Our Lady of Medjugorje’s April 25, 2024 Monthly Message for the World

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The following is Our Lady’s latest 25th message given through Marija:

April 25, 2024

“Dear children! I am with you to tell you that I love you and to encourage you to prayer; because satan is strong and every day his strength is stronger through those who have chosen death and hatred. You, little children, be prayer and my extended hands of love for all those who are in darkness and seek the light of our God. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

25. travanj 2024

„Draga djeco!  S vama sam da vam kažem da vas volim i potičem na molitvu, jer sotona je jak i svakim danom njegova snaga je jača preko onih koji su izabrali smrt i mržnju. Vi, dječice, budite molitva i moje ispružene ruke ljubavi za sve one koji su u tami i traže svijetlo Boga našega. Hvala vam što ste se odazvali mome pozivu.“e ljubavi. Budite molitva, budite svjetlo i svjedoci svima onima koje susrećete, dječice, da milosrdni Bog ima milosrđa prema vama. Hvala vam što ste se odazvali mome pozivu.“

25. April 2024

„Liebe Kinder! Ich bin bei euch, um euch zu sagen, dass ich euch liebe und euch zum Gebet anrege, denn satan ist stark und jeden Tag wird seine Kraft stärker, durch jene, die den Tod und den Hass gewählt haben. Ihr, meine lieben Kinder, seid Gebet und meine ausgestreckten Hände der Liebe, für all jene, die in der Finsternis sind und das Licht unseres Gottes suchen. Danke, dass ihr meinem Ruf gefolgt seid.“


25. aprile 2024

“Cari figli! Sono con voi per dirvi che vi amo e vi esorto alla preghiera perché satana è forte e ogni giorno la sua forza è sempre più forte attraverso coloro che hanno scelto la morte e l’odio. Voi, figlioli, siate preghiera e le mie mani d’amore tese per tutti coloro che sono nelle tenebre e cercano la luce del nostro Dio. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.“


25. kwietnia 2024

„Drogie dzieci! Jestem z wami, aby wam powiedzieć, że was kocham i zachęcam do modlitwy, bo szatan jest mocny i z każdym dniem jego siła rośnie poprzez tych [ludzi], którzy wybrali śmierć i nienawiść. Dziatki, bądźcie modlitwą i moimi wyciągniętymi rękoma miłości dla wszystkich, którzy są w ciemności i szukają światła naszego Boga. Dziękuję wam, że odpowiedzieliście na moje wezwanie.”

25. avril 2024

«Chers enfants Je suis avec vous pour vous dire que je vous aime et pour vous encourager à la prière; car satan est fort, et sa force est chaque jour plus forte à travers ceux qui ont choisi la mort et la haine. Vous, petits enfants, soyez prière et mes mains d’amour étendues vers tous ceux qui sont dans les ténèbres et qui cherchent la lumière de notre Dieu. Merci d’avoir répondu à mon appel.»

25. abril 2024

“¡Queridos hijos! Estoy con ustedes para decirles que los amo, y los animo a orar porque satanás es fuerte y cada día su fuerza es mayor a través de aquellos que eligieron la muerte y el odio. Ustedes, hijitos, sean oración y mis manos extendidas de amor para todos aquellos que están en tinieblas y buscan la luz de nuestro Dios. Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado.”

7 thoughts on “Our Lady of Medjugorje’s April 25, 2024 Monthly Message for the World”

  1. I found this particular phrase from Our Lady & Mother Mary to be of interest:
    “……..be prayer and my extended hands of love for all those who are in darkness AND SEEK THE LIGHT OF GOD.”
    I wonder if the Mother of God was indicating that so there’s so much spiritual darkness in the minds, hearts, and souls of the vast majority of the world’s population that it is ‘somewhat’ useless at this time to attempt to help those on the road to eternal life who have already made up their mind to reject God ………. that instead we should MAYBE stick to evangelizing those who ARE ACTUALLY SEEKING THE TRUTH about our existence and short life on earth, but do not have a sufficient understanding of the Father’s Plan & Will for our salvation in Christ Jesus and His Church to proceed further on “the hard road with the narrow gate which few find.”

    I dunno. Just a thought.

      1. Very interesting. Guess what, this very phrase “Words mean something” at the end of the article you sent me to was the VERY SAME PHRASE & MESSAGE WORD-FOR-WORD our good & holy Priest used in his homily @ Mass todday……”Words mean something.”

        Anyway, good article and I surely agree that we ARE PRESENTLY AT WAR against the Evil One and His minions.
        So what next? The Lord said, or was it St. Paul, “Pray constantly and unceasingly” and of course offer up FASTS, b/c that’s the only way Satan can be dislodged from stealing so many souls for hell.

        What will happen in the near future b/c of mankind’s turning away from God and the Lord and His Church is anyone’s guess, BUT I do believe with millions being killed by abortion on a unending diabolical leftist agenda, God is going to act. He is going to intervene in the godless affairs of mankind. My hope is, either through Our Lady of Medjugorje, or Garabandal, the ILLUMINATION OF SOULS will take place for all the world to understand in an instant what God proposes for our eternal well-being, and the possibility of losing one’s soul for ALL ETERNITY should they ‘choose’ not to repent.

        I’m quite old………….one foot in the grave, and one foot on a banana peeling …………..I just hope I’m around if it is indeed God’s time to bring about Our Lady’s prophecy of the ILLUMINATION OF SOULS. Just imagine the DAY AFTER..!!!

        Folks will surely be in need to have explained to them how to be SAVED…….and we children of Mary Most Holy will swing into action.

        TIME ………. WILL ………. TELL.
        Viva Christo Rey

  2. Michael Hebert

    City: FULTON
    State: New York
    Country: United States
    In Proverbs 8:32–36  Woman Wisdom tells everyone, to pay attention to Her Wisdom, because wisdom blesses those who do. All of those who reject wisdom instead, will receive injury, as well as death.
    Proverbs Chapter 8 The Discourse of Wisdom  (New American Bible (Revised Edition)
    1 Does not Wisdom call,
        and Understanding raise her voice?
    2 On the top of the heights along the road,
        at the CROSSROADS she takes her stand;
    6 Listen! for noble things I speak;
        my lips proclaim honest words.
    7 Indeed, my mouth utters truth,
        and my lips abhor wickedness.
    8 All the words of my mouth are sincere,
        none of them wily or crooked;
    9 All of them are straightforward to the intelligent,
        and right to those who attain knowledge.
    12 I, Wisdom, dwell with prudence,
        and useful knowledge I have.
    13 The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil;
    Pride, arrogance, the evil way,
        and the perverse mouth I hate.
    14 Mine are counsel and advice;
        Mine is strength; I am understanding.
    32 Now, children, listen to me;
        happy are they who keep my ways.
    33 Listen to instruction and grow wise,
        do not reject it!
    34 Happy the one who listens to me,
        attending daily at my gates,
        keeping watch at my doorposts;
    35 For whoever finds me finds life,
    and wins favor from the Lord;
    36 But those who pass me by do violence
    to themselves; all who hate me love death.”

  3. Angelica Rochin

    City: Los Angeles
    State: CA
    Country: United States
    Thank you God for your message you have given us through Our Lady of Peace of Medjugorje.

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