I Am A Living Witness

I Am A Living Witness

Visionary Ivanka September 30, 2010

“My dear friends, I want to greet you with a beautiful greeting, by saying, ‘Praised be Jesus and Mary.’ Let us bring this greeting to our families and use it in our homes and everywhere we go. Also, when we leave our homes let us say, ‘Praised be Jesus and Mary’ Let us bring Jesus and Mary into every part of our lives, in everything that we do. Because Our Lady has told us that if you knew how much I love you, you would cry tears of joy. Let us begin a new life with that greeting.

“Why am I standing here in front of you today? What can I say to you, what can I give you? Still, after 29 years, I ask God, ‘Why have you chosen me?’ God gave me a great gift, but at the same time, a great responsibility. I have a responsibility to you, but more importantly I will someday stand before God and be responsible to Him. I am a simple person, mortal like you. I accepted His gift, and I pray daily that He will strengthen me, so I can follow His Will.

Caritas Pilgrims listening to Ivanka

Caritas pilgrims listening to the Visionary Ivanka speak today, September 30, 2010. Today, Ivanka spoke about Our Lady’s Way. The way Caritas operates it’s pilgrimages, is foundationed in the messages from Our Lady. A Friend of Medjugorje fashioned the pilgrimage to honor the messages, and for the last 25 years, Caritas pilgrimages have been under this guidance of Our Lady; Our Lady’s Way, and the fruit is conversion.

“It is beautiful to be able to see Our Lady with our eyes, but, if we don’t know Her in our hearts, it is empty and meaningless. Our Lady invites us to open our hearts, to pray from our hearts, and then we will not be empty. With prayer, our lives will have new meaning. My prayer and your prayer are the same. My closeness to God is the same as yours.

“I am a living witness to the fact that God is among us and loves us, He is alive. God is not far from us, we are the ones who have gone far away from Him. Our Lady came here to show us how to be close to Our Lord.

“In 1981, I was just a simple girl. I was 15 years old and very ordinary like the other girls of the village. I came from a regular Christian family that always prayed to God. But, at that time, I did not know that Our Lady could appear to someone, or that She had ever appeared to anyone before.

“In 1981 my family lived in Mostar and Mirjana’s family live in Sarajevo. When school would finish we would come to Medjugorje for summer vacations. It is a tradition in our country that on Feast Days and Sundays, no one works in the fields or does any hard labor. On June 24, 1981 the Feast of St. John the Baptist, we were not working, but at home. That afternoon, Mirjana and I were outside the village and we were waiting for our friends to meet us. We were talking about what had been going on with us during the past year. We got bored, so we began to go back home. To this day I do not know what prompted me to look at that hill. When I looked up at the hill I was able to see the Mother of God. I said, ‘Mirjana look, look up there, Our Lady!’ Mirjana did not want to look and she told me not to say things like that. I became quiet and we started walking further toward the houses. We saw Milka who was out gathering the sheep. I don’t know what she saw on my face but she wanted to know what had happened to me. She thought something was wrong with me. As we were going back I told Milka what I had seen and when we came to the same spot both Milka and Mirjana saw what I saw, Our Lady.

Our Lady was perhaps 400-600 meters from us. She was beckoning us with Her hand to come closer to Her. We were filled with every kind of emotion; prayer, tears, joy laughter excitement, but fear prevailed and we did not dare to go any closer.

“In the meantime Vicka came and saw that something very strange was happening to us. We told her to come and hurry because we were able to see Our Lady. She took her shoes off and ran away toward the houses. On the way she met up with two boys named Ivan. One of them is the visionary Ivan. They came to us and they also could see Our Lady. We were still afraid to approach Our Lady. I am not sure how much time we spent there but when we left a couple of us entered one of the houses and told them what had happened to us. We were crying and scared, but they got mad at us and told us not to speak that way. They told us that it was impossible for us to see Our Lady. They even threw apples at us and told us to go home. They told us to speak to no one else about this.

“When I got home I told my brother, sister, and granny all that I had seen. My brother and sister were mocking me and every word that I said they laughed. My Granny told me it was impossible and that was just someone minding the sheep on the hill. That was the longest night in my whole life. All during the night I kept questioning what I had seen and kept wondering if I were crazy. Deep within myself I knew I had seen the Mother of God.

“The news of what had happened spread quickly throughout the village. That afternoon people were arriving from all over the area. My Granny told me to stay away from the hill; she did not want me to go there. I went to the base of the hill, and the 6 of us saw 3 flashes of light. We ran toward it and no one could believe the speed in which we ran.

“Dear friends, how can I explain what I saw? Even today, how can I describe the beauty of Our Lady? I simply cannot! She is young, 19 or 20 years old. She has a grey dress and a white veil. She has a crown of 12 stars above Her head. She has wonderful, warm, gentle eyes. She has dark hair and She is floating on a cloud. I can’t explain the intensity of Her Blessing, Her Motherliness, Her gentleness. She is Love. I knew with all my being that this was the Mother of God.

“Three months before, my mother died. I asked Our Lady where my mom was now. Our Lady said, ‘Your mother is with me and she is well.’ She looked at the 6 of us and told us not to be afraid of anything that she would always be with us. And, it has been just like that.

“The next day a lot of older people came with us and told us to sprinkle Holy water on what we saw. So, Vicka did and said if you are from God, stay, if not go from us. Our Lady just smiled and said, ‘I am the Queen of Peace.’

“Our Lady’s first message to us concerned peace. She invites us to prayer, conversion, and fasting. Today, these are still the main messages Our Lady is asking us to respond to. I believe that all those who live these messages will have answers to any and all their questions. ‘With prayer and fasting, even wars can be stopped.’ Family prayer is especially important to Our Lady.

“Our Lady dictated Her biography to me. She showed me the future of the Church as well as the whole world. She had me write all of this down, and, She will tell me to whom and when to release this very important information.

“On May 7, 1985, Our Lady appeared to me for the last daily apparition I was to receive. It was the longest daily apparition I had experienced, and She revealed to me the Tenth Secret. I am standing here before you today as a living witness that life after death does exist. Have you ever wondered about life after death? God and Our Lady gave me a wonderful gift. Our Lady brought my mother with Her from Heaven. My mother hugged me and spoke to me. I saw her as I’m seeing you at this moment. Again, what a gift for me, but, I believe it was also a great gift for the world. Now I can speak with authority that eternal life is real!

“Our Lady invites us by saying, ‘Dear children, go on the way of conversion through prayer.’ We have the freedom to choose Our Lady’s Way or the way of the world. Our Lady has asked me to especially pray for families. Our Lady said, ‘satan is strong and desires to destroy the family.’ If families are broken, then the world is broken. Everything that is good comes from our families; good priests and religious, good doctors, and good marriages. Our Lady asks us to be respectful of the Sacrament of Marriage. We must renew family prayer and attend Mass together as a family. She invites us to monthly confession. The Holy Bible must be in the center of our families.

“I pray daily for all the families of the world. I am asking you to begin praying for your family and to pray for my family as well.. Thank you for coming today, I know you came not for me, but, to hear Our Lady’s message of love. God bless you.”

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