Her Name is Mary

Her Name is Mary

August 5, 2016 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje said on August 2, 2016:

“…My Son, when He was little, often said to me that there will be many who will love me and call me ‘mother’. Among you, I feel love…”

Who is this Mother?


Mary's Eve August 4, 2016

Pilgrims in the Field of Apparitions, August 4, 2016, praying in front of the very first public Nativity of Our Lady created. Our Lady revealed in Medjugorje that August 5 was Her real birthday. For years, we in the Caritas Community have celebrated August 4, as Mary’s Eve.

When Jesus was born, He was laid in a manger, a baby. But, even then as a baby, Jesus was the Savior; Jesus was God even when He lay helpless in swaddling clothes, dependent on His mother and father. When “He was little…” He was still God.

Mary was once a baby. Mary was once a child growing up in the Temple of the Lord. Even then, She was the “Mother.” Mary was not made the “Mother” by a decision of man, but rather, She was made Mother in the thought of God before time began. So long as the thought of Savior existed, the thought of the “Mother” existed. The Savior was a son who needed a mother and Her name is Mary. This Son, “when He was little…” confirmed on the earth, what had already been decided in Heaven.

“…It doesn’t matter if many do not believe in Mary’s role. It does not make Her any less, for She is the resolute decision of God…”1

From Our Lady’s valley here at Caritas, where Mary of Nazareth appeared and gave blessings and conversion, from the village of Medjugorje where the Caritas Community remembered all of you in prayer before the Mother, we wish you a blessed birthday of Mary, the Mother.

In the Name of Mary,
Friend of Medjugorje


1. The Marian Mysteries of the Rosary, Fourth Mystery, Mary, the Love of God

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7 thoughts on “Her Name is Mary”

  1. Winnie mercy nantongo

    Woooow is really nice… “even if others do not believe… it doesn’t make Her less” indeed many do not believe in our Mother’s role but it cant take away Her powers as a Queen

  2. By making Her His Mother and ours, the Lord expresses His trust in the quality of the person She is and Her ability to raise our Father’s family. Here is a birthday gift for Her and all who love Her. Abba Father Holy Eucharist Lord and my God Holy Spirit all One Holy Mother Mom All because of Who you are Because you love me I love you and humbly pre-agree with all of Thee forever eternally in your family love duty as the only way to be.

  3. Thanks Caritas for the sharing Our Lady’s birthday. The “first nativity” scene, in the world, for Our Lady was magnificently beautiful and inspiring. Maria Valtorta’s description of Our Lady’s birth came alive. It was touching to see and share with so many who came and that were there in 2005, the first birthday celebration. The random message picked this morning was from Dec. 3, 1988. “Dear children, I give you my love , so give it to others”. Did you here my joyful sobbing in Alabama? In a special way I will take this message given to Caritas and make it also mine. O happy birthday Mother, O thank you Mother, O thank you Caritas.

  4. Diane from Wisconsin

    Well…I would bellieve Mary herself would know her birthday, as we all know our own birthdays. Of course, if She says it is August 5th, well then it is! I am so pleased it is Aug 5th, as my mother, Rhea’s birthday is Aug 5th! Yesterday, my most faithfilled Catholic mother turned 88, and I have the best mother by example on earth…sweet, humble, patient and loving. Just like my Mother in heaven so to me it is no coincidence that God chose to have my mom born on Mom’s birthday. Just my personal thoughts as it relates to my family. Happy Birthday, Mary. Thank you for loving us, and being our Mother. -Diane

  5. I do believe that today is Mary’s birthday. If Mary told one of the visionaries in 1984 that August 5 is her birthday, then so be it! My friend’s husband was very rude today when I emailed my friend and her husband that today is Mary’s birthday. He said that if I “pick and choose” what to believe and if the Catholic Church does not approve of the apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje then I am not a Catholic. I respectfully disagree! I love being a Catholic. That does not mean that I don’t have a mind of my own. The Lord made me the way I am and I do believe in Mary’s apparitions to the visionaries from Medjugorje. My friend, Ginger, has Alzheimer’s. My husband and I think her husband might be in a lot of pain and sadness because he is losing the love of his life to this terrible disease. I forgive him. Please pray for Richard and my friend, Ginger, who is a wonderful and blessed individual. I know Our Lady loves her so much. She has wanted to be consecrated to Mary.

  6. Dear Beloved Caritas. Community Thanks from the bottom of my heart for enabling me and Momma to follow along with all the days of grace leading up to Our Lady’s birthday. We were able to have a private days of grace retreat right here in our own home.. We reminisced as we listened to Remember When It Rained and got goose bumps realizing that we were blessed to be there made witness the miracle of weather Heaven re-enacted on the first public celebration of Mary’s August 5th birthday. We too were moved when we read about toddler Jesus telling Mommy that many would love her and call her Mother…wow..can’t get any more intimate than that with Our Lady. Many thanks and blessings for your relentless efforts to get all hearts close to Our Lady… Just got our newsletter about community members and Holy Doors of Rome/St Peters… I plan to repeat my entry thru our Cathedral Holy Door, but only after much more prayer and fasting.. Thanks You, hugs to each of you Miss visiting with you Caritas.

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