Friday, June 27, a special novena for Our Lady’s intentions for July 1-5

Friday, June 27, a special novena for Our Lady’s intentions for July 1-5




Today, Friday, June 27, a special novena for Our Lady’s intentions for July 1-5 begins. The novena consists of 3 Hail Mary’s every hour, on the hour, starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM. This nine hour novena is at your local time. On the top of every hour from 9:00 in the morning your local time, until 5:00 in the afternoon your local time, you will pray 3 Hail Mary’s.


This nine hour novena, is a type the Community of Caritas prays often. In August of 2005 when Our Lady was here at Caritas, we prayed this novena in union with all of the pilgrims. And Our Lady, on Her birthday, August 5, thanked us for the novenas we offered in preparation for Her birthday. So in this spirit we offer this novena to Our Lady. Below is the intention of this novena:


Dear Queen of Our Homeland, we pray that You will receive our personal intentions and consecrations from our hearts and that the July 4th consecration of our Nation will be accepted in complete fullness, that You will act immediately upon our Nation’s behalf to return it to Your Son’s principles and make the United States of America a Christian nation once again. Please do not delay in rescuing us. Thank You, dear Mother.


So we encourage you to begin this novena, both those of you who are coming, and those of you who cannot make it, to be in union with us.

In the Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Caritas of Birmingham ♥

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1 thought on “Friday, June 27, a special novena for Our Lady’s intentions for July 1-5”

  1. Last year at this time, up to Christmas, Our Lady & Friend of Medjugorje spoke much about the coming of Her Son. One thing “FOM”, spoke of, related the Sun with Her Son, Jesus.On Christmas Eve, I awoke late in the night, just as it became Christmas. I remember distinctly because I awoke from a Wonderful Dream of the Sun poking through clouds with bright rays streaming out. In my dream I was doing as Our Heavenly Mother asks us to do in prayer, that being Presenting Our Love to God As Though We Are Flowers, Smiling Up At The Sun.At end of dream, within this wonderful vision, I was engulfed in a real wave of Love and Warmth from Her Son Jesus.I woke with a Giddiness, like a child heading down to open gifts, even though 54 at the time, no longer celebrating Christmas through gifts.It’s the most wonderful of all gifts, knowing I’d received this Special Grace. I hope you don’t mind in humility, my sharing this with you.Our Mother’s new message gives Great Anticipation again!

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