Ivan’s Prayer Group

June 24, 2020

“Dear children, I come to you because my Son Jesus sends me. I want to guide you to Him, I want you to find peace in Him, true peace. Because this world today cannot give / offer you a true Peace, therefore also today I invite you to perseverance in prayer. Pray for my plans, projects that I wish to carry out with this Parish and with the whole world. Dear children, I have not grown tired, so dear children, do not get tired too. I pray for all of you and intercede with My Son Jesus for each of you. Thank you dear children because even today you said yes and you answered my call.”


Then Our Lady blesses us all with Her maternal blessing. I have recommended all of you, your needs, your intentions, your families, in particular I have recommended all of you who are sick and all those people who have particularly recommended themselves in prayer. Then I particularly recommended this parish that Our Lady chose in a particular way. Then Our Lady dedicates a period of time and prays for this Parish. In prayer, Our Lady left in the sign of the light, of the cross, with the greeting  “Go in peace my dear children.”

4 thoughts on “Ivan’s Prayer Group”

  1. City: Albuquerque
    State: New Mexico
    Country: USA
    pray for Mike &Margo Bland,for Allen & Anna Elliot, for Margarita and Mike across,
    For Mike Lenz & wife Elena Lenz(suffering from cancer complications & can’t be with her three kids,
    For everyone loosing strength in the faith they have; not willing to use the fullness of he graces given, and those who forgot how to pray .
    For those who are fighting for the one true God and fear they are alone
    For VLA -You Mama Immaculata, know what this human needs for the Glory of The one true King of kings-I ask You Mama, with the Saint to help to move what is holding VLA from loving the wayGod has called him to
    For my GuardianAngels of my marriage and family ,
    For my children E&E&S and their Gaurdian Angels
    For E&E&S future spouses
    For me-I don’t know what I need but You Mama, You know tell my Guardian Angel how to use what I have

  2. City: Jacksonville
    State: FL
    Country: USA
    Thank you. May the Lord & Blessed Mother continue to bless this prayer group and their intentions & may our faith deepen more and more with each passing day. Praise be Jesus and our Blessed Mother.

  3. City: Pickering
    State: ON
    Country: Canada
    Peace in the world and the conversation of sinners, for the gift and preservation of life

  4. Dear Mother Mary. Our Lady of Medugorje. I thank you and your Divine Son for many graces, blessings and healings that we have all received individually and as a family. I ask for continued blessings for us all.Please keep all my family, their spouses, grandchildren, my husband and myself safe and well and please keep us all FREE from Covid-19 and all the variants of the disease. Please keep us all safe from any complications after receiving the different vaccines. I also ask you for healing for my grandson O. Please help him to overcome his anxieties etc.
    Please also I ask you dear Mother Mary through the intercession of you Mother Holy St. Anne to help my son G. to find a nice holy girl to be his wife, someone who will be kind ,considerate and love him for himself and make him happy. I also ask for reconcillation in the marriage of another son P. and his wife Y. please help them to come back to a happy and loving relationship and a strong and healthy marriage. In Jesus Holy Name and through your intercession and St. Anne I ask for all my petitions.. Thank you.

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