Our Lady Mentions Peace… Again

Our Lady Mentions Peace… Again

August 23, 2013 A.D.

O ur Lady appeared to Ivan on top of Apparition Mountain tonight, August 23, 2013, at approximately 10:00 p.m. underneath a clear sky full of stars. Ivan’s prayer group led a rosary in preparation for the apparition, and Our Lady appeared to Ivan for approximately 10 minutes. A bright, full moon could be seen beginning to rise over the crest of Apparition Mountain at the end of the apparition, helping to light the way for pilgrims as they descended the mountainside. After the apparition to Ivan on August 23, 2013 on Apparition Mountain which took place just before 10:00 p.m. Ivan said:


“Also today, as every day after the meeting with Our Lady I would like to describe to all of you what is most important from tonight’s meeting with Our Lady. It is always difficult to describe the meeting with Our Lady in words and to find the right words – to be able to express everything – so I use the words which I have to describe to you what is the most important.


“Also tonight Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy and at the beginning, She greeted all of us with Her customary Motherly greeting, ‘Praised be Jesus, my dear children.’ Then She extended Her arms over all of us and for a longer time prayed here over all of us in Her Aramaic language. Then She prayed especially over the sick present here. Then Our Lady said:


“Dear children, also today I call you: Open your hearts to peace. Dear children, pray, pray of the King of Peace to grant you peace. Open yourselves to Him. He is your King. Dear children, especially during this time, pray for peace in the world. Pray for my plans which I desire to realize – plans of peace. Pray, dear children. Pray that peace may come to rule over the world. Thank you also today for having said ‘yes’ to my call.”


“Then Our Lady blessed all of us with Her Motherly blessing, and She also blessed everything you brought to be blessed.


“As always, so also today, I recommended all of you, all your needs, your intentions, your families and in a special way, all of the sick present and those who in a special way recommended themselves in prayer. After that Our Lady extended Her arms and prayed over all of us here and after that prayer She left in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, with a greeting, ‘Go in peace my dear children.’

“This is what would be the most important from tonight’s meeting. I would like to repeat that in two days we are waiting for Our Lady’s message which She will direct to the whole world. And we will see what Our Lady desires and asks of us. Thank you.”


Pictures from the Apparition in Medjugorje August 23, 2013


Ivan prayer group August 23, 2013 in Medjugorje


A pilgrim amongst the thousands that gathered to be with Our Lady tonight. One of thousands who will walk away with the blessing of having been blessed by the Mother, and Queen of Peace. One more soul that Our Lady can use for Her plans – plans of peace. Our Lady in today’s message through Ivan mentioned peace six times. Beginning on May 24, 2013 until today, a time span of 13 weeks, Our Lady has repeatedly prayed for and mentioned Her plans and peace. Here is a brief chronology of the apparitions of Our Lady to Ivan during the prayer group on the mountain since May 24, 2013:

May 24 – Our Lady prays for peace and holiness in the families
June 10 – Our Lady in Her message asks us to pray for Her intentions and to realize Her plans
June 17 – Our Lady called us in Her message to pray for peace, especially in the family. She mentions peace six times.
June 24 -Our Lady in Her message says She desire to realize Her plans with us, and calls us to pray for peace. She mentions peace five times.
August 5 – Our Lady tells us in Her message to ‘responsibly pray for peace.’ She mentions peace five times.
August 12 – Our Lady prays a long time for peace in the family and in the world.
Today August 23 – Our Lady in Her message asks us to open our hearts to peace and mentions Her plan that She wants realized – plans of peace.

What are we to make of the above actions of Our Lady?

Years ago, the Community of Caritas was praying their morning prayer at a work site, and afterwards picked a message at random from Words from Heaven. It was a prayer group message and Our Lady said to pray for peace. A Friend of Medjugorje stood up and told the Community:

“When Our Lady asks us to pray for peace, it is because there is not going to be peace. So everyone, today, remember in your prayers to be praying for peace.”

Thirty minutes later A Friend of Medjugorje rushed back to the work site and said, “You’re not going to believe it, but someone hijacked an airplane and flew it into the World Trade Center. Then they hijacked another one and flew it into the other tower. And another plan was hijacked and was crashed into the Pentagon!”

It was September 11, 2001. The Community was in shock of not only the events, but that Our Lady so clearly told them earlier to pray for peace, and that A Friend of Medjugorje was inspired to tell the Community to remember to pray for peace because there was not going to be peace.

Only good can come from our prayers in cooperation with Our Lady’s plans. Why wait to listen when Our Lady calls us to pray for peace and to realize Her plans of peace?

Our Lady's apparition at Ivan's Prayer Group, August 23, 2013


Yesterday was the feast of the Queenship of Mary, and it is fitting that today, the Queen should come to us and speak in Her message about the King. St. James Church as seen above from the vantage point of Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje tonight. For years, Jesus, the King of Peace has been worshipped and adored within and outside this church in the Masses that are prayed throughout the day, to the adorations that take place, to the confessions that are heard in dozens of languages. It is a prayer that was not the invention of any man, but rather through the guidance of Our Lady. It is a hope and witness for the world, that things can change for the better. Ivan said in August 2008:

“Our Lady has not come to us to bring us fear… Our Lady has been bringing hope – hope in families, hope in the Church. Our Lady said, “Dear children, if you are strong, the Church will be strong too. If you are weak, the Church will be weak too. You are the living Church…That is why Our Lady says, “Dear children, this world, this humanity has its future but under one condition – it has to go back to God. It has to go back to prayer.” The world has to place God in the very first place and together with Him, we can walk towards the future.”

*Note: Our Lady today called us to pray to the King of Peace. True Kingship of Jesus takes place in repentance. This is true for every individual, every family, and even every nation.  Our Lady said from the founder of Caritas’ home on December 25, 1988:


“… It is for this peace that I have come as your Mother, Queen of Peace. Today I give you my Special Blessing. Bring it to all creation, so that all creation will know peace…”

We invite you to a place where even creation has been brought peace, for a day of repentance, September 14, 2013, the feast of the Exultation of the Cross. Join the Community of Caritas in climbing to the Cross on Pententiary Mountain at Caritas, to bring before the Cross of Christ, the King of Peace, our hearts, our familes and our nation. For more information click to visit here…



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6 thoughts on “Our Lady Mentions Peace… Again”

  1. I have been praying for peace in families for a long time now. My prayer is, “For relationships divided by hatred and unforgiveness, especially in families, that hearts may be softened, and they may be reconciled.” In the past month alone, I have heard testimonies of three family reconciliations, for which I am so thankful. But there is still a long way to go. My younger son and I have been estranged for seven and a half years. I have made attempts at reconciliation, but he still wants nothing to do with me. My older son and I still have a relationship, but it is strained at this time. He is a former drug addict, and I suspect he may be reverting to using drugs again. Please keep us in prayer.

  2. What a privilege to have a place not so far away where Our Lady appears. I only wish that I and all my family could be there. We are in a marriage breakup crisis, and need strength, courage and healing, we ask this in Jesus Name. Thank you for the up dates, I really look forward to them. God Bless you in you good work. rose

  3. Very touching to read the article and praying to The King of Peace for peace in our family, our neghbourhood and in the world….Thank you my Blessed Mother Queen of Peace.

  4. Caritas/Medjugorje.com


    A marriage does not have to end in breakup. The world tells us there is not hope, and even people in the church membership may say so, yet Our Lady, Hope itself is coming and telling us otherwise, and the truth. Therefore, for the marriage crisis our founder recommends the following:

    Pray the Caritas 911 Prayers available free here: http://www.medjugorje.com/download/prayer%20cards/142-Caritas+911+Prayer.html

    Download free and pray the 54 Day Rosary Novena (There are instructions in the booklet on how to pray the novena):http://www.medjugorje.com/download/booklets/288-54+Day+Rosary+Novena.html

    For spiritual direction download and read Whose Opinion is Right? – The Painful Truth – Available Free here: http://www.medjugorje.com/download/booklets/16-Whose+Opinion+is+Right+-+The+Painful+Truth.html

    Finally, download free and read How to Change Your Husband – Available here: http://www.medjugorje.com/download/books/140-How+to+Change+Your+Husband.html

    For more free spiritual material, please contact us at Caritas in the US 205-672-2000. God Bless! Be persistent, God is above every human crisis. We are praying against every plan of satan and for Our Lady’s plans of peace.

  5. This message to me brings HOPE and reminds me that there is a God who cares for me. Please continue spreading the word through the messages of our Mother Mary,a voice straight from heaven.

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