July 7, 2007 , 7/7/07 ,7-7-7

•  This date will not be seen for another 1000 years.

• Last year’s date, 6/6/06 or 6-6-6 will not be seen for another 1000 years.

• How is it that 666 is followed by 777, only one year apart?

• Both are so significant; 666, the mark of the beast and 777, a sign tied to Our Lady.

• Today is the 7th day of the week.

• 7 is a significant number in Biblical History.

• The 7-7-7, the 7 Our Father’s, 7 Hail Mary’s, and 7 Glory Be’s.

• It is what has been known as the 7-7-7 and has been prayed after every evening mass in Medjugorje for 26 years.

• How is it that both of these dates, 6-6-6 and 7-7-7 are during the time of the 26 year period of Our Lady’s apparitions out of this 1000 year period?

• 666 – Darkness VS 777 – Light.

• Our Lady Speaks of Darkness VS Light.

August 2, 1981

“…A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”

Our Lady wants us to see things in a Biblical worldview. 7-7-7 is yet another indication that God wants to save us and to speak to us.

March 25, 1990

“…God wants to save you and sends you messages through men, nature, and so many things which can only help you to understand that you must change the direction of your life…”

What are the odds that the date 7/7/7, 1,000 years from now, will land on the seventh day of the week?

Our Lady’s warning:

June 2, 2007

“…recognize the signs of the time in which you live…”

What is the message for you? For all of us? Why should all this be taken as a message? Simply because Our Lady says God wants to save you, souls are at stake, your soul satan struggles for, and God gives many signs to communicate “that you must change the direction of your life.”

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  1. Northern Apostle

    Our territory uses Alberta provinces services. A common question asked to Alberta Health Services is, ” Do vaccines contain cells from aborted fetuses (babies)?” The answer from the government is, ” Vaccines do not contain cells from aborted fetuses(babies) or other human cells. Human cell lines may be used in the early stages of production of some vaccines; however, all cells are removed during the vaccine manufacturing process. This means that there are no human cells in the actual vaccines that your child will receive.”In union with deceit, the government is trying to make it seem like its a necessary evil.There is NO Necessary Evil!!! “Evil is the absence of God”, as the brilliant Albert Einstien said.My heart aches in union with the fathers whom can easily feel hopeless in the challenges of being a martyr for the glory of God.God bless you all, Queen of Peace and Reconciliation pray for us.

  2. I was able to listen to near the middle of the presentation (still speaking about the money from robbery affecting many after the theft) when the presentation stopped going further. I even started the presentation over again. Can I get a word copy? This really hits home because I am Respect Life coordinator at my church and in speaking against immunizations a nurse told me I was dead wrong and the Catholic Church backs her up – immunizations today are harmless! Now there are some that do not think I know anything and say I should be removed. Thank you.

  3. Good morning,I had to pull my children out of Catholic School about 6 years ago, in Texas, because of the Bishops decision. I only this month received my BA degree in Management and Healthcare Administration. I am almost 49 years old and the mother of 9 children. My point is, I am not book smart per-se, but I had it pressed upon my heart many years ago these vaccines were not good. I did put my kids into public school (because they do allow the exemptions) and now my youngest will start kindergarten this Fall. I battle with the devil daily with fear of the future, almost to the point paralysis. I do attend daily mass, and confession 2 – 4 times a year. I need prayers for clarity in my mission, enlightenment, gifts of wisdom, knowledge, the Holy Spirit, and Courage.

  4. Vaccines are the vessel satan is using in our day to destroy not only our bodies, but our souls. They are comprised not only of aborted babies, but also of mercury, aluminum, and a host of other chemical poisons. The evils that are manifesting do not only have direct moral implications (our aborted children), but death beyond this. Search birds, mercury spill, and (abominable) behavior, and read about how these birds started exhibiting (abominable) behavior after mercury was dumped in their habitat.

  5. My head and my heart are so congested after listening to this I had to replay it twice more to make sure I understood what you were telling us. Two years ago at my physicians request, I took the shingles vaccine after my husband came home from a business trip with a nasty case of shingles. (he unwittingly exposed several coworkers and heard later at least two came down with a case of chicken pox)

  6. Edward and Nancy

    I am astounded to think that anyone could produce a vaccine in such dishonest way and a very sinful way as for us we wont be advising people to vaccinate their children in that way.

  7. Hi Good program!i just would like to differ with you on spiritual direction.i was blessed with a wonderful director/Confessor from Nigeria,when I lived on long island.He asked me what I was looking for I told him I want to hear the lords voice not someone telling something that supposedly they were told to tell me.he emphasized he was not the directorIt is The Holy Spirit. I was so blessed.I came to Las Vegas to live with my aging parent and it is so different here in the desert The HS

  8. Mary Anne Felipe

    Thank you! I had no idea that vaccines were from aborted babies! I have such tears for those who are suffering from this evil.I am grateful for your words and for Mary who points to the Light of the world in simple words.

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