Our Lady Says “My name is Love”

Our Lady Says “My name is Love”

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana in ecstasy


Mirjana’s face, lower center, can be seen in esctasy looking at Our Lady, in the apparition, Friday March 2, 2007.


Mirjana’s March 2, 2007 Apparition


A book could be written about Friday’s 2nd of the month message for us from Our Lady through Mirjana in regards to non-believers and non-belief within ourselves.

Mirjana said that during the apparition Our Lady was resolute when giving the message. Resolute means: “having a fixed purpose, determined, hence bold, firm, steady, and constant in pursuing a purpose.” What is Our Lady’s purpose? The Latin resolutus signifies resolve or to inform, to free from doubt or perplexity, to settle in an opinion.

The following is Our Lady’s message to Mirjana on March 2, 2007:

Mirjana said that Our Lady was resolute. She said:


“Today I will speak to you about what you have forgotten:

“Dear children, My name is Love. That I am among you for so much of your time is love, because the Great Love sends me. I am asking the same of you. I am asking for love in your families. I am asking that you recognize love in your brother. Only in this way, through love, will you see the face of the Greatest Love. May fasting and prayer be your guiding star. Open your hearts to love, namely, salvation. Thank you.”

So many are divided today, people often disagreeing in opinion that will finish with “you are entitled to your opinion,” therefore continuing in division. Jesus taught to make His joy complete to be “of one mind and one heart.” Man’s understanding today, based on so many varied opinions dividing him, is what Our Lady’s purpose is, that purpose being to unite him. She has come to settle opinions, to make us of one heart. Her words inform us and settle what our opinions should be about much of life. We live in a divided world, even within the family. Word games aimed at division and separation is just one item of many that Our Lady is addressing to settle opinions of society to make it one. Our Lady gives a message even by the way She says what She says. Our Lady says, “…recognize love in your brother.” Why did Our Lady not say “brother and sister” or “humankind”? Our Lady is not pressured to use politically correct terms which are used cunningly to divide us. “Brother” is inclusive of all men, all women, as one. The language war of today, under the pretext of being inclusive, does not put us as one family of mankind but groups of brothers, groups of sisters. This may not sound so significant, but philosophies put forth which create and endorse these politically correct wordings are determined to change society to secular humanism through seemingly insignificant word games. These seemingly subtle tactics are of satan and lead us away from love. Do not submit. Our Lady “settles the opinion.” “…I am asking that you recognize love in your brother.”

The world, filled with and driven by opinions, is not the bases to guide us out of the disunity which prevails in the heart of man. Today’s society has no firm resolution, even in its own opinions and is as Our Lady says:

May 25, 1988

“…Pray, little children, that satan does not sway you like branches in the wind…”

Our Lady said, “…May fasting and prayer be your guiding star…” However, society is guided not by the way of Our Lady, rather another way. Society’s Gallup-poll-mentality of changing opinions and thereby the beliefs of what the “people” are thinking is not formed by the people. It is formed and guided by the media which surrogates itself as a deceptive facade of the people to form the people that “this is what most everybody believes. You are not with the rest of society, therefore, you are out of place and need to conform.” This clever move kills any transformation of society toward love, as well as encourages division which divides even the family. Our Lady calls us to love, not human love but God’s love. Our Lady said:

November 20, 1986

“…that love to prevail in all of you, not human love, rather God’s love…”

Our Lady’s March 2, 2007 message says open to love and then Our Lady says, “…namely, salvation…” What is salvation but love. And how does one obtain salvation but by obedience. John was known as the apostle of love. Our Lady in the past has said, “…be apostles of love…” John in writing the Scriptures shows love is best displayed by obedience. A beautiful and powerful message such as this March 2 message can remain in our hearts only as something superficial, on a human level, as a fluffy message. But on a Biblical, Godly level, it is a resolute message of settling opinions, a fixed and constant pursuit to love all men without being condescending to the person, yet firm in condemning sin.

Our Lady began Her message telling us, wanting to speak to us of what you have forgotten.

In the love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugorje

P.S. The new book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping is precisely about this message. The thoughts written in the book are still being perfected and we ask you to still daily mention this book in your prayers, during the consecration of Holy Mass, in your prayer groups’ intentions, and in your fasting, especially that this book be an instrument for a revolution in the Church and a revolution in our nation back to God.

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The booklet Whose Opinion is Right and the Painful Truth, is related to Friday’s message.

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