Ho Hum, Our Lady’s Appearing in Medjugorje

Ho Hum, Our Lady’s Appearing in Medjugorje

The following was originally written by A Friend of Medjugorje in 1989, and we offer to you for your spiritual nourishment, followed by what you can do…

Our Lady has been appearing so long in Medjugorje that to some it doesn’t even raise an eyebrow any longer. Is this something that should shake us to our very souls or is this just our Mother helping us a little and everything will be fine…? One statement we have from Our Lady is so strong it should literally stun us.


May 2, 1982

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth.”

The visionaries have all been asked about this message. In response to the question that Our Lady said that these were Her last apparitions on earth, the visionaries answered:



“I do not know why this apparition is our Blessed Mother’s last apparition on earth…Her words were very simple. She said this is Her last apparition on earth. She said after the secrets are realized She won’t need to come again.” 1



“The Blessed Mother said that this is Her last apparition on earth, where we can touch Her, see Her, and talk to Her…After the secrets are realized, the Blessed Mother will not need to come anymore.” 2



“Yes, the Blessed Mother said that it is the last apparition ever3…She says She won’t need to come again after the secrets are realized.” 4



“Yes, it is.” 5


Vicka was asked by Caritas to get a fuller meaning about this statement. After being asked the same question in different forms, five times, Vicka strongly said, “Our Lady said these are Her last apparitions on earth!!


If this is the case and indeed these are the last apparitions, surely we are in the midst of a grand design by God that is profound and we should do everything Our Lady asks. The following are Our Lady’s own words about Her call for the last time:


May 2, 1982

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth.”

February 21, 1985

“Dear children, from day to day I have been inviting you to renewal and prayer in the parish, but you are not accepting it. Today I am calling you for the last time!”

The following two messages are indirect references to Our Lady’s time in calling us.


November 29, 1981

“It is necessary for the world to be saved while there is still time, for it to pray strongly, and for it to have the spirit of faith.”

November 22, 1981

“…The world must find salvation while there is time. Let it pray with fervor. May it have the spirit of faith.”

Indeed, these messages are so profound that Our Lady says:


November 8, 1984

“…you are not conscious of the messages which God is sending…”

October 25, 1988

“…pray that you may comprehend the greatness of the message…”

Many of us think we understand the messages, but Our Lady indicates that many understand them through our intelligence not with our heart.


May 22, 1986

“…You do not understand my words with your heart…”

Our Lady says to understand we must “pray,” then we will understand all. Indeed, the more we pray and understand about Our Lady’s plans, the more in awe we will be of the magnitude of these plans.


A Friend of Medjugorje

From the Caritas of Birmingham Newsletter
– August/September 1989

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2 thoughts on “Ho Hum, Our Lady’s Appearing in Medjugorje”

  1. Brother Raymond

    Dearest FOM:- Entering The Desert Or The Oasis;The Situation; And Or Cause;And Effect BEGAN In 1960 A.D. As Our Lady Of Fatima Prophesied What Would HAPPEN If Russia Was NOT Converted By 1960 A.D.!Many Paople Worldwide;With T.V. And Movie Film Progrms That Started In The 1950’s T.V. Programs;We The People WERE The Ones To Be Programmed! 1950’s Soap Operas Were Epitomized;And We Entered The Desert!-Worthless Soap Commercials Began The Billion Dollar Commercial Ads And Materialistic Brainwashing Of T.V. Viewers;And Created The I-Me-My Generations That Resulted(Cause;And Effect)!In 1960 A.D. The Average Salary Was $10,000 Dollars;And Groceries For A Family Was About $20-$30 A WEEK;Today The Mini Family Of 4; With Salaries Of $50,000 To $100,000 A Week Pays About $200.00-To-$300.00 A Week!;And Still Complains They Can NOT Make Ends Meet!With Constant Salary Increases;And Causing Man Made Inflation As A Result;WE HAVE GAINED NOTHING!Frustration PREVAILS And People Feel Hopeless;TURN To God!

  2. michael richard

    I read and Loved POM and the writings of Valtorta. It helped validate Caritas for me. Caritas validated Medjugorje and I went there twice; but I love and cherish the field in Alabama because it gave me and my wife the opportunity to experience the apparitions of the Mother of Jesus. We visited the field for our beginning of our 41st anniversary and the horses looked at us; nodded as if to say “go ahead”. Thank you

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