall apart” when it does. Some have not believed these writings that for years have forecasted that life as we know it is going to crash down an fall apart. Do you now not believe Our Lady’s words when She tells you “…’everything’ is falling apart…” Do you reject Her own words? Are you not ready, not ready, to begin now while you can and begin a new way of life? Are you not ready to have one devotion only? That devotion is where you will put all your attention and adulation upon “…Him alone…,” as Our Lady says, “…on His way of truth…,” pointed out by Our Lady. Why does Our Lady even have to say to us “…He is the only true God…” unless this says to us that we have false gods, far more false gods than ancient pagans. Many are blinded to this through rationalization and false justification.


And what of our shepherds that Our Lady keeps so positively referring to them nearly every month, as this month?


“…that they may be worthy representatives of my Son…” This means there is a great void. Does this mean there are a lot of unworthy representatives? Our Lady is here to clean up everything from the pulpits, down and to those who may not be in the pulpits yet lead people spiritually as Her representatives of Her Son. No one in God’s work is off the hook, most especially Her priests. Her standard and expectation is much higher than the level of the position held at present. Few people today are willing to admit that many, very many are dissatisfied with the food the shepherds are feeding the people. Our Lady is saying this in an incredible way, a positive way, but in a clear way for the discerning heart who is looking at our present situation in the Church. One who is praying knows it to be as Our Lady informs us by conveying, “I’m handling this situation, my children.” “…I am praying especially for the shepherds that they may be worthy representatives of my Son and may lead you with love on the way of truth…” The words, “…that they may be…” is a standard and goal She lays before the shepherds, who are at present in a crisis state in the way of truth. To Our Lady these shepherds are accountable. Our Lady said on February 6, 1986:


“…You shall be answerable to me and my Son…”


We have today a great void of truth today from the pulpits to the streets. Dulled into nonsense by the electronic gods and modernism of our day we no longer live truth nor know truth. The tolerance of sin has amassed to a point that God must act. He has always acted throughout history and, therefore, will act. The world has a judgment against it. When the level of sin reaches the point of acceptance of unnatural sin that we have reached–that the church denounces with weakness and while at the same time tolerates it, God will no longer tolerate it. There is a point when God intervenes. We are there. It is written about in Romans chapter 1, verses 18-32. It is important for everyone to make an absolute prayerful study of these verses to be reviewed repeatedly in this time because we have arrived at a point that man cannot turn himself around. It is the point of no return for man, but in which God Himself returns to correct man. We are in a time of visitation, a glorious time for those who change their lives, for those who reject and detach themselves from the culture and from those who began a new culture based with the instruction of Our Lady’s messages, especially understanding Romans 1:18-32. All else will fail, all else will crumble, everything, every single thing. “Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart.” Do you get that? Get what? That Our Lady did not say your life is passing, as we have been told by Her before. Rather Our Lady says something extremely clear. “…Everything around you is passing…” Things, culture, money, life as modern man now knows it–through Our Lady’s words these things have a mandated judgment against them by God. Yes, “Everything,” Our Lady says. Yes, “around you.” What is everything around you? Come to reality, confess up to where we are today. It’s not going to be the way you have known and lived your life. Change now or fall apart with it. The hope we have in these perilous times is Our Lady’s love and truth. This is our protection. It is the blood on our door posts. At the Passover, when “everything around you is passing”—hope, love, and take steps spiritually and physically in and through truth. Our Lady is not coming to restore the culture. Our Lady is coming to create a new way to live, a new culture whose purpose and devotion is to Jesus Christ–no other god. As She tells us:


“…I gave my Son to you and am giving Him to you anew…”


Two and a half years of the Radio Wave show, Mejanomics, covers everything in this message. Many questions are answered specifically about everything is passing. A wealth of information is given concerning all Our Lady’s message and what to do. This September 2, 2011 message is a summary of 2 ½ years of these Radio shows. Answering questions such as:


• What do I need to do immediately?
• How do I go about it?
• What do I do in regards to when the culture falls apart as Our Lady said, “Everything is falling apart?”
• What should my long range plans be?
• If it’s not only spiritual preparation, what do I need to change physically?
• What about our loved ones?
• With my circumstances, it is impossible to change things physically, or can I really do so?


One should listen to every previous Mejanomics show over the next few weeks. Because these 30-45 minute Mejanomic shows reference events happening in the days of their airing, it is recommended to listen to the most recent shows broadcasted going backward each show to the original show. All these radio programs were given in preparation for a message like we received today, September 2, 2011.


Read below for the details of downloading the Radio Wave shows free! They will change your life and help you make thoughtful decisions about your future.

In the Love of Our Lady, Our Hope and Our Future,

A Friend of Medjugorje




P.S. You must learn many things as soon as possible. You must prayerfully study many of the writings Caritas has published for you, based on Our Lady’s Medjugorje messages. Thirty Years of Apparitions is the most recent and speaks clearly why everything is falling apart.


As Our Lady’s Medjugorje messages are getting more serious, many more are tuning into Radio WAVE to learn how to respond. Listen to Radio WAVE with a Friend of Medjugorje discussing today’s September 2, 2011 message of Our Lady: A New Chilling Reality Exorcists Are Seeing

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Pictures from September 2, 2011 Apparition

pilgrims await medjugorje visionary mirjana's

On this early September 2, 2011 morning, pilgrims have been up before the rising of the sun, praying rosary after rosary and singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to Our Lady and Her Son. All of these pilgrims have come to be with Our Lady. Some come propelled by their love for Her and their desire to be closer to Her. Others come looking for proof in the supernatural. Some come asking for physical or spiritual healing. All of mankind is represented in this gathering, every day, every month, year after year. Our Lady is here today, to bring “the people of the entire world, to know the only true God and His love.” She is here today for the salvation of the whole world.


June 25, 2007

“…God desires to convert the entire world and to call it to salvation and to the way towards Himself, who is the beginning and the end of every being…”


two men carry a crippled man to apparition of Our Lady of Medjugorje

In Medjugorje, it is typical to find the desire of people’s hearts is so strong to be with Our Lady that they will do anything to be near to Her in an apparition, even if it means having to be carried up the uneven, rocky path where Our Lady will appear. This man struggles to walk, with two pilgrims helping him, to his wheelchair that has been placed near the Blue Cross, close to where Mirjana will kneel.


medjugorje visionary mirjana in ecstacy

With great joy apparent on her face, Mirjana receives Our Lady today, September 2, 2011, on the day for prayer for nonbelievers, at the Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje.


medjugorje visionary mirjana in ecstacy

Mirjana, with outstretched arms towards Our Lady, shows sadness and concern on her face in regards to what Our Lady is saying to her in today’s message of September 2, 2011. A Friend of Medjugorje, in his writing, “Who’s Driving?”, written in 2002, helps to explain where man stands with God today—confirmed by Our Lady’s words today.


“Scanning history no matter what age you live in, one finds human nature is the same. It is inclined toward the conveniencing of self. We need help and so we pray for God’s blessing. When we receive it, human nature, after initially being grateful, grows numb to the blessing, and ingratitude results. The loss of gratefulness leads to sin. The fruit of sin leads to suffering. Suffering leads to needing God’s help, and then the cycle is repeated.


“The Israelites show the cycle of the three “S’s”: sin, suffering, salvation! The Israelites, suffering in Egypt, cried out to God and gained salvation from slavery only to return to sin and then suffered again. This cycle has repeated itself throughout history, through Judaism into Christianity, to our present day.


There is little doubt what part of the cycle we are in today. Because of the acceptance of sin by not only our culture, but also the membership of the Church, after having so many blessings from God over the past centuries, we are looking towards a future of suffering. But our suffering will lead the world back to God, because as Our Lady said today while everything is passing and is falling apart, “…the glory of God remains…”


sillouette of Our Lady in medjugorje visionary mirjana's eye

The eye of Mirjana reflects back the image of the Blue Cross as She peers not at the Cross, but at Our Lady. It is an incredible mystery that somewhere between Mirjana’s eyes and the Cross, Our Lady is there standing, speaking, blessing. Scientists have declared that the apparitions the Medjugorje visionaries see are unequivocally proven to be supernatural. One of three major experiments, tested and re-tested, on the visionaries was measuring the visionaries’ eye movements when the apparition began. The most remarkable results took place in the early days when the visionaries were young and altogether in the apparitions. What the scientists discovered was that the visionaries reacted instantaneously at the exact moment the apparition began, their eyes directed to an exact central point in space. This is something that is impossible to rehearse, something that cannot be preplanned in timing together. Even if they signaled each other, humanly, two people could not synchronize the exact timing on a central point, much less six people. For more information see Scientific Studies.


medjugorje visionary mirjana in ecstacy

“My son, to my wisdom be attentive, to my knowledge incline your ear…O children, listen to me, go not astray from the words of my mouth…keep my words, and treasure my commands. Keep my commands and live my teaching as the apple of your eye; Bind them on your fingers, write them on the tablet of your heart. Say to Wisdom, “You are my sister! Call Understanding, “Friend!” Proverbs 5:1,7; 7:1-4


medjugorje visionary mirjana in ecstacy

The very last moments of Our Lady’s apparition to Mirjana today, September 2, 2011.


Medjugorje visionary Mirjana just before apparition

Mirjana closes her eyes just after Our Lady leaves her sight, savoring in her mind’s eye and heart the beauty and words of Our Lady.


medjugorje visionary mirjana's hand written message of Our Lady after apparition

The fresh message given by Our Lady this morning in Medjugorje, September 2, 2011, after it is transcribed on paper and read by Medjugorje guide, Miki, to the large crowd still gathered at the Blue Cross. It is always amazing, the minutes in between the end of the apparition and before the message is read, the silence that pervades the mountain. A deep peace is felt and it lingers in the souls just kissed by Our Lady’s presence.


Medjugorje visionary Mirjana leaving blue cross after apparition

Mirjana, just behind the man in the yellow shirt in the middle of the picture, turns to leave while the crowds press all around her. It is unsettling, even can be fearful, to the visionaries when surrounded by thousands of pilgrims who want to touch them, kiss them, pull them towards themselves to whisper their private intentions, take pictures with them, etc. Not all pilgrims are well-intended. Some may even be possessed or mentally unstable—and the visionaries can feel very vulnerable to attack when in such a situation, which has happened on occasion. They, however, are obedient to Our Lady’s desire who wants to be with Her children, gathered in faith before Her.


Statue at the blue cross on apparition mountain after medjugorje visionary mirjana's apparition

At the foot of the Blue Cross, where Our Lady appears to Mirjana every second of the month, many people place their rosaries and petitions amongst the flowers to be blessed in Our Lady’s presence—right where She stands on Her cloud. As the crowds depart, they make their way to the statue to hopefully retrieve their own rosary in the midst of so many piled one upon the other—priceless relics to them after Our Lady’s blessing upon them.


pilgrims leaving medjugorje visionary mirjana's apparition on Apparition mountain

It is always the same scene coming down the mountain every second of the month, but always different people. But it takes more than just being in the presence of Our Lady to be recognized by Her as Her children. As Our Lady told Marija on August 25, 2011, “…Many have responded, but there is an enormous number of those who do not want to hear or accept my call…” Will those gathered on the mountain today do what Our Lady said to do in Her message this morning, “…renounce everything that distances you from the Lord…”? Our Lady does not call people to Medjugorje or to Her movement for a “feel good” experience. Her call is for radical change and conversion of life. It is a call to apostleship.




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29 thoughts on “Our Lady Says of the World, “Everything is Falling Apart””

  1. I have followed the apparitions since they began about 25 years ago. Yesterday I confessed for the first time in roughly 25 years. As I prayed my penance in church, I cried unseizably for about 15 minutes. My tears kept rolling down my face. Afterward, I felt a peaceful rested feeling. Thank you Mother Mary, Jesus, and Joseph. I love you and all the angels, saints, and archangels, and Medjugorge for bringing me back and accepting me again in the name of Our Lord.

  2. Deliver us, Mary from the sadness that fills our hearts when we can no longer rejoice because we put aside God in our lives and we just filled with of things, the idols that give a moment of happiness, and then just leave and drooling into the deepest sadness . Take us by the hand and sing the Magnificat in our hearts so that we can repeat it in our lives and in , our homes. AMEN

  3. I was there with Caritas and although I couldn’t be so close to Mother’s apparition, I was in that sea of people just below the Blue Cross. I feel so very blessed to be there. The message that Mother gave, shows that She is getting more serious. I know we all pray for our families to come back to Jesus and realize that modernism is another form of adoring false gods. I just pray that the great grace we have now will continue until each one of them is converted. Praised be Jesus and Mary!

  4. Thank you that the Marian movements are increasing …… we are growing devotees of the Blessed Mother in our parish…with less effort and I believe grace from Heaven…. people are praying the Rosary and quest for creating prayer groups in the communities… and amazing is that these are people who are not frequent Mass goers……to Mirjana… be steadfast…. I see the tears you spawned…..

  5. What beautiful thing to be able to read about the messages. It would be wonderful to be there. I can only imagine the feeling thank you so much

  6. Thank you dear friends for my article. May the good Lord continue to give us the Grace always to avoid all that leads to sin in order to avoid the suffering that comes from sin. Mother Mary pray for us.

  7. Theo Shiyambi

    Thanks very much for the well written message. I will share it with others during prayer meetings. Theo

  8. Guadalupe Maria Elena Nespral

    I believe, always do, that the Blessed Lady keeps all of us safe and shown the way to do best. We need now, more so, for the evil that surrounds us, visible and invisible. Our children, children’s children must be shown the way to salvation. Knowing Jesus saves through Mother Mary. Blessed Mother we love you, save us all and protect our families. Our daily Rosaries are for the conversion of sinners as You have asked us.

  9. Catherine Ahaisibwe

    Hmm! Am short of words because it really is true of what the virgin’s message says we really need God’s grace to come upon us in these weird times where even (abomination) wants to be legalized in my country as much there are people of faith fighting for the right in parliament. Pray for us oh Holy Mother of God that people may love your son more and understand your call. All our priests we pray that you take them back to your fold and not be carried away by the deceitful traps of the devil.

  10. Dear Friend of Medjugorje Your writings is keeping us awake and guiding us to a better life. You helped me a lot when I didn’t have hope in this painful years. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU

  11. It is like as if Iwas actually there. I really wish i could be there.But no matter what happens I will always love my darling Mama Mary n Jesus n do my best not to hurt them

  12. oh just amazing.thank you mother.thanks from the bottom of my heart.i love you.i wish to be there with you at least once.bless me.bless everyone who wish to be there.

  13. Reading the message is so profound. Just one month after being their with Caritas it is a lovely blessing to be able to see the pictures and “feel” the experience of staying on the mountain all night and witnessing Mirijana’s vision on Aug. 2. Thank you for posting these as it keeps the heart lit.

  14. Evan you are right yes it is the Virgin Mary that you saw in Mirjana eyes . I saw it too that’s beautiful. Thank for opening our eyes.

  15. Thank you for sending me the messages from our Blessed Mother. It gives me great faith and hope and creates a desire to pray to Her more and more. May God bless all who are connected to this websight.

  16. Clement Marini

    This is the very truth of our current times. By praying the rosary daily, I don’t see the value I saw in Television set earlier. Its so easy to detach from these things but we come up with reasons trying to justify why we shouldn’t. Its time we acted!

  17. Bro. Damian Nanayakkara, FSC

    This was a grace fill moment of my life. I have been reading all the messages from Medjugorje but today my heart changed to the truth of my Lord. I am a De La Salle Brother from Sri Lanka. From the time I met The Queen of Peace I pray with her and and united with you all at Medjugorje for the conversion of all the people. Please pray that we Religious live a authentic Consecrated lives and doing only “God’s work”. God bless you all. I will pass this message to all my friends. God bless you.

  18. Thank you for this marvelous article. I found after saying daily rosaries I could not watch TV anymore. I could only see the demonic influence in it and it became to upsetting for me to watch. I am very glad it has been pointed out to us all the hold television, the computer and the cell has on us. God bless you.

  19. I agree with Evan from Montana. I see Our Blessed Mother to the left of the cross in Mirjana’s eye. She is standing with her arms stretched. Her arms are lifted up high. I have had the privilege & have had my heart greatly touched several times in my life by Our Precious Blessed Mother. I am eternally grateful. And am doing everything I can to stay focused & in alignment with her wishes for our salvation & praying for the world to come to Our Lord Jesus Christ her beloved son.

  20. Mayra Perez Ayers

    Dear Caritas, thank you for writing the correct message. My Priest and I plan to go to Medjugorje in May hopefully. I’m not sure who we will go with. I feel this Priest is very Holy and I would like him to meet Father Jozo, if he can. I saw Father Jozo in Miami. Thank you for all you info, it has made me grow. I hope I can follow it. I will keep you all in my prayer. Mayra

  21. Patricia, The Mejanomics shows are available as a CD set on a monthly basis. To order a set, contact Caritas at 205-672-2000 and ask about the monthly subscription to the Mejanomics shows available on CD.

  22. I have known for some time about people’s preoccupation with the cell phone.Its their whole world and its a false world. People relate better to machines today than to each other.

  23. It would be very nice if we could buy a CD(s) with all mejanomics shows. Is it available? Thank you so much for all guidance you have been giving us for all these years. May the Lord and Our Sweet Mother keep on blessing your work.

  24. It is amazing.Thanks and may God Bless You my dear friends at Medjugorje for sending these messages to me and to entire world.This shows the love of our God and Lord Jesus. Mother Mary gives us her motherly love.She is so concern about the whole world.This is a miracle. still our Sather in Heaven persuading us, to come to Him and not to be destroyed.Lord have mercy on us sinners, and make the entire world to understand the truth.

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