Mother Are You Pleased With Me?

Mother Are You Pleased With Me?

June 13, 2012 A.D.


“Mother, are you pleased with me? There is not a single day when that question doesn’t arise within me.”

–Medjugorje Visionary Ivan

Ivan Speaks to Pilgrims in Medjugorje, June 6, 2012

Everyday I need to be changing myself and make progress. Everyday I need to leave sin and live in the light. I need to open myself to peace. I need to open myself to the Holy Spirit and I need to be open to grace, to be able to accept the Word of Christ and in that way to grow in holiness. And surely in the last 31 years there is a question and it always arises within me and the question is: Mother, why me? Mother, why have you chosen me? Mother, there are others that was better than what I was. Mother, will I be able to fulfill everything that you are asking of me in the way that you want, in the way that You ask? Mother, are you pleased with me? There is not a single day when that question doesn’t arise within me. And once I even asked Our Lady. I asked Her, Mother why did you choose me? She smiled at me and She said, “Dear child, I’m not always looking for the best.” So, Our Lady has chosen me. She has chosen me to be Her instrument, to be the instrument in Her and in God’s hands. For me and for my wife, for my family, this is a great gift. And surely, it is a great responsibility. I’m aware that God has given me a lot. And I know that He will ask for a lot in return from me. And trust me. It is not easy. It is not simple to be with Our Lady every single day, to talk to Her every single day, and after every such encounter, to go back to this world and to live. To be with Our Lady it means to be in Heaven with Her because every time Our Lady comes a little piece of Heaven comes down with Her. For me it takes a couple of hours after every encounter with Her to go back to the reality of this world.

Medjugorje Ivan speaking to Pilgrims June 6, 2012

Medjugorje visionary Ivan pictured above, shares his experience with Our Lady. Ivan often tells pilgrims that still to this very day he questions why he was chosen by Our Lady. Ivan confirms that the role of visionary is not only a grace, but also a great responsibility.

What is that which is most important which Our Lady has given to us? What are the messages which She has been sharing with us? You know, in these years, Our Lady has given to all of us, many messages. If we were to stop and pause, what are the most important, in a special way I would like to emphasize the following messages: peace, conversion, prayer with the heart, penance and fasting, strong faith, love, forgiveness, the Holy Eucharist, confession, reading the Holy Scripture and the message of hope. Our Lady is inviting us through these messages, every one of the messages that I have just mentioned. Our Lady has been simplifying those messages in the last years. She is trying to bring those messages closer to us, that we can understand them and live them. In the beginning of the apparitions, back in 1981, I was a child. I was only 16. I never, in my life ever heard that it was possible Our Lady could appear and that this could ever happen.

In the beginning of the apparitions the first question we asked Our Lady was who are you, what is your name? And She responded, “I am the Queen of Peace. I have come, dear children, because my Son is sending me so that I can help you. Dear children, peace, peace, peace, only peace. Peace must reign in the whole world. Dear children, peace must reign between God and man and among all men. Dear children, this world, mankind is in great danger. This world is in danger of self-destruction.” Those were the first words, those were the first messages that Our Lady, through us, has been giving to the whole world. Out of these words we can see what the greatest desire of Our Lady is, and that is peace. Mother comes from the King of Peace. Who can know better than a mother how much peace is needed for this tired world today. How much peace is needed for this world that has lost hope, for this world that is full of restlessness.

There is unrest in the families. Young people are in unrest as well. There is restlessness within the Church. And Mother, She comes as the Mother of the Church. And She says, “Dear children, if you yourself are strong, the Church is going to be strong as well. If you yourself are weak, the Church is going to be weak as well. Dear children, you are my living Church. You are the lungs of my Church. That is why I am inviting you, restore prayer in your families, pray in your families. Let each one of your families be a chapel in which you will pray. Dear children, there is no living Church without living families.” That is why Our Lady has been wanting us to pray for so much so that we can restore the prayer in our families. We need to restore prayer in our families. If we want to have more vocations in the Church we need to start praying in the families because God is inviting each one of us in our families. Priests are born within the families, within the family prayer. That is why we need to be praying. If we would like today for our society to be healed, if we would like this world to be healed, the world and the sick, spiritually sick, it is our families that need to be healed first. Mother, She comes to us.

She would like to help us. She would like to encourage us. She would like to console us. She would like emphasize and point out things in our lives that are not good for us. She would like to lead us on the path of goodness. She is bringing us divine medicine. It is a medicine for us and for our pains. She would like to heal our pains. She would like to dress our wounds with so much tenderness, motherly warmth, She would like to guide us in the way of peace, and She would like to lead us to Her Son. Our Lady and Her Son is our peace. Our Lady said in one of Her messages, “Dear children, today more than ever before, the world today is going through severe crisis and the greatest crisis is the crisis of faith in God because you are so far away from God. You are so far away from prayer. Dear children, the world today, mankind today is going to the future without God. Dear children, there is no more prayer in the family.” Parents no longer have time for their children, children no longer have time to help their parents. There’s no more love in the family. No more fidelity in the marriage. Breakdown in morality is taking place. So many broken tired families surround us. And the Mother, She is calling us and She says to us, “Dear children, put God and your families in the first place.” Together with Him go into the future. That is when you will have peace. That is when harmony will be around us.

Mother comes to us. She would like to lead us out of this darkness. And She would like to lead us in the way of life and the way of hope. Mother comes as a Mother of hope and She would like to bring hope to this world. Our Lady said, “Little children, unless there is peace in men’s heart, unless man is at peace with himself, unless there is peace in the family, dear children, no, peace cannot prevail in this world. Dear children, it is why I am calling you. Dear children, do not speak about peace, instead, live peace. Do not speak about prayer. Instead, live prayer. Dear children, only when peace and prayer starts in the family that is when your families will be able to be spiritually healed.” This world today, mankind today, needs spiritual healing. The world today is not in an economical recession. This world today is in a spiritual recession because every spiritual recession produces all other recessions, recessions in the family and recessions of our souls. Mother, She comes to us. She would like to raise up this sinful mankind. She’s worried for our salvation. And She says, “Dear children, I am with you. I’m coming to you because I want to help you, help you to restore peace in your families. Dear children that is why I need you. I need you. Only with you I will be able to achieve that peace. That is why, dear children, you need to decide for good. You need to fight this evil, against sin.”

Mother speaks in a simple way. She repeats on so many occasions. And She never gets tired. As well as you, many mothers who are present this morning here. How many times have you said to your children—behave, study, work, obey, and do not do that— that’s not good? You have probably said that on thousands and thousands of occasions. I hope that you’re not tired yet. Is there any mother here that can say, “I am happy? I only had to say that to my child once and my child immediately obeyed and I didn’t have to repeat. There is no such child because every mother must repeat. Mother needs to repeat in order for Her children not to forget. Mother repeats to us so that we wouldn’t forget. She did not come here to bring us fear, to punish us, to criticize us, to speak to us about the end of the world, or to speak to us about the second coming of Jesus. No. Mother comes as a mother of hope…

In a special way I would like to emphasize the message about forgiveness. We need to learn how to forgive. We need to be able to forgive ourselves. We need to forgive others. And in that way we need to open the doors of our hearts so that we would be open to the Holy Spirit because without forgiveness we cannot be healed. Not in the physical way, not in the spiritual way, not in the emotional way. We need to know how to forgive. That is why Our Lady has been inviting us to prayer, to pray with the heart. Not to pray with our lips. Not to pray out of the tradition. Our Lady is teaching us how to pray with the heart, and not to pray while at the same time looking at the watch saying when will the prayer finally be finished. Our Lady is asking of us and She is inviting us to put aside the doing for God. To pray with the heart is something Mother has been inviting us to do. And that means first of all to pray out of love, to pray with our whole being so that our prayer can be a conversation with Jesus. It would become talking to Him. When we pray with the heart we come out of that prayer filled with joy and with peace. Our Lady said, “Dear children, let prayer be a joy for you. Dear children, if you would like to attend this school of prayer, you need to know in this school of prayer there are no weekends, no time off. Every single day you need to attend the school of prayer. Dear children, if you would like to pray better, then you always need to pray more. Because to pray more is always a personal decision, and to pray better, that is a grace. It is a grace given to those who pray more.”

Very often we say today that we do not have time for prayer, that we work a lot, that we are busy all the time. And we always say that we do not have time. And Our Lady says, “Dear children, no, do not say that you do not have time for prayer. Dear children, time is not the problem. The problem is love because, dear children, when you love and like something you will always find time for that, but when you don’t love or like something, you will never find time for that. If there is love, everything is possible, you will always find time.”

In these years, Our Lady is waking us up from spiritual coma that this world is in. And She would like to strengthen us in our faith and in our prayer. I pray that each one of us will answer Our Lady’s invitation, that we will accept Her messages, and that all together we will become co-creators of a better and more beautiful world, a world that is worthy of the children of God. These days when you are here I pray that you will plant a good seed and I hope that that seed will fall to the fertile soil and it will bear a good fruit, a beautiful flower. The time we live in is the time of responsibility. We need to be responsible. Our Lady is inviting us to responsibility, that we may accept the word of Christ in a responsible way, that we may accept Her message, the Good News, and to carry that Good News into the world so that we will actively participate in prayer, in the evangelization of this world, in families. Let us decide for peace. Let us decide for God. Only in God do we have our true and genuine peace. Dear friends, may it be so. Thank you and God Bless. – Medjugorje Visionary Ivan

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5 thoughts on “Mother Are You Pleased With Me?”

  1. Jaime Saldarriaga

    Dear children, put God and your families in the first place. I underline this teaching of Mary Mother of Jesus.

  2. Reading this is something I continue to experience every day. Pray, pray, pray! I know Our Blessed Mother continues to lead me and I continue to ask her to come to lead me in prayer. My hope is to pray better with love, with the heart. My hope is to comfort Jesus and the Father. They see what I do each moment and what others do throughout the world. It must be a horror in their eyes to see what is happening all around us and when we don’t live according to Gods ways. I am still so far but I believe, in time, Our Mother Mary will take me to be immersed in the heart of Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to Love Him with His Pure Holy Love and to comfort Him in His Sorrows. Thank you Mother for Loving us sooo much that you stay with us each moment to direct us on the path of holiness. Mother help us to pray, love, forgive, not judge, not gossip, nor become angry or bitter. Jesus heal us in our innermost thoughts words and deeds. I love you with all my heart. Sue

  3. Bridget Grech

    This is a beautiful article, in it Ivan managed to really give out the message of Our Lady, what She wants from us, what we need to do to achieve peace, love in this world, to our way of salvation. Beautiful, I loved reading every word written in this article. God bless you all, may our Holy Mother’s embrace fill all your hearts with joy and love.

  4. This article is so real. What Ivan says makes him become real to me. I have always realized what a huge responsibility the visionaries have and have prayed for their successes. They all work so hard to give us words of encouragement and direction. This article gives clear, concise and solid direction, especially since he relates it to himself. The world around us is going into the future without God is such a scary statement. Turn off the TVs! Turn off the electronics in the evening and just learn to sit in the silence. It’s amazing what silence brings into your heart. It will be contagious to the rest of the family as they watch your example.

  5. I have read Ivan’s words. “Are you Pleased with me?” This is the question that always arises in my mind also. Are we doing right? Even to read your messages am I suitable. To a mother, children are her everything, that is why our Mother coming to Medjugorje and pouring Her Motherly love and care for us. I felt that how simple minded were our visionaries I love them and pray for them. Lord have mercy! Christ have mercy! Come Mother to your children and lead their path!

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