“My Son turns His head away…”-May 2, 2007 Message

“My Son turns His head away…”-May 2, 2007 Message

The opportunity, we as a people are experiencing in this time of grace, exceeds most of the greatest moments in man’s history. No time in the history of the world has a Being from Heaven come down continually to earth to guide the whole world as in this present moment.


he opportunity, we as a people are experiencing in this time of grace, exceeds most of the greatest moments in man’s history. No time in the history of the world has a Being from Heaven come down continually to earth to guide the whole world as in this present moment. That guidance is accessible to the 6.5 billion souls who walk the earth. Thirty thousand people will die today. How many of these poor souls die in anguish, suffering and pain?

Sam, an elderly man who lives in the Appalachian Mountains, was recently being interviewed by youth from the Foxfire book series. Foxfire has several books recording the lives of the Appalachian people in the South. Sam has nothing. He lives in a place that is not his own. He has no wife, no children, no kinfolk at all. He owns nothing. Sam was taken out of school in second grade by his mother to help the family cut pulpwood. It is very rough and very hard work for an adult man, much more for a child, but it was a necessity for his family’s survival. He never learned how to read. During the interview, Sam answered all the questions. He sat silently, intently waiting for the youth to turn off the recorder, as if he had something else he wanted to say. They turned it off and asked him if there was anything else. He said, yes. He said he had nothing, nothing to bury himself. He was in grief that they would cremate him, and from his religious convictions, he believed he would burn eternally in hell for this. He asked the youth if they could help him. Normally, once a Foxfire interview ends, there is no further involvement. But the youth were stirred in their hearts by Sam’s pain and suffering. One week later, Sam came down with pneumonia and soon will be going on hospice. The youth have started a campaign, with jars labeled “For Sam’s burial,” placed across town for people to donate. One church has donated a burial plot. Another, some of the funeral arrangements. Others are trying to get a pine box for Sam. These youth have mercy in their hearts. Our Lady’s desire is just that. For mercy, Who is Jesus, to be in the heart. Sam’s pain and suffering, seen through the eyes of these youth, who looked at their neighbors world and placed themselves in it, was suddenly seen differently after their interview. Our Lady’s desire is for us to formally, by declaration, give our hearts to Her so She can place Jesus and His Heart in us. When you accomplish that, you will never see the world in the same way. You can no longer live for yourself. You cannot convenience yourself. You cannot continue to do things with a self-interest. You cannot continue to surround yourself with every whim. You cannot use your money, your talents, your possessions without considering that it was all given to you by God. You are only a temporary steward of these things on earth. Most importantly, you are being tested to see where you will spend eternity by how you handled that which God gave you to administrate. Regarding what is written above, most thoughts are of the poor. Who are the poor? Jesus relayed the poor are the ones who lack the bare necessities to live. This eliminates many people in this country who are considered poor. The poor are those who are suffering and in pain. The poorest of our nation are those who are non-believers. Mother Teresa once said that the United States is a poorer nation than India because the poverty of the U.S. is of the heart. Many non-believers became that way through their own family life. Divorced parents destroy family life and destroy childhood. Today there is no greater pain than the suffering caused by divorce and the destruction of the family. The wounds are devastating and have been the catalyst of society’s spiraling fall heading to a host of other tangible and connected woes, which are befalling our nation. For the one who has Jesus in the heart, this is easily seen in the world. For those who do not have Jesus in the heart, one could scoff at such a statement. What are we to do to alleviate the pain and suffering of our neighbor? Give your heart completely to Our Lady and She will light up what you must do.

Our Lady spoke to you. How will you act upon and implant in your heart these words contained within the most important paragraph spoken in the whole world, Wednesday, May 2, 2007, for every single man upon the earth.


“Dear children! Today I come to you with a Motherly desire for you to give me your hearts. My children, do this with complete trust and without fear. In your hearts, I will put my Son and His mercy. Then, my children, you will look at the world around you with different eyes. You will see your neighbor. You will feel his pain and suffering. You will not turn your head away from those who suffer, because my Son turns His head away from those who do so. Children, do not hesitate.”


Do not hesitate, because every new day is one day less that we have of this special moment of history, of a specific given time of grace.


In addition, again, Our Lady clearly shows She will not conform to the agenda of political correctness. “You will feel his pain and suffering.” “His” is all inclusive of men, women, little boys, little girls. Everyone. The agenda of political correctness divides and segregates, and while under the pretense of inclusiveness has led to more exclusiveness. Our Lady’s own wording shows us not to submit or use politically correct terminology. For the one with wisdom, understands that political correctness opens the door to more division.


Our Lady wants us to receive a new mentality. With a new mentality the world, what we take in, will be computed in a new way and will be seen differently than what a secular worldviewest will see.


In the Hope of the Resurrection of the Church and the Nation,

Friend of Medjugojre

On behalf of Caritas of Birmingham operated by
The Community of Caritas


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