Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

the home of the bedroom of apparitions at caritas

Since 1988, in this home in Alabama, the Holy Virgin Mary has appeared almost 100 times and given so many messages through Her apparitions it caused Marija to say, “Not even in Medjugorje is Our Lady giving daily messages like here.” The Bedroom of Apparitions has been a source of strength, hope and conversion, not only for visitors, but for countless souls around the world just by learning what Our Lady did here.

Only rarely has Our Lady said Her title. From this house on December 25, 1988, Our Lady said:

“I have come to you as your Mother, Queen of Peace.”

The site is as a billboard for the village of Medjugorje and points to what Our Lady is doing there and Her plans for what She wants in homes around the world, the spirit of Her presence in every family.

Merry Christmas,

The Community of Caritas


Below is a Special Christmas Message from Caritas

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They were tired.
It was cold.
Such a long journey.
The treasure carried would replace the old.
Its value had been such that to touch the chest
which carried the old brought the penalty of death.
What importance would the new vessel have,
carrying treasure vastly greater in value than the old?
What was the vessel’s treasure?
The treasure that man, both good and bad,
would seek after its wealth for ages?
Ending the journey,
the vessel and treasure were brought to a special place.
There the vessel opened.
The treasure: Jesus was born!

Isaiah says, “Come reason with Me, saith the Lord.”
Since Adam, eighty billion people have lived and died.
Out of billions, only one was entrusted with the greatest treasure ever.
Only one held Him to Her breast.
On winter nights, what thoughts must have gone through this breath of Heaven,
Who cuddle He, who was born of man and yet God?
Reason and think.
Go deeper into the Scriptures.
Has any man ever known the love which existed between this Mother and Child?
What wonders it reveals.
What hope it gives for all the world,
for God needed a Mother for His Son.
The Scriptures are alive.
They speak more than the words we read.
This Christmas meditate; think; reason.

Friend of Medjugorje


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