Our Lady’s Message December 25, 2006

“Dear children! Also today I bring you the newborn Jesus in my arms…”


The following is Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s December 25th, 2006 monthly message to the world:


“Dear children! Also today I bring you the newborn Jesus in my arms. He who is the King of Heaven and earth, He is your peace. Little children, no one can give you peace as He who is the King of Peace. Therefore, adore Him in your hearts, choose Him and you will have joy in Him. He will bless you with His blessing of peace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


Following is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s Annual Message to Medjugorje visionary Jakov:

“Today is a great day of joy and peace. Rejoice with me. Little children, in a special way, I call you to holiness in your families. I desire, little children, that each of your families be holy and that God’s joy and peace, which God sends you today in a special way, may come to rule and dwell in your families. Little children, open your hearts today on this day of grace, decide for God and put Him in the first place in your family. I am your Mother. I love you and give you my Motherly Blessing.”

44 thoughts on “Our Lady’s Message December 25, 2006”

  1. Edward Kasprzycki

    Given that majority of Contemporary Christianity outside the Catholic Church are Non-believers in the importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary that you would play their music. Google Catholic Easter Music, trust me there is enough. 

  2. Lovely music. Very soulful. Could there be more praise songs, howver, so our hearts will be filled with joy? Most of the time its what I need to lighten the heavy load and to rejoice in all things. 

  3. Oh my goodness, Radio Wave Caritas is the best radio station in the whole wide universe, no radio station is better than Radio Wave Caritas! It’s the best one ever 😀

  4. Hi. Wondering why my comment has not been posted. Been over a week ago at least and no mention. Yet someone from 8 hours ago is posted. Question?….Thank you. USA

  5. I love the beautiful Contemporary Christian music. And I am especially grateful when the music is paused daily asking us to kneel quietly out of respect for Our Holy Mother of God, Queen of Peace, Our Lady of Medjugorje, Gospa’s presence during Apparition time in Medjugorje. Amen. 

  6. Thanks for the beautiful and uplifting music. All I could think right now are Holy Angels and Saints. Thanks to Caritas.

  7. I don’t understand?  Where is the dialog?  Only music and singing?  No comment on Our Lady’s Message?

  8. Is tonight’s broadcast from a Friend of Medjugorje going to be live on here?  Is it a written article that will be posted on the website?  God Bless Amen 

  9. Radio Wave is just amazing, the most beautiful music with the most gifted singers.  Thank you all!  And Lord Jesus and Mother Mary keep you.

  10. Listening from Mexico city, want to sent all listeners a big hug, today we celebrate a mistery wrapped in dipers, Jesus changed everything for everybody….is almost incredible the love of God for all humanity…brothers in Christ, Mary´s childs, all living creatures REJOICE! 

  11. Thank you Caritas for all of your hard work and for sharing this beautiful compilation of Christmas music! We appreciate you and all you do for others. May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you abundantly this Christmas and for all time! Thank you also for answering Mary’s call and for keeping Christianity in this country.  Merry Christmas!

  12. These songs are indeed lifting the weary and the weak and encouraging us in the true Christmas spirit.  As we here face a lockdown and are unable to attend Christmas Mass until and until further notice, I am truly grateful for Mej.com. I have Christmas in my house house 24/7God bless and Merry Christmas  

  13. Missing you all in Alabama????✝️? Have a blessed Christmas and New Year 2021! Our Lady keep you all healthy and full of hope.this music Radiowave is so uplifting!

  14. Thank you for bringing beautiful music to the world around the clock, this month is particularly special with amazing Christmas tunes warming our hearts and souls.  Very much appreciated !!!!

  15. Hi, dear Caritas,Thank you for playing Christmas music in this special season.It has been days since Radio Live does not play music at all, either on my android phone or on my laptop. I don’t know what went wrong. Could you advise me?Thank youMay God bless you and meet all your needs

  16. It was a true blessing to hear part of “Friend of Medjugorje’s” talk to the pilgrims today after receiving Our Lady’s 2nd of the month message. Would it be possible to play his entire talk? We would all benefit from it. God bless

  17. …I had some difficulties to pray my Rosary everyday due to some busy and preoccupied mind. So I wrote a letter to God in which I kept in a box (many ways) asking help to meditate the Holy Rosary; Our Lady often said “Pray, Pray, Pray.” Since January until now I have been able to meditate my Rosary with pure hearth and I now strongly feel in me Our Holly Virgin Mary more than ever. I do feel peace, love and Their presence strongly. Now that I have asked God His help, I will thank Him by writing back again. Write a letter of your needs to Our Lady which is good, pure and worthy of good willingness. Thank Her either you are or not answered. I put the Holly Virgin Mary Statue in front of my house outside surrounded by flowers and a lighted blue water fountain. A lighted blue Crucifix soon. Many people stop to contemplate Her and pray. In “this world” some shows their doubts; I show my convictions – “No more lies”. In Jesus Christ, thank you brothers and sisters. Thank you Caritas -Jean.

  18. jeanie spears

    WOW !!! Thank you so much and I too wish you had an app It makes it easier for all to hear any place or even a live phone number one can call. Just a thought?

  19. Hello and Thank you community of caritas, its so nice to pray with you again. Patriotic Rosary is a wonderfully composed Rosary that we pray often. Thanks [Friend of Medjugorje]

  20. Mario Moro Fecchio

    I had a marvelous Sunday listen to Radio Wave since morning. It gave me too much inspiration and a desire to be better everyday for the love of God and my family!Thank you very much Caritas. I will pray for all of you this night.

  21. no feedback as yet. Cant find any PLAY BUTTON to listen to live broadcast,]. help please, thank you.

  22. Thank y’all for Radiowave and the 24-Hour music! We love getting the CD’s in the mail and when we have internet access it’s great listening to the music and knowing it is safe for our kids too. When John Louis is fussy I’ll often put on a Radiowave and he immediately calms down, he loves your voices. Double win for me; calm baby and being fed by Our Lady’s messages. We love y’all!

  23. I listen while telling my gentile friends what sinners they are and how much they should be groveling at my feet at how much better than them I am. I often stare at their wives. Love this show!

  24. I love the songs thanks Caritas and Radiowave and for sending out the message as soon as possible for us pilgrims on this earth. Reading the message to our children tonight at bedtime. God bless America and Canada and all the nations that follow Christ and Our Lady of Medjugorje.

  25. A Northern Apostle

    Radio Wave warms my heart. Praise be Jesus and Mary! Going to Caritas of Birmingham during their Christmas event was spectacular. Mary truly is working through the hearts of thier community. Thank you Caritas! God Bless You! Many Hail Mary’s for you!

  26. I love Radio Wave Live 24 Hours. Would it be possible to interject every day at apparition time the wonderful music one hears while in the field at Caritas? It would be so cool to hear it being played as I attempt to honor apparition time at my desk. Perhaps you could say “Let us all stop for the next few minutes to honor Our Lady’s presence in the world” and then play that sweet, sweet music. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  27. Mario Moro Fecchio

    Very inspiring listening. Congratulations for the so good service you do in name of our almithy God. (forgive me for my not so perfect English)

  28. Jean Jacques Gravelle

    Today November 25, 2017 is my birthday, 59 years of age. Today is a special day… Special because I felt loneliness and gladness. Only one person thought of me by bringing me a gift an invited me to a restaurant just after we went to mass at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Ottawa. Loneliness invaded my soul again when I came back home alone until I have heard from Caritas “Radio Wave” the so pleasant evangelism from “A friend of Medjugorje”. Just a few nice, true words and phrases put me back on the path of happiness. Thank you for such a gift! “A shared sorrow is half a sorrow – A shared joy is a double joy. Share, brothers and sisters example of tenderness and humility, share pure love, share your presence and prayers. May Our Lady Mary, Jesus Christ in the Holly spirit and Our Wonderful God be your first love again… Thank you to be my sisters and my brothers in Christ! Your French Canadian Country neighbor. –Jean

  29. I was inspired by Jean’s letter of appreciation—yes the world is so unspiritual, but we still ALWAYS have Jesus and his Blessed Mother. I am grateful for that!

  30. Beautiful, I imagine Angels playing and singing this music to stir our souls to be “made in the image and likeness of God and Mary”.Hey I am coming to Atlanta next week any chance we can catch up. Regards, Paul

  31. I just want to congratulate you for everything. The “Medjugorje” music helped me so much when, a few weeks ago, sadness invaded me. I could not even pray. Things are getting better and better so I will be able to pray more. I see around me so many “lost” young man and young women. It touches me and in many ways I pray for them and being full of kindness, smile and so little things like let them know you Medjugorje.We are blessed to have such a Marvelous God – There is only one in the Holly Spirit, Jesus Christ. Our Blessed Holly Mary is also so much love for everyone of us.Thank you my friend, my brother in Christ!Your French country neighbor.-Jean

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