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Goal Reached for Emergency Plea! Thank you!

Goal Reached for Emergency Plea! Thank you!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


We have reached the goal for the Emergency Plea to have Our Lady’s message placed in Times Square. Thank you!


Our Lady said on August 16, 1984:

“…live my messages and convey them to others, to whomever you meet…”


In 7 days, you gave $78,062.


Thank you again!


What will happen to the amounts over the total needed?


The company we are working with told us that their signs in Times Square are sold out the rest of the year. But they want to have our message slipped in around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. That means we will put these extra funds set aside for that, with the prayer and hope that the present billboards are success.


Any amounts that come in for this Emergency Plea over the amount will go towards having Our Lady’s message placed in Times Square around Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Our Lady said:


June 25, 2010

“…Dear children, be my carriers, carriers of my messages. Spread my messages in this tired world. Dear children, I desire for you to be my sign, my living sign…”


Thank you again for your help in exposing Our Lady to 106 million people through this “sign” at Times Square.


Please continue to pray for a grace to be attached to this message, for all who see it to receive the gift of conversion. We are putting on Mej.com, as the first thing they see, for first-time visitors, a way help introduce them to Medjugorje. Please keep this prayer.


Many have asked about going to see the sign and pray there. We asked the company to give us a date and time for this. Their words to us were, “That is a beautiful idea.”


We are waiting to hear from them and will keep you updated on this very soon.

Friend of Medjugorje

What message will be placed?


From the Community of Caritas: A few weeks ago, before any knowledge of the Times Square billboard, we were discussing some new endeavors that a Friend of Medjugorje was working on. During our discussion, a Friend of Medjugorje said something that we realized would make a very good advertisement. We scribbled down what he said and saved it.


Weeks later, after we had been contacted by the company about putting up a digital sign in Times Square, we were told that we had a couple of days to get our design to them.


A Friend of Medjugorje told people to give their suggestions of what should be placed on this digital sign.


At the same time, we announced that someone offered a $10,000 matching donation and a Friend of Medjugorje asked if someone had the means, to be able to give this amount.


Two days before the deadline for getting our design to the company, we remembered that we had written down what a Friend of Medjugorje said, several weeks before, but we could not find the paper. We searched everywhere and could not find it.


On the same day, two days before the deadline to get the artwork to the company, unknown to us, another supporter, came to the site late at night. This supporter had several things happen in which they had to re-setup their computer and so had not visited Mej.com for several weeks and did not know anything about this Emergency Plea. They read the Emergency Plea. Then they read about the $10,000 matching donation. This supporter said to themselves they would probably do the $10,000 match first thing in the morning, since it was late at night. Then they said to us that they heard Our Lady tell them in their heart, “Why not give the donation right now?” So, they made their $10,000 donation right then.


This supporter had been praying for several signs from God about different things they were discerning. They had not received any answer to their prayers. After giving the $10,000 matching donation, they decided to pick a random message on the site. The message of Our Lady they randomly picked was only one sentence: “They are coming from God.”


The supported told us that this is what they had been praying about but had not received an answer to. They told us that they cried and cried and felt like Our Lady had spoken directly to them.


What this supporter did not know, is that we also received an answer. Shortly before we called to let them know that we received their donation, we ended up finding the piece of paper with a Friend of Medjugorje’s words scribbled on it. His words were one sentence: “Everybody’s looking for something from God.”


After finding his words shortly before calling this supporter and then hearing the message they picked saying, “They are coming from God,” we knew we had our first message, and it came to us directly from God.


This will be the very first message displayed, along with a few more words that a Friend of Medjugorje added to complete the statements. As we mentioned before, the company will allow us to change our message every five days if we want. Please continue to keep this in prayer. Thank you!


$78062 - Goal Reached! April 18, 2022

Community Plea 2023-2024 - $190,500 of $200,000

Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

23 thoughts on “Goal Reached for Emergency Plea! Thank you!”

  1. City: Scotland
    State: ON
    Country: Canada
    I believe that God is answering our prayers. I believe more people are turning back to God with a repentant heart. This is Our Lady’s time and it needs to be announced everywhere for the Glory of God.

  2. State: Minnesota
    Country: United States
    Thank you, God! This whole event is a good reminder of wonderful Christian New Yorkers and also generous people!

  3. carol gavazzi-wright

    City: naples
    State: FL
    Country: United States
    As it says on the bumper sticker … “THIS IS MY TIME” … AND it truly is HER time … and we are waiting … God Bless all of you for making all this happen.

  4. City: clarendon
    State: ar
    Country: usa
    This was an important sign from our lady. I could never have imaged our lady looking down at Times Square!!!!! I feel she is telling us not to give up hope. I haven’t felt there has been a such a public sign like this since the USSR fell.

  5. Ron from Manila, Philippines

    City: Makati
    State: Metro Manila
    Country: Philippines
    I was able to send my donation when this campaign was close to the finish line. I really wanted my “two cents” to be counted. It is my deepest desire to be able to help Our Lady — who in our country is lovingly addressed “Mama Mary” — in Her plan for the salvation of the world.

  6. Michael Vecchio

    City: Whitesboro
    State: New York
    Country: USA
    Our Lady “looking down” on Times Square in New York City at the crossroad of worldly materialism. May Our Lady save us from our self imposed destruction!

    1. City: Rio Rancho
      State: NewMexico
      Amen! The story of Giddeon,
      book of Judges, reminds me of the few sent out by God. The army in camp met with self-destruction out of fear…from not knowing our God. May this be the time of many conversions! 🙏

  7. City: Davenport
    State: Iowa
    Country: United States
    I helped do that!!
    I Love Our Lady & Caritas
    Get behind us satan!!

  8. Jose Luis Gonzalez

    City: New Deal
    State: TX
    Country: United States
    For years, I’ve heard the old saying, “God works in mysterious ways!” God has blessed this country, this world in so many different ways. Thank you,Lord Jesus Christ for sending us the Friend of Medjugorje so he could break down and explain to the world the messages that Our Heavenly Mother gives us. Having this very beautiful and very special billboard sign at Times Square, the most visible and visited city in the world is amazing. It is by God’s grace that this was even made possible. With God, anything and everything is possible! Hallelujah! May God help bring peace to the world and right now, specifically, to Ukraine. Have God have mercy on their souls. We continue to pray for the women, children, and the elderly. We also continue to pray for all the young men and women w stood behind to defend their homes, their towns, and their country. Last but not least, for the president of Ukraine who was strong and brave enough to stay behind and help defend his country from a ruthless dictator who allowed greed to rule his heart. We stand for peace. May God save the world and help us believe and trust in His Word. May peace reign in our hearts forever and ever.

  9. Philip J Bushey Sr

    City: Smyrna
    State: State georgia
    Country: United States
    Yesterday, the 18th of April was my birthday. Upon reading that the goal to present Our Lady through the billboard in NYC, was the greatest gift I could receive. After having many family members present and many calls from those who could not come, this really put the finishing touches to a most beautiful day. Thanks be to God !! And to Our Lady! May much fruit come from it.

  10. Country: US
    The $50.00 donation I just made is for the digital billboard at T-giving and Christmas. Congratulations on reaching the goal!!!

  11. City: Perth
    State: WA
    Country: Australia
    Praise Jesus!!! Can not wait to see it, if possible keep the website updated with progress

  12. City: Highland
    State: IL
    Country: United States
    This has been the most exciting 7 days, watching the color rise on the progress chart and even though I continued to pray for success, I knew in my heart that this was meant to happen and had every confidence that it would happen. I’m so happy that others were also inspired to take Our Lady to the heart of New York and to help her undo the damage done to the big apple when Eve bit into it. May God bless and work in the hearts of everyone who sees it.

  13. Glenn M. Villanueva

    City: Houston
    State: TX
    Country: United States


  14. cynthia sciotto

    City: Millsboro
    State: DE
    Country: United States
    Hallelujah so thankful you raised all the money! Our Lady of Medjugorje messages in New York City, so beautiful.

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