Our Lady of Medjugorje’s March 25, 2023 Monthly Message for the World

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The following is Our Lady’s latest 25th message given through Marija:

March 25, 2023

“Dear children!. May this time be a time of prayer for you.”


25. ožujak 2023

„Draga djeco! Neka vam ovo vrijeme bude vrijeme molitve.“


25. März 2023

„Liebe Kinder! Möge euch diese Zeit eine Zeit des Gebetes sein. “


25. marzo 2023

“Cari figli! Questo tempo sia per voi il tempo della preghiera.”


25. marca 2023

„Drogie dzieci! Niech ten czas będzie [dla] was czasem modlitwy.”


25. mars 2023

«Chers enfants, que ce temps soit pour vous le temps de la prière.»


5. marzo 2023

“¡Queridos hijos! Que este tiempo sea para ustedes tiempo de oración.”





25 марта 2023

«Дорогие дети! Пусть это время будет для вас временем молитвы».

12 thoughts on “Our Lady of Medjugorje’s March 25, 2023 Monthly Message for the World”

  1. Francesca Beto

    Country: United States
    I cherish every single word Our Lady speaks! Anxiously awaiting the 25th of each month, this is the ONE thing spoken in the world today that we can truly take to heart and implement in our lives, and be assured we are doing something holy!!!

    If only there were more sources just like this one. Thank you for sharing so very much, to all the visionaries. I know what a great responsibility you all have. Just know how very much you have given (and continue to give) to soo many.
    Respectfully expressed,
    PS: I believe the conciseness of this message is done in fact to stress the great importance of it. She speaks only about one topic and that in itself, expresses Her desire to us on how important it is, or should be in, our lives.

    1. City: Eunice
      State: LA 70535
      Country: USA
      So grateful that a friend sent me this information. I’ll be waiting for more to come. M

  2. City: Newark
    State: DE
    Country: USA
    I have never seen a more urgent moment, in my lifetime, to turn to God with prayers and petitions to save the United States from the most anti-Catholic, anti-Christian government, in our nation’s history! Unless we can open the hearts and minds of those who put politics ahead of the faith they were baptized into, this nation will fall to our Godless enemies.

  3. City: Kanata
    State: Ontario
    Country: Canada
    This is a different message than the others, there seems to be no ending?

  4. City: Glenville
    State: New York
    Country: USA
    We cannot in any way be confused by this message. We don’t have to interpret this message. We know exactly what Our Lady wants. Pray, pray, pray. Queen of my heart; thank you!

  5. City: Midleton
    State: Cork
    Country: Ireland

  6. City: Melbourne
    State: Victoria
    Country: Australia
    Mother Mary i pray for my faith to me kept strong during these trialling times. Jesus heals us. God protects us. The heavenly angels surround us. Please hear our prayers. Amen

  7. City: century
    State: fl
    Country: usa
    having faith in GOD. HE WILL GUIDE YOU AND PROTECT YOU. THAT PRAYERS DOES noone wil come close. IN LOVE TWO HEARTS john

  8. City: Ashland
    State: VA
    Country: USA
    For the first time, maybe, Our Lady did not conclude Marija’s message with, “Thank you for responding to my call.” Is it because we have not responded? 🥺

  9. Mary Ann Campbell

    City: McMurray
    State: Pa
    Country: USA
    I have the same thoughts – very short message today. Does she feel she has said all there is to say? Are we really listening to her & trying to live theses messages in our lives.

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