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The timing of the surprise attack on Israel was in the period of a surreal moment. Our Lady is here for Peace. Our Lady references this war in Her apparition of October 7, 2023, to Medjugorje visionary, Ivan, in the moments it was starting. Significant also is that this Israel/Gaza war started on the Feast of the Holy Rosary, so named for the miraculous victory of the Battle of Lepanto, on October 7, 1571, when Our Lady’s intercession was sought through the Rosary to save Christendom from the Ottoman Turks.  Yet, there are naysayers who reject Our Lady of Medjugorje. There are even those who have gone to Medjugorje and yet reject Our Lady’s apparitions. As an example, these feedbacks were a response to a Radio Wave Broadcast on August 10, 2023,


Aurelio Rave writes:

“I was there in Medjugorje. It’s an Abomination to God. Using Mary as The Intercessor instead of Jesus. The Word will judge Them for misleading the Masses (of people) in believing, praying to Her which nowhere in The Bible does It support this Blasphemy and Idolatry.”


Fatima Maria writes:

“Another fake site. Don’t be fooled.”


Our Lady gives notice in Her October 7, 2023, apparition to Medjugorje visionary, Ivan, of a grave situation unfolding for the whole world. It is not by chance this happened on the day of the miraculous victory of the Battle of Lepanto. The two previous “tweets” mocking Our Lady deny the mountain of evidence that support the conclusion that Medjugorje is real. Ivan saw, in the October 7, 2023, apparition, Heaven alerting the world of a grave danger by Our Lady’s demeanor in the apparition. Everyone should take seriously the words and demeanor of Our Lady and be convinced of the great danger this war poses, and the grave consequences for the whole world that will come from it. It is tragic to not accept Our Lady. Our Lady says on June 25, 1991:


“…There are many people who do not desire to understand my messages and to accept with seriousness what I am saying…”


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It is a pity not to believe what we know is true: that Our Lady is really appearing to save us and to save even those who reject Her. There is so much evidence of Our Lady’s presence with millions of conversions and supernatural signs. On October 7, 2023, before the world fully knew what was happening with Israel, Our Lady was giving a sign. Ivan’s apparition with Our Lady was in the first several hours of the attack against Israel. In those first hours, the world did not have any idea of the magnitude of the attack. But, as stated, Our Lady gave Ivan a sign of how serious the situation was by Her countenance.


At the beginning of this writing it states, “in the period of a surreal moment.” The word “surreal” means not seeming real.  The word was used at the beginning of this writing because of the timing of Our Lady coming to the earth in Ivan’s apparition that coincided with the true news of how serious the situation was transpiring in Israel, coupled with what Ivan saw when he looked at Our Lady’s face. Ivan was the singular individual on earth who witnessed Our Lady’s countenance and from whom we learned that Our Lady was “worried.”  Ivan said after the apparition:

“Our Lady came this afternoon very worried.”


He then emphasized the point by repeating it, saying:

“Looking very worried, Our Lady prayed in a special way for peace.”


He then shared the message Our Lady spoke to him:

“Dear children, today I call you again to pray for peace. Pray for my peace plan. I need you. With you I can achieve peace. They (you*) fight the evil. Resolve for peace, be persistent in that decision.”


Ivan said after the message was given, “Our Lady continued to pray for peace and in this prayer, She went in the sign of the Light and of the Cross with the words: Go in peace, my dear children.” Ivan then added for a third time:

“I would like to say again that this afternoon Our Lady did not look pleased or happy, but rather worried and asked us to pray for peace.”


Obviously, Our Lady’s demeanor and words impressed Ivan to such a degree that he mentioned Our Lady being worried three times. He ended his description of Our Lady’s apparition saying:

“I felt during our conversation how necessary it is to pray for peace.”


We know that the visionaries have seen Our Lady look sad, but never have we heard any of the visionaries say Our Lady looked worried throughout these 42 years of apparitions, even during other dangerous crisis. Why then did She show Herself to be worried over this conflict? Shortly after Our Lady’s words were given to the world, the stories and images from Israel started to emerge.  Breaking through the border, terrorists went into neighborhoods, busting into houses and killed without concern women, children and babies.  Videos show forty babies’ heads were decapitated from their bodies.  They executed Israeli men by cutting off their heads, brutally, using nothing but garden hoes. They were satanic, barbaric and gruesome acts.


What does Our Lady mean when She said, “I need you,” to Ivan. It was for us, Her children, that She spoke those words. Remember Our Lady’s messages are for you. These words of Our Lady that Ivan conveyed are for you.


“…Pray for my peace plan. I need you. With you ‘I can’ achieve peace…be persistent in this decision…”


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Practically every nation in the world is dismayed by what the terrorists are doing. Most of the world’s population condemned the atrocities. Our Lady’s plan is to bring to birth a new world. Our Lady is the Queen of Peace. Her plans are what Ivan told us:


“…with you ‘I’ can achieve peace…”


You and the whole world are under a mandate.


“…Pray for my peace plan…”


The world is on a path of judgment that will bring us to reconcile with God. We will be coming into a new way of life. There will be a laborious, painful birth. On a broadcast that aired, nine years ago, on June 25, 2014, I stated:


“Our Lady has been coming to tell us how to live a new way of life. Because this life is under judgment. It’s not going to stay as it is. We won’t know life as we’ve known it. We’ve said this many, many times. We’ve been teaching this. We’ve been preaching this. We’ve been trying to convince you of this to change your life. Why? Because if you don’t, you will go down with the life as it exists, which, because it is under judgment and cannot stand and will not stand.”


We are in the midst of a time in which Our Lady has said has never been in  history since the beginning of the world.


April 4, 1985

“…I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world…”


In our modern time, what is our future? Hatred or Love?


January 25, 2023

“…The [future] is at a crossroads because modern man does not want God. That is why mankind is heading to perdition…”


Love and holiness is the only way to have a future. How do we know? Because it comes from the lips of the Queen of Peace:


January 25, 2020

“…there is no future for the ‘world’ without love and holiness…”


The Biden administration has let more than 7 million illegals across the U.S. border–including more than 1.5 million “gotaways’ and 264 suspected terrorists, although the number is certainly much higher than that. We really do not know how many illegals have come in. Nor do we know who they are. It is widely believed that there are tens of thousands of would-be terrorists who ran through the border and got away without any contact with border control officials. Among them are a vast umber of single, military-aged men, traveling alone. Now they are spread throughout all the major U.S. cities. We learned as recently as August 2023, that one of El Salvador’s most wanted fugitives was arrested in Chelsea, Alabama, less than 10 miles away from the holy sites at Caritas of Birmingham. These terrorists are here for the right moment to be activated. In June 2023, the Homeland Security Committee released a fact sheet calling the Southwest border ‘a historic national security crisis.’ In the report it stated:


“With more than 1.5 million gotaways under this administration, there is no way to know how many more potential national security threats, violent criminals, and hardened gang members are not at large in our country. Not only are more suspected terrorists attempting to cross our Southwest border, but encounters of Chinese nationals have also increased over 1,200 percent compared to May 2022.”


This includes thousands of “special interest aliens” from Middle Eastern countries, which are those having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or potentially pose some sort of national security threat to the U.S. Our Lady asked us to pray for the success of Her peace plan. But satan has his own plans for destruction. It is, in fact, a terrorist plot that has been in the making for years called “The Perfect Day.”  US Retired Lt. Col. Dave Grossman explains what that The Perfect Day is:


“I have been told (by those conducting interviews with captured enemy combatants) that when we ask them ‘what is coming next?,’ they sometimes refer to the ‘Perfect Day.’ You cannot understand what they are talking about if you do not understand the historical reference.


“The Sepoy Mutiny[1] in India, in 1857, is an example of a Perfect Day. This was a spontaneous uprising by Muslims (and Hindus), with everyone giving the British their ‘best shot.’ Nannies killed the kids, cooks poisoned the food, and shop owners murdered the British ladies as they came into the shop. And soldiers (sometimes complete units) killed their British officers and then used their weapons to attack the British.


“In their dreams and fond imaginations, this is what will happen across all the ‘Crusader nations’ who are in Afghanistan. Pick a day, and everyone gives it their best shot. If just one in 1,000 of the Islamic people in our nations answer the call to Jihad (a Muslim holy war or spiritual struggle for the propagation or defense of Islam), it will still be thousands of attackers…


“The enemy thinks big, and we (with wishful thinking compounded by ignorance of their history) keep thinking small. The goal of this Perfect Day, in addition to terror, is to make us imprison (intern) our Islamic populations (as we did to the Japanese in WWII), thus making this a “war against Islam,” instead of the current war against terrorist groups and Islamist fundamentalists.”[i]


Reporting on this same threat seven years ago, Glenn Beck explained The Perfect Day in these terms:


“It’s the day that Americans are killed on an unprecedented scale. It’s the day that no one, not even our children sitting in their classrooms at school, are safe. It’s the day that seemingly isolated incidents all converge into the greatest threat this country has ever experienced or imagined. It’s the day that the Islamist jihad against the West begins in earnest. It’s ‘The Perfect Day’ and it’s only perfect if you’re a terrorist.”[ii]


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Lt. Col. Dave Grossman continues in giving the history behind The Perfect Day, drawing an example from within the Old Testament in the story of Esther:


“The idea of the Perfect Day goes way back in their culture. Look at the Book of Esther in the Bible. It takes place in Iran (ancient Persia), where the Jews are in captivity. Haman gets permission to kill all the Jews on a certain day. The whole book is about how they turned that around and killed all of Haman’s people on that day.”[iii]


Is this Our Lady’s plan, the Esther of our day? Our Lady said to Ivan, “…with you I can achieve peace…” In the Book of Esther, the king’s right-hand man, Haman, gets permission to kill all the Jews on a certain day—the 13th day of the month of Adar. Queen Esther, the wife of the king, unbeknownst to the king, is Jewsih. At the risk of her own life, she intercedes to the king for her people and wins his favor. Everything turns around, and on the day that all the Jews were to be killed, the 13th day of the month, it is Haman and all his people who are killed on that day instead.  A Divine reversal. What is Our Lady praying for when She prays for peace?


It is Iran who is the aggressor against Israel in this battle, the same land from which Haman hatched his evil plot. There is a call by many to wipe out all of the terrorist cells in Gaza.  Almost every country in the world is on Israel’s side. Is the only way peace can be achieved is what Esther did? How will Our Lady bring peace? Esther brought peace to her people through her intercession to the king.


A call for a global jihad was sent out to the world by a former leader of Hamas, the terrorist group responsible for the attack on Israel. The day he is calling for jihad is this Friday, October 13, 2023. October 13th is linked to Our Lady’s apparitions in Fatima, as it was on October 13th that Our Lady ended Her visitations to the three visionaries of Fatima.




October 13, 1917




Our Lady’s last apparition at Fatima


10 + 13 = 23




October 13, 2023


This date is yet another fingerprint of Our Lady revealing that the events on earth are being paralleled in the spiritual realm as well.

Praying for Our Lady’s Plan for Peace,

Friend of Medjugorje



A Friend of Medjugorje

UPDATED 10/17/23


This threat was taken seriously, and precautions were heightened around the world on October 13th. The New York City Police Department asked all officers to report in uniform the morning of Friday the 13th, following the call for brutality and violence from the former leader of Hamas.


We can now understand further why Our Lady showed worry on Her face to Ivan. A teacher in France was killed on that day. The arrested suspect was on a watchlist of people known to be a security risk in connection with radical Islamism. With the events that began in Israel on October 7, 2023, the feast of the Holy Rosary, and the call for jihad on October 13, 023, the day of Fatima all point to an impending event, a foreboding, that we must take seriously and answer Our Lady’s call to pray for Her peace plan and persevere in this prayer until Her plans of peace have been achieved. The signs Our Lady gives to us are for the purpose to spur us on in our prayer and sacrifices offered for peace. Our Lady is listening to us. Our prayers are necessary to Her to bring about Her plans for peace.

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* The translation is assumed “they” is “you”.

[1]“The current politically correct term for the Sepoy Mutiny is “The First Indian Rebellion.” You can look it up on Wikipedia where the event has been completely PC filtered and revised.”





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  1. City: Lake City
    State: FL
    Country: USA
    Dear FOM, As I keep re-reading this writing by you and continue to hear first hand accounts about the Hamas atrocities at the Jewish settlements and in Gaza, I am aghast at the worldwide support for this terrorist group. Why the world has taken this nightmare pill, why our leaders are not telling us the truth of how serious the situation is spiraling out of control against Israel, why our southern borders are allowing millions of undocumented and unvetted people to continue to arrive and vanish within our nation, why our college campuses and cities are protesting in support of Hamas, and why our shepherds are being distracted by the Synod and unavailable to guide us, is beyond my understanding and is allowing the perfect storm for another Perfect Day. Our world leaders are playing this deadly game of RISK by going to war, causing unimaginable chaos, yet knowing ahead of time that this will not end well. Thank you for helping us to understand the past history that is being erased, and the necessity to prepare for these final times. Susan

  2. City: Marysville
    State: KS
    Country: United States
    Please everyone reading this comment, this is real. Our Lady has been trying to tell us for over 40 years to pray fast and do penance. People are not listening. I cant get people in my parish to even listen to me when I talk about Medjugorje. Pray the rosary., with your families, friends, church friends. Our Blessed Mother is here she will guide us if we only listen to her. God Bless all of us, Thank you Caritas for all of your hard work over the past 40 + years. I pray for all of you every day.

  3. City: Huntsville
    State: AL
    Country: USA
    Of the illegal immigrants crossing our southern border, many more recently have been found to originate from other and far away countries, not just those from Central and South America. Large numbers are single men and from countries that are not considered friends of America or even allies. Many are from countries that abhor the western culture and freedoms. Where are they amassing and why? It has made me think back to the third peril shown to General George Washington by Our Lady. It depicts armies from all over the world arriving in America with destruction of our country and its people as their purpose. Is this invasion through our deliberately left wide-open southern border their clandestine purpose? What is it that makes the angel sprinkle water on America and send the attackers back from whence they came leaving us victorious? Maybe it is the prayer and fasting Our Lady is asking of us. In praying this month’s novena entitled, “Nation”, Our Lady’s message dated April 25, 1992 says, “Only by prayer and fasting can war be stopped.” I think we need to pay attention to this request and double our efforts.

  4. City: Reno
    State: Nevada
    Country: US
    Please pray, pray 🙏 say a rosary 📿 every day for peace in are lost world are Blessed Mother need your help she loves us all God bless

  5. City: Okotoks
    State: Alberta
    Country: Canada
    Thank you for exposing the evil plans that want to destroy the world and sharing Our Lady worries through Ivan, yes we must keep praying for Our Lady plans for peace, She needs us, our prayers and our fasting to protect all Her children, the whole world is getting divided between light and dark, you can see it every day and everywhere, we must do what Our Holy Mother is telling us, thank you again for being the light that Our lady is using to accomplish Her plans.

  6. City: Dryden
    State: MI
    Country: United States
    In this time of massive deception by the media, we must pray for discernment, that we will not believe “lying voices.” Cling to Jesus Christ, implore Our Lady’s intercession, and be not afraid.

  7. City: Charlottesville
    State: VA
    Country: USA
    There is a third faction in this conflict that has not acted beyond calls for prayer, fasting: Catholics and Christians. I pray for courageous Shepherds to gather their flocks at the border of Gaza Strip and Israel in a Eucharistic procession to block Israelis from doing harm to the Gaza Strip and those who choose to remain behind. Most people WANT peace! Let our Lord and Blessed Mother form a shield of heavenly protection and opportunity to find forgiveness instead of hatred and endless war that insists that only one side be left standing. Let Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga (Mushaka parish, Rwanda – – Instagram: @secretofpeace – Twitter: @FrUbald) come too! All the cardinals have gathered for the Synod which will continue next year. Have them all come to the border as well as peacemakers, following our Lady’s peace plan. Bring all monstrances with Jesus, the Prince of Peace! May our Shepherds then merit our Lady’s smile.

    1. City: Camas
      State: WA
      Country: United States
      What a powerful image of our shepherds gathering as a shield of protection, prayer and intercession for Israel, under Our Prince of Peace!! Thank you!!
      I’m sorry to tell you the sad news that Fr. Ubald died of covid.
      God bless your faithful heart!

  8. City: PHOENIX
    State: AZ
    Country: United States

  9. City: Likas
    State: Sabah
    Country: Malaysia
    Thanks Friend of Medjugorje for this insightful writing on our Blessed Virgin Mary message on Oct 7, 2023 to seer Ivan. We are on the 1st Chapter of the great tribulation on the coming chastisements as revealed by our Blessed Heavenly Mother from Fatima to Akita to warn humanity Her Salvation messages since centuries ago but most dramatic & intense in this evil 21st century. The Earth under control by this bid liar & destroyer of life who is the prince of this world had deceived humanity.The Sacred Heart of our Lord & King Jesus Christ & the Immaculate Heart of Our Queen of Peace are our only hope for eternal salvation & not the power of darkness humanity need to oppose & reject at all cost.

    1. City: Delcambre
      State: La.
      Country: United States
      I read all the attachment and totally agreed with the writing. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje for posting all this. Our hope is to pray the Holy Rosary continuosly in all communities and put our faith and love in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thank you Blessed Mother Mary for coming to warn us and guide us to our home in Heaven. Jesus have Mercy on us! Blessed Mary pray for us!

  10. City: Makati
    State: Metro Manila
    Country: Philippines
    As always, thank you FOM for the insights and enlightenment that you provide in line with the “actions” of Our Lady. Curiously, I am searching for an account of the Oct. 7, 2023 apparition to Ivan, but I duly noted that there was a writing on Oct. 2.

  11. william schneider

    City: portalnd
    State: oregon
    Dear Friend of Medjugorge , Know you are loved and we appreciate all you do to discern the truth amidst this satanic attack on our world. I too worship the truth and I believe you are very close the truth in assessing world right now. I am praying big time for peace. God will hear our prayers.
    I am considering moving to Alabama to escape madness of Oregon but I delay because I have traditional church community which loves God and loves our country.

  12. City: Reads Landing
    State: MN
    Country: USA
    I always have believed that the Book of Esther was about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thanks for putting this all together. I did not realize that the bombs were on the feast of the Holy Rosary.

  13. City: Gillieston Heights
    State: NSW
    Country: Australia
    I have just finished watching a DVD series called The Josiah Manifesto which was a recording from Jonathan Cahn. I am amazed what God is doing behind the scenes, tying everything that is happening now to Biblical Times – Jewish timetables – everything is happening to a perfect timetable set by Almighty God thousands of years ago. People in the USA may not be aware that your Government / Congress / Judiciary / Media is currently controlled by your Military in a brilliant worldwide operation, and there is heaps of evidence hidden in plain view that proves this. I have mentioned all the above in relation to this because FOM has mentioned that Our Lady has stated – and these comments may not be word perfect – that peace will not come through the Presidents. I am relieved a little that they are confident of success but in a spiritual battle of Good V Evil it is only when we are in alignment with God is victory assured. Our Lady has also reminded us that prayer can reduce Wars. I am guilty of not praying enough. We are not to fear but only Fear God. There are lots of stories around about World War 3 saying it will last for 7 days and linking to that is what will trigger God to intervene and start the secrets, to instantly change mankind forever. There are also stories that perhaps what we are seeing in the media may not be all true, as they are known to be out and out liars. In this case because Our Lady is worried, then we need to pray pray pray like we have never before as Our Lady needs to combine our prayers with hers to take before God. May God Bless FOM, COB and The USA and soften the hardened hearts being tricked by satan’s evil deeds and plans. God will help us as we go through these testing times.

  14. City: Irvington
    State: Al
    Country: USA
    If we do not turn our hearts back to Jesus and through the Blessed Mother she gives us assurance that he commands this of us. For those who believe in our Lord must know that when he gave his mother to us at the foot of the cross before he took his last breath it was not just for her to be a thought in our minds but to actually turn to her for her love, nurturing as mothers do and for her prayers and guidance. If she was not part of his plan he would not have spoken those very powerful words on that very day! God Bless the ministry of Medjugorje and all the time and love being put into Caritas. I believe, I pray and call on Mother Mary

  15. State: MA
    Country: USA
    Jesus put it on my heart years ago to pray two rosaries and two Chaplets of divine mercy every day. Now I fast from TV three times a week and planning to fast on bread and water. We are all called individually to do what God puts on our hearts. No one can replace what we are called to do. The rosary is our greatest weapon.

  16. Barbara Bernier

    City: Channahon
    State: IL
    Country: United States
    Jesus I trust in you. 🙏

    Praying for peace. Bless you all 🇺🇸

  17. Country: USA
    Blessed Mother, I/we pray with Your special prayers to cover, protect and heal this world. May peace be restored through the multitude of prayer warriors.
    May all people, through You, return to loving our neighbors as ourselves, living God’s Commandments, loving and forgiving each other as God loves and forgives us.
    Dear Lord, hear all the petitions being prayed at the request of Your gift of Our Blessed Mother to us throughout these 42 years of Her apparitions in Medjugorje. Amen

  18. City: North Attleboro
    State: MA
    Country: USA
    I Believe in Mary
    She wants us to Trust in her Messages
    To Believe in Her Plan of Peace
    We must do that
    Pray Hope and Don’t Worry
    Trust in God’s Plan
    Even in Death
    We must Love and Forgive our Enemies

  19. City: Bayamón
    State: PR
    Country: United States
    May our Holy Mother Medjugorge bless us with her Son Lord Jesús so peace is. Supreme God is love.

  20. City: Fulton
    State: NY
    Country: USA
    Our Lady of Peace. Help us to do the Father’s will. Prayer and fasting. Fasting is hard. That’s what Esther had all Jews do. Pray and fast. Fast from food. Fast from things that prevent us from focusing on God. Fill the time with prayer. Help us to help others understand. So many poopoo anything that is said. They don’t want us to talk about God and Jesus. Help us to say and do the right thing to bring glory to the Father.

  21. Mary Louise Farrell - Raab

    City: Walsenburg
    State: Colorado
    Country: U.S.A.
    Jesus Christ is Our Savior and Mary , His Mother, is Our “Blessed” Mother !! “Heed” her words as she has continued to warn and guide our actions at Lourdes – LaSallet – Guadalupe -Fatima – Medjugorje and in many other of her – the Catholic Church ( the True Church of Jesus Christ) “approved” apparitions ! Jesus , I trust in you !

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