Without prayer, one cannot live peace. Without prayer, one cannot make the correct choices in life. Without prayer, one cannot live the life God wills for you. Our Lady said:

June 16, 1983

“…do not concern yourself too much with the things of this world, but entrust all that in prayer to Our Heavenly Father…God will contribute to lead to a successful end the things of here below if one strives to work for God’s things…It is necessary to extend the spirit of prayer to daily work, that is to say, to accompany work with prayer…”

Man is called to be beings of prayer. The work of the Community of Caritas is based first in prayer. Our work is covered and intertwined with prayer. The direction for Caritas, from the beginning, has always been that we only have to be successful at one thing – prayer. With changed and converted lives, it is the tree from which we harvest abundant fruit. Our Lady, through our prayers, is able to touch, with a blessing, every level of our life in a profound way. If one wants to be successful, one must pray. Being successful is defined as completing the will of God in your daily walk. This is the ultimate success in which no higher plateau can be surpassed because God’s will in your life is the ultimate right thing to do.

In the Community of Caritas, we attribute success first to prayer. Everything comes through both a strong structure and a spontaneous prayer life. If you want to be happy, to feel secure no matter what is falling apart, and know your life is meaningful, begin to pray. Pray with all of your heart. Things will begin to change. Things will change because with prayer things must change.

With Hope in Prayer,

Friend of Medjugojre

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  1. Tom O’Brien

    City: Ann Arbor
    State: MI
    Country: USA
    We must pray the rosary everyday for world peace and for all the people who don’t pray.

  2. Gabriela Matturano

    City: San Francisco
    State: CA
    Country: USA
    I am so grateful to God fior all the answered prayers in my marriage and with my family.
    I pray every day and once I do that in the morning or noon and my Rosary I get complete peace. I know Mama Mary watched over me and my family, as all the problems we had over the years have been solved one by one with the Mercy of God and with much prayer and supplication. Thank you Lord, thank you Mother Mary! 🙏🌹💕

  3. City: Lake City
    State: FL
    Country: United States
    Prayer is the medium of miracles and is the way for assistance from Jesus and Mary, the Saints and Angels. Remembering to say, “Jesus help me”, or “Mary I need your assistance” is a positive way to ask for intercession. Prayer is love and only love is real. Laying down my guard and humbling myself works best for me. I get caught up in being Martha too often instead of her sister Mary. I need to make the choice to be Mary more. To be be the change I want to see, and to be all in and not critical of others who at least make the effort. God bless, Susan, Lake City, FL

  4. City: Huntsville
    State: AL
    Country: USA
    Please pray for Kevin. He is an alcoholic and his wife just took the kids and has left him with instructions to “fix himself.” He is distraught, going to AA and is a non-practicing Catholic. Praying for a permanent healing from his addiction, a renewal of faith, hope and love; and a personal relationship with Jesus and his amazing mother. Also, please pray for reconciliation in his marriage. Thank you, Mary

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