Like the Spring Flowers which Crave for the Sun

Like the Spring Flowers which Crave for the Sun




“Dear children, today I wish to tell you to open your hearts to God like the spring flowers which crave for the sun…”

Our Lady Queen of Peace,
Medjugorje January 31, 1985


The sun illuminating the Medjugorje sky. In the beginning of the apparitions, looking up to the Heavens, all the villagers witnessed the word “MIR” written across the sky. No one doubted God’s action. Miracle after miracle followed. These signs were as billboards, advertising to lure people to come to Medjugorje. Now they do come and miracle after miracle still occurs, except now it is in the heart. No one can make it happen to you. No one can persuade you to have it happen; rather prayer from the heart allows these miraculous graces to flood in. Medjugorje is Heaven’s warehouse upon the earth, where Our Lady’s graces are wholesaled to us for little effort compared to the bargains we receive. The effect upon the heart will heal all nations where the “Son” shines.


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