Mirjana Appeared Shocked At What Our Lady Showed Her

Mirjana Appeared Shocked At What Our Lady Showed Her


Beyond any doubt, today’s second of the month apparition for nonbelievers was the largest crowd to gather for Mirjana’s apparition this year. The crowds were massive. They are in the second day of the Youth Festival in Medjugorje and so a great number of youth were present for today’s apparition. Crowds of people had already arrived before 4:00 a.m., though the gates did not open for another hour. Once the gates opened, pilgrims streamed in and didn’t stop for the next four hours, even right up to the moment of the apparition at 9:00 a.m. The apparition lasted about 5 minutes.

Because of the Youth Festival, the music that was played leading up to the Rosary in preparation for Our Lady’s apparition was very festive and the youth were very active in singing and clapping their hands to the songs. Outside the building many of the youth and adults also joined in with the singing. With so many people present and more and more arriving at every moment, there was a feeling of expectancy and excitement as the time of the apparition drew near. You could see, as well, many people, individuals and small groups, preparing themselves in a more interior manner to receive Our Lady.

Medjugorje visionary Mirjana

Mirjana arriving just before the apparition. Those watching her face during the apparition said at the beginning She appeared “shocked” at what Our Lady showed her that is waiting for all those who do not have the holiness in their hearts and brotherly union with Christ.

The mood and message of Our Lady, however, were in sharp contrast to the festive spirit of those gathered. The translation of Our Lady’s words into other languages went on for five to ten minutes and the message could be clearly heard by most people through the loud speakers. People listened to the words with seriousness, wanting to hear what Our Lady had said this day, but once the translations were completed and Mirjana had left the building, the festive music began once again to express the joy of having Our Lady there with them, it is as if they did not grasp the graveness of what Our Lady just said. However, some did leave the apparition with seriousness and in silence, fingering their Rosaries as they contemplated the strong words of warning just issued from the Queen of Heaven. It seemed the vast majority, chattered and sang, moving on to the next events of the day, and it made one wonder if they truly had heard, with the heart, what Our Lady had said. Had they understood? Did any of them really understand? In some ways, it is not only sad, but scary to be so close to Our Lady and yet have hearts be so impenetrable. Scripture says, “They were eating, drinking, and marrying right up to the time of the flood.”

One person only understood with the deepest clarity what had happened. One person only left the apparition today unable to shake off the seriousness of Our Lady’s words. For she carried with her not only the words of Our Lady, but the face of Our Lady as She spoke those words and actual images taken from our future and the future of the world if we do not heed Our Lady’s imploring call. Mirjana left the apparition today, knowing what no one else on the face of the earth knows about our future. Upon leaving the apparition, eye witnesses said that Mirjana looked very, very, very sad.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje August 2, 2007 Apparition to Mirjana for Nonbelievers

Dear children! Today I look in your hearts and looking at them my Heart seizes with pain. My children! I ask of you unconditional, pure love for God. You will know that you are on the right path when you will be on earth with your body and with your soul always with God. Through this unconditional and pure love, you will see My Son in every person. You will feel oneness in God. As a Mother, I will be happy because I will have your holy and united hearts. My children, I will have your salvation. Thank you.”

At the beginning of the apparition, Our Lady showed Mirjana what is waiting for us if there is not the holiness in our hearts and our brotherly union in Christ. Mirjana said, “It was not nice at all.” She asked us to pray for our shepherds because She said that without them there is no unity.

It is with great importance that Our Lady not only speaks words, but purposely communicates to us or in the way She does what She does in the apparition. This is why it is important to know the correct details about the apparition.

The Youth Festival this year began in Medjugorje August 1st. Tens of thousands of youth are called to the village of Medjugorje. People are staying in Mostar because there is no more room in Medjugorje or the surrounding villages. In this setting, Our Lady, calling so many to Medjugorje and speaking so strongly, tells us that Her heart is overwhelmed, “physically afflicted” with pain just simply by peering into our hearts. What must this mean, that the look of Our Lady at our hearts seizes Her heart with pain?

Francesco, seer of Fatima, at six years old, was horrified when shown hell and screamed to Our Lady to take the scene away. This is understandable for a six year old. What then are we to think of a grown person who is shown by Our Lady a vision at the beginning of the apparition in which Mirjana had a look of shock and appeared horrified over what Our Lady was showing for the many who do not have holiness in their hearts and authentic brotherly unity in Christ? Not through the flesh as many youth and most adults do, but true union with Christ, with a purity that connects us to our brothers. The youth control the world because they are always coming of age transferring into adults. What afflicts the youth, afflicts all adults, for it is in the youth you learn holiness, purity, and pure love for God, or you learn impure things, love of what is not God – all of which elevates or afflicts you as adults. The world is seized with various forms of atheism and paganism, even amongst Christians. Our Lady gives a gift today in this message. She gives us a simple prescription through Her message of how to know your prognosis, a medical test for the condition of your soul, of how to know if you are right in your path going to God. You do not have to wonder, guess, or be in confusion about your destiny. This little simple prognosis is the exam to know if you need treatment, applying Our Lady’s words for a cure, or if you are growing healthier and can continue progressing on the path your soul is walking with the messages.

Many left the apparition festively, but those who were reflective and thoughtful, joined Mirjana’s concern and were disturbed by so many who are unaware of the graveness of our situation today.

Mirjana’s second of the month apparitions is the thermometer showing us that we are growing closer to the secrets being released, especially by the fact in the joy in the Youth Festival, She shows a shocking scene in Mirjana’s vision of what is waiting for us if there is not the holiness in our hearts and brotherly union in Christ.

Please remember August 5th is Our Lady’s birthday. We will publish the “Marian Mysteries” of the Rosary tomorrow, along with how we will celebrate Our Lady’s birthday on Mary’s Eve, August 4th and Mary’s birthday, August 5th.

With Love,

Friend of Medjugojre

On behalf of Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

P.S. Words of Our Lady to better understand what She meant when She said, “…my Heart seizes with pain…”

November 14, 1985

“…I feel pain for each one who goes astray, I forgive easily and am happy for every child who returns to me…”


September 25, 2005

“…I feel pain for each one who is far from my heart; but I do not leave you alone. I believe you can leave the way of sin and decide for holiness…”

June 24, 1983

“…No pain, no suffering is too great for me in order to save you. I will pray to my Son not to punish the world; but I plead with you, be converted…”

Prayer for Nonbelievers

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