My children, do not be afraid

My children, do not be afraid


Medjugorje visionary Mirjana prepares to see Our Lady in her monthly apparition
Though the village of Medjugorje still lay sleeping at 5:00 a.m. this morning June 2, some pilgrims had already risen and were making their way to the place Our Lady would appear to Mirjana, as She does every second of the month. It would be a long wait for these early risers as the apparition would not be until 9:00 a.m. The Caritas pilgrim group was among those making their way through the fields, praying a Rosary for non-believers as they walked under partly cloudy skies. At the same time, some of the villagers were arriving in their vineyards as it is the season to prune their vines, just as it is the season for Our Lady to prune the spiritual lives of Her children.

Mirjana’s apparition takes place in a large building and for those who make the effort to get there early, they earn from their effort a place that will give them an opportunity to get a glimpse of Mirjana in ecstasy. As time passes more and more pilgrims arrive, and every space is eventually taken up, in a standing room only crowd. Usually, the room fills up to this density with at least two more hours to wait for Our Lady’s appearance. The overflow of pilgrims then begin to fill up the spaces outside the building. Though it is difficult to estimate the final number of pilgrims present for the apparition, today the numbers easily reached beyond 20,000.

And the rain came again, today, soaking many pilgrims who came unprepared for a rain shower. But they stayed, despite the cold and wet weather. Many wheelchair-bound pilgrims were brought up front toward the altar, while older pilgrims were given a seat to sit in, and children were brought to the center of the altar area to sit. There is a constant flow of pilgrims coming, and petitions from among the whole crowd are continually being passed up front to be placed where Our Lady will appear.

We are in frightful times. Signs everywhere give evidence that our time is unlike any time in the history of the world. Yes, there have always been wars, persecutions, atrocities, and difficulties. But never in history has the mind of man been so advanced and yet been so deceived, swayed into mediocrity, devoid of wisdom, elevated in the comforts of life higher than any king of the pre-modern past, the meaning of marriage so meaningless, families so dispensable, friendships so superficial, the future so insecure, unsure, and so bleak. Yet, the mentality of modern man is that his developments are good. Man is not consciously aware that he is being herded along like cattle to the slaughterhouse. He is totally unaware while being entertained, pleasured, and engrossed in technologies (watch cell phone users in public) which are preoccupying man as a cat charms a bird with his tail before he pounces upon it, the bird never being aware of what the cat’s intention was. This holds true also for the prayerful. The prayerful think they are aware, but are just now beginning to wake up, realizing the difficult situation we are in. Letters, phone calls, visitors are streaming in telling us that after reading Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, they were shocked by what they thought they knew. They found out, through reading the book, how unaware they were of the signs of the time. We are receiving many letters relaying this sentiment:

“I am reading your book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” You opened my eyes to the truth, even though I attend Mass daily.”

May 27, 07- Metairie, Louisiana


With all of the above grasped, it makes Our Lady’s message today more understood. Our Lady’s message to us on behalf of nonbelievers:

Our Lady Queen of Peace June 2, 2007 Message to Mirjana

“Dear children, in this difficult time, God’s love sends Me to you. My children, do not be afraid. With complete trust give me your hearts that I may help you to recognize the signs of the time in which you live. I will help you to come to know the love of My Son. Through you I will triumph. Thank you.”

Our Lady blessed all of us and the religious articles brought for blessing. Again, She reminded us to pray for priests and that a priest’s blessing is a blessing from Her Son Jesus.

The message of Our Lady must be applied personally to us, individually, yet it also applies to us as a whole. It is a wake up call. We must wake up, but to what? Our Lady has come to give us a new mentality. She has told us February 25, 2000:

“…Wake up from the sleep of unbelief and sin…”

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana in ecstasy  

June 2, 2007 Mirijana in ecstacy this Saturday morning, recieving the apparition of Our Lady in which Our Lady relayed; these are difficult times; do not be afraid; She wants to help us recognize the times of the time in which we live, and for Her triumph through us
Her children.

Three mysteries of the Rosary were prayed leading up to Mirjana’s appearance. The crowds were singing “Ave Maria” as Mirjana entered the room and made her way to the center, and some broke out in applause. She spoke no words to the pilgrims but immediately went into prayer, kneeling before Our Lady’s statue. There was absolutely no open space around Mirjana. She was surrounded by family and pilgrims alike. She had a serious demeanor, but occasionally smiled at a pilgrim as she passed. All together, we continued to pray the Rosary until it was completed, and Our Lady came to Mirjana as we were all singing a beloved hymn to Our Lady. Suddenly, everything grew still when the realization spread throughout the crowd that Our Lady was present. The apparition lasted approximately 5 minutes.

We have unbelief in us just as the nonbelievers. While we have been asleep, so much has happened in the world that many thought they knew, only to wake up and realize how much they didn’t know. We have been duped.


Our Lady does not waste words. She does not expound useless chatter. Our Lady would not say do not be afraid if there were not legitimate reasons for man to be afraid. Afraid means:


“Filled with fear or apprehension; filled with concern or regret over an unwanted situation; having a dislike for something: disinclined, reluctant.”


We have inherited, in the present moment, a world mastered by the devil. Never has he had the power to influence ‘thought’ as he has now. All take-overs, Marxism, Nazism, etc. started with thoughts. How man thinks determines the future. Hitler said:


“Let me control the textbooks and I will control Germany.”


Winston Churchill said:


“Empires of the future will be empires of the mind.”


Our Lady said of those who go to hell:


“…They make up their ‘mind’ to live in hell…”Jan. 10, 1983

Our minds, our thoughts, our mentalities are where everything is first genesised and ultimately manifested, even in bringing man to hell by making up his mind for it. It doesn’t begin with people’s actions. Hitler understood this. Churchill understood this. Our Lady comes to make us understand that satan has a plan for our minds. The humanist manifesto called for the destruction of Christianity and a new religion based on man. A recent issue of the Humanist Magazine quoted a humanist from several years ago, stating that “the new humanist religion’s church” is the classroom, their ministers, the teachers, their spiritual teachings, the textbook. Today, they are successful and have dominated public and many private schools and universities. Textbooks have changed the thinking of college graduates who will deny their thinking has been changed, yet the book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping shows this even to college graduates, who are realizing they have been conditioned and think the wrong way. Our Lady’s messages are to first guide us to a change of thinking, to have the right thinking, to possess the right mentality. Right thinking produces the right attitude. The right attitude produces the right actions. The right actions produce the right consequences. The right consequences produce the right fruit in one’s life. You have been duped. You have many regrets, unwanted situations and dislikes for situations, all of which are the definition for afraid. Our Lady says “Do not be afraid.” Do not dwell on your regrets, overcome unwanted situations, surrender your disliked situation through a new mentality, a new way of thinking through the messages, and realize the love of Her Son Jesus. You then will be the reason for Our Lady to overcome this difficult time and triumph.


By spreading the book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, you are spreading Our Lady’s messages and spreading a new mentality. Please, your daily prayers are critical for it to spread across the nation to convict, convert, and console the world.


May Our Lady change man’s mind and triumph,

Friend of Medjugojre

Caritas Mission House in Medjugorje

The Mission House in Medjugorje has become known as the Message Place. It is where tens of thousands of pilgrims have come to get Our Lady’s messages, as many are doing today to receive keepsakes of Mirjana’s message free.


I have been corresponding with the Office of Catholic education, the Bishop of my diocese and the principals of my children’s schools one being the Seton Hall University regarding the text books they use and things that are being allowed in Catholic Institutions. As a matter of fact yesterday I was talking to the principal of the Catholic School my 13 year old goes to asking why don’t we use Catholic curriculum’s. It started because of the lesson on Darwin, cloning and an evolution movie his Science teacher had them watch. The topper was the teacher remarks when my son said something in regards to the fact as Catholics we believe God is in charged and her answer was to the effect that God and Science are to different subjects. Needless to say I wrote a letter for her to call me and a copy to the principal. Of course she said he misunderstood. Then my conversation with the principal was that the bottom line is the state gives us fund for the books as a result they are to chose from only public school text companies. They can not purchase Catholic schools curriculum with the money because of separation of church and state. Where do I go from here to help change this? He would be willing to use the Catholic texts but he said his hands are tied. Help!!


God Bless,





Dear Caritas,

I spreaded the news about this aunthentic website, mej.com. I put it on my MSN messenger so everyone can see it. Love and prayers and God bless you. I love you Friend of Medjugorje,

E. S.


Eskasoni First Nations, Nova Scotia – Canada

Prayer for Nonbelievers

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