Natural, God’s Nature, Nature’s God

Natural, God’s Nature, Nature’s God


February 3, 2014 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s February 2, 2014
Apparition and Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers

The following is the message of Our Lady given through Mirjana during her apparition:

“Dear children; with motherly love I desire to teach you sincerity, because I desire that, in your actions as my apostles, you be exact, resolute, and above all sincere. I desire that, by the grace of God, you be open for a blessing. I desire that by fasting and prayer you obtain from the Heavenly Father the cognition of what is natural and holy – Divine. Filled with cognition, under the shelter of my Son and myself, you will be my apostles who will know how to spread the Word of God to all those who do not know of it; and you will know how to overcome obstacles that will stand in your way. My children, by means of a blessing, God’s grace will descend upon you and you will be able to retain it through fasting, prayer, purification and reconciliation. You will have the efficiency which I seek of you. Pray for your shepherds that the ray of God’s grace may illuminate their ways. Thank you.”


God’s Nature
Nature’s God



by A Friend of Medjugorje


Before reading the following, it is strongly recommended to pray to the Holy Spirit for your heart to be opened to a greater understanding of this message from Our Lady.

What is sincerity?

How do you teach sincerity?

How do you learn sincerity?

What happens when there is a lack of sincerity?

What is exact?

What is cognition?

What is natural?

What is holy?

What is Divine?

How are you filled with cognition?

What is shelter?

Before you read on, it is important to read and prayerfully study the following definitions.

Sincerity: Honesty of mind or intention; freedom from simulation or hypocrisy.

Simulation: The act of feigning to be that which is not; the assumption of a deceitful appearance or character. The former denotes the assuming of a false character; the latter denotes the concealment of the true character. Both are comprehended in the word hypocrisy.

Exact: Precise; not different in the least.
Methodical; careful; not negligent; correct; observing strict method, rule or order.

Resolute: Having a fixed purpose; determined; hence, bold; firm; steady; constant in pursuing a purpose.

Sincere: Pure; unmixed.
Being in reality what it appears to be; not feigned; not simulated; not assumed or said for the sake of appearance; real; not hypocritical or pretended.

Obtain: To be received in customary or common use; to continue to use; to be established in practice.
To prevail; to succeed

Cognition: Knowledge or certain knowledge, as from personal view or experience.

Natural: Pertaining to nature; produced or effected by nature, or by the laws of growth, formation or motion impressed on bodies or beings by divine power.
According to the stated course of things.
Consonant to nature. (Consonant means agreeing, consistent with)
Discoverable by reason; not revealed.
Produced or coming in the ordinary course of things.
Unaffected; unassumed; according to truth and reality.

Retain: To hold or keep in possession; not to lose or part with or dismiss.
To keep; to continue.

Efficiency: Power of producing the effect intended; active competent power.

Doldrums: A part of the ocean near the equator abounding in calm, a state of inactivity.

Equator: A great circle of the sphere, equally distant from the two poles of the world. It is called equator because when the sun is in it, the days and nights are equal in length; every point in the equator is 90 degrees.

Excellence: The state of possessing good qualities in an unusual or eminent degree.
Any valuable quality; meritorious or virtuous, in persons.
Dignity; high rank in the scale of beings.

Now after reading the above definitions, reread Our Lady’s February 2, 2014, message. If necessary, refer back to any word defined for deeper understanding:

“Dear children; with motherly love I desire to teach you sincerity, because I desire that, in your actions as my apostles, you be exact, resolute, and above all sincere. I desire that, by the grace of God, you be open for a blessing. I desire that by fasting and prayer you obtain from the Heavenly Father the cognition of what is natural and holy – Divine. Filled with cognition, under the shelter of my Son and myself, you will be my apostles who will know how to spread the Word of God to all those who do not know of it; and you will know how to overcome obstacles that will stand in your way. My children, by means of a blessing, God’s grace will descend upon you and you will be able to retain it through fasting, prayer, purification and reconciliation. You will have the efficiency which I seek of you. Pray for your shepherds that the ray of God’s grace may illuminate their ways. Thank you.”

If you learn these things in Our Lady’s message, if you come to acquire a blessing and these traits and virtues and act with sincerity, you will know how to help populate Heaven, how to help bring about a new Pentecost, a spring time for the Church and for the world, and how to overcome every obstacle, annihilating everything that stands in your way. You will achieve all this by the grace of God, with the same apostolic power of 2000 years ago that will be bestowed upon you, if you are open to God for a blessing, with a sincerity filled with cognition based in the truth and experience of God. There are two conditions in obtaining and retaining from the Heavenly Father cognition, of what is natural, holy and divine in order to be an apostle. These conditions will help you retain the power given to you as an apostle and annihilate every obstacle.

1. You obtain it by a blessing and God’s grace will descend upon you.

2. You retain it by: 1. fasting, 2. prayer, 3. purification and 4. reconciliation.

Our Lady told us:

June 6, 1988

“…I ask you to renew in yourselves the messages I have given to you. These are messages of prayer [prayer], peace [reconciliation], fasting [fasting], and penance [purification]. Make some penance yourselves. All of the other messages come from these four basic ones…”

Our Lady wants us to ‘re’-obtain the basic messages given in the early years of the apparitions and retain the requirements for a resolute exactness in living the messages that will conquer a world filled with insincerity, where there are no exact lines and every issue is a gray zone of no complete right or wrong. We must come to live by the principles of what is natural. Natural law is written throughout creation. Man cannot pass laws against natural law without inheriting his own destruction. Everything in the world always reverts back to what is natural. God has it cored into nature that what is natural will always be regained, if lost, through His blessings of correction. The natural will always be retained, even if lost for a time because of man squandering God’s way through sin. It will always be regained through God’s grace. This means the destruction of society as we know it is coming. Through prayer, fasting, purification and reconciliation, we will see segments of our world transcend back into what is natural and see the super natural.

Unbroken, the title of a recently published book by author Laura Hillenbrand, is not only highly recommended to you to read, but it is a “have to read” to help you on the path to becoming an apostle for Our Lady. It is the true story of an American B-24 plane shot down over the Pacific during World War II. Two men miraculously survived not only the crash, but weeks of drifting in a small raft, in which they endured incredible shark attacks, being shot at by a Zero Japanese Fighter and starved to near death. Their bodies became full of sores. They were burned by the sun and froze at night. They experienced intense thirst after going days without water, only to be saved by a small bit of rain followed by having no water again for days. Of the two men, Phil was a believer but was silent about his faith in God, while Louie was a non-believer, who had only prayed once in his life as a kid, yet both were brought through the cross and the daily deadly conditions of hunger and thirst (fasting), along with other incredible sufferings (purification), which resulted in the both of them being brought to prayer. All of this led them to reconciliation, to ‘nature’s God,’ through their experience with ‘God’s nature.’ After several weeks in the raft, one day their unrelenting sufferings, pain, hunger and thirst, which almost drove them insane, resulted in an experience of the “cognition of what is natural,” in which they transcended into the natural reality of nature, where God was clearly manifested in the creation that surrounded them. Hunger, thirst, pain and suffering are suspended by grace when one walks natural in the presence of contemplating God. The following passage from Hillenbrand’s book, Unbroken, tells of this passage through fasting, prayer, purification, and reconciliation to what is the most natural – God Himself.

One morning, after starvation, unrelenting waves, winds, hunger and thirst brought the two men to half their body weight and close to the throes of death:

“…they woke to a strange stillness. The rise and fall of the raft had ceased, and it sat virtually motionless. There was no wind. The ocean stretched out in all directions in glossy smoothness, regarding the sky and reflecting its image in crystalline perfection. Like the ancient mariner, Louie and Phil had found the doldrums, the eerie pause of wind and water that lingers around the equator. They were, as Coleridge wrote, ‘as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.’

“It was an experience of transcendence. Phil watched the sky, whispering that it looked like a pearl. The water looked so solid that it seemed they could walk across it. When a fish broke the surface far away, the sound carried to the men with absolute clarity. They watched as pristine ringlets of water circled outward around the place where the fish had passed, then faded to stillness.

“For a while they spoke, sharing their wonder. Then they fell into reverent silence. Their suffering was suspended. They weren’t hungry or thirsty. They were unaware of the approach of death.

“As he watched this beautiful, still world, Louie played with a thought that had come to him before…Such beauty, he thought, was too perfect to have come about by mere chance. That day in the center of the Pacific was, to him, a gift crafted deliberately, compassionately, for him and Phil.

“Joyful and grateful in the midst of slow dying, the two men bathed, in that day, until sunset brought it, and their time in the doldrums, to an end.”

Purification cleanses the mind and, therefore, the heart to see clearly and naturally. Unbroken continues:

“Given how badly the men’s bodies were faring, it would seem likely that their minds, too, would begin to fail. But more than five weeks into their ordeal, both Louie and Phil were enjoying remarkable precision of mind, and were convinced that they were growing sharper every day. They continued quizzing each other, chasing each other’s stories down to the smallest detail, teaching each other melodies and lyrics, and cooking imaginary meals.”

Once one’s soul is washed through fasting, prayer, purification (penance) and is reconciled (peace), it becomes easier to recognize the noise of civilization, its glitter and its unnatural ways. It is not possible to recognize these things without obtaining and retaining these four basic messages in one’s life, either by choice or by forced conditions as Louie and Phil were forced into. Unbroken continues:

“Louie found that the raft offered an unlikely intellectual refuge. He had never recognized how noisy the civilized world was. Here, drifting in almost total silence, with no scents other than the singed odor of the raft, no flavors on his tongue, nothing moving but the slow procession of shark fins, every vista empty save water and sky, his time unvaried and unbroken, his mind was freed of an encumbrance that civilization had imposed on it. In his head, he could roam anywhere, and he found that his mind was quick and clear, his imagination unfettered and supple. He could stay with a thought for hours, turning it about.

“He had always enjoyed excellent recall, but on the raft, his memory became infinitely more nimble, reaching back further, offering detail that had once escaped him.”

Louie and Phil had been purified through fasting from every comfort for 40 days in the desert ocean. Their equator experience was turned from a natural into a supernatural experience, in which suspension of hunger, thirst and pain led them to commit their lives to God with a resolute decision, that they would serve God for whatever life was left for them. Louie and Phil’s forty day experience brought them into union with God, paralleling Christ’s own experience. Jesus had readied Himself for His mission by spending forty days in the desert in fasting and prayer. Afterwards, the angels came to comfort Him. Unbroken continues:

“On the fortieth day, Louie was lying beside Phil under the canopy when he abruptly sat up. He could hear singing. He kept listening; it sounded like a choir. He nudged Phil and asked him if he heard anything. Phil said no. Louie slid the canopy off and squinted into the daylight. The ocean was featureless flatness. He looked up…”

You will have to read the book for the rest of the story as the above heads towards a different direction from the points being made. The one point to be made is that your own story is waiting to be written. Our Lady has called you. She has commissioned us with a work that can only begin after we have been purified, reconciled and readied to be worthy carriers of the Word to others by our lives. What do we face with spreading the Word of God Who became flesh? Society tells us to leave indigenous people and their paganism as they are. We are told not to give the Word of God to other groups as well, as it might be offensive to them. We are told that we have no right to contradict other beliefs with the Word of God. From the military to universities to all other public settings, the Christian message of the New Testament is opposed. Obstacles are in place that “stand in your way,” by laws and regulations, or just as often, through simple threats of nonbelievers who have become emboldened to stop the spreading of the Word of God. Do we obey man or God? Our Lady tells us to spread the Word of God, overcome the obstacles. Do not let anything stand in your way.

What happens when you do overcome the obstacles? Pastor Ravi Zacharias tells of visiting a prison in Louisiana. It is the most notorious in the nation, having the highest number of prisoners to be executed. Attacks and even murders inside the prison was the order of the day. The prison was so dangerous that the guards would not step inside. Blood was on the walls. Many who were sent there were on death row for the most heinous crimes. Violence was so out of control that when new prisoners came in, they were issued knives to protect themselves. One particular sheriff was asked to take over the prison. Before he would even consider tackling it, he demanded one condition – that he would not be interfered with whatever he did. The authorities agreed, and the sheriff took on the prison. He was ready to confront it, head on, and therefore could “overcome every obstacle that stands in your way.” But instead of becoming a tough, rough sheriff, bulldozing prisoners into civil behavior, he became an apostle to civilize the prisoners’ hearts with the Word of God. He brought in pastors and made available Biblical tracts. Instead of issuing knives, everyone was issued the Bible. Not the Koran. Not just the Old Testament, but the Word of God in its entirety. He delivered it to all those who did not know of it. He, the sheriff, knew how to overcome obstacles that stood in his way. With exactness, without being timid, but rather being resolute, under the shelter of Christ, God’s grace began descending upon the prison.

What happened? Today, the prison still has one of the highest populations of death row inmates. But the blood is washed off the walls, replaced by prisoners’ paintings of Biblical scenes. On death row, the wall is covered with a painting of the Last Supper for those, now converted, who eat their last supper before meeting the penalty they had made for themselves. But they go to their deaths believing that God’s mercy meets them on the other side. Prayer groups abound. Many of the prisoners have been trained to become pastors. A beautiful woman can walk freely through the prison without a remark being made to her in disrespect. How can that be? By God’s grace, grace that came through bold actions, just as the apostles acted 2000 years ago, conquering every obstacle that stood in their way. We do not need permission from the government, or school principals, or from any institution to witness and spread the Word of God. Where there is an absence of God’s Word, there will be blood on the walls. It is not the obstacles that stop us that need to be changed, it is we who are called to be apostles, who must change and act without allowing encumbrances to stop us. We are to do this thoroughly and efficiently.

It is important to note how Our Lady uses the word “efficiency” and what should be understood by it. Our Lady said:

“You will have the efficiency which I seek of you.”

What does Our Lady mean? It means Our Lady desires you to be happy. Happy? How can that be derived from Her words above? If we look back to December 2, 2013, we read that Our Lady said:

“…I desire to help you to first find and come to know yourself…to recognize…to admit everything that does not permit you to get to know the love of the Heavenly Father, honestly…”

The month before, Our Lady said:

November 2, 2013

“…When you love Him (God) you will love yourself and your neighbor…”

Come to know yourself. When you look honestly at your love for God, you will be able to recognize and come to understand and know yourself. In honesty, if you do not love yourself, you do not love God in an honest way. When one is not good to his neighbor, when he does not fulfill his state in life nor gives of self to others, when he serves only his own desires, his self first, grudgingly performing duties or fulfilling obligations or not fulfilling them at all, and then retires for the night, he will not love himself. His mood, disposition, demeanor, and spirit will not lead to the love of himself because all that was mentioned is contrary to love of God. One will not be happy. It will be impossible for one to experience happiness. Happiness is comprised of two things. One – efficiency; two – excellence. When one is not efficient, does not do everything with excellence, one will not be happy with oneself. How could you love the performance of your day? If you continue this path, you will not grow to love yourself and will grow depressed. In this laziness of various actions, one will begin to detest himself and, therefore, will not love God. Efficiency, as Our Lady said:

“…You will have the efficiency which I seek of you…”

means you will give of yourself, take upon yourself tasks without wasting time, prefer another’s needs before your own. The proverbial saying, “When depressed, go and do something for someone else,” lifts the spirit, makes one feel good. Proverbial sayings are said because they give insights to a truth. When you do all your obligations with joy, serve others, are charitable, place yourself second in all matters when you are able, are efficient and act in excellence, you will fall asleep contented. You will feel good about yourself. You will love what you did and, therefore, love yourself. You, therefore, will be happy. Everyone has felt the feeling of ‘fulfillment’ in doing a job, task, obligation with efficiency and excellence. A life that is not self-centered, but filled with virtues, brings down the blessing of God and also prepares you to be open for “a blessing” that is coming. Excellence, as you have read, means the state of possessing good qualities in an unusual or eminent degree, excelling in anything and with dignity, a high rank in the scale of beings.

Efficiency + Excellence = Happiness

Our Lady’s call to happiness comes through an honest admission of coming to know yourself and correcting all inefficiency in your thinking and sloppy performance of your actions. Perfecting your actions through efficiency and excellence leads to love of yourself through which you will be able to love your neighbor. With that in order, you will come to love God the Father when you free yourself from the burden civilization imposes upon you, namely to look out only for your own interests. Despite the cross of hunger, thirst, and pain, Louie was freed by the cross of his sufferings. The cross broke the encumbrances that civilization with all its noise had imposed on his mind. Through the cross of hunger, thirst and pain, Louie, in a place of only water, sky, and a raft, surrounded by the silence, began to recognize what he could not see before. When one frees oneself of self and turns to be a cross-bearer, he will come to know himself, through which he will be happy. Our Lady said:

December 2, 2013

“…I desire to help you to first find and come to know yourself, so that, then, you would be able to recognize and to admit everything that does not permit you to get to know the love of the Heavenly Father, honestly and wholeheartedly. My children, the Father comes to be known through the cross. Therefore, do not reject the cross…”

Through a life of efficiency, whereby all actions are performed with excellence and through the carrying of your crosses, you will find happiness.

One last important point should be made. Medjugorje visionary, Marija, relayed that once you go through conversion, it is very important that you read. Making it to Heaven becomes more and more difficult if one does not read good books. Unbroken is not a religious book and some parts need to be marked out and edited, but within its pages there are life’s lessons that parallel the stamina demanded of those who wish to be an apostle of Our Lady. It makes for a must and excellent read.

May Efficiency and Excellence Fill Your Day,
A Friend of Medjugorje


P.S. For more insight into Our Lady’s message given today, be sure to listen to the Radio WAVE show with A Friend of Medjugorje, as he discusses Our Lady’s February 2, 2014 message. To listen to the Feb. 3, 2014 Radio WAVE show titled, In the House of Our Lady’s Dreams, visit here…



Sunset over the ocean

Through the ages how many have lost their lives and souls in the ocean and on its beaches? There are untold stories, never to be known, of curses and blessings brought about by the sea and its influences upon hearts that lost their souls by it or gained their salvation by it. For some, though they lost their lives in it, they were saved for all eternity from dying in it. Today many are drowning in society by following what it dictates which kill the soul. But many others are responding to Our Lady and are being unburdened by society’s ways of destruction and death. The ocean, just as with society, teaches and influences those who are good willed and bad willed alike. In the end it comes down to decision. Will you follow Our Lady out of the desert ocean of which is the present path of society? Louie and Phil were saved by suffering and trials, filled with cognition from experiences and knowledge that led them to God while upon the ocean facing death.

With Love,
A Friend of Medjugorje


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6 thoughts on “Natural, God’s Nature, Nature’s God”

  1. Julius Fernandes

    I am going through a bad patch of life and facing the cross, I want to run away from the cross because of the pain but can not. It is true at the cross we find the greatest moments when God is with us.

  2. I needed to hear this message and it has given me the urgency to examine and refocus my prayer-life. I heard this at the right time of my life. Thanks be to God!

  3. I am so thankful for our Mother Mary praying for us, it fills my heart with joy and hope! I have added Unbroken to my “must read books” Thank you and God Bless you :o)

  4. Thank you for the encouraging message, it just uplifts my soul and make me glorify God. Really nature is God and so beautiful. Glory be to our God and blessed be Mary our mother, a direct voice from Heaven.

  5. (2/2) it made me stop for a minute and thank God for sending the snowstorm and just how much He can show us through nature.

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