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Is Trump a Warlock?

Is Trump a Warlock?

“Shame on you for politicizing our Lord and our Mother. How disappointing. What shall we tell Officer Sicknick’s family.*1 I now do not believe anything on this site. You have taken away a believer with your political Tora, Tora fanaticism.”



“I cannot find the unsubscribe function. Please unsubscribe me immediately!”



“I don’t agree with your ideas. Your website is not about Our Lady. It is about an obsession with Trump and his lying selfish self-centered ways.”




“I do not support Trump! I didn’t think this was a political conspiracy site. Ugh!”



“I don’t believe in what you are saying.”



A faithful follower, of our mission, writes:


“You are interpreting her [Our Lady’s] truth of her spiritual words to repent and convert are associated with a political figure as Mr. Trump. Mother Mary has never and will never speak of a political figure. Mother Mary’s only mention of particular humans have been the Pope, or clergy (our shepherds) …Our divisions within world powers and principalities is spiritually known but we must be always cautious in spiritually discerning so ‘not to be a division’ within the great good of our calling to be children of God the Father.”



A Friend of Medjugorje responds to the above comments for the thousands across the world who follow our mission to give you the verbiage on how to answer these comments in your own heart, as well as to others.


Is Trump a Warlock?

by a Friend of Medjugorje


I write to help bring division, to convict, to challenge, because there are two sides – Light and dark. As early as in the late 1980s, I wrote that Our Lady’s messages are telling us to “get off the fence,” meaning decide for God or against Him. No more being in the middle. Therefore, there is a necessary division to ensure that we not amalgamate with the dark any longer, but rather grow in unity with others of the Light and therefore, draw hearts away from the dark and into the Light. That is how the Church will grow. The Church will never grow, staying united with the dark. The dark dies without the Light. Dark thrives when it “parasites” on the Light. They need us to be able to continue.


Medjugorje visionary, Vicka, shared a message she received from Our Lady in December 1990:


“When I started to speak to you and to call you to peace, you thought everything was calm and there was no need to pray in a special way for peace. The absence of peace was in the hearts, now the absence of peace has come into the world.”


Our Lady said this during the Gulf War. Vicka relays that war manifests in the heart first, which leads to war manifesting physically. When you make peace in your heart, war will stop.


We, as a people, have lost the sacredness of family. The culture is riddled with brokenness. War zones in the family turn into war zones in the culture. The youth, with deformed mentalities, are deformed by what they are told, shown and taught through a device no further than the length of their arm held in their hand. What billions hold in their hands is a tool to incubate war in the heart, staged by Big Tech.


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., have declared war against anyone who bucks their anti-christ agenda to conform and control your thinking to their antichrist dictates. Many may respond, “But we do not have war in our hearts!” If we have broken one of the most sacred ways to live, being family, it results in war in the heart. We have lost our power of discernment. Our Lady said:


May 2, 2009

“…You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more. You are permitting it to master you and to take away your power of discernment…”


It is easy to understand what Vicka said—that war starts in the heart and then war manifests in the world. We have a war before us and against us. Why? We must acknowledge before God, we have distanced ourselves from Him and, thereby, the loss of God’s protection has allowed us to be attacked, forcing us to respond in kind. When man lives for God, and not self, peace reigns. While not one of Our Lady’s children wants war, we, by not changing the way we live, have led to a war being imposed on us. What is the principle that results from it? We are being “warred” upon and must respond in kind or be destroyed. But it didn’t start with an enemy. It started when we forgot God.


How many confess working on Sunday? It is a Commandment. “Thou shalt keep the Sabbath holy.” What is the big deal if we don’t? You can respond, “I’m not killing. Thou shalt not kill. I’m not stealing. Thou shalt not steal, etc.” But, the Book of James says, when you break one Commandment, you break all of them. We are in a situation that puts us in battle. We must go to the Light. We must, as individuals, live a life of prayer, fasting, peace and the Big One: Confession. Nothing can change without Confession. Confessing working on the Sabbath? Again, what is the big deal? It is a Commandment that you must confess.


Do you wonder why so many restaurants are closing? Answer: Because they are opened on Sundays! You go to eat on Sunday and pay people to work on Sunday for you. The Coronavirus is not the reason for restaurants closing. Man’s ‘denial’ that they are not sinning against the Sabbath brings the consequences of a self-inflicted curse. You want to save your restaurant? It is Our Lady who tells us that what is not glorifying God is going to vanish! Our Lady said:


September 2, 2011

“…Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains…”


The cure for everything afflicting our world can be found in three things:

1. The messages
2. The messages
3. The messages


Pray, pray, pray.


In regard to our nation at war, it is because the Church is at war, the family is at war, the individual is at war. satan opposites Our Lady’s “pray, pray, pray” with war, war, war. How can we avoid it? Can we? Tragedies in our lives will always result, for those of good will, in bringing one down on one’s knees. We suffer. We pray. We repent – to unite back to God and He gives peace.


To you, who think bringing Our Lady and Her messages into the realm of what is happening in the present is politicalizing, you are very wrong. Donald Trump – Joe Biden, Republicans – Democrats, fraudulent vs. nonfraudulent elections – all of this is a part of the making of the Light and the making of the dark. We are being poised for a great battle. You are wrong to think this is politicizing. If so, you perceive a very narrow view of who God is and how and what He does. You make God out to be who you imagine Him to be. He is Love, and “His Love” is misunderstood by many.


February 2, 2011

“…Wandering in darkness, you even imagine God Himself according to yourselves, and not such as He really is in His love…”


God allows division for us to separate as the Israelites separated from the Canaanites. He did this so that His flock could be purified, resulting in becoming pure. Therefore, it must be understood that Our Lady did not come here to be restricted and cast out from man’s affairs, confined only to the spiritual realm, and allowed only to speak of prayer, fasting, penance and peace. Her plans are manifesting physically to shake up the upside-down world, of which Our Lady’s plans are to put upside right again.


March 25, 1990

“…you must change the direction of your life…”


March 2, 2017

“…Pray that everyone would come to know my Son, so that the world would change…”


Our Lady’s plans need to manifest in the physical world to change the world.


Joan of Arc was raised up by Heaven, at the age of 14 years, to head the entire army of France. God chose Joan to interfere with a 100-year politicalized war between England and France. Many French sold their souls to the English. It was revealed to Joan of Arc by Heaven who was the rightful King of France. God sent St. Michael to teach Joan the art of warfare. Joan of Arc was a prefigure of what Our Lady is doing today, in our time. You can put the Democrats and Republicans in place of the English and the French. The British/Democrats were the bad guys, “BUT” the French/Republicans also had many who were bad on their side, known today as the Rinos (Republicans), who collaborated with the Democrats, rather than stand for the will of their constituents. But, do you know who were really the worst to Joan of Arc? It was France’s own bureaucrats and the King, Himself, both of whom Joan was trying to save!


Not enough to convince you that we are not politicizing? France had two kings, one an English/Democrat, claiming he was king, while the French/Republican claimed another was the true king. Did you know Joan of Arc picked who was the actual king? Is that politicizing? Who empowered Joan to choose the true king? God. Who is the true president, Biden or Trump? Let’s add another incredible point demonstrating that God interfered with the conflict of who truly was to be the King of France. When Joan of Arc was to point out who the true king was, though she had never met or seen him before, the French King had an imposter dress up and placed him on the throne to test the maiden. Joan of Arc entered with many people packed together standing on each side. As Joan of Arc walked towards the throne where the imposter was seated, she was Divinely stopped, and turned to the king who was dressed as everyone else and knelt before him. How did she know? A Supernatural Light shown upon on him. How can that be? Is that politicizing? You who do not understand what is happening in the presidency and do not recognize God’s plans, would say it is. I wonder what you would have thought of Joan of Arc in her time?


Trump is an outsider, not a politician. Joan of Arc was also an outsider. The three main war generals of the French Army were against her, but over time, ended up supporting and believing in her. One can object that Trump is not a saint and Joan was a saint. But, just like Trump is considered a devil to many, there were also many who thought Joan was wicked and dangerous. She wore men’s clothing which was sinful in those times and what must have people thought of a young woman keeping company with hardened soldiers? Take Joan of Arc out of the history books and put her in the real time in which she lived. She was eventually burned at the stake, charged with being a witch, accused of casting spells over the French. If Joan of Arc could be made into a witch, does that make President Trump a warlock because his supporters are equally loyal to him, and his enemies accuse his followers of being spellbound by him? Just as Trump has a cabinet and some of its members turned against him, the King of France, who Joan of Arc saved, as well as France, turned against Joan and did not lift a finger to save her.


Is Trump a Warlock?


Is the case being made that Trump is a saint? The case is being made that Trump is chosen. I state, on my life, Our Lady is very involved in what is going on now in our nation and the world and that Our Lady is actively separating the Light from the dark. You, who think I am politicizing Our Lady, the Blessed Mother, in this battle, are “destitute of reason,” your spiritual IQ is zero in regard to understanding what is “unfolding.” Our Lady said:


August 2, 1981

“…A ‘great’ struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”


Can you not see that this battle that is taking place is over souls that are moving towards one direction, and at the same time, there is a pull for other souls to go in the opposite direction? Many think we need to get along. It is a trick of the devil for both sides to be together. There are many politicians that say we must work together. We must have more unity. We must dialogue. When Light unites with dark, dark wins. You cannot dialogue with the devil and win. When Light separates, devoid of the dark, Light begins to win because the Light attracts, like a floodlight at night, and hearts begin to choose Light over the dark through your witness.


Luke 12:51-53

“Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. [In Matthew 10:34 it says, “I have come to bring not peace, but the sword.”] From now on a household of five will be divided, three against two and two against three, a father will be divided against his son and a son against his father, a mother against her daughter and a daughter against her mother, a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”


To be a Christian means that you will be put in situations of tension and conflict. Jesus was constantly in the middle of tension and conflict throughout his public life. Are you ready to stand up for what you believe and stand in the Light, or will you just blend in with the culture, make no waves and resign yourself to a false peace?


Answer me this: In 1995, I wrote The Patriotic Rosary, and tens of millions of these Rosaries have been prayed and continue to be prayed throughout the world today. Is that political? Through much prayer, I began to see over several decades, that our nation was headed towards the situation it is in now. I began following Our Lady’s messages as early as 1983. Through the years, I was eventually drawn to Consecrate our nation to Our Lady in Her presence through Medjugorje visionary, Marija’s apparitions. In Medjugorje, on June 24, 2008, I wrote the Consecration Prayer of the United States of America to Our Lady that was to be presented to Our Lady on behalf of our nation. It was recited by thousands of people in the Field of Apparitions during Our Lady’s apparitions. Marija presented the Consecration to Our Lady while “we the people” prayed in Her presence, as this nation’s Patroness. This Consecration gave Her possession of the United States of America. Is giving a nation and its people to Our Lady political? Is praying millions of Rosaries for our nation, its government, and its political leaders political? No, it is not. The Patriotic Rosary was our PR, our Public Relations, asking Heaven to intervene into our nation’s affairs. If it is politicizing Our Lady, why did Our Lady tell Marija that She accepted the Consecration? It didn’t end there. The PR campaign evidently was working. There were seven different consecrations made to Our Lady in this manner. Four are listed below.


July 3, 2008—in the Field of Apparitions 10:00 p.m.


The apparition lasted five minutes. Our Lady came with three angels. She stayed for five minutes and gave the message:


“Thank you for all your prayers, be my extended hands in this peaceless world.”


Marija said that Our Lady accepted the consecration. Does this sound like Our Lady is interested in what is going on in the hearts of the people, because the hearts of the people are the heart of the nation?


July 4, 2009 — The Second Consecration of the United States of America in the Field of Apparitions: Our Lady appeared at 10:24 p.m.


Marija said that at the moment of the apparition Our Lady accepted the Consecration. Marija said she could feel Our Lady had a sense of joy, but at the end of the apparition, Our Lady was serious.


The day before, on July 3, 2009, we again prayed the Rosary for Our Nation, and then just prior to the apparition, prayed the Consecration of our Families. During the apparition of July 3, 2009, Our Lady began looking at everyone present. She actually turned Her body around, with Her arms outstretched in a manner of blessing, twisting far around to the left to see everyone on that side of Her, and then turned Her body slowly around far to the right to do the same on the other side, which was a beautiful gift for all those present at the apparition tonight. Marija had never seen Our Lady do this before. Our Lady reveals many things, not just by words, but even through Her actions. Our Lady sweeping Her arms fully to the left side and then sweeping Her arms fully to the right side is a symbolic message of bringing the dark/left to the Light/right! It’s okay for those who reject this sign of Our Lady making an almost 360 degree turn from the left to the right. It doesn’t matter. They are a minority. A far greater number will see the truth through their discernment of Our Lady’s actions.


July 3, 2012 — The Third Consecration of the United States of America 10:00 p.m.


Everyone was shocked that Our Lady literally gave specific words to heal “This nation.”

The apparition lasted six minutes. Our Lady, literally, gave the formula for the healing our nation with this message. Our Lady said:


“Form and make prayer groups through which we will pray for your healing and the healing of this nation to draw closer to God and to Me.”


Marija said that Our Lady accepted the Consecration. The message stated clearly a commitment that if implemented, it will heal our nation. Where are the bishops? We do not just need “prayer groups,” we need “Medjugorje” prayer groups.


July 4, 2013 — The Fourth Consecration of the United States of America 6:48 p.m.


The apparition lasted five minutes. During the apparition, Our Lady started smiling, stretched Her hands, and started praying over us. She prayed for a long time. Then She finished with the Sign of the Cross, giving Her blessing. Marija asked Our Lady to bring all our hearts to Her Immaculate Heart, and through this, to the Holy Heart of Jesus. Our Lady smiled again, which was a great joy for all present.


Do not bow down to darkness or fall for the lie of darkness, redefining unity. There is only one unity. That unity is what Our Lady’s call is about – unity with God, the Son and Her, the Mother of the Savior. Be Our Lady’s PR person for millions more to pray The Patriotic Rosary for our nation to have good Public Relations with Heaven.


Queen of Peace, Save Our Nation and Her People,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?


The following is the actual live recording in the Field of Apparitions at Caritas of Birmingham, of the Solemn Act of Consecration of the United States, which Our Lady confirmed to Marija that She accepted the Consecration, in Her presence on July 3, 2012. It was spiritual history with thousands of people kneeling before Our Lady giving a Conseration of themselves and our Nation.

Click Play ▶ and Follow Along


The Solemn Act of Consecration of Our Nation
July Fourth, The Year of Our Lord –
Two Thousand and Twelve
To You, Our Queen, Holy Virgin Mary for this Day of Deliverance

Prayer: We the people, in your Holy presence, who are nothing, appeal to your Heavenly Queenly power of intercession before God, as our Mother. As such, we your children appeal most urgently, most direly with a cry of lamentation as of the city of Nineveh, who were a people who humbled themselves and repented and God relented of His judgment against them. We, O Queen, deserve Divine judgment. We realize that civilizations across time and cultures who crossed the line of decadence that we have crossed, all met with their end. The signs of the time speak to us of our Nation. We have little time left. We your children, therefore, make our plea of Consecration at this moment, giving directly to you this Nation, whose might and glory, we acknowledge, began and came through being foundationed on your Son’s, our Savior’s, principles. Through this entrustment, we beg to include our whole future into your hands. Please, at this moment, accept our twenty years of novenas, our prayers, our sacrifices, and heal our land. We know it starts with our hearts, so we give you our hearts to heal our land. May this Consecration give into your possession this land, that God may look down upon what is yours and heal this land. O Queen, who can we turn to but you? We look for no other remedy, with our recourse only to you. Pray over us at this moment. Pray over our Nation now on this day of deliverance. Please stretch out your arms and place a seal across this Nation with your prayers while you are in our midst. Let this seal be assign to the Father. O Holy Queen, take this consecration, the ownership of our Nation, and as its Queen heal this land. With the dreams of our fathers, on this day of remembrance of our Nation’s birth, think of your Son’s birth and remember not the sins of this land, but rather how much this Nation has dispensed the liberty of the Gospel to the world. Please heal this land. Lord of our Nation, we crown you King with Our Lady’s hands through this Consecration to rule over us, over everything. Thank you O Mother. Thank you Our Queen. Thank you for being present. May Christ grant our Nation deliverance through this Consecration. Amen.


A Friend of Medjugorje
Medjugorje, June 24, 2008, for July 4th


Medjugorje Visionary Marija(In broken English): During the moment of apparition, I recommended to Our Lady all us, all our intentions. Our Lady prayed for a long time over us. She prayed for healing, healing of this Nation. And Our Lady said, I like for you to make prayer group, to help the people to be more near to My heart and heart of My Son Jesus.* And after, Our Lady prayed over us and She blessed us all.


* Marija wrote in Croatian Our Lady’s exact words directly after the apparition. Translated what Marija wrote from Croatian to English, Our Lady said: “Form and make prayer groups through which we will pray for your healing and the healing of this nation to draw closer to God and to Me.”



Solemn Act of Consecration of Our Nation

Written by a Friend of Medjugorje

Get the Solemn Act of Consecration of Our Lady on a laminated embossed card, and pray it every day in your family. You can order online below, or by calling Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. After hours dial to extension 315.




We close with a few of the many positive feedbacks from people all over the world who receive spiritual food from these writings.


For Every One Negative Feedback, We Receive 50 Positive

“Dear Angels of America, you are the last hope. I feel this is a test for true believers, so let’s keep the faith. Mr. President Trump tried his best from Day One…. God bless America and the world forever!”

A Supporter from Germany


“Thank you for all the love and care you give us through the messages and regular write-ups and broadcasts. I do fear not being able to get on this site one day! Prayer can make the impossible happen and that is all that matters. We love your work and all that you do for us and we will continue to pray. Thank you, Caritas.♥️

A Supporter from India


“Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje for all of your writings and broadcasts. It is devastating that satan has succeeded in stealing the recent US election from the rightful winner, President Trump… The whole world is following what is happening and we are praying for our American Brothers and Sisters. Almighty God bless America and all those who work for His Kingdom on earth.”

A Supporter from the United Kingdom


“I stand with you…This is the only place I have left to find Truth. This is the only news I listen to anymore… Thank you, Community of Caritas, for your unfailing courage and service.”

A Supporter from Nevada


“This is SO incredible! Here it is, 2:48 a.m. and I can barely sleep because of the excitement!…I decided to check your website for the thousandth time looking for ANY information about what’s going on; for any sign of hope! And you just provided it with information above! As the Blessed Mother has said, “Nothing is by chance!” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the last 3 nights, I have awakened with an inner prompting telling me not to lose hope. Trust in God, Trust in God! President Trump is about to leave office in eleven days. Why so much worry by the left? Why so much hatred and nervousness? I thought they were supposed to be celebrating. Instead, look at all the howling and screaming they are doing to remove him right now. They can’t wait for a silly 11 days. Look at how Trump is being hit from all sides! Does satan and his minions see the last move knowing they are about to be ‘CHECKMATED?’ PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!”

A Supporter from Texas


“I agree we are under attack by the forces of satan. Thank you for speaking the truth so boldly during these dangerous times. Keep up the good work. We will fight for the truth and freedom. This is America the land of the free and home of the brave. In God We Trust.”

A Supporter from Oregon


“God Bless you & hold the line! If God is with us, who can stand against us? Stay the course!”

A Supporter from New Hampshire


“I am not knowledgeable about politics at all which scares me – I truly wish I could understand it. That said, I believe in the power of the Holy Family and follow you with all my heart, thus have been praying for Our Lady’s plans and Mr. Trump. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for guiding me in praying for good against evil…..I truly hope and pray I will be able to access you [on mej.com] and that darkness will fail to block you from my life. Thank you all.”

A Supporter from the United Kingdom



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1. There is a current investigation going on to determine who was behind the attack on the U.S. Capital. Congressmen were informed the day before the January 6, 2021, event that Antifa had infiltrated the pro-Trump rally and would be dressed as Trump supporters. Congressmen were encouraged to stay a couple of nights in their offices to avoid danger. Three days before supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Washington, the Pentagon asked the U.S. Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower. And, as the incited agitators descended on the building Wednesday, Justice Department leaders reached out to offer FBI agents for security support. The police turned them down both times, according to senior defense officials and two people familiar with the matter. This begs the question of why they did not accept the help when it became obvious that there was a great lacking in police presence at the Capitol on a day when security should have been greatly enhanced. President Trump was an hour late in starting his speech and his speech went longer than expected, delaying the arrival of Trump supporters to the Capitol. Did Trump calculate his timing to protect as many Trump supporters as possible in getting mixed up with the Antifa rioters as they stormed the Capitol? Many videos show the Capitol Police actually signaling to and ushering in the protestors. These facts and others raise many questions about what happened on January 6, 2021. The news narratives that wish to paint a picture that all the facts have been gathered and made known to the public is fake news. Officer Brian Sicknick’s family deserves to know the full truth of what happened that day and who the true perpetrators were—as do all Americans.


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65 thoughts on “Is Trump a Warlock?”

  1. Thanks for your life-giving words of truth! Our Lady’s words are Truth! God is in control. God is not dead nor does he sleep!!! God will have the last word. May we pray for each other for the love of God.I am so comforted by your comments! 

  2. Today is a very sad day in America,  ever since our President would make his speeches about protection of children, March for Life.  I knew he was heaven sent.  This is reason they didn’t want him there any more.  We were getting closer to the end of abortion.  The dark side was terrified of this. I just don’t understand, how God allowed this to happen.  To have our President walk out of WH….. I did recognize which side is Darkness and who was the “Light” it was Donald Trump.

  3. On this very sad inauguration day, I have much anxiety. I have not been following the Medjugorje messages for a long time.  This morning, I was led to google “Medjugorje messages”.  I began reading and being reminded of what I read long ago and had forgotten.  Then I stumbled onto this site.  I have been struggling with everything you so clearly discussed above.  I now have peace. I now believe with all my heart that Our Lady and God are in control of our nation, that Trump was chosen and that the real spiritual battle has begun.  I struggled with the division being created.  Now, I am secure in choosing to stay in the light and be different.  God is so good and I am so grateful for this gift given to me this day when I needed it most. 

  4. Ron from Philippines

    Yes, Joan of Arc of America which is sacrilege to some people’s ears. But dear Saint Joan was burned at the stake. With what the enemies are doing to Trump now, he’s certainly had his share of the burning. Hopefully, the sacrifice of one is going to be a source of purification for the American people.

  5. Sorry that you feel that they are using Our Lady’s visits as political.  As a Canadian and a child of God, God uses so many different vessels for his messages.  Please look at who is killing voiceless innocent babies in the womb, and who is killing our seniors in people who are not healthy.  That alone should tell you who is of God and who is of satan.  Unfortunately, we do have good and evil in politics.  It is our politics that is making laws that allow the killing of our children in the womb, it is our politics that is allowing God’s children too mutilate themselves into another gender, it is our politics that are disbanding families and it is satan whispering in their ears that it is okay and it is satan whispering in the politicians ears saying it is okay, make it appear it is hateful to disagree.  What do we do let satan take over?  Or do we allow Mother Mary and God to guide us using the vessels of our political leaders as as satan is?   God Bless you Ruth.  

  6. I need a lot of things explained to me, I am not a very book smart person, nor do I get a lot of what is going on around me.  I am always forever asking questions.  Some times my mind holds the information, some times it doesn’t.  I have been told I compartmentalize my thoughts due to past abuse.  I love this site; I get a lot explained, and sometimes I have to read up to 10 times to understand what is being said.  I am Canadian, I know that Mother Mary is not political, but we do have that life here on earth.  How you can tell 1000% who is in the dark and who is in the light?  Simple.  Thou shalt not kill.  The dark is killing innocent voiceless babies in the womb, they are now going after seniors and unhealthy people with Maid.  That is all I need to know, who is in the dark, and who is in the light.  I chose the light.  God Bless 

  7. A million “THANK YOU’s” to OUR LADY and this information.  I personally feel that I have been an object in a tug of war…..light on one side, dark on the other; pummeled by many voices! I finally have a sense of peace and real direction and that I will be guided in how to go forward now.  Praying for President Trump and the sadness and anger he must be experiencing.  May the Holy Spirit now firmly guide him!

  8. USA  I believe that these messages come from GOD & Mother Mary.  I will continue praying for conversion   and Reconciliation   between Families and Nation  Let pray for God Will and not our will.  We are all weak, so LET GO AND LET GOD DO IT>>  AMEN   I LOVE YOU JESUS and MOTHER  MARY ..

  9. I totally agree with your article. Catholics need to open their eyes that God works through our daily lives in politics,  in finances, in the marketplace. Many of our Evangelical brothers and sisters are very aware of this and possibly it’s because they study the scriptures more than we, Catholics. Look in scriptures and see the parallels of the lives of the Isrealites and those of Americans. Investigate the correlation between Cyrus/ Israelites and Trump/Americans and the anointing God gives to leaders of nations who are “after his own heart.”. Yes, we must shift our thinking into God’s light and stop walking in the fog!

  10. Kathleen R. Rearden

    First I must say GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! Next, with my own family members that continue to believe there is no corruption and all the info out there that points to the ‘dark side’ and evil that has been happening for years I must believe that we are truly at a point where we must step aside and allow the unbelievers to be taken by the devil. No matter how much information and specific websites to share with them and try to guide them into understanding what is actually going down these people and family members still refuse to believe what they are shone. I have been frustrated and heart broken knowing my own family refuses to see the ‘light’ and understand that God is in control and that we are in a battle between good and evil. For my own sanity I must just let it go …..this is where some people will be saved and some lost, this is a choice that we all must make I cannot control what happens only do what I can for myself. I will keep my faith in God and know that justice will prevail!

  11. You and your people provide us all with the hope that all is not lost!!! We who still look to God and Jesus have found a home with Our Lady with you!! I for one will keep praying praying and praying and seeking God until I see him one day!!

  12. You’re gonna notify others? Rest assured, a Friend of Medjugorje is fearless when it comes to the truth and he’s got another new writing coming out next week, so be sure to read that one too. We won’t bother answering anything else you said. We’ll just put your comment here so others can answer you…

  13. Honestly I don’t know where I would be in my journey if I hadn’t found A Friend of Medjugorje’s website a few years back. You want to know how to trust his writings, go and read his Biography! That speaks volumes! He was truly picked by Our Lady for this amazing work ! How much more can you trust a man and his community who lives, eats and breaths the messages Of Our Lady!!!! There is so much to digest and discern but I feel at peace when I read his writings and listen to Radio Wave. St. Bernadette said, My job is to inform not to convince so thank you for always informing the children of Mother Mary! I heard it said that no man can judge the spirituality of another , but any of us can be fruit inspectors!! Inspect a Friend of Medjugorje’s fruit!! As I was reading, Is Trump a Warlock ,the trial of Our Lord came to mind, the very people who should have known who He was were the very people who were shouting Crucify Him!Crucify Him! The people who should be standing behind Trump are the ones saying impeach him, impeach him, my point is, where was Our Lady at the trial? Right there in the midst of it all so what makes people think that Our Lady wouldn’t be right in the midst of what is happening in the USA election especially when the USA is consecrated to Her! I am praying for you all!! Our Lady Queen of Peace Pray for us! Love from Canada!

  14. You won’t post this but I must comment.   This is the ultimate betrayal of Our Lady!  To use Her visits for political purposes.  Shame on you and all those who are participating.   I assure you I will notify others of your sacrilege. 

  15. Thank you for seeing truth speaking truth living truth. where are our leaders in the Catholic church? I fear the evil has infiltrated the church. it appears to be uniting with evil and the one world ,one church government.  Lord have mercy on us all. Let me look to Jesus, His mother and church teaching. And pray Pray Pray. we must resist the evil that wants to rule a nd speak God’s truth and love. Thank you again for speaking truth in our church. It is found in so few places. To God be the Glory As we fight this battle together. A men

  16. thank you for the guidance you have provided in making it very clear to understand it is not politics but the dark vs light our wonderful Mother Mary has been there with us all the way and will continue, we need her now more than ever now that president Trump is out due to unfair elections i like many will continue praying and saying the Rosary Amen

  17. Praise be to God!! Thank you for your letter and for being God’s voice for President Trump and for our Country! I have been praying for our President and Country for a long time, I hope after your Letter more of God’s people will go on bended knees and Pray Pray Pray. Thank you Mother for all of your message’s and for excepting our Act of Consecration. I would like to consecrate my entire family and myself to you. I pray that all of your followers will do the same for their family’s. I believe the love of Jesus will be the light in our homes and the darkness of evil can not divide us, families standing strong on God word can not be divided. May God continue to bless Medjugorje thank you our Blessed Mother Queen of Peace. Love You!!

  18. It is pretty obvious to me that most of our politicians have been bought by foreign countries. Every attempt to thwart Trump as he has struggled to drain the swamp, has not ended as they wanted with him being taken down. Trump is literally messing up the plans of “the new world order”. I do not think Trump realized at first, when he began to clear the swamp, that he would be rassling with satan himself. Then when it became apparent he would win again, they had to cheat— big time and obviously. Even the judges refused to hear his case which tells me they must have some skeletons in their closets and don’t want them exposed by the left, ch-ching! The hatred for trump is so great that you can hear the demons screeching as they shrill “impeach him”! It reminds me of the third vision President Washington had when the dark clouds all arose from the other nations and amassed into one giant, red glowing menacing cloud which came to hover over the USA. Trump is our pit bull and they want him destroyed. I love that man for the way he has fought for us and this nation and for all the personal torment he has endured. I believe he is akin to our founding fathers who were willing to lose everything even their fortunes and their lives for this country. I will never believe their lies and I will support him until we all perish.

  19. John chapter 19 verses 10 -11 God does involve Himself in who and who does not occupy public office (i.e politics). ( Evem if it is to His own “detriment”)  for it is always to serve and accomplish His Divine Will. Louis Maziya

  20. Riot at Capital, Washington, D

    Thank you for standing up for Trump and they must know about a history like Babylon and Jeremaih in Bible  that  would help them understanding what God did planned like in Washington, Dc..Pray for their misunderstanding, Christ in Love, Deacon Andre Bourget (impaired hearing)

  21. I am a supporter of Trump I believe what you say and I will never stop listening to you because I know that you speak the truth and that you speak the truth about Our Lady thank you for all that you do 

  22. Oh l pray – l do not think of politicising but prayer and peace United together in the name f Holy God ,Jesus and Holy Spirit through the intercession of our Blessed Mother our Queen of Peace.

  23. Thank you for your inspiring word ,lt struck me that we all over the world in each nation are also include in your solemn act of consecration to our lady! May you ask why and how because for generations people from each nation emigrated to America and thus each families within family tree came from everywhere. United state !!!! God bless and keep up good work love and peace Jesus and Mary .Amen

  24. Lourdes belarmino

    Thank you for giving us so much of your time and efforts in leading us to love and have faith in the many apparitions of our Virgin Mary.  I was so blessed to have read this writing as I always had trouble downloading and reading your articles. It was very uplifting to know our Virgins movement of her body that it made me imagine and feel her presence more.  I read your book They fired the first shot from cover to cover and a few more.  Please continue with your work.  I commented on 2012 after seeing the Miracle of the sun in Alabama twice in 2012 and 2013.  It sealed my faith in God.  There are more of us who thank you.  It is a fact no one can win everybody.  I remain.  A field angel from Richmond, Virginia

  25. Divina Gracia Livaudais

    As I pondered about the sin that cannot be forgiven, a thought came to me that the lithmus test for the New Testament people is “to believe or not to believe in the Mother of God.”  As Jesus said, He can forgive all the sins committed against Him.  But there is one sin that cannot be forgiven; that is, “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit”.  The Blessed Virgin Mary is the spouse of the Holy Ghost; therefore ‘blasphemies committed against her are the sins against the Holy Ghost”.  A vivid analogy between St Joan of Arc of France and Pres. Trump of America, that they were both sold out by their countrymen.  I believe Pres. Trump is the “trumpeter” of God.  God is using him to expose in the open of what is hidden.  God sees everything and He looks at the “heart” rather than outside appearance.  Thank God for Pres. Trump, a fearless leader, champion of his people anointed by God, as America needs a strong leader who will boldly speak the Truth.  Thank you A Friend of Medjugorje and the Caritas community for being the ‘conduit’ of propagating and carrying out the mission of Our Lady.    Amen, Amen. Amen.

  26. Thank you for your sincere efforts in so many ways. I believe Mr Trump is a good man and was a good president. I also believe the Biden a good man and will be a good president. Time will tell if I am right or wrong. God shall reveal the truth no doubt. These are the end times for sure. Jesus said be ye for me or against me, the lukewarm I vomit out of mouth. Noone can cause Caritas for being lukewarm, no can any sane person question the sincerity of the Caritas community. I disagree with many assessments made from Caritas but never once.. Never even once in my life did I question the sincerity of Caritas communtiy. Anyone who does simply hasn’t paid close enough genuine attention. May God bless you all and may we meet soon after the Second Coming of Jesus happened. Thank you. Noone can ever say you are lukewarm. Those who make honest mistakes in judgement will never be barred from heaven. Thank you for being ALWAY forthright with your leadership. Though I often disagree NEVER have I doubted where your heart is or where Donald Trump’s heart is. He has accomplished many things that needed doing that appeared impossible to do. He truly has been used by God as an instrument for good. Is Donald Trump a Saint? No, is he a worker for light, ready to humble himself before God, for offenses, even serious offenses committed against God and Humanity? There is no doubt in my mind the answer is yes. Saint Peter will welcome dear Donald into the pearly gates and all  the pure will see the Donald that chose to give everything for God… Unafraid to face the consequences of his own mistakes. He is a man who when the chips are all on the table, will be known for one who chose the right… The Divine!!!!!!!!!! May God forgive his errors. May God bless our beloved and beleaguered President Donald Trump. He will be known as a president who saved many more lives than he lost. Amen <3 may it be so, God willing. 

  27. Although it is profoundly painful to see that President Trump is still so disrespected and even reviled by his opponents, there is no doubt whatsoever, that he has led us righteously, with a strength and resolve that could only have come from Divine anointing! It is not my place to judge whether he is saint or sinner, only that it is clear as a cloudless, sunlit sky that God has been involved heavily in Mr. Trumps’ presidency. May God Almighty continue to bless and protect President Trump and his family- And our beloved Country too! Mother Mary, Queen of peace and Queen Patroness of the United States, protect us and lead us! Pray for us! Many thanks!

  28. Alfonso Esquivel

    I find it fascinating that our Lady’s October 25th message,prior to the election,  said “return to the Love FOR God and He will be your strength and refuge”. Instead of of saying return to the love OF God (abstract and indirect), she said return to the Love FOR God” (concrete and direct). Trump is the most Pro-Life, Pro Family president we have ever had. He tried to inspire our nation to a Love For God. He always mentioned God in his speeches and put Christ back in Christmas. Make no mistake about it, all of this evil directed at him, Christians, and Patriots is because Trump tried to bring our country back to a Love For God, for Life, for Family. My disappointment stems from so many Catholics voting for abortion, destruction of the family, and the Anti God candidate/system. My parish even had a deacon give a homily at Sunday mass, right before the election, centered around the importance of immigration above the importance of Life. Evil has had an apparent victory because of the votes of many Catholics. Why are we still buying goods from Amazon, using iphones, googling. A Friend of Medjugorje was right when I heard him say in Medjugorje May 2019 that we are participating in a satanic system and we must stop. We must start listening to our Lady and doing what she says. Thank you for always focusing us back to our Lady’s messages and encouraging us to DO what she says. – A friend of A Friend of Medjugorje.

  29. The people who wrote in with negative comments have blinders on and are leading others the same way.  We need to pray for these people as God directs us to do.  Where are the Shepherds?  Maligning and following the MSM rhetoric, that’s where…  We are continually being betrayed.  Why does Mother Mary continually tell us…follow the true Magesterium, Follow My Son Jesus.  Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life.  If, as you say, you are Catholic, you had better start reading your bible because the bible tells us all that is happening right now.  Get your heads out of the sand.  This is not about a man or even two men.  It is about God, loving God as He loves us.  Our Country was founded by God and satan really salivates to get it.  Don’t help him–we deserve this chastisement because we continue to sin against God!!!  Be REAL Catholics not in name only…  Pray, people……    Amen

  30. Thank God for President Trump being our commander in chief for the last four years, and not resigning with the help of God and his strong faith!  Considering everything he was put through unjustly and falsely.  God will always bless him and his family. God bless America and all the good people defending the truth. Amen.

  31. Bernardo Sanchez

    It is so clear that we must separate from darkness in order to win this battle. Our Lady´s words are to influence everything in our lives. We must keep united in one side and that is of the light.Thanks to A Friend of Medjugorje and Community of Caritas for Keeping the course!!!  God Bless America and the whole world!!!

  32. Those who made the negative comments need extra prayer, they have been seduced by the dark side. I am a pitiful sinner who has allowed myself to be overcome by the darkness many times and I am fearful of being able to protect my family and having enough stock to see us through the dark days …….  Everytime my fear rises or I struggle in prayer, I turn to the only earthly people I fully trust and believe in. Our most wonderful gift from God – our Friend of Medjugorje and the Angels of Caritas ??? Thankyou Mother Mary for these Earth Angels, we love and need them. Please protect them and let nothing stop them from looking after us. I for one, would be nothing without their guidance in bringing me back to you. Please pray for me in my struggles and never let anything prevent them from feeding us? ? God Bless America ??? God Bless Caritas ? ?

  33. “ We the people” have it in our hearts if we confess regularly and live the five stones against Goliath that our Lady gave us to defend ourselves, our faith and our country and world therefore as children of God, of the light. We not only have a Queen who is patroness but we have a general leading an army of soldiers. There were always kings and queens and many others in the Bible. It’s our duty to unite together with Heaven our prayers and daily sacrifices. We must keep in login with Gods Commandments and our Lady also stated on Aug. 6th 1982 that, “ ..monthly confession WILL be. Remedy for the church in the West…” we must listen and follow closely to the messages and pray. Our friend of Medjugorje is right because he prays and the Holy Spirit reveals through him, as the Holy Spirit does with all those who pray, the truth the life and the way. Now is the time to be a true Catholic, a true Christian, know your faith, know your enemy. Not of flesh and blood but if the powers and principals at hand. Take up your sword, the Holy Word of God, strengthen yourselves with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ and glorify His name constantly!!! If you live and come to know peace, you will not be able to help want to share it because Gods joy and light will be radiating from you. Sometimes when confronted with the truth, it seems like the darkness because the truth hurts, which is a good sign we need to work on what’s inside and be open to the Holy Spirit and talk about what is happening to our Mother and the Most Holy Trinity. Our Queen and more Mother is exorcising every demon with Her Son, the Holy Spirit and all the Angels and Saints with all of us in this battle for souls as everyone returns to God. A battle for the New Heaven and Earth, Gods kingdom is within my friends and in order to be in it, we must purify ourselves, for not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter. Peace, love and joy my fellow apostles. I keep you in my prayers, please pray for me too.

  34. I shared the Trump petition on Facebook and got threatened by several of my “friends”accusing me of trying to incite a civil war and also of sedition. I’m afraid it shook me terribly for a while. I had horrible thoughts about being arrested and that I should regret posting the petition. However, I started to pray and found peace. And then I realized who was sending those thoughts and, if they start again, I banish the evil one in order to regain my peace once again.  After that I changed my approach and started sending missives to individuals via messenger, asking them individually to sign and have a much better reception.  Thank you, Terry and my Caritas family for all that you do! 

  35. Very interesting confirmation. Last year in reply to one of your writings I shared in your posting how when Donald Trump began his run for the nomination, I asked the Lord, who is this man and instantly heard back in that still small voice “he is my Joan of Arc”. Thank you for all that Caritas has done for Our Lady Queen of Peace.

  36. “It’s as if their minds have been hijacked. They are just like rooms without any doors or windows, and the walls are impenetrable. It seems they need grace from God to know the real truth.” 

  37. Praise God and Our Lady.  We are being called to be her soldiers.   Pray Fast and Fight. President Trump was chosen to be Our Lady’s bulldozer and we are chosen to be the ones to plant and bear fruit.  Thank you and God Bless Y’all 

  38. I believe it is a blessing to believe in ALL of Our Ladays’ messages.  I think God is separating the wheat from the shaft with everything that is occuring in our Politics here in the US.  I love Jesus Christ and His Mother the Virgin Mary very much and I support what you are doing at Caritas.   I was introduce to all of this (Medjugorje) back in 2017 by a friend and I thank God he counted me worthy to open my eyes and see what is really happening in our world and in our country. I didn’t need to be convinced that Trump was the right man for the job.  I was already a Trump supporter. I thank God that Trump ran for election back in 2015.  God only knows where our country would be if Trump hadn’t stepped in for the job. Keep up with the beautiful work God, through the Virgin Mary, has instructed you to do at Caritas.  Obedience to ALL of His commandments is what is lacking in our world.  To all of the people who responded in a negative tone to “A friend of Medjugorje” stop calling yourself Catholic if you’re only choosing and picking those things that tickle your ears.  Go to CONFESSION and repent before it’s too late for you.

  39. Thank you for your writings, it always reveal the truth especially in the midst of this darkness time that is surrounding all our lady children and unfortunately some of them are being drown towards it and yes division is occurring.  One thing we know for sure that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph no matter what and Our Lady will lead Her army in victory and dispel all darkness and bring peace to the entire whole world it’s a fact given to Her the Queens of peace by God Himself.  I say to those who accuse you of politicizing our lady messages: we do live on earth and our nations are ruled by politicians good and bad and Our Lady use the good politicians ( President Trump/USA ) to be her instruments to bring peace on earth WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? the evil one is using his dark politicians to destroy peace on earth.  Wake up and fight for what is good, for what is right, for what is pleasing to God you who called yourselves followers of Our Lady. 

  40. I’ve been listening to Impeachment proceedings today.  It is an absolute witch hunt against Trump.  Sounds just like what it must have been like at the sham trial of Joan of Arc.  Only Our Lady can save us from what is coming for all of us.  Trump is the only thing standing between us and the antichrist.

  41. From what I am hearing and believe…Trump will remain being President!!! Little Q has given us information years ago on the military Tribunals…Good will conquer Evil…this is why God got Trump elected in 2016 to fight Evil and destroy it! The Blessed Mother said on Dec 25th 1999 “I am giving you the possibility to decide for peace. Through your yes for peace and your decision for God, a new possibility for peace is opened. Only in this way, little children, this century will be for you a time of peace and well being”. We are living in the time of a new time…as our Blessed Mother said on June 25, 2019 “I desire to offer to my Son Jesus for the coming of a new time-a time of spring”.  Peace will reign on this planet for this century and Trump will be the catalyst…after 40 years of Our Lady giving us messages as no other time in the history of mankind…She the Queen of Peace is orchestrating Her Time as this New Time -Spring which is 2 months away…This time will be written in the history books and we will be telling our children’s children how close we were to losing America.

  42. Lawrence McPhillips

    Keep up the great work. Why can’t Heaven deal in politics? Who is responsible for everything being created? Do we really think that un-aided  man is bright enough to develop such advanced electronics? By the way, if God can use a shepherd, DAVID, why can’t he use a businessman, Trump, for His work. God has always been political and will continue to be as long as man practices politics. We cannot limit God with our small minds. Thanks for your writing. God bless you and all of Caritas.

  43. Leedell Marie Scott

    [b]Praise be God though His Most Pure and Immaculate Mother for Allowing us, His Children to be in such times as this!  We don’t look to a hard and bad dark winter, but to a bright future where All Mankind will be United Under Mary’s Mantel!  [/b] [b]All this reminds me of the Gospel Of John 6: 26-71.  This is commonly known as “The Bread Of Life Discourse”.   I am not a Bible scalar, but I have read it many times and it appears to be the first time Jesus publicly reveals who He really is and introduces Himself as “Bread Of Life” .  He is of course rejected by most everyone, even  some who had been following Him for a long time who seemed devoted.  All fell away except the 12, (actually 11 because even his inner circle was infiltrated by satin).   In verses 67-69, Jesus turns to the 12 Apostles chosen by Him and asks them if they also will leave.  My favorite part is what Simon Peter says in response, verse 68 “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life and we believe and have come to know that you are the Holy One Of God.”[/b] [b]To me, it is the same with All Of Mary’s messages.  Either we accept all of them or reject them, there is no middle ground here! [/b] [b]Mary is The Mother Of God, The Woman Of Revelations and she is coming to earth Right Now to bring us back to Her Son.  [/b] [b]It’s the messages in and of themselves that are the  proof of what is about to unfold.   We must do as she says Now!  Times Up![/b] [b]Special Blessings[/b]

  44. God save our country and President Trump!  I love the Patriotic Rosary and the booklet about Our Lady and America! Thank you

  45.  I was in DC on the January 6, 2021. It was a staged event. Certain actors and capital police played a game that I witnessed for around 30 to 40 minutes from around 2:00pm to 2:30 pm. Antifa and possibly a militia group were the bad actors that day. These people had helmets, gas masks and other protective gear on. The news media and the demoncrats are selling the big lie. GOD is in control. GOD Wins. GOD Bless America.

  46. Thank you dear Fr. Mej for this encouraging writing!  What a week it has been!  Mr. Trump has done so much good, he is a Christian who loves God and America!  The thought of Biden and Harris in the White House brings chills down my spine.  Eternal Father we lift up our hands and hearts to You!  Jesus we Trust in You!  Our Blessed Mother Mary, thank you!  Let’s keep fighting the Good fight and pray the Rosary, the weapon that comforts us in these hard times.  God Bless!

  47. Dear brothers and sisters, God bless you all and I give thanks to Almighty God for allowing me the grace to listen to your broadcasts, join you on pilgrimage. Keep.up the work of God and in my prayer group we are praying for your country and God’s plan, which you are all a part of doing the spreading here in my country. United in prayers. Ann

  48. Thank you Our Lady for helping lost souls find this website. Another brilliant writing from FOM, bringing his knowledge together on one page. The USA will not be lost to communism due to Our Lady accepting the consecration, though there may be tough times ahead for some. People always make erroneous decisions, especially in these times. They will see the writings in this articles were true from looking back in History. Our Lady mentioned this word History recently. Gods mercy will befall the world and with us all looking back in History, we will see that Our Lady’s words were truly coming from God, and this will help them prepare for the challenges they are facing in their times. With a Eagle eyed view I believe I can see the overall plan coming together. A Masterful plan of God to rescue his people if they so choose. FOM also said our idols of today will come down, Big Tech doing what they have done has instantly changed millions of minds. People will still use them for the time being, possibly have a severe distaste for them when the secrets start, but they are now no longer beholden to them. A small sample of what Our Lady is doing. God bless FOM and COB.

  49. As always I enjoy the clarity and directness of your writings.   It somewhat amazes me when people fail to recognize the signs that are so clear in these times.   The Bible tells us to watch for the signs of the times.   When we have a political faction that rejects you if you don’t  believe in killing babies in abortion,  or letting them die on a table if somehow they manage to survive; what more do people need to see?   I agree that when dark and light unite darkness wins.  For many many years we’ve had a bipartisan government,  and with each passing year things have moved further to the left.  The right rarely if ever wins.  Just look at the covid bill that gives hundreds of billions of dollars to pet projects around the world that don’t help anyone,  while the Americans who pay for this with their taxes,  and who’ve been out of work only get $600 .  I think the signs are pretty clear.  None are so blind as those who refuse to see. 

  50. Again, what a powerful writing to inspire and to give hope through Mary’s involvement for ourselves and our Nation.  It is incredulous to me, after a writing like this, how anyone cannot see the depth of the issue and our need to constantly humble ourselves and go back to Mary for Her love and complete guidance.  As you have said the power of discernment is lacking or that they haven’t been prayerfully following the messages.  These individuals need [b]more[/b] prayer and fasting in their lives to open their hearts and eyes.  Maybe too, they need to humble themselves to be open to the depth of the messages. Thank you for the awesome writing.  God Bless to All Joanne.

  51. Ron from Philippines

    Been looking forward for many days now to your new writing (I was literally waiting on my computer desk for the countdown to zero) especially in these seemingly dark times leading up to January 20, when I even have greater hope that God is going to do something so glorious and extraordinary but shocking to many who do not yet believe in the power of His love.  As an outsider to the US but part of the one mystical Body of Christ, I’ve said here before that what eventually happens to your nation will impact the rest of the world.  For those who have been brainwashed or conditioned for many years to accept lies posing as truths, I believe your writing will not easily sink, though not impossible.  It is by our witness and our prayers that others will be convicted to the Truth.  I hope we do not tire in our life witness because everything happens in God’s perfect time.  One thing that this site has helped me with is this: I have learned how to pray (and pray the Rosary especially everyday) when it was the hardest thing to do.  And what a grace it is! 2020 is so far the best year of my life ever. God works mightily when we entrust our vulnerabilities to Him, held by Our Lady by the hands, so that conversion may continue in us and bear fruit for ourselves and others as we make our own little corner of the world brighter!  Finally, please pray for me that I would be able to respond to Our Lady’s call to start a prayer group in my own setting, and not just any other prayer group but a Medjugorje cenacle.  May God’s love, protection and blessings be upon all of us always.  Praise be Jesus and His Mother Mary!

  52. before any one criticizes trump  read his  life story,  and why he was born, then take the board out of your eye before you remove the splinter from his.  None of US are perfect.

  53. many cafeteria Catholics simply check the box on Sundays.  They tend to vote for how they make money(e.g, union membership) or skin color/ethnicity over pro life issues.  Hence their faux outrage when challenged as they scream” you are politicizing” etc.  Ironically, it is their false god type choices(today’s golden calf) where they politicize by choosing ethnicity, how they make money etc over basic catholic values. Supporting any politician who believes abortion is ok is simply voting for satan and his minions, PERIOD.

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