Lightning Lights Up the Night Sky During Our Lady”s Apparition, July 9, 2008, Much to the awe of the pilgrims who were gathered


Severe storms hit the Birmingham area the evening of July 9th, and for at least two hours there was no power on Caritas grounds. The rain poured down several times this evening, but this did not stop pilgrims from coming to the Field to receive Our Lady’s blessing. There were more people that had traveled long distances to be here tonight. The rain did not dampen their spirits. In fact, all through the Rosary leading up to the apparition, a beautiful show of lightning, like Fourth of July fireworks, continually lit up the night sky, from one end to the other.

Each member of the community, as well as some pilgrims, found a little time today to write Our Lady a letter telling Her all our dreams and desires, our sufferings and sorrows, our problems and difficulties. They were laid on the Bed for the apparition. Several pilgrims were randomly selected from the Field to be present in the apparition. When Our Lady appeared She prayed over and blessed all those present and also blessed everyone in the Field.

Our Lady said the apparition would be the same time tomorrow, 10:00 p.m., but not the same place. Marija will be leaving for a week on retreat, so this was the last apparition until she returns to Caritas.

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8 thoughts on “Lightning Lights Up the Night Sky During Our Lady”s Apparition, July 9, 2008, Much to the awe of the pilgrims who were gathered”

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  1. This is a very awesome thing to listen to has a lot of impact and information for all those who know this nation is a republic. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to this and do some research. He could impact us a lot in the near future.

  2. Michael John Hebert

    Control Words, To Control The Language. Control Language, To Control The Ideas.Control Ideas, To Control The ThoughtsControl Thoughts, To Control The Culture.Control Culture, To Control The Society. Control Society, To Control The World

  3. Michael John Hebert

    Wow, OK, I getcha ! So maybe some people out there will like some of the ammunition of words I’ve been using against the authors of liesI like “Illicities”, instead of Sanctuary Cities. It makes sense, they are illicit in nature, vile, and ill.I use the term, “GeoMandering”, to define Gerrymandering of the entire American continent and not just districts.I call States, “SeperStates”, when they are bent on rending Our Constitution and creating a Socialist Regime here in the USA.”College ElecTearIt’s”, are the fools, who want to rid us of our Electoral College.I call the process of Driver’s Licenses, to Illegal Aliens in one state, migrating to another state getting Voter Registration illegally, unbeknownst by the next DMV, “Voter Laundering”I call the Democrats, Progressives and Left in general the, “UnFounding Father’s”.Democratic Freebies are, “DemonCratic Swag”I call Climate Change, “InClimate Weather”Progressives have become, “RetroAgressives”Ran out of space

  4. Thank you.Mother Mary, beautiful song and words,continue to strengthen me in prayers for im weak not perfect.tq.

  5. Monica and Paddy Roe

    Beautiful presentation. Loved also the music. Where can we get a copy of the music and words for our youth choir Love to all Paddy and Monica

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