Latest Effort to Silence You

Latest Effort to Silence You


ear Friends,

Yesterday we were sent a disturbing report that several members of Congress are pushing to control people who are speaking out on the wayward ways of society. The congressmen’s efforts are under the guise of “Fairness Doctrine.” The supposed move is, all voices must give equal time to the opposition’s views. This is a farce, of course, as it will not work that way in that it is aimed against Christian and/or value based voices in the “new” media which have recently grown very rapidly, thereby escaping the declining control of the present ideology established media, that is composed of those who want a society where everything and anything goes and where good is portrayed as narrow, mean, and not tolerant of sin.

The following, taken from 20 Years of Apparitions, should speak to you that the forces of evil in society today and their efforts not only to destroy nations but to destroy individuals, is of a magnitude never experienced before in history. Plans now in Congress to stop the voices on the rise who are identifying and denouncing evil is just one more sign of the “signs of the time” that we are dealing with an evil force which is desperate as it loses control over man’s heart and, therefore, must block any voices for the call of holiness and love of your homeland. The battle is so momentous that without Heaven’s intercession by the Divine Act of Our Lady’s Apparitions, we would be far worse than the horrors of Russian Communism that spread atheism and murder to all continents of the world.

Friend of Medjugorje




From 20 Years of Apparitions


To state that the Medjugorje Apparitions are historic is to minimize them. They are beyond an event. They are a happening of which very few comprehend their depth and scope. They stretch across the millenniums all the way back to when Adam walked the earth and will affect the world until the last man walking the Earth draws his final breath. Yet still, their impact will go beyond man’s time and will have effects that will last forever. An extraordinary moment of time in which we live now that will span into eternity. It is a time we are privileged to live in and is not unlike walking with Moses and the parting of the Red Sea, leading his people; Noah entering the Ark and man being saved; Christ walking the Earth – great events in the history of man which, in essence, affected all the future. In Our Lady’s own words and actions She proves it to be so.What Our Lady has said and done:

1. “…I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world.” April 4, 1985

2. Our Lady has appeared every single day for 25 years! A minimum of over 12,000 apparitions with the visionaries being together or separate.

3. “I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards I will not appear any more on this earth.” May 2, 1982


These three things have never happened in Church history:

1. Messages as never in history since man’s beginning.

2. Apparitions every day for 25 years.

3. The last apparitions on earth.

What are we to make of this? How should we understand and try to comprehend these events? First, we must grasp that it is a gift to the world which cannot be fathomed in its greatness. Our Lady said:

July 25, 1992

“…Thank God for the gift of my being with you, because I am telling you: this is a great grace…”



Toward the right up on the mountain, one can see the trail travel up to the apparition spot. In the foreground, what has been called “Apparition Trail” can just as easily be called “Trail of the Heart!” Upon these trails, the human heart becomes engrossed in thought and prayer. Aided by grace, the heart is often laid bare, speaking to God as one has never spoken to Him. Unless one has walked these trails with the heart, one could never understand these words. For those who have, these words are insufficient in explaining the “Trail of the Heart!”

Our Lady’s plans for our time are big. It has all the elements of the few greatest moments of man’s history. Nothing can compare to a plan that God sends His best from Heaven to give a holy anointing of daily benediction to nurse the sick world back to health. Fatima was thirteen apparitions. The Church has put it as by far the most phenomenal event of the twentieth century. Medjugorje is not yet understood, and if the Church holds this assessment of thirteen apparitions with this much significance, what will it view Medjugorje once the time of grace is grasped? Medjugorje is the event, a time given to Our Lady that has been in waiting for 2000 years, even foretold in Genesis, “the woman’s seed will crush the head of the serpent.” – one of the most displayed acts of God’s love, outside of Jesus’ life in the history of man. You, as an individual, are chosen to be used in this plan. A plan so important, so big you cannot fathom how great your role is in God’s design. You can only pray to find out what your role is in God’s plan. It is the plan. It is a “great”plan for the salvation of mankind.


In the love of Jesus and Mary,

Taken from 20 Years of Apparitions
By A Friend of Medjugorje

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2 thoughts on “Latest Effort to Silence You”

  1. Salt or Silver what is truth worth to you at Caritas? Will Silver preserve your food? Will Salt pay your next legal bill? If you are with Our Lady by now you know it is women (mother & father) who shapes the child. You want a confused child, let the demons in the system raise the child or inject the baby with chemicals for medical profit. Once the child is inverted into gay self destruction is it their fault, they were lied to? You should continue to teach critical awareness of falsehood but destructiveness only has one end, mass death and chaos. Our Lady sent you St. Dymphna. Her name is uncommon in english but old german/yiddish reveals dybbuk might be the root. But visiting her shrine reveals a large sword, chains, bible and crown but her legend speaks of a perverted King father but remember the devil is a liar. And a Saint to the 15th century Catholics would be a witch to the English, Mark Twain’s JoanofArc

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