Medjugorje Visionary Ivan says…

Medjugorje Visionary Ivan says…

Friday May 30, 2008

“I am sure that if you all were able to see Our Lady just for one second,not more,
I don’t know if you would find your life here on earth interesting any more.”


At the beginning of this meeting, my dear friends, I would like to greet you all from the very bottom of my heart. In this short time that we are going to spend here together, I would like to share with you the most important things and the call that Our Lady has been calling us in these last twenty-seven years. It is not easy in such a short time to talk about all the messages, but I would like to emphasize the most important messages of Our Lady and to say a few more words about them. It has been almost twenty-seven years since Our Lady has been with us. Truly I was a real child when the apparitions started. I did not understand or realize many things in the beginning. The beginning of the apparitions was a great surprise for me. Almost twenty-seven years ago, Our Lady pointed with Her finger toward me. She has chosen me to be Her instrument, an instrument in Hers and God’s hands. For me, for my life, and for my whole family, this really is a great gift, but it is also a great responsibility too. I realized that God gave me so much, but I also know that He is expecting from me so much. I am fully aware of the responsibility that has been given to me and I am living with this responsibility. It is really not easy and simple to be with Our Lady every day, to be in that special light of Heaven every day and then, after that, to go back to this normal earthly life. It is not easy at all. After being with Her every day, I need at least a couple of hours to go back to this earthly life and to go to the reality of every day life. I am sure that if you all were able to see Our Lady just for one second, not more, I don’t know if you would find your life here on earth interesting any more.


What is the most important of what Our Lady is calling us for and what She is guiding us through in all these years? What are the most important messages of Our Lady: Peace, Conversion, returning to God, placing God in the very first place in our lives, prayer with the heart, penance and fasting, having a strong faith, love, forgiveness, the Eucharist, and message of hope. In these and through these messages Our Lady is guiding us. All of you know that every month on the twenty-fifth, Our Lady is giving messages to the world. If you are following and living these messages that Our Lady has been giving to us every month on the twenty-fifth, you will see in these monthly messages that Our Lady is trying to bring us closer to all these main messages that I just said. She is trying to help us be able to understand and live them in a better way.


At the beginning of the apparitions, back in 1981, Our Lady introduced Herself as the Queen of Peace. Her first words were,

“My children, I am coming to you because my Son is sending me to help you. Peace, peace, peace, my dear children. Peace must reign. Peace must reign for all the world. Dear children, peace must reign between God and people and between people themselves. My dear children, this world, this mankind, is finding themselves in great trouble and there is a danger that it could destroy itself.”

Those were the first words, the first messages that Our Lady was giving to the world through us. Looking at those words, we can see what the greatest desire of Our Lady is – and that is peace. Who could know better than the Mother how much this peace is needed in this spiritually starved world, in our tired families, in our tired young people, in our tired Church. But Mother is coming to us, and She wants to help us. She wants to encourage us. She wants to console us. She wants to give us, extend to us Her hand of hope. She wants to point out to us what is not good. She wants to guide us to good and to peace and to Her Son. In one of Her messages, Our Lady said,


“Dear children, today more than ever, today’s world and mankind is going through a very difficult moment, through difficult crisis, but the greatest crisis is the crisis in faith to God because we cannot distance ourselves from God. Dear children, today’s world is walking and wants to go into the future without God. Dear children, prayer is gone from your families.”

Parents are not praying with their children anymore. In the families, we do not have time for each other. Father has no time for mother and mother has no time for father. There is no love in the families. There is no faithfulness in our marriages anymore. There are so many broken and tired families. The world is falling apart around us. There are so many abortions of which Our Lady is shedding tears. Mother is coming to us. She wants to take us out of this darkness. She wants to take us along the way to the light. She wants to take us to the way of hope. Our Lady says,

“Dear children, if there is no peace in one’s heart, if one has no peace within himself, if there is no peace in the family, dear children, know that there is no way to have peace in the world. That is why I am calling you. Dear children, do not just talk about peace, you must start living peace. Please do not talk about prayer, you need to start living in prayer. Dear children, only with bringing back peace, with bringing back prayer to your families, your family can be spiritually healed. Today’s world, today’s mankind, needs to be spiritually healed because today’s world, my dear children, is spiritually ill.”

But Mother is coming to us, and She is bringing us Her Divine cure – cure for all our pains. She wants to heal all our pains. She wants to change the bandages on our wounds, with so much love, and so much gentleness, and with Her Motherly words. Mother is coming to us because She is very worried about our salvation. Mother is coming to us because She wants to lift up this sinful mankind. Our Lady says,


“Dear children, I am with you. I am coming to you because I want to help you have peace. But, dear children, I need you. I need you because only with you I can bring you this peace. That is why, my dear children, you need to decide for good. You need to fight evil and sin.”

Mother is speaking very simply. She is repeating so many times, but She never gets tired. Like all of you mothers here, how many times do you have to say to your children, be good, learn, work, be obedient. Thousands and thousands of times have you repeated this to your children. Right? Are you tired of repeating this? I don’t think so. Is there any mother here who was so lucky that she only had to repeat once and never again? No, not mothers. Every mother must repeat. Every mother is teaching. She is raising up. She is leading her children to good, and she is showing what is good. A mother wants good for her children, like Our Lady for us. There is no mother that just repeats once.

In all these years, I have had the chance to meet so many people very often. People tend to say to me, “Ivan, how come Our Lady is coming for such a long time? What is She asking from us?” They continue and say, “Well we have the Church teachings. We have the sacraments. We have the Bible, the Gospel. Why is Our Lady coming for such a long time? She is not saying anything new to us.” Yes, we do have the Church teachings. We have the sacraments. We have the Bible. But Our Lady is putting one question to us. She says,


“Dear children, are you really living all of these things that you have? Do you really live them?”


We must answer that question today. In all of these years, Our Lady never told us something new. In all these messages that She is giving to us – all these messages are based in the tradition of our Church, but we don’t really and truly live these messages. That is why Our Lady is coming. She wants to remind us and teach us to start living all of these things that we have. Our Lady never came to us to bring us fear, or to criticize us or to talk to us about fear or to talk to us about the end of the world. She never talks about the second coming of Jesus. No. She is coming to us to bring us hope – hope in our families, hope for our Church. Our Lady says,

“Dear children, if you are strong, our Church is going to be strong. But, if you are weak, our Church is going to be weak.”

You are the living Church. You are the arms of the Church. All of us gathered here today, we are one living Church. Our Lady is calling in a very special way that we bring back prayer to our families, that each one of our families becomes one living Church. Our Lady says,


“Dear children, there is no living Church without living families.”

That is why we must bring prayer to our families because only with prayer will we have peace back, love, joy, hope. We need to start one healthy dialogue in the family. We need to have harmony in our families. That is why we must pray in our families.

Secondly, what I would like to emphasize, Our Lady is calling us so much to Holy Mass, to have the Holy Mass as the center of our lives. In one of our apparitions, She said to us,


“Dear children, if you would have to choose tomorrow between coming to me or going to Holy Mass – no, do not come to me. You need to go to Holy Mass, because going to Holy Mass means going to encounter Jesus giving Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist.”

We need to give ourselves to Him. We need to be open to Him. We need to talk to Him. We need to receive Him. Our Lady is also calling us in a very special way to monthly Confession and to spend time in Adoration and veneration. She is calling us to pray the Rosary in our families, that we read the Bible in our families. In one of Her messages, She says,

“Dear children, the Bible must be in a very visible place in your homes.”

You need to read the Holy Scriptures because only by reading the Holy Scriptures Jesus can be reborn in your hearts and in your families. You need to forgive each other. You need to help the others. Mother is carrying all of us in Her heart. She has placed us in Her heart. In one of Her messages, She says in a beautiful way,

“My dear children, if you knew how much I love you, you would cry with joy.”

This is how big this Mother we love is.

Medjugorje visionary Ivan

Ivan spoke in a packed building in Medjugorje. The building is known as the Yellow Building and often thousands of pilgrims pour in to hear directly the words of the visionaries of Medjugorje who hear directly words from the Mystery of God, the Holy Virgin Mary.


One of the most common messages that Our Lady repeats all the time is the message of pray with the heart. So many times Our Lady has repeated these many years this message,


“Pray, pray, pray, my dear children.”

That doesn’t mean that we only just pray by moving our lips. We are not suppose to pray out of custom, out of tradition. We are not suppose to pray like you are being anxious and just want to finish. We need to pray with the heart. How is She teaching us to pray with the heart? Praying with the heart really means praying out of love and with love. That means praying with our whole being, that our prayer becomes a real encounter with Jesus, a conversation with Him, a meeting with Him – so that when we are praying with the heart, that when we finish this prayer, we come out filled with joy and happiness. You may say, how is it possible that you are able to concentrate on prayer all the time? It is not easy and Our Lady knows that. Our Lady knows that you are not perfect. But Our Lady is calling us to start this school of prayer, and that we study and learn everyday – that we become persistent. Our Lady wants us, in a very special way, to pray everyday for three hours. When Our Lady is asking of us to pray for three hours, She doesn’t want us to spend three hours at once praying. Our Lady is not asking from us to pray just the Rosary for three hours. When She wants us to pray for three hours, that includes Holy Mass, reading the Bible, family prayer, that we do good deeds, helping each other. That is truly what Our Lady is calling us for. In one of Her messages, Our Lady said,

“My dear children, if you want to pray better, you always need to pray more.”

To be able to pray more, it is a personal decision for each one of us. But to pray better, it is grace, a special grace given to those who pray more. Our Lady says,


“Dear children, if you want to attend this school of prayer, then you must know that in this school of prayer, there are no weekends or breaks.”

We must go to this school every day. Every so often now nowadays we say we don’t have time for prayer. We work too much. We are busy. We don’t have time for our children, for our families. Time is always a problem. But Our Lady says,


“Dear children, time is not a problem, the problem is love. Because, my dear children, if one loves something and cares about something, you will always find the time for it.”

But if you don’t love or care about something, you will never be bothered to even look for the time. That is why Our Lady is calling us so much for prayer. In all these years, Our Lady keeps trying to take us out of this spiritual dying that this world is in. She wants to make our faith and prayer stronger.


Tonight during my apparition with Our Lady, I am going to recommend all of you, all of your needs, all of your families, and all of the parishes that you are coming from. In a very special way, I am going to recommend all of you priests here. Let us all decide to become better and holier today. Let us pray together for peace with Our Lady. Let’s decide for God because only in God can we find true peace. May we have that. Thank you and may God bless you.




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With love,

Friend of Medjugojre 

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