July Novena

July Novena

THE NINE-DAY NOVENA — July 25–August 2


WITHOUT IT, NOTHING IS POSSIBLE. Faith. Even people who deny God must have faith in themselves to accomplish a task. Our age has all but lost its faith. Our Lady tells us why She comes:

Spring, 1982

“…My children, have you not observed that Faith began to extinguish itself?…”


Faith is in crisis. Our Lady tells us: Faith is on the verge of being extinguished; many Christians live as pagans; there are few true believers.
When Our Lady first appeared in Medjugorje, on the third day She said regarding the Franciscans:

June 27, 1981


“…Have them persevere in the Faith and protect the faith of the people…”


On the very next day, She said, when asked what Her wish was:

June 28, 1981


“…That people believe and persevere in the Faith…”


Three days in a row, Our Lady tells the visionaries what She expects of them.

June 29, 1981


“…That you have a solid faith and that you maintain confidence…”


During the next several months, Our Lady says repeatedly: “Deepen your faith,”…strengthen your faith with prayer,”…“faith will not know how to be alive without prayer.” These were among the first words spoken in the first few days and months of the apparitions by Our Lady. Because faith is mentioned so frequently in the beginning of Her apparitions, this signifies the importance of a crisis of faith during our time.

Faith is crucial and it is what will be tested the most in our walk with Our Lady’s plans. Once strengthened, it will sustain us as the foundation of our life and help us to maintain peace in the midst of war.

December 31, 1981


“…Faith is a vital element…Faith is the foundation from which everything flows…”


Medjugorje is a “witness,” an “example,” and a “prophecy” regarding what many in the world will go through both physically and spiritually. The purpose of the war that took place in Bosnia and the surrounding area gives testimony to all three of the above …. It is a witness because they are chosen to be a light through prayer to all the world.

August 25, 1989


“…let prayer be the light for each of you…. Let prayer begin to rule in the whole world…”


Medjugorje is an example to show when we walk the path with Our Lady but do not convert, do not change, do not accept the messages or get tired and quit, how badly things will go. There is a serious responsibility of being a witness; to live that to which we are called. Our Lady tried repeatedly to warn them to listen to Her, to accept Her message with seriousness and She said there are those who do not want to accept Her. She finally warned them of their future which was not guaranteed peace but connected to their accepting Her.

March 21, 1985


“…I call on you—accept me, dear children, that it might go well with you…”


It is a prophesy to show what awaits the world and to give testimony and proof to Her message. The war that took place in Bosnia gives us Hope and Faith for our future. The war was among Croatians, Serbs, and Muslims – all living in close proximity, even as neighbors. The hatred among these three was such that there could be no end to this war – neighbor killed neighbor, children were killed, atrocities of such a degree that many could not forgive. There was no solution – no way out. All who knew the complexity and horror of this war knew it was an impossible war to stop. Yet, Our Lady said that through fasting and prayer, even war can be stopped.

July 21, 1982


“…Through fasting and prayer, one can stop wars…”


After over two years of war which could not humanly be stopped, Our Lady said to us through Marija:

February 25, 1994


“Dear children, today I thank you for your prayers. You all have helped so that this war may finish as soon as possible…”


This is an incredible prophecy. Our Lady revealed how to stop it. This war was started by man who was invited to change and would not. This war had no chance of a solution after numerous cease fires and treaties. Then, after exhausting human endeavors through the political route and realizing the futility of them and then remembering Our Lady and turning to Her, crying out to Her in prayer and suffering, it was then that Our Lady revealed that God had decided this impossible war would stop because man had finally understood and responded. We needed this painful lesson for our future. It is prophetic because much of the world now finds themselves in impossible situations and will again in the future, ones without escape, with no way out. What a beautiful gift and prophecy. As these situations seem hopeless and many are losing faith, this “witness,” this “example,” this “prophecy” gives us hope and faith that God will find a solution. Reasoning it out, our faith will be strengthened when we look at the past as though through a window and see clearly that things did not go well for people when they did not respond and when they tried to remedy their own situation; but when they realized they had to place their faith in Our Lady to find relief they were told God will grant an end. It is time to gain might and strength in faith so that we will be able to stand the test through which we surely will have to go in the future. These thoughts are to be read, thought about, and kept in our heart during the next nine days.



Mary, we give you this novena for your intentions for December 8-12, for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, for massive conversions, for trhe fulfillment of all your plans, and the initiation of new plans to reconcile ourselves, our families, and our nation back to God.


 Prayer to Heal Our Land


LORD, WHO ARE WE AS A PEOPLE, having been given blessings in portions as no other nation before us? What has become of us, Father? We have spoiled your spacious skies with buildings and cities breathing with sin. The amber waves of grain are no longer viewed as our blessing but as our due. The awe and reverence due You when we gaze upon the purple mountains and their majesty is no longer held; rather, how much pleasure they can give us. Father, we have spurned You. We’ve blamed our problems on those who promote darkness, but You gave us time with Your Mother. Now our eyes have been opened by Her. Our lack of holiness, our not being light has allowed darkness to prevail. Indeed, our sins which we wrongly view as small have allowed those in darkness to commit great sins without shame. We now realize it’s because of our failings as Christians. Father, Samuel told your people, “It is true you have committed all this evil, still you must not turn from the Lord, but worship Him with your whole heart. For the sake of His own great name, the Lord will not abandon his own people.” Father, we come before You with our whole hearts and ask You to grant Our Lady Her intentions.

Mary, we do not deserve to even be heard, yet we know Your Son’s passion merits that we are. Mary, we call You as You have called us. Please, intercede before God to forgive us, to heal us, to heal our families, and to heal our nation.

Father, grant Mary’s intentions and hear Her pleas for us. We know you are justly irritated with us but we beg and plead for forgiveness through our repentance from our hearts. We realize our nation is headed toward disaster by so many signs You have given us. Holy, Holy, Holy God, grant Mary Her requests that we may again be your people, not a nation above God but one nation humbled and under God. Amen.

TO BE SAID DAILY: 1984-1985


“Tell the faithful that I need their prayers, and prayers from all the people. It is necessary to pray as much as possible and do penance because very few people have been converted up until now. There are many Christians who live like pagans. There are always so few true believers…”


Day 1, Saturday, July 25


“Dear children, these days I call you especially to open your hearts to the Holy Spirit. Especially during these days the Holy Spirit is working through you. Open your hearts and surrender your lives to Jesus so that He works through your hearts and strengthens you in faith. Thank you for having responded to my call.” May 23, 1985


Day 2, Sunday, July 26


“I don’t wish to force anyone to do that which he neither feels nor desires, even though I had special messages for the parish by which I wanted to awaken the faith of every believer. But only a really small number has accepted my Thursday messages. In the beginning there were quite a few. But it’s become a routine affair for them. And now recently some are asking for the message out of curiosity, and not out of faith and devotion to my Son and Me.” April 30, 1984


Day 3, Monday, July 27


“Hurry to be converted. Do not wait for the great sign. For the unbelievers, it will then be too late to be converted. For you who have the faith, this time constitutes a great opportunity for you to be converted, and to deepen your faith. Fast on bread and water before every feast, and prepare yourselves through prayer…” December 15, 1982


Day 4, Tuesday, July 28


“I see that you are tired. I wish to support you in your effort, to take you in my arms so that you may be close to me. To all those who wish to ask me questions, I will answer: ‘There is only one response, prayer, a strong faith, and intense prayer, and fasting.’” October 28, 1983


Day 5, Wednesday, July 29


“Dear children, God wants to make you holy. Therefore, through me He is calling you to complete surrender. Let the Holy Mass be your life. Understand that the Church is God’s palace, the place in which I gather you and want to show you the way to God. Come and pray! Neither look to others nor slander them, but rather let your life be a testimony on the way of holiness. Churches deserve respect and are set apart as holy because God, Who became Man, dwells in them day and night. Therefore, little children, believe and pray that the Father increases your faith, and then ask for whatever you need. I am with you and I rejoice because of your conversion and I am protecting you with my Motherly mantle. Thank you for having responded to my call.” April 25, 1988


Day 6, Thursday, July 30


“Dear children, today again I am calling you to complete conversion, which is difficult for those who have not chosen God. I am calling you, dear children, to convert fully to God. God can give you everything that you seek from Him. But you seek God only when sicknesses, problems, and difficulties come to you and you think that God is far from you and is not listening and does not hear your prayers. No, dear children, that is not the truth! When you are far from God, you cannot receive graces because you do not seek them with a firm faith. Day by day, I am praying for you and I want to draw you ever closer to God; but I cannot if you don’t want it. Therefore, dear children, put your life in God’s hands. I bless you all. Thank you for having responded to my call.” January 25, 1988


Day 7, Friday, July 31


“…Dear children, this is the reason for my presence among you for such a long time: to lead you on the path of Jesus. I want to save you and, through you, to save the whole world. Many people now live without faith; some don’t even want to hear about Jesus, but they still want peace and satisfaction! Children, here is the reason why I need your prayer: prayer is the only way to save the human race.” July 30, 1987


Day 8, Saturday, August 1


“It is God who gives them. My children, have you not observed that faith began to extinguish itself? There are many who do not come to church except through habit. It is necessary to awaken the faith. It is a gift from God. If it is necessary, I will appear in each home.” Spring, 1982


Day 9, Sunday, August 2


“Without faith, nothing is possible. All those who will believe firmly will be cured.” July 24, 1981

“I ask you only to pray with fervor. Prayer must become a part of your daily life to permit the true faith to take root.” September 8, 1981

“Do not give in. Keep your faith. I will accompany you at every step.” November 10, 1981

“The devil is trying to conquer us. Do not permit him. Keep the faith, fast, and pray. I will be with you at every step…” November 16, 1981

“…The world must find salvation while there is time. Let it pray with fervor. May it have the spirit of faith.” November 22, 1981

“It is necessary for the world to be saved while there is still time, for it to pray strongly, and for it to have the spirit of faith.” November 29, 1981

“It is necessary to tell them that from the very beginning I have been conveying the message of God to the world. It is a great pity not to believe in it. Faith is a vital element., but one cannot compel a person to believe. Faith is the foundation from which everything flows.” December 31, 1981


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  1. Shame on you. You cannot even speak properly. Hope people are not stupid enough to give you any money. You are truly a CON

  2. Crissy Corpus

    Jesus and Mary I love you! Save souls! It seems pretty appropriate that those who are praying the St Joseph Novena are praying for the founder, the mission and the community of Caritas. We picked a random message for lent. She called us to pray for peace and to pray and fast like we did in the beginning! Holy Spirit give us the grace to pray and fast and to hold on to faith and hope. May God’s love reign in our hearts and families! May God open the eyes of the blind when evil is exposed! May God give us the graces we need for purification, that we may be Her witnesses! May we enter the Arc of Our Lady! The storm is coming, but Our Lady is in the WIND! We fight with the rosary in our hands!

  3. Jesus and Mary I love you! Save souls! It seems pretty appropriate that those who are praying the St Joseph Novena are praying for the founder, the mission and the community of Caritas. We picked a random message for lent. She called us to pray for peace and to pray and fast like we did in the beginning! Holy Spirit give us the grace to pray and fast and to hold on to faith and hope. May Gods love reign in our hearts and families! May God open the eyes of the blind when evil is exposed! May God give us the graces we need for purification, that we may be Her witnesses! May we enter the Arc of Our Lady! The storm is coming, but Our Lady is in the WIND! We fight with the rosary in our hands!

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