Our Lady of Medjugorje’s August 25, 2011 Message

The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje’s August 25, 2011 Monthly Message :



“Dear children! Today I call you to pray and fast for my intentions, because satan wants to destroy my plan. Here I began with this parish and invited the entire world. Many have responded, but there is an enormous number of those who do not want to hear or accept my call. Therefore, you who have said ‘yes’, be strong and resolute. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


In light of Our Lady’s above 25th message calling for fasting, we receive confirmation of a Words of the Harvesters printed before today’s message was given, and just now being sent to Caritas Field Angels, calling for a 9-day bread and water fast, November 1-9, 2011. In America, we would call today’s message from Our Lady a 911 wakeup call, an urgent plea from Our Lady. We just published the dates for the 9-day fast for everyone to join. The following is the announcement. Make a commitment for a united front for Our Lady’s intentions and against satan to stop Her plans.

Join the Caritas Community in Their Annual Nine-Day Bread and Water Fasting Novena—


November 1–9, 2011

As we enter fall and head toward an uncertain winter, the perils of life and the uncertainty of what “the winter of life” will bring mandates that we purify ourselves, and protect ourselves through prayer and fasting in order to be in peace. The nine-day fasting novena followsbelow. It is your firewood for this winter to keep your soul in the warmth of God. The fast is your house which will keep you secure this winter. We cannot express to you enough how important your participation in this fast is for your own and the world’s well being.


For the nine-day fasting novena you will be assigned a single day of 2012 in which your fast will be offered to bind satan from his activity for our nation and the world. You can call Caritas of Birmingham to receive the day your fast will sponsor. Your day is assigned in the order you call us. You may call 205-672-2000 to be given the day of 2012 that your nine-day fasting novena, beginning November 1, 2011, and finishing November 9, 2011, will cover. It is important you receive a day so that we can be sure all 365 days of 2012 will be covered by an individual with a nine-day fast. Again the nine-day fasting novena is November 1–9, 2011, and your assigned day for 2012 is not a fast day, rather the day that you are assigned in 2012 to be covered in prayer by your November 1–9, 2011, nine-day fast.


The 9-day fast will be for Our Lady’s intentions to thwart satan’s plans against ourselves, our family, our nation and the world, along with your personal intentions, and one of Caritas’ special intentions will be for the success and conclusion of raising the funds for the Retooling. Thank you. Thank you for everything your love does for Our Lady through this mission. Your consistent and regular Field Angel donations to Caritas are impacting the world even now in these dark times. Being a Field Angel, proactively with your prayer and living holiness, is the driving force implementing the messages into the culture. Thank you for being a Field Angel.

NOVEMBER 1 – 9, 2011


O Queen of Heaven, we unite ourselves with others across the land in a holy fast, reminiscent of the so many times ancient Israel cried out in repentance to their God. By their history, we know God the Most High will hear our cry. We humble ourselves because of our sins. Seek, Mary our Queen, on our behalf, that the Lord not look upon our sins, but the love we show Him through this fast. Persuade Him to not only forgive but also forget and blot out our sins, that through Your hands we will grow close to Him and know Him intimately as a Father, as our Protector.


O Mary, these days of fasting we wish to empty our hearts of everything useless. Cleanse us. Let this fast purify us and atone for everything that has defiled us. O Mary, Queen of Peace, let our hearts be refilled through Your hands with whatever graces are necessary to reconcile us, our families, and our nation back to God. We wish also to atone for any wrongs in advance for each day of the coming year 2012, so that all be consecrated to Your Immaculate Heart, to purify the body of believers in order for the rebirth and the ushering in of a new springtime for Christianity in our beloved nation.


We seek the healing of our hearts of all spiritual disease and illness and for You to fill our hearts especially during December 8th–12th. Please, please, dear Mother, please grant us these requests, and grant the three special intentions of the Community of Caritas as well as my own personal intentions of (name your personal intentions) along with the quick, successful conclusion of Retooling The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages………I especially offer _________ ____, 2012 (Day assigned by Caritas), that on that day the plans of satan against ourselves, our family, our nation and the world will be thwarted and grace will abound for conversion across our land.


We consecrate our hearts to You, Mary, and to Jesus. We want to give You and Jesus “title” of not only our souls, but also our bodies, as well as all we possess. We know Your words of January 1, 2001, when You revealed that satan was completely unchained, were followed with what our response should be. It was to give ourselves to You and Jesus completely, as a possession into Your and His hands, through the formal daily act of consecration, thereby, owned by You and Your Son, we are afforded protection through being Your possession.


January 1, 2001

“My dear children, now that when satan is unchained, I desire you to be consecrated to My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus. I bless you with my Motherly Blessing.”


We, therefore, present to You the intention to empty our hearts that You may refill them, as well as Caritas’ intentions and our personal intentions through this nine-day fast, prayers and consecrations, in order that You will present this novena with your Son before the throne of God. We ask for an unleashing of grace to be poured out upon ourselves, our families, our nation, and upon the countless numbers who are in need of conversion throughout our land, and Your intentions for all of the above intentions. Please intercede for us as our Mother and as our Queen. Amen.


Consecration to the Two Hearts



„Draga djeco! Danas vas pozivam da molite i postite na moje nakane, jer sotona želi uništiti moj plan. Ovdje sam počela sa ovom župom i pozvala čitavi svijet. Mnogi su se odazvali, ali je golem broj onih koji ne žele čuti niti prihvatiti moj poziv. Zato vi koji ste izrekli DA, budite jaki i odlučni. Hvala vam što ste se odazvali mome pozivu.“



« Chers enfants, aujourd’hui, je vous invite à prier et à jeûner à mes intentions, car Satan désire détruire mon plan. Ici, j’ai commençé avec cette paroisse et j’ai invité le monde entier. Beaucoup ont répondu, mais il y a un nombre énorme qui ne veut pas entendre ni accepter mon appel. C’est pouquoi, vous qui avez prononcé votre « oui », soyez forts et décidés. Merci d’avoir répondu à mon appel. »



“Cari figli, oggi vi invito a pregare e a digiunare per le mie intenzioni, perché satana vuole distruggere il mio piano. Ho iniziato qui con questa parrocchia e ho invitato il mondo intero. Molti hanno risposto ma è enorme il numero di coloro che non vogliono sentire ne accettare il mio invito. Perciò voi che avete pronunciato il SI, siate forti e decisi. Grazie per aver risposto alla mia chiamata.”



„Liebe Kinder! Heute rufe ich euch auf, dass ihr betet und fastet in meinen Anliegen, denn Satan möchte meinen Plan zerstören. Hier habe ich mit dieser Pfarre begonnen und ich habe die ganze Welt aufgerufen. Viele sind dem Ruf gefolgt, aber riesengroß ist die Zahl jener, die weder hören noch meinen Ruf annehmen möchten. Deshalb seid stark und entschlossen, ihr, die ihr euer JA ausgesprochen habt. Danke, dass ihr meinem Ruf gefolgt seid!“



¡Queridos hijos! Hoy los invito a orar y a ayunar por mis intenciones, porque satanás quiere destruir mi plan. Aquí inicié con esta parroquia y he llamado al mundo entero. Muchos han respondido, sin embargo, es enorme el número de aquellos que no desean escuchar ni aceptar mi invitación. Por eso, ustedes que han dicho Sí, sean fuertes y decididos. ¡Gracias por haber respondido a mi llamado!”



„Drogie dzieci! Dziś wzywam was, abyście się modlili i pościli w moich intencjach, bowiem szatan chce zniszczyć mój plan. Zaczęłam tu od tej parafii i wezwałam cały świat. Wielu odpowiedziało, ale jest wielu [ludzi], którzy nie chcą ani usłyszeć ani przyjąć mojego wezwania. Dlatego wy, którzy powiedzieliście TAK bądźcie silni i zdecydowani. Dziękuję, że odpowiedzieliście na moje wezwanie.”


To hear the Radio WAVE show “Why Does satan Hate his Ugliness?” about today’s August 25, 2011 message with A Friend of Medjugorje, Click here to listen or download

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